Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (Xbox) Cheats

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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unlimited allies when playing multiplayer mode
When u start playing u will have 2 allies. If 1 dies throw a grenade at the remaining 1 and u will get a new set of 2 everytime.


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All Extras
In your Profilescreen, insert "2ndsquad" to get all extras available.
Authentic Difficulty
Complete the game on "Hard" to unlock the "Authentic" difficulty. Your enemies are now excellent shots and use supreme tactics to counter your moves.
Infinite Ammunition
Complete the game on "Normal" difficulty to unlock the infinite ammunition cheat, giving you an un-numbered supply of bullets for any weapon you choose to pick up.
Old Movie
Beat the game under the "Easy" difficulty to unlock the "Old Movie" mode, which allows the game to be played in black and white, like actual WW2 footage.
Super Squad
Complete the game on "Authentic" to unlock the "Super Squad" cheat. This cheat enables your squad to have extreme strength against most small arm fire, but grenades, fixed machine guns and German armor can still eliminate them.