Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena Cheats

Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Brigandine for Beginners
Good tips for Beginners:
1. Don't summon on the first month. It reduces the mana gain on the next round.
2. Pool all your knights in one place at the first month. No country will attack your borders even if you leave them unoccupied during the first month. Pooling helps with creature distribution.
3. Have pixies on each of your of your knights and have them evolve to fairies for the useful react spell. Unicorns and angels are also necessary for healing.
Get Carmine
First, you have to get Mira and Millet. Once you have the twins, quest them together. They will have the quest where they go back to their hometown. The towsfolk will kick them out and a doctor named Carmine will save them. After this quest, place Mira and Millet in the same party and let them fight a couple of times. Carmine will then show up to offer his services.


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Class FAQ
Q: How can I become a Ninja Master?
A: To become a Ninja Master you need to have Shiraha in your force. A Knight with 160+ Strength and 160+ Agility can become a Ninja Master.

Q: How can I change to the class Lilith?
A: Use the item "Liquor of Charm" to Satan.

Q: How can I change to the class Lucifer?
A: Use the item "Fruit of Vice" to Seraph.

Q: How can I change to the class Loki?
A: Use the item "Wisdom Seed" to Gigas.

Q: How can I change to the class Thor?
A: Use the item "Rage Lightning" to Titan.

Q: How can I change to the class Talos?
A: Level up the Golem class to thirty.
to have aldis, after her apear in your quest , give all of your castles, when you have only one castle she will apear to help you,
aldis and her gold dragon.
to have Schutleis . when you begin the game have the first win in a zemeckis territory... when other country do this first will have schutleis, be carrefull.
play as esgares empire
At general select screen hold L1 R2 and start. You will then start a game as Zemeckis and the Esgares Empire.