Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror FAQ/Walkthrough v1.8
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Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror FAQ/Walkthrough

by Samy   Updated to v1.8 on
|___________________ Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror __________________|
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| Broken Sword                                                            |
| Version: 1.8                                                            |
| Author: Samy                                                            |
| E-mail:                                             |
| Country: Greece                                                         |
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| System: PlayStation/ PC                                                 |
| Developer/ Publisher: Revolution                                        |
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| I• Overlook                                                             |

   I• Overlook
  II• Introduction
 III• About the Author
  IV• The Walkthrough
    - Paris
    - Marseilles
    - Quaramonte
    - The Jungle
    - The Carribean
    - Zombie Island
    - The Carribean (Pyramid)
   V• End of walkthrough
  VI• Version Info
 VII• Thanks to...
VIII• Disclaimer

| II• Introduction                                                        |

   Within the world of point and click adventure games, the PlayStation 
manages to have little good ones compared to his (indirect) rival, the PC. 
This is mainly because the PC has the advantage of the mouse (POINT and 
CLICK, see?). Ok, there is also the SONY mouse but, hey you haven't bought 
a PSX in order to get a mouse have you?

   So are there any good point & click adventure games for the PSX? Well, 
lucky you, yes! In fact, the Broken Swords series rules but you can also 
find other, rather good P.&C. adventure games for your favorite console! I 
would recommend you to check out some of the Microids ones (The Amerzone, 
Dracula Resurrection... But in no way The last report, no, not even for a 
friend you hate...).

   So here is a walkthrough for the sequel of Broken Sword. I know there 
are, at least, 2 other walkthroughs/FAQ's for this game BUT, this one is 
different! Inspired by the EXCELLENT Silent Hill Plot Guide of President 
Evil <>, that I invite you to read at, I decided apply this idea, do a walkthrough look like a real 
story, on Broken Sword 2. I'm in no way gonna make a thesis like him as I 
don't feel too capable of this yet. I'm just gonna stick on this 
walkthrough. 'Hope you'll enjoy this guide as much as me writing it!

| III• About the Author                                                   |

   Not that this section is absolutely necessary, but you may want to know 
who wrote this and maybe would care in seeing some other works he may have 
done. I particularly like to find this section (dealing about the author)in 
a walkthrough as it allows a certain relation between an author and his 

   If you found this walkthrough at GameFAQs, you should try and click on 
my name next to the title of my walkthrough as you can find all my work 
listed there. If you found this elsewhere, I'll tell you a little of my 
previous works below.
   You must first know that I'm specialized more in platform games 
walkthroughs and guides. I'm the author of the -only- complete Toy Story 2 
guide on the net (couldn't find another one that was complete!). I've also 
wrote a Spyro 2 and Overblood 2 Walkthrough. The Amerzone was my first and 
only point& click walkthrough and I think I made a good job on it. I also 
tried to go into racing game guides. Not being straightforward, it was 
kinda hard but I managed to do an Endurance Guide for Gran Turismo 2. I'm 
now comin' with another point& click walkthrough. Broken Sword 2. I'm 
trying to do this walkthrough different from any other one I may have wrote 
'till now. In fact, what I want to do is to make it look like a story. I 
mean, when YOU read this walkthrough I don't want you to think "Pfiu, well 
yet another walkthrough for B.S. 2", NO, I want you to think "Hey, I 
appreciated reading this walkthrough as it does not talk to me as if I was 
a stupid monkey but deals about it more deeply! Who's the author?"

   I hope that after reading it, this would be your thought. Oh, I'm open 
to any proposition, criticism, admiration, consternation or exaltation 
mails... My e-mail?  

| IV• The Walkthrough                                                     |

|                                                                         |
|    Ahead you will find SPOILERS. I strongly suggest that you, not only  |
| play, but also complete the game before reading this. Maybe while re-   |
| playing the game would you appreciate this walkthrough. Anyway, it had  |
| to be said. Enjoy...                                                    |
|                                                                         |

   After successfully resolving the Templars secret, George Stobart, a 
young and handsome American tourist has to leave his girlfriend, Nicole 
Collard, in order to go and see his ill father. 
   Back in France, George finds that Nico has changed. Apparently she has 
found another man, but also an Intriguing Stone. In order to have some more 
information's about this stone, Nico asks George to come with her in order 
to see a famous archeologist, Professor Oubier. 

   As they are walking toward the beautiful villa of the professor, the 
game shows some "flash's". These seems to be a comparison or a strange fact 
that occurs in the same time. So as our two heroes are approaching this 
intriguing house, the intro opens on a Pyramid, a big pyramid with some 
kind of adepts in front of it...
   George knocks at the door. Strangely, an Indian man opens it not really 
looking like a professor or something. George starts to have a bad feeling  
about all this story. While walking up the house's stairs, the game shows 
us a man (seems like an Indian although I'm not sure) tied up, walking on 
some steps. Steps of a Pyramid. This like if George and Nico were compared 
to him. 
   The Indian opens a door's room and let his two guests get in first. 
Suddenly, the man hits George on the head (*Now here's some action*) that 
falls like a stone on a wheelchair... Nico, has no time to react because a 
small poisoned dart just hit her on the neck. She falls unconscious on the 
floor with the dart hitting the ground next to her.
   The Indian, seeing George on the chair, decides to tie him up. At the 
same time, the other man, the one who threw the poisoned dart, lay a box 
down on the floor. Meanwhile, on the Pyramid, the sacrifice of the tied up 
man seen before takes place, seeing a sorcerer taking the heart of the poor 
man out of his ribcage. The spider not being challenging enough for George, 
the Indian man, taking Nico, throws a petrol lamp down on the carpet that 
sets on fire immediately.

(*That's all about the Intro, I think*)

   As George wakes up with a terrible headache, a threatening Tarantula is 
walking toward him. Luckily, he found that the bookcase next to him is 
maintained only by a little piece of wood. Reacting fast, he kicks off the 
piece. The heavy bookcase falls on the tarantula making a spider soup.
   George have now to get rid of his ties. A  piece of metal getting out of 
the wall just behind of where the bookcase was, is exactly what he needs.
   Being free, Georgie thinks that he can now escape. Unfortunately, the 
door is blocked by the fire and the windows by solid bars. No problem, as a 
tourist, George decides to check out the room. He soon finds Nico's bag 
under a window. It surely felt there when she's been hit by the dart... 
Inside, he takes her lipstick, a note, and some exotic panties. Well, you 
never know when it could be of some use... Searching around the room, he 
opens the drawer of the cabinet next to the window. Inside he founds a 
small decorated pot. Also, just above this drawer, in the cabinet, he 
founds a bottle of tequila. Our alcoholic hero, after just preventing 
himself of swallowing the worm, decides to take the small repugnant dead 
animal as a "souvenir" of this tremendous day. 
   George being prisoner in a burning house, has to find a solution 
quickly. Searching a way to extinguish the fire, he notices a siphon on the 
cabinet next to the door. Unfortunately, there is no gas in the siphon. 
Wanting to open the cabinet just under the siphon, he founds out that this 
one is locked. Argg, being sure that the solution to extinguish the fire is 
inside the cabinet, he really wants to open it. But how? Hey... What's this 
at one corner of the carpet? The poisoned dart that hit Nico minutes 
before. He takes it and, in a genius inspiration, he manages to open the 
cabinet. Inside? A cylinder! Too hot to take it with his bare hands, George 
uses the panties found in Nico's bag in order to get hold of it. Using it 
on the empty siphon, he just made a ready to use fire-extinguisher... Using 
it on the fire, he burst his way out of the room.

   George finds himself in the hallway without any clue of where to find 
Nico. Re-reading the note found in Nico's handbag, he decides desperately 
to call his rival, André Lobineau. As George knows the feelings of André 
about him and Nico, he tries to call him calmly. After a brief explanation 
of George, André tells him to meet at the café of Maufauçon. While hanging 
down the phone, George notices a newspaper dealing of a total eclipse of 
the sun that could be visible from Mexico. While getting hold of it, a 
small piece of paper falls from inside the newspaper. It was a bank 
statement of our famous professor. Weird! He retrieved a lot of money from 
Marseilles, a big town south of France next to the Mediterranean sea.
   Wanting to go out of the house, George founds out that the house door is 
locked. Of course he don't have the key. Having no solution for this 
problem, George searches in his –large- pockets. While looking at the pot 
he found in the drawer, a key falls... Lucky, it was the house key. George 
now goes to the café decided to find his Girlfriend...

   George arrives soon at the café without finding Lobineau there. This 
place, Maufauçon, brings back a lot of memories at him. This was where he 
explored the sewers in order to meet a secret reunion of the Templars about 
six months ago. Not willing to make a trip in the sewers again, he decides 
to wait for André at café. But, that man next to him seems familiar. 
Approaching, he recognize the inspector that prevented him to enter these 
same sewers a couple of months before. George engages a conversation with 
him and soon founds out that he is not in the police anymore. What's more, 
he seems to have turned alcoholic after that. 
   Thirsty, George calls the waiter. He IGNORES him. French waiters seems 
to be really rude with strangers... Insisting, George manages to get a cup 
of coffee... George talking to the waiter about Oubier and André and finds 
out that Oubier has been suspected of killing his wife a couple of years 
before. What's more, lack of proofs prevented him from being arrested. 
   That is when André comes. André is a young French student in history 
with a characteristic blond pony tail that makes him look kinda weird. 
George informing him of the situation more deeply, André shows George the 
Stone that may have killed him. It was some kind of Mayan Stone showing, 
what seems like, a coyote. George showing the odd pot he found at the 
professor's house, manages to get the address of a friend of André that 
could be found at the Glease gallery. After thanking André for his help, 
George talks about his girlfriend at the ex-inspector. The Old depressive 
man, brings his head into his hands. This is when George takes the old 
man's little alcoholic drink that may come in handy. Having now another 
lead, the Glease Gallery, George decides to go there.

   Meanwhile, at Marseilles, Nico's being interrogated by Karzac about the 
same Mayan stone. Nico tries, without success, to build up a story in order 
to protect André. Karzac decides to interrogate the young lady the next day 
with the help of Pablo, Oubier's butler. 

   Arriving at the Glease Gallery, George founds out that it was stylish 
and class, but by the other way, had very few customers, only some 
tourists, an art critic and the owner. Mr. Glease, the owner looked like 
André in older. With the same eyes, same expression and, most important, 
the same damn pony tail. By talking to him, George soon finds out that 
Professor Oubier was, for the owner, synonymous of Mayan art. By pushing a 
little more the conversation, George soon found out that Oubier was 
importing artifacts in France by the docks. As the "European" Glease would 
not tell anything more to him, George decides to look around for some 
   Reaching the back of the boutique, André's friend prevents our hero to 
read and examine the crates there because it was a private area. George had 
now to distract Glease's attention in order for him to check these boxes. 
Maybe a little help of the critic would come in handy, George engages a 
conversation with him but as he was showing him the valuable Mayan pot he 
had found at Oubier's house, that creep just smashes it on the floor 
explaining his act by saying it was a disgrace for the "art". Now wanting 
his revenge, George thinks of a plan. This is when he notices that the fat 
critic was holding a cup of alcohol. Having some absinthe from the ex-
gendarme seen before, George drops just a little in his glass hoping he 
would not notice the change of color. By doing this twice, the fat man 
falls on the shelf just behind him smashing it by the same time. Well that 
was some good distraction...
   While Mr. Glease was busy taking care of his "precious" art critic, 
George had all the time in the world to look at the boxes lying behind the 
gallery for clues. He soon finds a ripped ticket of "Condor Transglobal" 
with the first four letters of a word "MARS...". Mars, mars, hey, 
Marseilles, wasn't it there that Oubier withdrew some money? Yes, and 
Condor Transglobal surely had some attach there.  

|    - Marseilles                                                         |

   By taking the evening train, George arrived in Marseilles in the early 
night. He soon arrives at the port, tracing the company 'till a desolated 
   A fence prevented him from continuing his quest. No problem for our 
sport hero, he would just jump past the fence when a bulldog rushes out of 
nowhere and starts barking. That is when a fat guy comes out from the 
little warehouse next to the fence. The guy explained him that the animal 
was a TRAINED ATTACK DOG and by this mean he would not be able to pass by 
   By looking by the window of the warehouse, George manages to spot a hole 
on the little house's floor. By talking to the watchman, George finds that 
he won't be able to get pass this fence normally before the end of the 
national holidays and that means, not before about a month.
   Getting down some stairs next to the house, George arrives next to the 
sea. Dirty water was surrounding the docks. This was not a surprise as even 
the fat guy threw his scraps in there. In fact, just by looking at these he 
could trace the dinner the fat guy had ate during this week... Disgusting. 
By looking closely to all these things floating calmly on the water, George 
soon finds a stick. When he takes it, he notices that in fact it was a hook 
stick, well, for hooting boats. With it, he manages to get the bottle the 
watchman threw in the water just minutes before. 
   Going back up, George notices a chimney by witch the bean's smoke was 
getting out. Using the water that was still in the bottle he just took, 
George manages to cool down the conical hat of the chimney just enough so 
he could take it out. By putting the –now- empty bottle in the chimney, he 
manages to fill the warehouse with smoke and by this mean, get the fat 
watchman out of it.
   George manages to sneak in the house by the hole he had noticed before.
   In the warehouse, George takes a piece of coal for good luck and some 
dog biscuits. Just when he was closing the trap, George hears the door 
slam. Pfiu, that was close. Hey, the dog is still here barking. Lets give 
him some dog biscuits maybe it will calm him down. The biscuits had no 
effect on the dog! But noticing a short platform that could be either 
raised or lowered, George has a idea. By throwing a biscuits onto the 
platform, George sees the dog getting on it soon. By using his boat hook on 
the platform he gives the dog a dive in the dirty water.
   Without the dog preventing him to jump pass the gate, George was now 
able to continue his quest.

   George soon finds the condor door and tries to knock at it. Unluckily, a 
fan was covering the noise. Using the ladder next to the establishment, 
George manages to spot an open window and pass his head through it. The 
noise the fan was making prevented him from hearing the conversation 
between Pablo and Titipoco. Using his boat hook on the fan, George just 
smashed it and by this way, killed the noise. Without the fan's noise, 
George could now hear the conversation. Pablo seemed upset by the fact that 
they haven't found the stone.
   Without the fan's noise, George could now knock at the door. It's Pablo 
that answered. Pretending being from the Police, George just manages to 
make Pablo angry. But while he was opening the door, George managed to 
quickly get with the ladder just above him. When Pablo was out, George 
threw two crates at him, sending him out for a bath.
   Once inside, George looks out for clues after closing carefully the 
door. On the notice board, he finds a paper dealing about Quaramonte City 
in South America. In the drawer, he founds a small key. When he was passing 
in front of the crates in order to go to the elevator, Titipoco appears and 
prevents him to pass. Titipoco didn't knew apparently English and the only 
word George manages to get is Quaramonte. When George shows the key he 
found in the drawer, Titipoco got out of the crates showing that he's been 
tied up with some chains. Getting these out of Titi's foots, George takes 
them and Titi disappears behind the crates. 
   Taking the elevator, George arrives at the 2nd floor. In order to keep 
the doors open, George pushes a crate on the light beam so that Pablo could 
not come up. Next to the elevator, George finds an unmarked switch. By 
pushing it, a light opens at the other side of the room. There, on the 
floor, George notices a faint mark. Examining the wall next to it, he soon 
finds a hidden door. Inside, was Nico, tied up. George quickly slap the 
tape and untie the cord. Nico explains George that she was in fact behind a 
big drug story with Karzac being the main criminal mastermind. While 
disguised as a courier man, she was given the Mayan stone. In order to find 
out more, she got to Professor Oubier with him. The rest is well known 
   Taking the little statue that was on the floor next to the chair where 
Nico was, George goes back to the big room. In the room, George uses the 
tape on the light beam and pushes the box back to its initial place. He 
then pushes the box saying "live contents, do not drop" on it and finally 
pushes the last box out of the way. Using the lever that was previously 
unreachable, he manages to elevate the big statue about six inches above 
the ground. He then attached the rope with witch Nico was tied up on the 
statue and on the chain and pushed the lever again. Trying to push the 
statue, he finds out that it is too heavy for him. Asking Nico to help him, 
they manage to push the statue and smash the door out.
   Outside, using the chains of Titipoco, our two heroes manage to escape 
from the condor establishment but fall in the Marseilles water.

   After a –needed- shower, Nico and George meet André at the Glease 
Gallery where our French pony tail man give the stone at George. Wanting to 
find out the secret behind the Mayan stone, our couple decides to go at 
Quaramonte city...

|    - Quaramonte City                                                    |

   Arriving at Quaramonte, our couple finds a sunny and calm little town. 
Apparently, it is market day and, in the town square, are exposed lots of 
stuffs and foods. Letting Nico make a tour of the city, George decides to 
look around for any trace of Condor Transglobal. 
   Passing in front of the police station, a known voice calls him. Was it 
possible? Pearl, a fellow American tourist met during the Templars affair 
in Syria was right in front of him. Ms. Henderson was a "strong" woman that 
was running all around the world just for shopping. By talking with her a 
little, George soon finds out that she came out here by truck with her 
husband Duane and that she wanted to go to see the ruins but not him.
   Calling Nico, George then goes into the police station. Inside the 
station, that was also the tourism info center, our couple finds the local 
police figure, the General Grasiento with our famous archeologist, 
Professor Oubier! Both looking at a map fixed on the wall, they suddenly 
close when noticing them. Oubier getting out, George asks some questions to 
the General. This way, George learns that the professor came to Quaramonte 
in order to do some excavations. He came to see him in order to get some 
legal papers for his expedition. Not believing a word of what he said, our 
couple gets out of the station kinda upset. 
   Once outside, George asks Nico what was her theory about the Mayan 
stone. Weirdly, she answers that it may represent a dog. 
 - Yeah, the Chihuahua stone alright...
   Next time, George would not ask for theories at Nico.
   Going at the far west side of the town, George finds the professor along 
with Duane. This was the perfect opportunity to ask some questions to the 
professor. Asking about the Condor Transglobal Company, the professor 
informs him that it had bankrupted. Oubier also told that he was just 
seeking Mayan Artifacts in order to send them to France. When pronouncing 
the name of Karzac, the professor said that it was the one that was 
financing his expedition in central America and that without him he would 
not be here. Finally, when talking about the forthcoming total eclipse of 
the sun, Oubier said it represented the end of the fifth age for the local 
population. The fifth age being synonymous to total destruction of the 
   Having nothing else to ask to the professor, George notices two local 
people nearby the police station. Talking to them, he learns that their 
Pipe Player have been arrested for just playing Folk music. Soon, they 
inform George about an explosion in a mine that caused about 30 dead. Also, 
one of the two men had noticed a ship of condor Transglobal about three 
months ago. George soon finds out his name: "The Mayan Princess". This was 
proving that Condor Transglobal had some relation with this city.

   George encountered a weird reaction by all the people in this town and 
that happening when he was showing up the statue he had found next to where 
Nico was tied up in Marseilles. He soon finds out why. This statue 
represented in fact a god. A bad god, Tescatlipoca. For the locals, 
Tescatlipoca meant death and destruction also known as "The Lord of 
Darkness" or even better "The Hungry Chief". But he was most famous around 
there as "The Smoking Mirror". Why? Oubier was the one to answer this 
question. It was because of the mirror he was holding on one hand. It was 
said that when he looked in this mirror destruction and devastation 
   George decides to get to the excavation company with her girlfriend in 
order to find more about the accident in the mine. Conchita Garcia, the 
director of the mining company is very feminist. For proof, she suggested 
at her employees to work in... Panties... George hardly got some answers 
from her. She said that the Professor came to see her in order to hire some 
equipment's for a certain expedition. Talking about the explosion in her 
mine, the señiorita gets angry pretending a Sabotage for closing the mine 
down. The mine is about 7 days up the river and is named Teoculcan.
   Once back out, George goes to see Duane. He finds out that far from 
being retired, Duane was now in a secret mission for "Uncle Sam" (*"The 
United States" for those of you who are a little confused*). His mission? 
Save nobody else but Miguel, the Prisoner. For that, George had to find a 
detonator. Why? Because Duane's Truck was full of explosives but he had no 
detonator. Talking about the Condor Transglobal with Duane, George finds 
out that Condor Transglobal is in fact a cover company for some illegal 
stuff. His director being Eidan. Eidan meaning "Nothing" in Spanish.
   George had to take a look at that chart on the wall in the police 
station. He asks Nico to help him. Inside the station, George pretends that 
his girlfriend is a reporter that wants an interview of him. Excited, they 
both move out for the General's apartment. George had now to get rid of 
Renaldo. Asking him if he would take Pearl for a visit of the pyramids, the 
officer answers yes. 
   With nobody in the Police station, George could now easily take a good 
look at the map. It was a geological survey map for the Quaramonte region. 
He finds a tick south east of Quaramonte about sixty miles inland and 
upstream. The site name was Teoculcan.
   Returning to the señiorita Garcia, he manages to get a detonator in 
order to free Miguel as the mine's name was Teoculcan. 
   Giving the detonator to Duane, George runs to inform Miguel. That is 
when Renaldo comes back from the tour and traps George into a cell. 

   Meanwhile, Nico was trapped with a sexual-psycho. She notices in his 
apartment some stuffs. A lava lamp, a –false- lion carpet a TV–set and a 
picture of La Presidente on the wall. Talking about these with Raoul. 
Suddenly her mother rushes in asking what happens in there? Pretending 
being a –silly- journalist, Nico hopes that George is using well the time 
she is buying him.

 - And then it goes "Fa, fa, fa, faa, faa, fa, faa, fa, fa, fa"
   George was showing the depressive Miguel one of his "hits" when he was 
in the school band of his high school. Hopefully then comes in Duane. 
   Using his detonator, he just manages to do a unimpressive flatulent 
noise. George had once again to find a solution alone.
   Seeing the noose the general had putted in Miguel's cell, he has an 
idea. Asking the noose at Miguel, he takes it and ties it on the cell's 
bars. Giving the other end at Duane so he ties it to the truck.

   La Presidente was now pushing his son to ask Nico to marry him whiling 
some grandsons. 
   A big noise was coming from down the town square. As Nico was sure that 
George was involved in this, she rushes out of the apartment while the 
general was running to the balcony.

   Meanwhile, Miguel and George where getting out of the prison. Soon, Nico 
arrives and they rush all together to the river where the boat of one of 
Miguel's friend was waiting for them.
   The boat had now to get up all the river 'till the excavation site.
   As the night came, everybody fell asleep. Over the calm water, a noise 
could be heard. Soon a helicopter arrives just above the boat. First firing 
at it and then throwing something like a bomb on it. The boat EXPLODED 
almost immediately...

|    - The Jungle                                                         |
(*NOTE: This level answers a lot of questions around the plot of the game. 
You must really listen carefully to what the shaman will say............*)

   When regaining consciousness, George finds himself by the side of the 
river in the jungle, miles away from civilization, what's more, he has a 
terrible headache. Just his luck being in Paradise with a migraine. 
   Suddenly, he hears a music, like a piano or something. By following the 
music he soon reaches a wide area with a tree house. The music preventing 
him from being heard, and not having any ladder in order to reach the 
house, he has to find a way to attract the attention of anyone who might be 
in there. Noticing some damp leaves just under the house, he has an idea. 
He drops the bank statement of Oubier on the leaves and uses the 
Tescatlipoca statue on the wheel next to them. Soon, the house fills with 
smoke and an old man rushes out of it. 
 - Extinguish this fire, says the man, I have an ill girl up here.
   After George has extinguish the fire, the man puts a ladder between him 
and our hero. The man introduces himself.
 - Father Hubers, he says.
   Father Hubers was a missionary that was to go up the mine when his boat 
capsized there. That was exactly what happened to George, that was eleven 
years ago... George soon finds out that the girl on the tree house is in 
fact Nico as she was talking French to the priest. She had apparently been 
beaten by a poisonous river snake. Now in the coma, the only way to save 
her was to find a root, the only known antidote for this snake bite. The 
missionary informs George that this root could be found at the village. But 
strangely the missionary was not very willing to go there. He pretends that 
he could not go without a pressed collar. 
   Taking the collar, George tries to find a way to press it. He soon 
notices two round stones. Taking the large wooden cross under the tree, he 
manages to turn only one of the stones. Finding a vine rope at the other 
side of the area, on a wooden wheel, he tries to place it on the stones. 
Placing the collar just between these and using the cross he manages to 
press the priest's collar.
   George manages to find half of why he don't wants to go to the village. 
It had something to do with an "animal passion" and a "Monkey Dance". Not 
having time to spare and willing to get to the village before the night 
comes, the two men leave immediately.

   It was Sunset by the time they reached the village. The priest 
introduced his new friend to the two guardians of the village and took off 
almost immediately. Asking to see the shaman, George finds that he has to 
offer a tribute. Well, he had nothing more than some dog biscuits to offer 
so he tries it. When the first watchman came back, he asks some more 
biscuits for the shaman at George. In a genius inspiration, George puts the 
Mayan stone in the empty pack. Soon, the shaman asks to talk to him.
   At the center of the village, George finds the shaman sitting next to a 
fire. He soon asks George to sit around the fire with him.
   The shaman tells a least why Huber did not want to come here anymore. It 
was because he had 3 girls and 5 boys. All made during the "Monkey Dance", 
what seemed like a traditional dance.
   Mysteriously, the wise man soon lets the unimportant conversation 
subject about the priest and comes to a more mystic one. Strangely, it 
seemed that it was foretold that a white man would come with the Coyote 
stone to the village. This foreigner being their only hope of salvation.
   LONG ago, about 300 years before, a good god was ruling on his people 
bringing prosperity and happiness. The god name was Quetzacoatl. 
Unfortunately, one day came a bad god. A demon one may say. Quetzacoatl 
soon have been defeated by this horrible demon that brought only 
destruction and desolation.
   Aging for power and domination, this demon asked for more and more 
sacrifices. On a pyramid dedicated to him, the steps where red of the blood 
of the hundreds sacrifices he was asking. Men's, Women's, kids, animals, 
everything that had blood.
   The wise men of the city reunited secretly and made a mirror made by 
smooth obsidian stone that could trap the demon. Besides that, they made 
three little statues with the same stone, one representing a Coyote, 
another one a Jaguar, the last one having an Eagle on it. These three 
stones putted together could seal the mirror for the eternity.
   By flattery, the people managed to attract the demon into the Pyramid 
that was dedicated to him. Inside they managed to trap him into the  
magical mirror. The "Smoking" mirror.
   Before managing to reunite the three stones into the pyramid in order to 
seal the mirror, these have been abducted by the Spanish (because 
Quaramonte and generally south America was a Spanish colony). Without these 
stones, the Tescatlipoca would be free just after the fifth age that is 
symbolized by a total eclipse of the sun.
   The shaman had seen the stones in a vision.
   The Coyote Stone was the only of the three stones that manages to get 
back to Spain. It was the one that George had in his possession.
   The Jaguar stone had been took among other treasures within Quaramonte 
City by an English conqueror, El Draco. It is thought that it returned 
safely to England.
   As for the Eagle stone, it has been abducted while returning to Spain 
with other treasures. His thief? A pirate named Captain Ketch. Nobody knows 
for sure where he put the stone but one can think that it might be in his 
private island he bought afterwards with his steels, "Ketch's Landing".
   (*NOTE: You must now know more about the plot of Broken Sword as all the 
mystery part have been revealed by the shaman. One more thing I'd like to 
add: The French Version of the Game has as subtitle "Les boucliers de 
Quetzacoatl". Not knowing why it was called like this at first, I just 
managed to sort out a theory. Oh, the translation of this is "The shields 
of Quetzacoatl". Quetzacoatl being a good god, he might have not gone far 
away when being defeated (not being prisoner). He might have returned to 
help the wise men make the stones (and maybe the mirror too) as he might 
also have provided the obsidian stones. Now the shields at witch the French 
game is referring must be the three stones. In fact they act as a shield 
against Tescatlipoca! One more thing: This game is useful in order to 
understand other games. You might surely know the Final Fantasy Series 
right. Well Quetzacoatl being a Summon Materia in the 7th Fantasy and a 
Guardian Force in the 8th. We understand now why it is an ally of the hero 
in these two games and not an enemy: Because he is a good god.*)
   George takes finally the root promising he will pursue his quest known 
as to find the two other stones. Being late, he asks the shaman if he could 
sleep in the village for one night. Accepting that he rests here, the 
shaman warns George that he won't rest much as this night was the "Monkey 
Dance" One.

   Back to the tree house, George now had to make this root eatable. He 
puts the cone under the two big round stones and the root just between 
them, he then uses the cross in order to make a drink of the root. Taking 
the cone back, he runs up the ladder to the tree house. 
   In the tree Nico was always in the coma but she soon reestablishes after 
George's given her the medicine(*Reminds me the hospital section in Broken 
Sword 1. BTW, I suggest that you play this game as well, ^_^*).
   Talking about the stones with Nico, they soon decide to split up in 
order to look for the stones more quickly.

|    - The Caribbean                                                      |

   George is the one that takes care of the Caribbean's (poor Georgie) and 
Nico the England.
   Arriving at the Ketch's Landing, George finds out that there's been a 
museum for the pirate. The same day he reaches a coast where the museum is.
   On the white clear sand, was a surveyor. His name was Bronson and seemed 
rather rude. This strange surveyor would not let George take a look at his 
plans. Why such a comportment for just plans? He might surely be planing 
   On a little platform by the coast onto the sea, George finds a little 
kid near his boat, fishing. Rio was his name. He informed him that the 
Ketch's museum was just up the set of stairs that was riding up the cliff. 
Ketch was for Rio a pirate that got himself hang. Well, not much of 
information down on the coast, maybe George would gather more up, in the 
   Walking up the stairs, George notices a great white house just by the 
cliff. Siting in front of it, two old women one tall and thin, the other 
small and, well, fat. Playing with a ball on the grass was also a white 
kitty named Ruddles.
   The two women were in fact Ketch's descendent that were legally 
responsible for the museum as well as very well informed about they 
ancestor. Their name were Mina (the fat) and Fost (the thin) Ketch. They 
really were well informed about the history of their ancestor. That way, 
George manages to get Ketch's story.
   Ketch, Captain Frederick Ketch was born at Dorset a small town of 
England in 1670. When being in age to navigate freely on the sea, he 
embarks onto the "Jesus" witch captain was John HAWKINGS. The "Jesus" was 
traveling from England to Africa and sometimes to India. Once, the "Jesus" 
was to travel for the "new continent" and to never return from there. That 
was because of traitors seeking it. Soon, Ketch became a pirate, a 
"privateer" like the old women like to say. Anyway, he steals treasures 
from all south America's Spanish ships (including the Eagle stone)and soon 
have enough of money to retreat. He buys this island that he calls Ketch's 
Landing. One night, some people not happy of having a pirate for neighbor 
decide to hang him. He was brutally hung in front of his own family despite 
his "letter of marque" that left him pirate legally. It was told that an 
incredible treasure was hidden within the atoll surrounding his island.
   George learns that the museum was closed because of the surveyor's work 
and the two ladies would not let him pass through without a serious reason. 
The conversation soon switches to Emily. Emily being the very last 
descendent of the captain, she found herself adopted by the ladies after 
her parents horribly died in a typhoon. George after finding the museum 
door effectively closed, he decides that it was time for some diversionary 
tactic. He tells the two that he saw Emily with Rio down the beach, knowing 
the ladies repugnance for the little fisher-boy. Effectively, they soon 
disappeared in the horizon in despair search of Emily.
   Having some time to spare, George decides to go and see the little 
fisher boy. Having miraculously escaped from the two ladies, he was fishing 
calmly near his boat. George asks for a fish to the Boy giving him, as a 
bait, his tequila worm. In order to give Rio some time to catch the fish, 
George engages a conversation with Bronson. Having little conversation, 
George soon goes back to Rio. Just as he was coming, Rio was catching 
something. It seemed rather big, a whale or something. Unfortunately, no 
fish but a rusty bicycle wheel was trapped into the young boy's line. 
Finding only the inner tube useful, George takes it. Not happy of that, 
George waits just until Rio catches a fish. When he catches one at last, 
George goes back to the museum. Seeing the cat's ball, the theodolite spot 
and his inner tube, he has an idea. He uses the ladder in order to get to 
the flagpole and ties one end of the tube there. Getting down, he ties at 
the other end, the fish.
   Soon, the cat lets his ball, attracted by the fish's smell. After taking 
his ball, George gets up the ladder in order to take the inner tube back 
safely. Back down, George uses the inner tube on a U shaped tree branch 
that was just behind the two ladies chairs. Using the Red rubber ball, he 
strikes the theodolite reflector out of the flagpole in one shot. The 
theodolite reflector out, Bronson comes up to see what happens. He decides 
first to put back the target reflector and then beat up George. BIG MISTAKE 
as George takes the ladder from under Bronson's feet. Ha, ha, ha... "I can 
look at your plans now" thinks George as he takes the target reflector from 
the ground.
   Back down, George takes a close look at those plans. Hey, that's not a 
museum, that's a 200 roomed hotel theme around Ketch's treasure. Taking the 
theodolite in its pocket!!!! George gets back up in order to clear 
Bronson's secret project.
   Once there, he finds the Ketches waiting for him. They ask George to get 
the surveyor down, but clever George shows the two ladies the plan first. 
Owing one to George, they let him access the museum personally.

   Meanwhile, in the always raining London, Nico tries a long shot by 
visiting the National British museum. 
   Looking into the far right side of the museum, Nico finds an obsidian 
stone. Asking the guardian about it, she soon finds the story behind this 
   In the 17th century, an English conqueror, Sir Francis Drake also known 
as "El Draco" went to the new continent in order to find some treasures for 
the GREAT BRITAIN. Back in England he had in his baggage's two obsidian 
stones, one called the scrying mirror the other one being the Jaguar stone. 
Back in England, Drake gaves both stones to his partner, John Dee. It was 
told that in the polished stone, called the scrying mirror, one could see 
angels whereas in the Jaguar one, Demons. Of course, at this time all sorts 
of drugs passed by the conqueror's hands so no proof could be given to 
these words. 
   In order to learn more about these stones, the guardian introduces her 
to a specialist. But, who is it? Hey, that's professor Oubier alright. 
Oubier not having much to add, she lets him take off. But that was too 
weird to be a coincidence alright. When Nico asks the guardian to see the 
Jaguar stone, they both find an empty box. The silent alarm on, the 
guardian prevents now anyone from getting out. As Nico finds a key in the 
showing box where the stone was, the surveyor calls the police to inform 
that Oubier had stole the Jaguar stone. Questioning one last time the 
guardian, she manages to get the boat's name where Oubier was up to, "The 
Xibalba Princess". Well it was just not a coincidence after all... 
   Meanwhile, Nico uses the key on a box next to the telephone in order to 
take a Mayan sacrifice dagger. Using it on the doors just behind the 
curtains at the left side of the museum, she manages to get out of it soon.

   Inside the museum, George finds a treasure crate. Hoping to find a 
treasure or something inside, he tries to open it. Inside no treasure but 
Emily, the little girl. Asking her about her grand-grand-grand-grand-
father, she just tells that it was him on the picture in the far wall. 
Looking closely at the picture, he notices that Ketch had a cross around 
the neck, the same as Emily's. Not whiling to lend it, he had to think of a 
trade. Taking the quill on the central table, he goes out. Giving it to the 
cat outside of the museum, he manages to get a feather. Taking the feather 
to Rio, he trades it for a seashell. Going back up, Emily hardly gives the 
cross to George but he just somehow manages to get it.
   After examining the central table and the room, George has a genius 
inspiration. He takes the map from the desk at one corner of the room, the 
lamp on the wall and puts both on the table. The table was if like made for 
them. Finally putting the cross between the beam of the lamp and the chart, 
he manages to spot an island in the center of the cross's shadow. It was in 
the shape of a skull. It was called the "zombie" island.
   Going back on the beach he somehow manages to convince Rio to bring him 
   Reaching the island, Rio refuses to get out of the boat. Well George 
would just have to do all the work alone. Trying to climb the cliff, 
Georges notices that is was too high for him. Noticing the fishing net in 
the little boy's boat, he asks if he could borrow it. Finally George 
eventually manages to climb the cliff.

   Nico, meanwhile, had reached an abandoned underground station of London. 
Three machines where put on the wall but only one seemed to work and that 
was the weight machine. The automatic ticket selling machine being useless, 
Nico manages to spot an old rusty coin in the chocolate vending machine. 
Using her clip found in her bag (*NOTE: Have you notice where she puts her 
bag? NO? Hey man, look at it more closely. Oh and manage to do that when 
she is facing the screen;-)*). Pushing the old coin into the machine, she 
manages to take it out from a compartment of the machine. 
   Using it on the weight machine, she gets a ticket saying 13lbs(*NOTE: 
Could someone tell me how much it makes in Kg, thanks.*). Using the dagger 
on a panel on the left of the station, she manages to open it just tinny 
bit. In order to release the lock, she uses the ticket she just got. Doing 
as such, the next metro stopped at the station and Nico was up for the 

|    - Zombie Island                                                      |

   Reaching the top of the cliff, George notices two paths, one leading to 
the forest, the other to the center of the island. First taking the Forest 
path, he reaches a stagnant swamp. By the side of it he notices a clump of 
reeds. Useful it might be, he manages to take a short one. 
   Pursuing his quest into the forest, he finds a weird tree. Under this 
tree not only was large stones but also a hole. In this hole beneath the 
rock was something small and fury. Soon the mind of George works fast and 
thinks of something. As he had a dart and also a reed, he could well make a 
weapon. Unfortunately, the reed was not only too long but also closed at 
one end. Putting the reed into the hole, whatever was in there managed to 
neatly cut one end of it.
   Continuing the path, George soon finds himself lost. Having hundreds of 
path he could follow and not remembering of where he came from, he just 
could not find his way out passing again and again from the same path. 
Hopefully, George manages to find a path leading back to the top of the 

   Taking the other path leading to the center of the island George soon 
finds himself in front of an ugly and dangerous boar. This boar was not 
whiling to let George pass through, what seemed, the only path he could 
take. Not having any other alternative, George uses his poisoned dart along 
with his piece of read on the unlucky animal. The animal, first perturbed 
turns on himself and then charges at George. Reacting fast, he manages to 
jump in-extremis on a branch. Pursuing, the boar runs to a dead end. 
Passing through some high herbs, the boar just made a shortcut to the 
highest point of the island for George. The branch not being as strong as 
he thought, he finds himself on his bottom.
   Going past where the boar was, he finds himself in front a huge needle 
rock in the middle of a clearing. But... This rock just not seems like a 
natural formation. Being sure that he had found a piece of a gigantic 
puzzle Ketch had left behind him, George wants to put the reflector of 
Bronson at the top of it. Using the creepers that were all around the rock, 
Rio's fishing net and the marker, he manages to throw and place the 
theodolite reflector near the top of the big rock.
   Going back to where the boar was, George continues his way through the 
newly created path. At the top of what was like a big camel hump, George 
had a wonderful view of the island. Putting the theodolite at the top of 
it, he takes a look in it in order to find maybe the hidden treasure spot.
   George first spots a cave but it was half underwater. Then a needle rock 
but that wasn't it too. Hell, Ketch could had put his damn treasure about 
anywhere. "Hey, what's this?" George notices the reflector he had put on 
the needle rock. Perfectly aligned with it was the treasure rock. George 
had just solved Ketch's puzzle. He could now go and get this stone as he 
sees a path leading to the rock he had seen.

   Back in London, Nico had traced the "Xibalba" ship to a dock. On the 
ship was Pablo and a guard both armed (*NOTE:I strongly suggest you save 
your game here!*). Moving closely, Nico manages to sneak behind a box even 
closer to the ship without being spot. She then tries to open a door on the 
ship to attract the guard's attention. Not being quick enough, the guard 
deadly shoots at Nico. 

                      - NICO IS DEAD, End of game –
   (*This is the only point of the game where one of the heroes could die –
Maybe in Marseilles too with Pablo although I would not say...- well, now 
you have to load back your game as you've probably guessed that this is no 
more than a JOKE. So, when Nico resurrects, oups, not really...*)
   So behind her wooden crate, Nico chases the opportunity that would let 
her take the stone. She then notices that the guard was doing two laps of 
the ship and then talked a little bit with Pablo before doing his 3rd one. 
This was the right time to act. Rushing out of her hideout when the guard 
is talking to Pablo, she opens the door and climbs the ladder in order to 
hide again. Doing his lap, the guard notices the open door, "that is weird, 
he thinks, lets check it out." Stupidly getting into the little room, Nico 
traps him inside by first pushing the door and the locking him with the 
broom next to it. 
   She could now take a clear look inside the ship by the porthole. Inside 
the ship's cabin were Oubier and Karzac. Oubier seemed agitated about the 
steal he had just committed and was asking Karzac to help him get out of 
the country. But Karzac first wanted to see the stone, the Jaguar stone. 
Showing him the stone, Karzac finally reveals his plans. He was going to 
throw the stone even though it was unique in the deepest ocean he could 
find. Why do that for a stone, asks the professor. But it was because of 
Tescatlipoca, he had seen this god into his dreams and had talked about the 
future. Aging for power, Karzac would do just about anything in order to 
help this evil God. Even kill people. Oubier was now getting really scared.
 - She called out your name you know? Says Karzac
   Karzac was the one that killed Oubier's wife not the professor. After 
this it was easy to manipulate this "puppet" soon being a drug addict.
   Without any sign of humanness, Karzac shots two bullets at the professor 
and goes out to speak to Pablo. Nico profits of this opportunity to sneak 
into the cabin. After checking that he was really dead, she takes the 
jaguar stone out of the professor's hand. -- ARGG --, what's that? Karzac 
was back and strangling the woman from behind. Reacting fast, Nico takes 
the sacrifice dagger and plants it in Karzac's leg. She then rushes out of 
the cabin, jumps out of the boat and disappears in the night.

   Back to George that finds himself in front of a pirate scene. He was 
going to run out of there when he hears,
 - Cut!
   This was just a film set for some kind of big-production-Hollywood-
style-film and he just destroyed one key scene of the film that surely was 
worth millions. 
   Apologizing, he engages a conversation with the director, Carlton Hawks. 
Talking him about the island name, he just gives an idea for his film. 
ZOMBIE actors, well that sounds great, for him... George manages to learn 
that the film was "The Treasure Island", well, kinda retouched by Hollywood 
that was. The lead actors were Sharon Kowalski and Haiku McEwan, the 
hottest teen actor.
   Harris, the cameraman, having nothing more to say, George goes to talk 
to Bert Savage, the stunt man. Well, he seemed to have turned in lots of 
movies but not any had brought him glory. He was now going to do a stunt 
for Haiku. 
   George tries to engage an intelligent conversation with the lead actress 
but she just seemed not understand the "Life is not a movie" concept so he 
just let her alone and tries to see Haiku(*A parody of Keanu Reeves*). Well 
he just doesn't seem more intelligent that the actress so George just lets 
the next scene take place.
   In this scene, the girl, Pirate Barbs was trying to convince the good 
guy, Jimbo Hawkins not to jump past the wall. Not really a scene that was 
worth an Oscar really.
   It was then Bert's turn to take place and get ready for the stunt.
   George notices a table with lots of things on it, he takes a bun that 
was state like a small rock, a delicious pancake that he does not eat (*he 
NEVER eats, don't ask me why, he just drinks, Tequilla...*) and a maple 
syrup. He then notices a buzzing hush just next to the actors. Looking 
closely into the bush, he finds out that hornets where somewhere inside. He 
has an idea. He uses the syrup on the pancake and gives it to Bert that was 
found of that. Eating it, Bert throws a lot of the syrup on his costume. 
Acting fast, George manages to throw two small rock-buns into the bush. The 
hornets, not pleased and smelling the maple syrup rush on Bert that do an 
Olympic jump over the wall, hurting his back by the same time. The director 
having a superb stunt, asks to do the next scene, the beach one when Jimbo 
finds the treasure.

   Well, the treasure cave was not that impressive and the camera sunk into 
the wet sand. What's more, the director would not let George go to the rock 
he had seen from the camel's hump. George noticing a small cave near the 
top of the rock, was whiling to get there by any mean. Seeing a portable 
camera, and talking of it at the cameraman, he finds out that it would be a 
great idea to film the scene with it. He then talks to the Director in 
order to do the stunt himself using the portable camera. Excited by this 
idea, the director asks George to dress up(*5 seconds and he is ready??? 
   When George reaches the top of the rock, he finds a treasure chest 
inside the mouth cave. Inside, among other useless papers was the Eagle 

|    - The Caribbean (Pyramid)                                            |

   Arriving back to Quaramonte, George had already left for the shaman 
village but had left a message to conchita Garcia to tell Nico to find him 
there. Nico hurries in order to reach George. 
   Reaching the village, Nico finds a desolation scene. The village was all 
burn out and there was no sign of life. When she gets to the center of the 
village she finds George's sunglasses, Titipoco appears pointing a pistol 
at her.
 - Wait, don't shoot, says the woman.
   Titipoco was not going to kill Nico, by shooting, just a flame came out 
of the pistol. Hey, it was a cigarette lighter. 
   Asking the dwarf about the sunglasses he shows that he has the Eagle 
stone. George should had found it in the Caribbean's and hide it here 
before he was abducted. Titi constantly shows a destructed house during the 
conversation, Nico soon finds the coyote stone but too hot to take with the 
bare hands, she asks Titi to help her push a water barrel on it. Taking the 
stone, Titi spots a path to Nico...

   They soon see a huge pyramid and George tied up, walking up the stairs 
with Pablo and Raoul. They was no time to waste.
   Reaching the base of the pyramid, they notice three or four guards in 
front, not letting even a cat pass. Nico had to find another way to reach 
the top.
   Two machines were disposed next to the pyramid's side, one seemed like a 
power generator, the other like an elevator machine but it had no petrol to 
work. Cutting the alimentation pipe of the first machine with her dagger, 
she manages to make petrol fall over the ground. Quickly, she takes a cup 
by the side of the same machine and uses it on the pipe in order to take 
some. She then puts the petrol he just took on the alimentation pipe of the 
elevator machine. She then takes the rope and asks Titi if he could put 
this up the metal cage in order to make the elevator work. Using the red 
button, the machine splattered to life. The lever next to the machine had 
now to be pushed while she was on the elevator, so she just asks Titipoco 
to do it. She soon reaches the top.

   At the top, Raoul seems nervous about the fact that the others (*Karzac 
and La Presidente*) where not here yet. Hell, they were going to sacrifice 
George to Tescatlipoca! Hopefully, George was the only one to see Nico. 
Reassured, she takes the round of ammunition that was on one crate and goes 
back down.

   Back down, things haven't changed so Nico just tries to pass by the 
guards. Spotting her, they ask her what she was doing here. In a *feminine* 
intuition, she tells that Karzac was the one that asked her to come here. 
Karzac being the mastermind around, they just let her go around. 
   Nico, spots a torch near the stairs. She takes it and asks Titipoco to 
light it for her. She then throws it on the petrol that had fell all over 
the ground and then throws the round of ammunition on the fire. – BANG, 
BANG, BANG --, Nico managed not only to get the guards away from the stairs 
but also to attract Pablo's attention. 
 - If he moves shoot him in the HEAD not in the heart, says Pablo.
 - Why, he'll be dead either way right? Asks Raoul.
 - His Heart belongs to Tescatlipoca. Answers Pablo.
 - That's not true! Interrupts George, we just had a dinner a couple of 
time... (*When he is about to die, George always finds a funny word to 
As Pablo was getting down, Nico sneaks by the rear entrance to the top of 
the pyramid (*The elevator of course*).

   At the top, Nico sneaks behind Raoul and pretends having a gun with 
her... Finger! Raoul, scared, drops his gun. They then have a serious 
conversation about his role on this story and his *future* in it. He asks 
to think. While Titipoco is watching after Raoul with his cigarette-
lighter-gun, Nico unties his boyfriend. Then they rush all three inside the 

   Hell, it was a dead end. How will they get out of here now? Giving the 
Coyote stone to George, Nico spots two levers at the far end wall. Thinking 
they had to be pushed together, she asks George to help her. All three fall 
down a big gap.

   Nico fell into what seemed like another tunnel and was now in a big room 
with two *huge* wheels and some tiles. She was in front of the glyph puzzle 
she had to solve in order to get out of the room.
   Here was how she could solve that puzzle that uses all the patience of a 
person (*YOU GAMER!*). The two wheels had each 8 symbols. 2 symbols put 
together would made one tile be pushed in, that if the two symbols on the 
wheel combined made the tile's symbol. In the far right side of the room 
were 4 Big tiles, one big tile was the combination of two small tiles. Nico 
can push only two little tiles at once, if she pushes a third one, the 
first tile she pushed will depress. The big tiles, if pressed will not 
depress any more. So it was simple: She had to turn the wheel in order to 
push two tiles that made ONE big tile. (*Are you still with me or not?*). 
When she have push all 4 big tiles, she...
   Eventually manages to solve the puzzle and unlock a secret path.

George - So I think "This is true love" you know?
Titi   - Gradrsh
George – And then I leave for a few months and who I find with Nico?
Titi   - Yuvsh
George – That's right! Lobineau that creep.
Titi   - Graaysh
George – That's exactly what I thought! Well it seems like another dead end 
to me!
   George and Titi had Fell together somewhere and where searching their 
way out.
   The dead end being really dark, George asks Titi if he could light up 
the torch by using sticks or stones. Titi uses the old-traditional-method, 
the cigarette lighter one. George manages to spot a lever! Pushing it, he 
throws him and Titi in different locations.

   Meanwhile, at the top of the pyramid, the eclipse has started (*You just 
have to look at this scene, while the protagonist are talking day is 
changing to night, scary...*). Not pleased not having a sacrifice in order 
to appease Tescatlipoca, La Presidente decides to sacrifice her own son. 
"Nico had right after all" thinks Raoul. But he was not going to be 
sacrificed without resistance, "Let's see who sacrifices who, Pablo...".

   George finds himself in a big room. Taking his torch, he lights the 
torch that was on the wall and pushes the lever at the far end wall. Inside 
the new room, he finds two levers, one activating the door he just came 
from, the other opening a new door. He pushes the second that was the right 
one and continue past the new door. He was now in a corridor with yet two 
new levers. By pushing the one next to him he opens a new door. Hey, he was 
back in the first room but this time a secret passage was revealed. Taking 
the torch, he walks down the set of stairs. Finding a lever next to him, he 
reveals yet another set of stairs. Well, that was it, he was going in the 
"Almost certain death" room.

| - The conclusion of Broken Sword, The smoking mirror                    |

   Titipoco, George and Nicole come into the central chamber of the pyramid 
at the same time. A priest is already in front of the mirror cutting his 
flesh just enough so blood could appear. Fed with the blood, on the mirror 
starts to appear a gray smoke. The three heroes had to put the stones 
quickly into the socket that was in front of them.
   Nico is the first to put the Jaguar Stone into the slot in front of her. 
George's slot had rocks in front of it preventing anyone to put anything in 
   Titipoco was too small to reach his slot. Behind him appears La 
Presidente that grabs him and tries to strangle him. As the ground shakes 
because of Tescatlipoca appearing into the mirror, they both fall in the 
huge gap in the center of the room, but manage to hang on the ledge. Raoul 
appears then as he had managed to take of Pablo, he has to decide either to 
help the evil by rescuing his mother or the good, by helping Titipoco. His 
choice was made quickly as he rescues Titi and her mother falls in the no-
   Now comes a big earthquake as Tescatlipoca gets out of the mirror 
killing the priest and everybody around the pyramid with his evil power! 
   Coward now, Raoul falls on the ground, permitting Titi to put his stone 
into the slot, the Eagle Stone. The earthquake destroying the rocks, George 
is the last one to put his stone, the coyote one.
   In a superb magical party, the three stones reunite their power into the 
center of the chambre making a big spherical power ball and then throwing 
it to Tescatlipoca that cannot resist the power and goes back into the 
mirror that is now sealed.
   Our three heroes finally can see the light of the day as they just saved 
the world. Tescatlipoca trapped, the world could now rest in peace. Oh, and 
the hero gets the girl at the end of course even though he already had her.

                            -- The End -–

   Can I add that the credit's music is just Gr8t? Well if you want to look 
for it, it is; Hapiness is an Inside Job Performed by Bob Sekat (and not 
Bob Marley). I would also like to say what a great job the London 
Metropolitan Orchestra has done on this game with all the atmospheric 
themes. Oh hell, I would just like to thank the work at Revolution and at 
SONY that all did a great job! Thanks for this superb game, but we are 
waiting already three years for Broken Sword 3, when will it be out?
(*NOTE: You can see the credits, and the demos of both broken swords from 
the introduction menu. You just gotta see the two demos, they are great 
even thought they are not demos but movies*)

|   V• End of Walkthrough                                                 |

   Finally finished this walkthrough! Wow man, that was big! Seems like the 
bigger of all the walkthroughs I could find for the game. Hope you'd like 
it though. Oh, if you're searching for a B.S. 2 Walkthrough that just not 
contains *many* spoilers head for either Tom Hayes < > 
or Eduardo's < > they are both good enough to take at 
the end of the game without too much problems but both walkthroughs are go-
here-do-that style so if you're not found of it, just enjoy this 
walkthrough. Oh, I would like any comments that would help me make this 
walkthrough even better (I don't really know if it can get any better 
though... lol) and if you think I should do the same thing for the first 
broken sword. My e-mail is, thanks...

|  VI• Version Info                                                       |

    Version 0.1 05/07/2000
 - As I know how much CjayC loves COMPLETE walkthroughs, I won't submit it 
as long as it is not complete!
 - Main structure of the walkthrough.
 - Intro section complete.
 - Thanks to section complete.
 - Disclaimer section complete.
 - Version Info section created.

    Version 0.2 07/07/2000
 - Paris section complete, George is up for Marseilles.
 - About the author section created.

    Version 0.3 08/07/2000
 - Re-reading what I've done yesterday, I found at TONS of grammar, 
spelling and syntax errors. Man I'm really considering letting this 
walkthrough at the side 'till I improve myself. I'll see...

    Version 0.4 09/07/2000
 - Continued my walkthrough anyway... Completed Marseilles. I'm re-reading 
as I'm writing it but it seems all too awful for me to post, besides CjayC 
won't post it if it is not good enough or incomplete. I'll write again 
tomorrow and correct some mistakes today. I would really like your comments 
on this walkthrough. I'm not pushing you to write me but I would appreciate 
your opinion. Is it great or is it crap? I just don't know.

    Version 0.5 10/07/2000
 - Continued a little more the walkthrough. Am I improving myself? I just 
think that it is better. Well, Quaramonte city completed anyway. Will only 
re-read today and try to continue tomorrow. Oh, added the meaning of "The 
Smoking Mirror" in the Quaramonte section. But I'm sure you already know 
about it isn't it?('_^)

    Version 0.6 11/07/2000
 - BIG part added today! The Jungle. In this section you'll find at least 
the signification of the Mayan Stone find that it is ... Well, read it and 
you'll see. Big spoiler in there so don't read it if you're not there yet. 
So, Jungle complete, gonna correct some errors (again) today, and continue 
the writing tomorrow (reaching the end of the game... Yippee).
 - Indeed it is a big day. I continued the walkthrough today instead of 
correcting errors as I've played the game. Well, the Caribbean's added, 
george is up for Zombie Island.

    Version 0.7 12/07/2000
 - Not done much today, just 3/4 of the Zombie Island section, well I'm 
kinda tired as I sleep at 1h30 every night and wake up when the small arrow 
is on the 8 so please be comprehensive ok?.

    Version 1.8 13/07/2000
 - Fiannally finished this walkthrough, I can't beleive it... Well, spent 
all the afternoon and the evening switching PSX/ PC and I finnaly made it. 
Ok, Zombie Island Complete,
 - and The Pyramid too and,
 - Added the conclusion of B.S. 2 section, that is in fact the ending and 
of course,
 - Posted this walkthrough (that is where the 1 replaces the 0 version, 

|  VII• Thanks to...                                                      |

   Thanks all of you out there for just reading this, without you I would 
be nothing! Thanks Again...
 - I really would like to thank Dan BIRLEW a.k.a. president evil 
<,> for writing his EXCELLENT 
Plot Guide for Silent hill but also one for Resident Evil 2. I Invite you 
to go and see his work at Thanks again.
 - Thanks Sonia (aint gonna put her e-mail but she'll recognize herself) 
for her support and for just being my friend...
 - Thanks CjayC for posting this walkthrough on, what I think is, the best 
solution site on the net!

 This Walkthrough brought to you by:
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