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When I first got this game, I loved the first 5 or so hours. The nice rounded graphics looked great and the battles were pretty cool. Well, pretty soon the plot started to unfold and thats what started to drag this game down. Not that the plot is bad, but as RPG fans know, an average plot can make a great game only good.

Graphics: 10/10

I really love these graphics, and so do alot of other people I know. The magic looked great, with no grains at all. The graphics while walking around are kinda like Wild Arms 2, except bigger characters and smaller houses. The graphics during the battles are the same as in game.

Sound: 8/10

Music is pretty good, with the my only comlaint being that it sounds like deparment store music at times. Other than that, most of the music fits the game pretty well. The game has cool sound effects and I love the way they say some little line in japanese before every attack
and spell.

Story: 5/10

The story wouldn't be all that bad if the dialog weren't so slow and the text didn't move so slowly. The story is about a boy with the misterious power of being able to turn into a dragon and hurt stuff. Eventually, he meets up with a bunch of people who help him in his quest of avenging his clan of the dragon people also know as The Brood.

Fun Factor: 9/10

The master system and skill notes are awesome. Plain and simple. That is just too cool how you can become an apprentice under some hyper strong dude who knows everything about certain types of moves. I like the idea of combining genes to turn into different dragons, but there just isn't enough types of dragons to turn into. You have about 20 or so genes in the entire game and you can combine 3 at a time, yet there are only approxamatly 20 dragons to turn into. That is why I didn't give this category a 10.

Overall: 8/10

I would rent this game before you buy it. It's alot of fun, but the story isn't up to par of alot of other games out there. This game is a great rental, not it might be a waste of 40 bucks if you're not into this sorta game.

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