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The Breath of Fire series started long ago on the SNES. The first game was not really a great hit, but I did like the second. The third game, which also was a great game for all Playstation owners. Recently, Capcom released the fourth installment in the series, BOF4. Fans of the series should be very happy with some of the improvements made to this installment, and, some of the great old features that we all know and love.


The gameplay is similar to that of BOF3, but it has some improvements. In battle, you still have 3 characters that you control, but there are also spaces for 3 characters in the back row. You can switch the rows if your characters get weak, or if you just need to change for some reason. Also, in the back row, characters will recover AP, and occationally, will add in an attack. The world map has been drastically changed compared to the other BOF games. Instead of a free roaming world map, you have to follow paths, that connect towns and other places. This shouldn't make you hate the game, but personally, I liked the free roaming type maps.


The game starts out as Nina(and yes, she looks just like the Nina we all know), and her companion Cray(who looks like Rei from BOF3) are traveling across the desert to find Nina's sister. They are attacked by a dragon, and Nina is forced to travel alone to find replacement parts for their craft. On the way, at the site of a wreck, Nina finds a man alone. This is of course, everyone's favorite BOF Hero, Ryu. They travel together, and the story starts to pick up from there.


Capcom has always been good with music and sound affects. This is true in many of Capcom's games, such as the Resident Evil series, their fighting games, and of course, the BOF series. This is no different in BOF4. The music is wonderful, and has that nice BOF style to go with it. The graphics are nice, as Capcom stayed away from the "realisticness" many games are choosing to go to today, and stayed with the classic sprite form, which I thought was a plus.


BOF fans will love this game. RPG fans should also find this game quite enjoyable. While I recommend this to all fans of RPGs, I do recommend renting first. After renting this game myself, I'm not quite sure if I'm going to buy it yet, but it is a good game to play. You'll just have to find out for yourself.

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