Breath of Fire III Game Script (w/ bmecoli) v1.2
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: : : : Breath of Fire III Game Script (w/ bmecoli)

Breath of Fire III Game Script (w/ bmecoli)

by DavidK519   Updated to v1.2 on
                                                                       ver 1.2
                              ~Breath Of Fire~
                           |XXX|    |XXX|    |XXX|
                           |XXX|    |XXX|    |XXX|
                           |XXX|    |XXX|    |XXX|
                           |XXX|    |XXX|    |XXX|
                           |XXX|    |XXX|    |XXX|
                           |XXX|    |XXX|    |XXX|
                           |XXX|    |XXX|    |XXX|
                                ~Game script~
                          ~By bmecoli and DavidK5~
(Thanks Cless. If anyone still wants to contribute ascii for this guide, you
              are welcome to email them to either me or Davidk)


Table of contents:
I. Changelog/TODO
II. Intro
III. How to read the script
IV. The Script
    1. Introduction
    2. New Game Setup
    3. Dauna Mine: The Beginning
    4. Cedar Woods
    5. McNeil Village, The Farm, And Yraall Road
    6. Bunyan's House
    7. Mt. Glaus
    8. Spring At McNeil
    9. McNeil Manor
    10. Cedar Woods and McNeil: The Separation
    11. Mt. Myrneg
    12. Wyndia Castle
    13. Eygnock Road
    14. Genmel and the Maekyss Gorge
    15. Mt. Boumore
    16. Momo's Tower
    17. Coffee Shop
    18. The Plant and the Dump
    19. The Contest of Champions
    20. Maekyss Gorge: The Showdown
    21. Wyndia Castle: Honey's Escape
    22. Eastern Checkpoint
    23. Rhapala and the Wharf
    24. Training Beyd
    25. The Lighthouse
    26. Faerie Village: Fighting the Dolphin
    27. Mt. Zublo
    28. Urkan Tapa
    29. Angel Tower
    30. Dauna Mine: Years Later
    31. Ogre Road
    32. McNeil and Cedar Woods: The Reunion
    33. Syn City and the Northwest Checkpoint
    34. The Plant: Investigation
    35. The Underground Laboratory
    36. Wyndia Castle: The Escape
    37. Angel Tower: Finding God
    38. Cliff
    39. Freeing Deis
    40. Junk Town and the Dock
    41. Steel Beach
    42. Rhapala and the Middle Sea
    43. Parch
    44. Making Shisu
    45. Middle Sea: Finding the Legendary Mariner
    46. The Black Ship
    47. Kombinat
    48. The Colony
    49. Relay Point A
    50. Dragnier
    51. Factory
    52. Desert of Death
    53. Oasis
    54. Caer Xhan and the Worker's Area
    55. Myria Station Laboratory
    56. Eden and Ryu's Dream
    57. Myria Station Library: The Final Area
    58. The End: Give Up Your Power
    59. The End: Choose Your Own Path
V. Camping Text
VI. Master Text
VII. Faerie Mini-game Text
VIII. Hidden Text
X. Special Thanks
XI. Legal Section/Contact


                              I. Changelog/TODO


Ver. 1.2 7/19/2007
    - Added Faerie Village minigame text (DavidK)
    - Added desert camping text. That should be everything... (DavidK)
    - Added new hidden text (bmecoli)
    - Moved hidden text down a few sections, I like it better there (bmecoli)
    - Minor fixes (bmecoli)
    - Added question and revised another in the FAQ (bmecoli)
    - Added a hidden text commentary that I missed, whoops. (bmecoli)

Ver. 1.1 10/26/2005
    - Added staff roll (DavidK)
    - Added master text (DavidK)
    - Added camping event tags (DavidK)
    - Various errors (DavidK & bmecoli)
    - New logo (cless)
    - New suggestion (Deberk)
    - Updated thanks section (bmecoli)

Ver. 1.0 1/27/2005
    - Initial release
    - 100% script dumped (bmecoli)
    - Arrangement, event tags, basic guide formatting (including ToC) (DavidK)
    - Thanks secion and other misc sections (including lame logo) (bmecoli)

    - revise master text for clarity (add descriptions)
    - revise desert camping text a bit more
    - rearrage main script so that it has better flow


                                  II. Intro


     Hello, and welcome to the BoF3 Script. I'm bmecoli and I'm the one that
dumped all of the text.  DavidK5 (whom I'm sure you've used his guide)
arranged all of the text you see.  This is my first submission, so it might
look a bit sloppy, so don't expect a clean looking format.  Anyway, on with
the script. :)


                        III. How to read the script


Here is the game script, which contains all of the game's story-related
dialogue and text. Naturally, it goes in chronological order, but the major
sections are divided up by area. Each area is divided into scenes, which may
be comprised of character dialogue, relevant in-game text, or both. At the
end of each area, there is a "Extra Text and Dialogue" section, which lists
virtually all of the extra dialogue and in-game text that can be found in the
area, but is not directly intwined with the flow of the story. The script is
also formatted with the following key punctuation:

Anything within <arrows> is author-composed comments and descriptions of the
action that accompanies the in-game text and dialogue.

Anything within "quotes" is choice text. Example: "Yes" or "No" type choices
that you face in the game will be in "quotes".

And that's all you need to know to properly read this script! To quickly jump
to the section you want to see, just highlight the number and name of the
section from the table of contents, hit Ctrl+F, and hit Find Next.


                               IV. The Script


                               1. INTRODUCTION


***Note: The Introduction plays if you wait at the "Press Start" screen after
turning on the game.

Scene 1

Dauna Mine

<Gary and Mogu are riding a mine cart within Dauna Mine>

Mogu: A dragon...? I don't know about this...
Gary: C'mon...It's really high-quality stuff.

When magical beings die, their bodies slowly transform into the ore known as

<They stop to wait for an elevator>

Mogu: The dragons tried to destroy the world...
Gary: Yep... Fought a huge war... THE war...
Mogu: I sure wouldn't want to meet a dragon...

<They board the elevator>

Gary: Yeah... But they're extinct now...

<The elevator descends>

Even the legendary dragons, whose might shook the world...
have in death become a source of energy in the form of chrysm.

<Gary and Mogu step off the elevator and head for the giant dragon skull>

Gary: Well,  even the baddest beast...
Mogu: ...dies in the end like everyone else

No one knows how or why the mighty dragons became extinct...

This tale is dedicated to the dragons.

Extra Text and Dialogue



                              2. NEW GAME SETUP


Breath of Fire 3 Logo Screen


Next Screen


Character Name Screen

Please choose a name.
Default name: Ryu.

<Letter Panel>

- , ! ?


Option Configuration Screen

"Quit" (Close Config)
"Init" (Restore to defaults)

Msg Speed "Fast" "Med" "Slow"
Window Clr "1" "2" "3" "4"
Background "1" "2" "3" "4"
Sound "Stereo" "Mono"
Autorun "Off" "On"

Extra Text and Dialogue



                         3. DAUNA MINE: THE BEGINNING


Scene 1

<Gary and Mogu prepare to ignite a large piece of chrysm ore>

Mogu: OK, explosives are set!
Gary: What is this? An egg or something?
Mogu: You see ones like this every so often...
Gary: Well I'll be...
Mogu: C'mon, let's get to work already...

<They take cover and light the fuse. The chrysm explodes, releasing a Whelp>

Gary: ......What the...?? I...It's still alive!!
Mogu: Wh...   W H O A !!

<Mogu strikes you and a battle begins>

Scene 2

<You emerge from a doorway and are spotted by a Miner>

Miner: A d...dragon!? A... alive!? Are you really a dragon?


Miner: D-D-D-D-D-DRAGON!!!

Scene 3

<You encounter a Miner and an Engineer>

Ha! I'm not afraid! Let's get it!

<A battle begins>

Scene 4

<You emerge inside a room with a giant dragon skull. A Miner spots you>

Miner: Wh..What's that!?
Miner:Somebody... Somebody  help!!

<He flees>

<The Worker approaches>

Worker: What's this about a dragon? Hmm?
Worker: Well, well, well... Let's take it alive!

<Another fight begins>

<After using your Whelp Breath ability, the screen blanks>

N O ! DON'T!

<The scene reappears>

Operator: Take that!!

<The operator knocks you out with a crane>

<You are taken outside and put on a train>

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Dialogue from miners and workers>

What was that? Dragon!?

We'd better get out of here! Run!

Smells burnt...

Looks like he's dead...

Whoa!  What are you? Some kind of ghost?


It's a monster!!

He's not moving...

He's dead...

It's here!!

D... Don't hurt me...

We're cursed! We're doomed! I knew we shouldn't be digging up dead bodies!
We're cursed! We're doomed!...

D-don't eat me! D-don't breathe fire on me!

Oh no! It found me!! It's over! I'm done for!


I-I-I-I-I-I-I think, I think I wet my pants

You don't want to eat me! I don't taste good!

Sure is noisy out there... Wonder what's going on?


                               4. CEDAR WOODS


Scene 1

Cedar Woods

<Rei lies in wait behind some bushes, hunting a wild boar. A crash is heard
and the boar is scared off>

Rei: Darn it! I don't get many chances like that any more!
Rei: No! Almost had it! Oh, come on, what's making that racket.

<Rei goes to investigate the noise, finding a small boy being attacked by two

Rei: Oh, brother...  this is just what I needed.

<He slashes one of them>

Rei: That'll teach you to scare off my dinner!

<He kills the other as well>

Rei: You too!
Rei: Who might you be? An orphan?
Rei: You're lucky those currs didn't chew you to pieces...
Rei: I don't have enough food to feed you anyway...
Rei: Even if I did take you home...
Ryu: ...m...mommy...?
Rei: All right, all right already...
Rei: Uncle Rei'll take you home... You better appreciate this...

Scene 2

<As Rei carries Ryu up to his house>

Rei: I wonder... What were you doing out there by yourself, hm?
Rei: And without a strip of clothing?

<Inside the house, Teepo awaits Rei's return>

Teepo: .........Where's Rei?
Teepo: I'm hungry...
Teepo: He's home!

<Rei enters>

Teepo: Hi, Rei! Welcome home! Is that dinner?
Rei: Boy, you'll eat anything, won't you, Teepo?
Teepo: Who is that, anyway?
Rei: Don't ask me... Let's get him into your bed, OK?

<After putting Ryu to bed>

Teepo: So who is he?
Rei: I told you-- I don't know--I found him in the woods
Teepo: Really...? Sounds like what happened with me...
Rei: An orphan... Not surprising--It's been a lean year...
Rei: Well, why don't we let him sleep while we go to the village... If we
don't get some food soon...

<Rei leaves>

Teepo: Somebody abandoned him ...just like me...

<Teepo leaves>

<In Ryu's dream, a man approaches>

???: Don't you see, Ryu?
???: You're the same as me--You must understand...
???: They're weak! Pitiful and pathetic...

<A woman appears>

????: Ryu.........
????: My...   Ryu
????: Ryu

<Ryu awakens>

Ryu: Mmm...   Mmmmmm...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Rei and Teepo's house dialogue>

You see a diary... Do you want to make a record of your journey so far?


<Forest dialogue and text>

Oh! Don't be afraid! I won't hurt you! I'm an 'Eye Goo' I'll tell you all
about how to fight... Come back when you've got some equipment...

Oh! Don't be afraid! I won't hurt you! I'm an 'Eye Goo' I know this is out of
the blue, but let me show you something... Tell me about:

(3)"EX Turn"
(4)"Thanks for now"

When you fight monsters, they use all kinds of abilities against you. You can
learn those abilities yourself with the 'Examine' command. If you don't get
it the first time, keep trying. Tell me about:

One thing to remember: many monsters have an ability they won't use except in
certain situations...Like when they're wounded... Tell me about:

Sometimes when  fighting a monster, if you're a lot faster than they are, you
can get an extra attack in. Keeping your equipment light so your Agility
stays high is one strategy you can try. Tell me about:

All right then... Be careful!

Even though I look like this, I know a thing or two about camps... Come back
later with your friends and I'll tell you everything I know, OK?

Don't be afraid! I just want to tell you about camps... Tell me about:

(2)"Skill Notes"
(3)"The Master List"
(4)"No thanks"

You know that when you become unconscious and leave a battle, your Maximum HP
drops, right? Well, maybe you didn't know that you can't heal those HP back
in camp. So, when you want to heal, the best thing to do is use an inn.
Anything else? Tell me about:

This is your record of abilities learned using 'Examine'... You can use it to
teach someone else the ability. But to do so, you need 'Skill Ink'. Tell me

Here and there around the world are people called Masters... You can look up
info on masters you've met in camp... If you apprentice yourself to a master,
your abilities and statistics will change according to who your master is
when you gain a level... So be sure you check before going up a level!
Anything else? Tell me about:

All right then... be careful out there!

Hey, kid! Wander around like that, you're liable to get eaten up by dogs or

There's an old man named Bunyan who lives here in the woods... He's kind of
strange-- why else would he want to live by himself in the woods like that?

We haven't been able to find much to eat in the forest either What are we
going to do?

Bunyan's a really good hunter, but I wonder if even he can find anything to
eat at a time like this?

That monster from Mt. Glaus came down to the forest and ate all the animals!
What are we going to do?

People will look the other way for a thief only when they've got enough for
themselves. In a lean year like this, there's no one who'll be your friend.

Don't litter!

Protect our forests! Don't kick, punch,  bite or hurt the trees!




Scene 1

<Ryu enters the village to see Rei bolting out of a house>

Woman: Out of my house, you punks!
Teepo: Ha ha ha! You'll never catch me!!

<Teepo flees from the house>

Teepo: It's no use, Rei. Everyone's watching out for us...
Rei: Nobody's got much food, what with the poor harvest and all... Hey, Teepo,
look at this...
Teepo: Hey! You finally woke up, huh?
Rei: Doesn't this beat all! Now we've got another mouth to feed...
Teepo: What if we get him to help us, Rei?
Rei: Good idea... But I think we need to get him out of his pajamas first.
Teepo: C'mon! We'll get you fixed up with some equipment!

<In front of the weapon shop>

Teepo: You just wait, Ryu. Rei'll get you set up with something in no time!

<Rei sneaks inside>

Teepo: Huh??...Did I just say Ryu? ......Is that your name?
Teepo: did I know that? Maybe I dreamed it...?

<Rei flees from the weapon shop>

Rei: Uh-oh! Scram!!

Scene 2

<Rei and Teepo walk down the road to the Farm>

Teepo: That was close, wasn't it, Rei?
Rei: Sure was... But we were able to get him something to wear
Teepo: Hurry up, Ryu Don't be a slowpoke!

<Ryu catches up with them>

Rei: Not used to wearing armor yet, eh....? Well, it's better than pajamas, I
Teepo:  What do we do now, Rei?
Rei: Well... Everyone in town's in a bad mood over the poor harvest... I know!
Let's hit the road! We can do some work there!
Teepo: There's a road up ahead called the Yraall Road... We go there
sometimes and, well, mug people
Rei: It's not like we hurt people or anything... Just steal from 'em... I'm
not into hurting people, you know...
Teepo: That's right! Even a beginner like you can do it! C'mon, don't
worry... Let's go!

Scene 3

<At the junction of Yraall Road>

Teepo: This is where we work. The Yraall Road...
Teepo: This road goes all the way to Wyndia...
Teepo: Someday, we're gonna blow this place and head out to a big city like
Wyndia... right, Rei?
Rei: Well... instead of worrying about that, let's think about getting
something to eat today, OK?
Rei: We should go hide and wait for someone to come by... Behind that tree up
there looks good to me...

<Camera pans to the hiding spot>

Rei: All right, let's wait here...
Rei: When someone comes by, we jump out...
Teepo: Like this!
Teepo: What's up, Ryu? Don't get all soft on us now...
Rei: Don't worry... We're just some poor kids trying to get some food...
Whoever it is will forgive us...right?
Teepo: Hey! Here comes somebody!

<A large man, Bunyan, is seen walking down the road>

Rei: He's alone... OK, Ryu, show us what you're made of...Go get him!
Teepo: Just run into him, like this!

<Teepo pushes Ryu down the hill, where Ryu crashes into Bunyan>

Bunyan: What are you trying to do, little one? Mug me, hmm?
Bunyan: We've got enough trouble around here already with those rascals Teepo
and Rei...
Bunyan: Listen to me... If you run into them tell them that if I catch
them...   they'll be sorry!

<Bunyan leaves>

Rei: Whoops... Figures it would be Bunyan...
Teepo: Who does he think he is, anyway?

<Ryu re-joins Rei and Teepo>

Rei: Hey...wait a minute! If old man Bunyan's out here, that means there's no
one at his house, right?
Teepo: You're right! Let's go and grab some of his food! That'll show 'im!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Rei before stealing the equipment>

We may not have been able to steal any food... But I think we can scrounge up
some armor and weapons.

<If you try to leave the village before taking the equipment>

Teepo: Where do you think you're going? Get on over here!

<Yraall Road text>

North..McNeil Village East...To Wyndia West...To Dauna Mine

The bridge is out You won't be able to get through...

Teepo: Where are you going? We can't go to Wyndia yet...Let's wait until we've
really made a name for ourselves first...right?

<Villager dialogue>

Oh! And where did you come from, my little friend?

It's been a pretty bad year for the crops... I don't really feel like working
much so I jus' sit here all day. Hey, did you know that you can see around
corners and into other places like this by pressing the View button and
hitting the Directional button.

Did you know the lord of this village is named McNeil? That's why it's named
McNeil Village--simple, no?

Welco...Huh? Oh, just a kid... If you're not going to buy anything, scram!
Get outta here! Shoo!

Eeek! Oh, you gave me quite a scare! I thought Teepo had come a-stealin'

Sometimes those brats from the Cedar Woods come around and filch from
me...Can't even take a nap...


You little punks...Come looking for trouble again?

Even though I'm sitting here goofing off like this... I don't go around
stealing things like you...

Sorry--ain't got nothing for you... There's nothing left here!

It's you, is it...? Well, there's nothing here, you hear me? Nothing for
little thieves like you, so get on! Shoo!

What do you want? There's nothing here for you to steal...

What's that? You say you want to stay at the inn?

Hmmm...? Mt. Glaus? Why do you want to know, hmmm? What're you up to now?

Getting hungry... Maybe I should do a little work after all...

Mt. Glaus? That's past the woods and to the east... Eh?  Which way's north? I
think it's up and to the left...

Hey! Instead of running around all day getting into trouble why don't you give
people a hand sometime?

Eeeeeeeek! You came back! Whew! Don't scare me like that!

So you want to stay at the inn, do ya? Who do you think you are, you little


On top of the bad harvest, now our cows are being stolen! Mayor McNeil's in a
bad mood, let me tell you!

There's a monster living up on Mt. Glaus. It comes down and steals our
cattle... Between that and the bad harvest, we might not be able to make it
through winter...

Man o' man... If I had all this... Just about all of it belongs to Mayor

We live off what we grow and what we catch in the forest... Haven't been able
to get much this year, though...

Whew! I'm beat! Beat I tell ya!

Very thorough! Even talking to a scarecrow! Keep it up...You never know what
you can learn talking to people and things you meet... least, that's
what you think it's saying...

No reply... It's just a scarecrow



Hey, you punks! You're not thinking about stealing the master's cattle, are
you...?  ... ...I didn't think so...You're not like the Mt. Glaus monster--you
wouldn't go that far...

You want food...? Any other time I'd let you take some, but we don't have
enough for ourselves this year...

What? Who does this belong to, you say? This belongs to the master, Mayor
McNeil-- It's all his!

Mayor McNeil... Even in a lean year like this, he still takes the same amount
of taxes... Which means less for us...

You've got it easy... Don't work, just live off others...

It's rough on everyone when there's a poor harvest... But scarecrows don't
have to eat! That's right, scarecrows don't eat! least, that's what you
think it's saying...



You say you'll get rid of the Mt. Glaus monster? Let me tell you, that'd be
great, but are you up to it?

If we at least had a good crop year... I mean, the monster's eaten all the
animals in the forest...

Haven't seen Bunyan come down to sell his catches lately...

If you've got nothing better to do, how about giving a hand?

If I see you stealing now, when there's no food, I'll get angry for
real...understand? I mean it!!

At times like this, people don't take kindly to thieves... least,
that's what you think it's saying...

sniff sniff

I work and work, and McNeil takes it all... Isn't there some way I can take
it easy and still get what I want...?

This way to Yraall Road.

This here's the manor of Lord McNeil.

We's guarding the manor, yup.

This part of the wall collapsed...I'm fixin' it.

Mr. McNeil's afraid of thieves, so he's always shouting at me to hurry up...
I tell you... rich folks jus' don't understand.

Just between you and me...McNeil's a greedy tightwad... He takes all he can
from us and gives nothing back.

It's my job to guard the McNeil manor from punks like you.

But to tell the truth, Mr. McNeil's pretty stingy... It's not worth it for
what we get...

This new wall is like a vatallion... It can't be broken! Hey...what is a
vatallion anyway?

It's inconceivable that anyone could get through this new wall! Why? Because
we're PRO-FESS-ION-ALS!! We always do a perfect job!!

You steal from us, McNeil takes what's left in taxes... You just can't win!

If it wasn't for my job here, I'd go up to Mt. Glaus myself, and get that
monster! Just kidding...I'm not quite that brave!

I bet if we could get rid of that monster we wouldn't have to worry so much
about food...

No matter how hard the repairs, it's all a piece o' pie! I wonder who first
thought of that expression? Don't you?

Hey, if you ever need your wall fixed, give us a call, eh?

You know, if he's got so many soldiers, why doesn't that McNeil send some up
to get that monster? Eh?

No stealing the cows!


                              6. BUNYAN'S HOUSE


Scene 1

<After checking Bunyan's front door with Rei in the lead>

Rei picked the lock!

<You all enter the house>

Rei: Just as I thought-- Nobody's home...
Teepo: Keep your eyes open, Ryu... Someone might hear us if we make too much
Rei: OK, let's split up and check the place out...quietly!
Rei: There's gotta be some food around here...

<While looking around, Rei knocks a plate off of a table. Ryu dives to catch

Rei: Ryu! Shhhhhhhhh!!
Teepo: Just relax! Calm down, Ryu!

<After finding the Beef Jerky in the cellar>

Rei: Find something?
Teepo: Hey! There's food here!
Teepo: All right!! C'mon! Let's get outta here!
Rei: Uh-oh... Old man Bunyan's come home... gulp!
Rei: ... ...We might be in trouble... I'll go check it out.
Rei: If something happens, I'll distract him, and you guys get away...OK?

<Rei leaves>

Teepo: ...Hey, everything's OK... There's no way Rei would get...

<Rei is heard yelling from outside>

Teepo: ... ...Um, I guess I'd better go and see what's happening
Teepo: Don't worry... We can get out of here, right?

<Teepo leaves>

<After Ryu exits the house, Bunyan ambushes you. Everyone is captured>

Scene 2

Bunyan: I knew you were up to no good... But I didn't think you had sunk this
Bunyan: At a time like this, when everyone's suffering... Don't you know that
if you don't work, you can't eat?
Teepo: Shut up! We were working!
Bunyan: You just don't get it, do you? Robbing people isn't honest work! I've
half the mind to run you out of the woods...but...
Bunyan: If you say you'll mend your ways... I could forgive and forget...
Rei: What do you want us to do?
Bunyan: Rei, you're a strong lad, aren't you? I've got a job for you...
Bunyan: You've heard of Mt. Glaus, haven't you? The big mountain north of the
Bunyan: You'll know it when you see it. I want you to go there... Understand?
Rei: Just me...? What about them?
Bunyan: Don't worry... I've got something else in mind for them...
Rei: You're keeping them as hostages so I'll do what you want, right?
Rei: All right...I'll do it I don't know what you're up to, but I'll go to
Mt. Glaus... Teepo, you keep an eye on Ryu...

<Rei takes off>

Teepo: Hey! Old man! What're we supposed to do!?
Bunyan: Work, Teepo. If you want to eat, you have to work... Understand?

<Scene transitions to a wood chopping mini-game>

Bunyan: What I want you to do is chop firewood...  It's really simple...
Teepo sets the log and Ryu cuts it... You know how to use your sword, don't
you? It's the <Triangle> button. If you cut too fast, you'll hit Teepo... If
you cut too slow, you'll miss the log... Cut as many logs as you can until I
tell you to stop... Understand?


Teepo: Hey, no problem! We can do it in our sleep!
Teepo: C'mon, Ryu! Let's get this over with!
Bunyan: All right, then.........Begin!

<Mini-game begins>

Bunyan: Stop!

<If you fail the mini-game>

Bunyan: Humph! Only  <number>...? I'm afraid you haven't learned your lesson
Bunyan: Try again! Ready.........Go!

<If you beat the mini-game>

Bunyan: Hmmm...  <number> logs... Not bad...
Teepo: There! We worked, didn't we? Now you won't complain if we steal, right?
Bunyan: If you keep that up, one of these days you'll be sorry... Don't you
see that?
Teepo:  Ha! Who cares? One day, real soon, we're gettin' out of here... I
ain't afraid of nothing!
Teepo:  C'mon, Ryu... Let's go after Rei!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Check Bunyan's house with Ryu or Teepo in the lead>

..locked! Rei might be able to pick the lock....

<Rei and Teepo dialogue inside>

Food, food... Where's the food?

Watch your step, Ryu...

<If you try to leave the house>

Teepo: Hey! We can't take off yet, Ryu!

<Bunyan after getting released>

What's the old saying...? 'Cat doesn't know the stove's hot 'till it gets


                                 7. MT. GLAUS


Scene 1

<The sun sets as Teepo and Ryu approach the hut atop Mt. Glaus>

Teepo: Hey, it's getting dark...
Teepo: Let's call it a day...
Teepo: Maybe Rei's staying here too...

<They enter and find Rei inside>

Teepo: Rei!
Rei: ...Teepo!? What are you doing here?
Teepo: Heh! We took care of what old man Bunyan told us to do in no time and
came after you! I was worried about you being out here all alone...
Rei: ...You know what, Teepo... I think the reason Bunyan sent me here alone
is...Well, because he was worried about you...
Teepo:  Wh... what do you mean 'worried about us'!? I mean, he said he was
keeping us as hostages, right?
Rei: You've heard the rumors, haven't you? That the monster that's been
attacking the village is here, in the mountains... Bunyan meant for me to
kill it.
Teepo: Why does he want YOU to kill the monster? I mean, it's real big and
strong, right?
Rei: It is... But I'm stronger... If I were alone...
Rei: But now that you're here... I won't be able to use...Oh, never mind...
Boy, doesn't this just beat all...
Rei: Well, no use worrying about that now... Let's get some rest-- It'd be
dangerous to go out at night...

<The monster's cry wakes them up the next morning>

Teepo: ...Wake up, Ryu!
Rei: It's him...  He's close by...
Rei: Oh, boy, here we go I guess we have no choice...Let's go out there and
get him.

<You confront the Nue after exiting the hut>

Teepo: .........He's up early, isn't he?

<A fight with the Nue begins>
<The Nue flees>

Rei: Come on! After him!

Scene 2

<Inside the Mt. Glaus caverns>

A trail of blood... It must be the monster's blood...

<Upon reaching the end of the trail>

..The blood trail stops here....

<After exiting that cave>

Teepo: Hey! I think I figured it out!
Teepo: He must have jumped into the water to get away... Yeah...  That's it.
Rei: ...You're probably right... So,  how do we go after him?
Teepo: ... ... ...I dunno.

<After reaching the end of the cave>

Teepo: OK, OK, this time I really got it!
Teepo: We dive in from here! And then we float down to that spot we saw
before... Yeah... That's it.
Rei: Hmmmm. What do you think, Ryu? Is Teepo right?


(1) Rei: OK, Ryu You go first

(2) Teepo: Geronimo!!

The current is running strong... Do you want to dive in?


Scene 3

<After jumping into the water and getting dropped into the Nue's cave>

Teepo: Heh heh... See, I told you so!
Rei: Uh-huh...  But what would we have done if we kept on going?
Rei: I guess it worked out OK, so let's go!

<As you approach the Nue>

Rei: It's the monster!!
Teepo: He looks pretty worn out... This should be easy, right, Rei?
Rei: I hope so...

<The second fight with the Nue begins>

Scene 4

<After killing the Nue>

Rei: .........It's dead

<After checking the Nue's corpse>

It died on its feet... like it was trying to protect the cave behind it...

<You enter>

They're...they're cubs But it looks like they've been dead for a long time...
That Nue must not have realized they were dead and kept on bringing food back
for them...
Teepo: Boy, it wasn't too bright, was it? I mean, its cubs were already
Rei: Boy, if this doesn't beat all...  Sheesh...

<Upon exiting the cave>

It looks like if you jump in, the current will carry you out... Do you want
to jump?


<If you checked the Nue after the battle, Bunyan meets you outside>

Bunyan: So...How does it feel to do some real work for a change, mmm?
Bunyan: When spring comes... The animals will return, and life will get a
little easier... You all did a good job...congratulations!
Rei: Wait a minute......  You knew the Nue was only hunting for food for her
cubs... And you still had us kill her!?
Bunyan: If you had known she had cubs.... would you have let her live...?

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Rest and save text>

The bed looks nice and comfortable... Do you want to rest?


A shrine for travelers to pray for a safe journey... Do you want to save?



                              8. SPRING AT MCNEIL


Scene 1

And so, spring came at last.

Spring came to the mountain, and to woods, and to their inhabitants.

<The camera pans over your house>

And the virtue of the young boys who saved the village from the ferocious Nue
Earned them a place in the villagers' hearts...

<Teepo enters>

Teepo: I'm home!
Teepo: I went to the west woods, looking for animals and berries...   and
look what I found!

<Teepo dumps some food onto the table>

Teepo: Now we won't have to worry about food anymore, right Rei? It's a good
thing we got rid of that monster, huh?
Rei: ...I suppose so
Teepo: Hey! Why don't we go down to the village and show 'em who did it? Tell
'em who got rid of the monster!
Rei: Hmmm... ... ... I don't know... Isn't it better if we don't brag about
Teepo: W..   Why's that?
Rei: But... ... ... I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go see what they're saying
about us, would it?
Teepo: Then we can go!?
Teepo: Come on, come on!

Scene 2

<The party arrives at McNeil, finding it empty>

Teepo: That's one's here... I told everyone that we'd be coming
into town today...
Rei: What? I knew you were bragging! I knew it!
Teepo: Heh heh...

<Villagers emerge from their houses and confront you>

Rei: Hey, Teepo... What's going on?
Man: Hey, Rei
Old man: Is it true what they say...? That you three killed the Nue?
Rei: Well... um yeah
Man: So what Bunyan was saying is true then...
Old woman: So you mean you risked your lives ...for us?
Rei: I guess you could say that...
Village elder: Well done!!
Village elder: Looks like we  misjudged you boys... We're sorry... and we're
Old woman: We certainly are! If we'd known what you were really like before,
well then...
Man: You won't need to steal anything ever again! We'll give you food whenever
you need it--just ask!

<Everyone disperses>

Rei: Doesn't that just beat all... What do you think of that--we're heroes!?
Teepo: I don't know about you... but I feel pretty important...

Scene 3

<Speaking to the green-cloaked man in town>

Loki: Heh heh...  You guys are something I'm really impressed... No, I mean
it...I am.
Me? My name is Loki I guess you guys are heroes, eh? Saved the village, yeah?
Yep, you three are certainly heroes... yep, yes indeed
Yep, you're really something...I mean, you killed that Nue, something no one
else was able to do...  ......That's why, seeing as you're so strong...  I
wanted to ask for your help...


Oh! You'll help me? I just knew you would! Down the road, there's a farm with
a little hut on the roadside... I'll meet you there later...OK? Then we have
a deal.

Scene 4

<Inside the hut at the Farm>

Rei: So, what do you want?
Loki: Well, I'm sure you've heard the stories too. You know, the ones about
Mr. McNeil?
Teepo: That he's cheap and greedy?
Rei: There's lots of people like that...
Loki: Yes, but... well, don't you think... that McNeil is a little, well, too
greedy? Hmmm?
Rei: So you're saying... You want us heroes to steal everything back, is that
Loki: Um...well... If you stole the tax money and gave it back to the
Teepo: It'll make us even more popular, right?
Loki: So you'll do it, then?
Loki: Oh, thank you so much! There's no time to waste! You should go tonight!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<If you choose "Sorry" while talking to Loki>

Huh?  What? What do you mean? I thought heroes were supposed to help people
in need...

<Villager dialogue>

Looks like we'll have a good crop this year. But I guess it doesn't make much
of a difference, 'cause the taxes stay the same, good year or bad...

But I guess they'll just end up being taken by McNeil for taxes in the end...
What a life...

We're lucky that the monster's not around anymore to take our food and

You got rid of the monster, right, Rei? Thanks to you, things are a little
better. Thanks!

I suppose that since you got rid of the Mt. Glaus monster... I can look the
other way if you want to steal something...

The cattle aren't being stolen anymore. The crops are doing well... The mayor
must be in a really good mood.

woof woof!





What're you doing sneaking around here? You should go to the village--
everyone there's waiting to see you.

Not bad, not bad... Now you won't have to hide your faces around the village.


It looks like it'll be a good crop this year... That means we can take it
easy this year!

Not only do we have to worry about bad crops... In the country, we've got
taxes to worry about too... I wish I could move to a real city... like Wyndia.

I guess y'all aren't as bad as I thought... Good job!

I know, I know... Since you helped us out, I'll give you a special rate.

I didn't think you boys could pull it off... I suppose I'll have to treat you
like real customers now, eh?

Eh? You want some weapons? What're you gonna go after next?

Even in spring, it's nice to sit by the fire, you know

I'm not loafing... I'm sleeping... zzzzzzzzzzz....

(sigh)... I wonder if Mr. McNeil couldn't lower taxes just a little...?

What? Take a trip up to Wyndia? We wouldn't be able to afford that!

I guess if you're a sharecropper and stuck here, you're always gonna be


I bet Mr. McNeil's got a lot o money piled up... Me? Me, I ain't got nothin'


The crops are getting better, and there's lots of game! This is wonderful!
Just great!

No matter how much game there might be... When you're as bad a hunter as my
husband, well...

That repairman... He says he can work cheap... But the mayor's pretty
tightfisted, so I don't think he'll be able to keep it cheap enough...

You're the ones who slew the monster, eh? If you're that strong, what're you
doing going around robbing people like that, eh?

The mayor's saying he'll only pay if he can be sure no thieves can come in
through the fixed wall.

Wait...does that mean we won't get paid until someone does break in, then?
Huh? I meant, if someone breaks in we don't get paid? This means we'll never
get paid at all then, doesn't it?

Thanks for getting rid of that monster for us... I thought you were just a
bunch of troublemakers, but you guys are really something, y'know?

What are you doing here, hmmm? You didn't come here thinking to steal from
Mayor McNeil, did you?

McNeil's not paying us what we're worth... Even after we've done such a good
job of fixing his wall...


                               9. MCNEIL MANOR


Scene 1

That night...

Loki: It's night, everybody! Let's go, let's go!
Loki: They just finished repairing the wall, so it might be hard to find a
way in, but... I'm sure people as resourceful as you can find a way, right?
Teepo: All right, let's go! Ryu! Rei!

<Your party approaches the manor>

Rei: OK, there's the manor up ahead... Let's split up and look for a way in
Rei: Be careful...

<After inspecting the fixed wall, Rei and Teepo find you>

Rei: What's up? Find something?
Rei: Hey... isn't that the wall they were working on before...?

<Rei leans against the wall>

Rei: Hmmm... I wonder...

<The wall topples over>

Teepo: ...Rei!
Teepo: Are you OK?
Rei: Don't this just beat all... So much for the perfect repair job...
Rei: This isn't exactly how I planned it... But I'll take any break I can
Rei: OK, let's go

Scene 2

<Your party approachs a Guard>

Guard: Who goes there!?
Guard: Oh, it's just Rei...
Guard: Hey, if you beat that Nue... then I don't stand a chance against you,
Rei: You're a pretty smart fellow... We're going in, OK?
Guard: .........50 zenny

"No way"

Guard: Heh heh...thanks. Our salary's not that great, you know?
Guard: Go right ahead... I didn't see anything

<After talking to the green-cloaked man behind the hedge>

I'm trying to break in here... So don't tell the guards you saw me, OK?
The man gives you 50 zenny!!

<After finding the Guard's wallet>

What's a wallet doing here...? You found the wallet!

<After finding the wallet guard>

Guard: Hey! That's my wallet! I've been looking for it everywhere!
I really shouldn't do this, but seeing as you found my wallet... I'll let you
through, OK?

<After ringing the bell on the platform>

Guard: Hey! Quitting time...

<The Lantern Guard takes off>

<As you approach the courtyard>

Guard: I don't know... I mean, if I let you through here... it'll look like I
wasn't doing my job, right?
Guard: I hate to ask you this, but... Do you think you could go over to the
gate and get rid of the dog that's there?
Guard: See, that way... It'll look like the dog's fault, not mine, right?
Rei: Don't that just beat all? They're all a bunch of goof-offs!

<After approaching the dog near the front gate>

Teepo: Ha ha ha It doesn't seem right, picking on a little dog like this, Rei.
Rei: Would you say the same thing if he'd bitten your butt while you were
climbing over the wall, Teepo?
Rei: Rather this than another Nue... Let's do it!

<A battle with Pooch begins>

<Talking to the people behind the hedges near the chicken coop>

Man: M-M -Mina... W-w-would you like to s-s-spend some time with me?
Mina: I don't know...

<Talk to the Guard in front of the chicken coop>

Guard: I wonder what Mina's doing now... what?
Guard: You say Mina's here! With another man!? That's terrible! I can't
believe it!

<The guard runs off, allowing you to enter the coop>

Rei: A chicken coop...
Teepo: Since we can't get in the house 'cause of all the guards, why don't we
just steal some eggs and go home!
Rei: Um...I don't think so... Aren't you setting your sights a little low
there, Teepo?
Teepo: Whoa!  Rei!

<Rocky, the giant rooster jumps out>

Teepo: M -maybe I should put them back, huh, Rei?
Rei: I don't think that'll make him happy...

<A fight with Rocky begins>

Scene 3

<After the fight, the chickens begin escaping>

Guard's voice: Whoa! What's happening!?
Mina's voice: eeeeeeeeeeek!
Guard's voice: The chickens! They're escaping!
Guard's voice: Close the gates! Everyone after the chickens!
Guard's voice: Rocky's been acting up again...
Teepo: Boy, that worked better than we could have hoped for...We should be
able to sneak into the house real easy now!

<As you approach the front door>

Teepo: What should we do, Rei?
Rei: I'll go check it out...

<Rei sneaks closer to the door and signals for Teepo and Ryu to follow>

Rei: They're all guarding the door...
Teepo: Should we give up?
Rei: ...No... Let's force our way in...
Teepo: Force... You mean... fight the guards?
Rei: No... I'll act as a decoy... And while they're after me, you two sneak
in... I'll climb up to the roof and meet you there, OK?

<Rei runs out to distract the guards>

Teepo: Don't worry... It'll be OK... Rei's really good at running...
Teepo: Let's go, Ryu!

<Teepo and Ryu rush inside>

Rei: ...Here goes nothing...

<Rei escapes from the guards onto the roof>

Scene 4

<Inside the McNeil painting room>

Teepo: ...Ryu...
Teepo: Do you feel like we're being watched?
Teepo: Doesn't look like there's any guards...
Teepo: I've got a pretty funny feeling...
Teepo: I g-guess it's just my imagination...

Scene 5

<As you approach the main stairway, an unseen force pushes you back>

No one is allowed  to trespass in the ancient home of the McNeils!

Teepo: What's that!? Who's there?  Show yourself!

<Torast appears>

Torast: I am...Torast... The spirit of the fifth McNeil...
Teepo: Are we supposed to be afraid of you? Ha! We killed the Nue! We're not
afraid of you!
Torast: Ha! Fools! You think we McNeils are the same as some animal like that?
You can ponder the error of your ways in the grave!

<Fight with Torast begins>

Torast: W-who are you!? Forgive me, my brethren...I have failed you... gack!
Teepo: ...Was that...a ghost? I hope not...I hate ghosts...they give me the

Scene 6

Teepo: There's somebody out here...
McNeil: Welcome, my little friends... I'm McNeil--the owner of this mansion.
Teepo: Really? Well, that makes things simple, then! You're the villain we've
been looking for!
McNeil: Ho ho ho ho! Villain? Me? Why am I a villain? Because I collect taxes
from my people? What's wrong with that?

<Ryu swipes his sword>

Teepo: What's wrong, Ryu?
Teepo: What! He's an impostor!?
McNeil: Ho ho ho ho! Imposter? Me? No...I am McNeil... Kassen McNeil, the
spirit of the third McNeil!
Kassen: Did you think you'd be able to just take that which we have handed
down through the generations?

<Battle with Kassen begins>

Kassen: Ohhhhh!! Impossible! You defeated me!! But I'm not the last-- You
haven't seen the last of the McNeils!
Teepo: Nobody told us this place was haunted! Hey, Ryu, how come you're such
a crybaby but you're not afraid of ghosts?

Scene 7

<Galtel stops you as you attempt to descend a staircase>

Galtel: That's as far as you go!!
Galtel: You deserve praise for getting this far...But!
Teepo: All the ghosts here sure talk a lot, huh?
Galtel: You will go no further I, Galtel, the 12th McNeil, will see to that!
Your thieving days are over!
Teepo: You know... I always thought ghosts were really creepy, you know?

<Battle with Galtel commences>

Teepo: But if they're all like the ones here... They're not really scary at
all, are they?

Scene 8

Doksen: Stop right there! Don't think you'll leave alive! I, the 8th...
Teepo: We know, we know! You're a McNeil, right? C'mon, let's get it over

<Fight with Doksen begins>

Teepo: You think maybe... I should have let him tell us his name?
Teepo: Well, let's not worry about it... C'mon, Ryu.

<Scene cuts to the McNeil painting room>

Galtel: You were beaten too, great-grandfather?
Doksen: Humph. They got me before I said my name
Torast: We have to do something...soon
Kassen: Our only hope is the living McNeil-the 13th
Kanzei: Mmm...but I don't think he's up to it

Scene 9

Do you want to ride the elevator?


What's a bed doing here?

Do you want to rest?


Teepo: Good thing no ghosts came out while we were asleep, huh?

Scene 10

<Upon reaching the roof>

Teepo: We made it to the roof... I wonder if Rei got away OK?
Teepo: Look! Over there, on the other roof!
Rei: There's smoke coming out of the chimney! That must be where McNeil is!
Teepo: How're we supposed to get over there? The doors are all locked...
Let's look around-- there's got to be a way.

<After finding the grappling hook>

It's a grappling hook... You should be able to use it to get to the other

Scene 11

Teepo: Ryu... you know that we can't get over there by ourselves.
Teepo: What's a grappling hook doing up here?
Rei: Teepo! Ryu!
Teepo: Rei!

<Rei enters>

Rei: Looks like everything went according to plan. How was it inside? Any
Rei: Well...I would have gone in to help you but I had to find something
Teepo: It was pretty scary-- there were a lot of ghosts and stuff... But it
went pretty OK...for one of your plans, I guess.
Rei: Thanks...I think... So now we need to get over there But before we do, I
need you to help me find something.
Teepo: You mean this?
Rei: Hey! That's my rope!
Teepo: That's what I figured... Kind of a funny thing to be left on a roof
like that...

<Rei prepares to throw the hook across the roof>

Rei: Don't you worry... With this, we'll be over there in no time!

<Rei slips on the edge of the roof, but manages to jump across>

Teepo: Rei!?
Rei: That was close... I'll just act like I did it on purpose... Yeah, that's

<Rei throws the rope across and Teepo and Ryu cross over>

Teepo: That was real swift, Rei... And here I thought you were letting us do
all the hard work... Fighting ghosts and everything by ourselves... While you
were just taking it easy on the roof, and  having a good time  by yourself...
Rei: Hey, when the going gets tough... I'm there, yeah?
Teepo: And then, jumping across the roof like that! Be careful you don't hurt
yourself working too hard now, Rei!
Rei: OK, OK, I'm sorry, Teepo... I didn't know you'd have to fight ghosts all
by yourself. There--  I said I'm sorry, so will you cheer up a little?

Scene 12

A woman's scream!?

<McNeil is seen chasing a woman>

Woman: Oh my! What are you doing, Mr. McNeil?
McNeil: Come back here, you vixen... Hee hee hee hee
Tee hee
Rei: Oh, brother...  Doesn't this just beat all.

<Your gang enters>

McNeil:  W..w..Who are you!
Teepo: Who cares who we are? We're here to take back all the money you've
Woman: Eeeeek! I don't have anything to do with this! Leave me out of it!
McNeil: T- take back!? W-w- what do you mean? I just... I just...
Rei: Oh come on now, Mr. McNeil You've been cheating the people of the
village out of their money so you can have your... fun, haven't you!

<The ghosts enter>

..Enough. You are a disgrace to the McNeils....

Teepo: That's them, Rei! These are the ghosts I killed...The ghosts of the
old McNeils!
Hmph! You may have surprised us before... But that was then.. Now you must
face us, not this excuse for a McNeil!

<The ghosts fuse together>

Feel our wrath!

<A battle with the Amalgam begins>

McNeil: Waaaaaaaaaaah W-w-w-what's going on!? I-I-I-I-I was ...just I never
did...  yikes
Rei: Take it easy, old man... Those were your ancestors... We're just here to
take your money, OK?
Teepo: You're pretty dumb, aren't you? Hurry up and show us where the money
McNeil: T-the m-money's over t-there... P-p-p-please don't k-k-kill me...  Oh,

<Rei and Teepo go to the back room>

Teepo: Hey, Ryu! Come take a look at all this dough!
Woman: You wimp! What a jerk. Those robbers are a lot more manly than you are!

<She runs off>

McNeil: ......Ha ha ha ha ha...waaaaaah! Just you wait... We'll see who has
the last laugh... little brats.
McNeil: I'll show you who's the real power here...

<The camera pans over the village after bags of money are given out>

Little did the Heroes of the Cedar Woods know... the real trouble  wouldn't
begin until the next day...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<First Guard if you don't give him 50z>

Guard: OK, then...I'll sound the alarm!

Guard: You mean you don't have any money? OK, if you bring me some, I'll let
you through...

Guard: you want to give me the 50 zenny?

"OK, OK"

<First Guard if you get kicked out>

Guard: I'm sorry, but I'll need another 50 zenny If I get caught, I'm in big
trouble, you know...


<If a Lantern Guard sees you>

Guard: Hey you!! What're you doing!?

You were kicked out...

<Outside Manor text>

Why don't you just knock on the front door and say...  We're here to give
back to everyone all the money you stole!

Are you afraid? He's just a rich old man...Nothing like the Nue...

This is no problem for me... But I wonder if Ryu would be able to handle it?

Hey, we're the ones who killed the Nue, right? That old man McNeil will be
shaking in his boots at us!

Huh? The fixed wall? I think it's to the north...But you won't be able to get
in that way...the repair- men did a perfect job, see?

This isn't the way to the manor...

I won't give you any more.

If you hit it with something you should be able to ring it

I lost my wallet while on patrol... I don't want to do anything until I find
it... You know what I mean?

Guard: Take care of the dog...OK?

See, this way, the dog'll get all the blame, not me... I'm off the hook, yeah?

Don't even think about trying to get in through the front... Unlike me, all
the guards there take their jobs seriously.

I wish I could be with Mina... Instead of being stuck in this corner!

Wait! What's Mina doing over there!? I'd better go make sure she's all right!

<Inside Manor text>

The McNeils...1  The struggles of the first McNeil are written in the book.

The McNeils...2  This book talks about the exploits of the second McNeil.

The McNeils...3  This one has all the moralizing of the third McNeil.

The McNeils...4  Some interesting stories about the fourth McNeil.

The McNeils...5  This one tells of the adventures of the fifth McNeil.

The McNeils...6  Nothing much about the sixth McNeil... It's all very boring.

The McNeil Family.  It's a beautiful book, but there's not much in the way of

A note showing the flow of money in and out of the manor. For all the taxes
he collects, it seems like McNeil himself doesn't have much money...

I don't know...Something about this house gives me the creeps... I can never
sleep... If you want to use the bed, go ahead.


The door is nailed shut...

There's no way to get this open...

A stern face...

Do you want to ride the elevator?


Not only is the mayor a tightwad... He's also a worrywart. He's so afraid of
robbers he's nailed all the doors shut!

Even though I work here, I really hate this house... It's too big...The
layout's weird...It's just spooky.

Sometimes at night... Even though there's no one there... I hear voices
coming from that room...

Look at this, would you? Even the doors to the kitchen are all boarded up! I
don't know if he's afraid of thieves or what, but it's just not normal, I
tell ya!

There used to be a lot of servants here, but since the mayor's too cheap they
all quit..

Do you want to go outside?


Rei: Let's get this over with and go home and get some sleep, OK?




Scene 1

Teepo: That was a lot of fun, wasn't it, Rei? That McNeil looked so silly!
There's no one who can beat us! We're the best!!
Rei: I don't know if I would go that far... But I'd say things went pretty
well last night, eh?
Teepo: I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they see what we've
Rei: Yep...Even the people in the village'll start treating us with respect
Teepo: You bet they will! We haven't stolen anything lately... We got rid of
that Nue...C'mon! Let's go down to the village! I want to hear everyone tell
us how grateful they are!

Scene 2

<After talking to Loki at the Farm>

Loki: H-hello, Rei. N-nice weather, eh?
Rei: Hey, Loki! We did just like you said--we gave McNeil's money to
Loki: SHHHHHH! Don't say that so loudly! People'll hear you... If McNeil
finds out he'll kill me...
Teepo: What are you so afraid of, anyway? You said McNeil was the bad guy...
Loki: SHHHHHHH! All right, all right... Just don't talk about that here! We
can talk about it in the hut. You go on ahead,  OK?

<After going inside the hut>

Teepo: ...Rei...  Something's wrong...
Rei: We'll get that Loki fellow to explain what's going on...

<Bunyan enters>

Teepo: B-B -Bunyan!?
Bunyan: I was hired to take care of the cows... So whatever I say is going to
be to the cows...
Rei: What's going on!? We're waiting for Loki...
Bunyan: Hey, cow... Did you hear that that fellow Loki thought he could have
an easy life if he got ahold of McNeil's money, but he didn't know that
McNeil was working for a big gang of crooks that doesn't like being stolen
from... Sounds pretty dangerous, doesn't it, cow?
Teepo: What does he mean, Rei?
Rei: It means... We shouldn't be hanging around here too long... I think we
should be getting back home--quick!

Scene 3

<Rei approaches your burning house>

Rei: What's going on? What's happened!?
Teepo: Rei!!

<Rei joins Teepo and Ryu down at the bridge, where two thugs await them>

Sunder: Hmmm...I was wondering what our thieves might look like... They's just
a bunch o' kids, ain't they, bro?
Balio: No worries, eh Sunder? Time for school... A lesson in the school of
life, eh?
Teepo: You mean... you...
Balio: That's right... You're a little too big for your britches, my boy...
Now it's time for your spanking, so get on over here!
Sunder: Hey, check it out, bro...  They're gonna try and fight!
Balio: Kids... They just don't wanna do what they're told, do they...?

<The fight with Balio and Sunder begins>

Scene 4

<Ryu wakes up inside Bunyan's house>

Bunyan: ... ...All I found... was you...Alone and wounded in the woods...
Bunyan: I always told you you'd get in trouble one day... But I never thought
something like this would happen...!
Bunyan: I'm afraid that Teepo and Rei are...
Bunyan: Where do you think you're going? Looking for them?
Bunyan: Wyndia!? Did you say you were going to Wyndia?
Bunyan: ... ...I see... You watch yourself, hear me? Just follow the road

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Bunyan dialogue>

Loki's taken off-- he was just using you. I'd hide until all this blows over
if I were you...

To get to Wyndia, you have to cross Mt. Myrneg to the east. If you're having
trouble gettin' over, come back here... Maybe I can give you a hand, eh?

<Villager dialogue>

The best way to get people to like you isn't with some clever scheme... But
to live simple and do your job... Just like everyone else!

When I woke up, there was this bag of money in front o' the house. I was so

Oh, I returned it to the mayor as soon as I could... It was the only thing I
could do--I don't want Mr. McNeil angry with me--he'd kick me out of the

You boys did it, didn't you, Rei!?

Everyone complains about the taxes, but we would never dream of taking it
back like that!

You're in for it now... Stealing the mayor's stuff like that...

Hey, you punks!! You've got a lot of nerve, showing your faces around here!

Loki? I think he went to the farm

You break into Mr. McNeil's house and take his money... and then scatter it
all over town... What were you thinking?

I wake up, there's money sitting on the porch... Then one of the mayor's men
comes running from the manor in a hurry... It was one of your pranks, wasn't

Sorry--nothin' for sale for you.

Me? I didn't take anything... If you mean that money on the porch, I gave it
back to Mr. McNeil.

Thanks a lot! Thanks to you, now McNeil thinks we're thieves too!

Looks like they got a little carried away with themselves, yeah?

I still think Mr. McNeil went a little too far... I mean, burning their house
like that...

I'm sure Rei thought it was funny... Still, they shouldn't have gone after
Lord McNeil like that...

Loki? I don't know... Haven't seen him around lately...

Sure, we all complain about the taxes and all... But we know what'll happen
if we try something, too!

Sure, they were a bunch of rambunctious kids, but... You mean they were
driven out...?

Sure, I'll sell you weapons, but you be careful with them now.

I sell tools and items...That's my job.

Now I don't have to worry about my profits getting stolen... Now quit hanging
out around here, you hear?

I suppose I wasn't really fair to Rei and the others... I mean, they probably
didn't know what they were getting into...

Did you hear the rumor that they were killed?

Rei and the others have disappeared... Word is McNeil's after 'em...

That McNeil... I thought he was just tightfisted... But he's pretty mean if
you cross him, ain't he?

You may lose your money to taxes when leading a simple life but at least you
won't lose your life!

If only those boys had been honest workers, like us...

There's a rumor going around that one of us let those thieves inside...Wonder
if it's true?

The mayor's really angry about being made a fool of by those robbers...

The villagers were all conscientious enough to return what was stolen, but
it'll take a lot more than that to heal the mayor's pride...

Someone broke into the manor! This means I won't get my money! I'm ruined!

It's true that taxes are high... But it's better than getting McNeil angry
and not being able to work at all...

Just between you and me... I've heard rumors that McNeil is connected to some
pretty shady characters, if you know what I mean...

I can't believe that anyone could break through this perfect wall!

Don't steal the cows!

I'd better do a good job from now on... If I screw up, who knows what the
boss'll do to me?

I wonder who the mayor hired to take care of Rei and the others, anyway?

Up to your old tricks again, eh? Watch yourselves or you'll get into hot

Going to the village? Behave yourselves for a change...

There were some strange-looking fellas here a minute ago... I sure didn't
like the look of them...

This morning there was a stack of money in front of the house... When Mom saw
it, she got all pale and took it off somewhere... I wonder what that was all

Did you see that fire?

They say Rei and the other two are missing!

Did you hear about how last night someone came and left money all over the
village? Now who would do a crazy thing like that?


                                11. MT. MYRNEG


Scene 1

<After walking past Sunder at the top of the mountain>

Sunder: W, wait, I said...
Sunder: Whew.........

<Sunder turns around>

Sunder: OK, bro, let's go... hm...?
Sunder: You're not my brother!! W -who're you? Wait...You're supposed to be

<Sunder runs off to meet Balio>

Sunder: G-G-GH-GHOST!! Help me!
Balio: Ghost!? What're you talking about?
Sunder: Help! Help me, bro! Come quick!
Sunder: Lo-look! He's dead! I mean, I mean...
Sunder: He's alive! It's a zombieeeee!!
Balio: This is a surprise. Is he really alive?
Sunder: I'm scared! He's a vampirrrrre!!
Balio: Maybe we didn't finish him off...?
Balio: No...No, he's dead... you dummy!

<Sunder stabs Ryu through the back with his sword>

Balio: Is he dead?
Sunder: Oh...I'm not afraid of a dead zombie!
Balio: Did we get him this time...?
Sunder: We killed him! We're the strongest!!

<Ryu's heart starts beating>

Sunder: Wha...!?
Balio: In... inconceivable!?

<Ryu transforms into a Whelp>

Sunder: Hey, bro...! Wh wha's happening!?
Balio: ...He's not human... Is he invulnerable?
Sunder: Yikes! C'mon, bro... Let's get outta here!
Balio: Wait! Hold on, bro! I have an idea...we may have just found our golden

<They capture you and take you to Wyndia>

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Talk to Tallman>

Heeheeheehee I'm not going to hurt you...My name's Tallman. If you're
interested, I can tell you all about different creatures' weak points?


Heeheehee Well, for example, take the Eye Goo... Their weak spots are their
eyes, so if you hit them with Blind maybe something will happen...Think about
it... What would happen to the Nut people if you hit them with fire? I did
you a favor by telling you that, so do me a favor, OK? Don't use frost magic
on us, please?

<Talk to Sunder while he's still peeing>

Hey, wait up, OK? It takes me a while to finish, ya know...


                              12. WYNDIA CASTLE


Scene 1

<The camera pans over Wyndia>

Castle Wyndia

<Balio and Sunder are in a meeting with the King>

King: And it be in truth a dragon?
Balio: It certainly is... Your Highness.
Sunder: It's for real! A real dragon!
King: Hmmm...If what you say is true... It is a most serious
Balio: Indeed--they tried to destroy the world...
Sunder: Hey, bro--I think it's gonna work...
Balio: Your Highness, I give you... the dragon!

<Balio unveils the cage, and Ryu has changed back to normal>

Sunder: Uh, bro...
King: What's this... ? Balio: Oh no! He's gone back to being a kid!
Sunder: Let's try hitting him again!!

<They start hitting the cage>

Balio: Hey! Kid! C'mon! Why don't you change? Huh!
King: Enough!!
Explain yourselves, charlatans!
King: Arrest these con men and their 'dragon'!!

Scene 2

<Balio, Sunder, and Ryu have been locked up in the dungeon>

Sunder: Shut up! Stop yer crying, you brat!
Sunder: It's all your fault! If only you'd turned into a dragon, we wouldn't
be down here!
Sunder: We're gonna miss the Contest, man...

<Nina enters>

Nina: Hello there, I'm Nina
Nina: I felt sorry for you being treated like that... so I thought I'd let
you go...
Sunder: T... Thank you!?
Hear that, bro? She says she'll let us go!
Nina: Not you... If I let you go, you'll just pick on him again, won't you?
Balio: We wouldn't do that, Princess Nina...
Balio: I swear, we won't pick on him again So.........if you could please
open the door...
Nina: .........Really?
Nina: All right then...

<Nina opens their cell door>

Balio: Thank you, Princess
Nina: And you won't pick on him again, right?
Balio: Oh, no... We won't do anything to that kid again...

<Sunder knocks out Nina>

Sunder: Way to go, bro!
Balio: Besides... who needs that freak... when we have a princess? She's
worth more money anyway!
Sunder: Time to hit the road, eh?
Balio: Yep... You carry her... Imagine the fat ransom she'll fetch!

..They're gone.

<You regain control of Ryu>

The door's locked. What do you do?

(1)"Yell for the guard"
(2)"Try to break the door"

Guard: Huh? What? .........Having a nightmare, eh? Go back to sleep...
..No luck.

<You charge at the door>

The door doesn't even budge. If you don't do something, they'll get away with
the princess... What do you do?

(1)"Scream Help!"
(2)"Hit the door again"

Guard: Hmmm.........? 'Help...', huh? Yeah, whatever...
No good... he won't help!

<You charge at the door at full speed>
..It opened!.

<After catching up with Balio and Sunder>

Nina: Let me go! Let me go, I said!
Sunder: Sorry, princess... No can do! We've got to get our ransom money first!
Balio: You again!
Sunder: Oh no, not him again!
Balio: I've had it about up to here with him!
Balio: Me too! Enough is enough! This time we kill him for sure!
Sunder: But...Bro... What if he turns into a dragon again...?
Balio: We've got the Princess! He won't try anything stupid while she's with

<Fight with Balio and Sunder begins>

<If you win>

Nina: Did you beat them?
Nina: Really! Wow!
Nina: That's good... I thought they were going to kidnap me...
Nina: Thank you so much for helping me... Um, what's your name?

Nina: ...Ryu? Thank you, Ryu
Nina: Come on, let's get out of here. We should be able to get to the city
this way.

Nina joined the party

<If you lose>

Nina: Are you all right?
Nina: That's good... The medicine worked
Nina: While you were fighting with them... I was able to find a place to hide
Nina: Because of your bravery... Because you fought them, I was able to get
away... Thank you, um, what's your name?

Nina: ...Ryu? Thank you, Ryu
Nina: Come on, let's get out of here. We should be able to get to the city
this way.

Nina joined the party

Scene 3

<Catacomb dungeon text>

It says: Look at the graves to find their secrets. Look and secrets are
raised and look like they could be pushed. Do you want to push them?

"Push look"
"Push secrets"
"Don't push either"

It says: This will open Not that. This and that are raised and look like they
could be pushed. Do you want to push them?

"Push this"
"Push that"
"Don't push either"

It says: After climbing the tall grave, you will fall outside. climbing and
outside are raised and look like they could be pushed. Do you want to push

"Push climbing"
"Push outside"
"Don't push either"

It says: Whether you go above or beneath is up to you. Above and beneath are
raised and look like they could be pushed. Do you want to push them?

"Push above"
"Push beneath"
"Don't push either"

It says: I remember... You don't know... I and you are raised and look like
they could be pushed. Do you want to push them?

"Push I"
"Push you"
"Don't push either"

It says: What is the meaning of green and red? Green and red are raised and
look like they could be pushed. Do you want to push them?

"Push green"
"Push red"
"Don't push either"

It says: It is a high place... But not here. Is and not are raised and look
like they could be pushed Do you want to push them?

"Push is"
"Push not"
"Don't push either"

There are lots of words carved into the stone... Remember the red words, not
the green... The words are actually switches. What word do you want to push?

"Push red"
"Push words"
"Push green"
"Don't push anything"

You were right in climbing up...from here you fall... What word do you want
to push?

"Push climbing"
"Push wrong"
"Push fall"
"Don't push anything"

I will show you the right path... What word do you want to push?

"Push I"
"Push right"
"Push you"
"Don't push anything"

You need not fear-- the exit is there What word do you want to push?

"Push fear"
"Push not"
"Push is"
"Don't push anything"

Do not be lost-- look for the hidden trap. What word do you want to push?

"Push lost"
"Push look"
"Push hidden"
"Don't push anything"

Now, what is beneath you will lead to what is above you... What word do you
want to push?

"Push now"
"Push beneath"
"Push above"
"Don't push anything"

Do not choose that one--this is what you seek... Do you want to push them?

"Push that"
"Push this"
"Push choose"
"Don't push anything"

A treasure to he who pushes the 7 words... The path opens to he who learns
the 7 words... 7 is sticking out and looks like it can be pushed... Do you
want to push it?


<After reaching the Royal Graveyard>

Nina: Well, we made it. Now all we have to do is get far away before they
find us.
Nina: You're looking for someone? In Wyndia?
Nina: Rei and Teepo? I'm sorry--I've never heard of them... But I'll help you
look for them!
Nina: No, it's all right... As a member of the royal family, it's my job to
help people in trouble... Let's go, Ryu.

Scene 4

<After speaking with the lead Hide & Seek kid>

Kid: Looking for someone? Hmmmmm I know what that is!
Kid: You're playing Hide-and-Seek, right? OK, you're it!! You have to try and
find us!


Nina: ...Let's go look for them
Nina: You're looking for Teepo, right, Ryu? And he's a kid too, right? So
maybe these kids will know something about him, right?

<Dialogue from the kids as you find them>

Ulp! How'd you find me?

I didn't wanna be found...Now I have to be it! Wahhhh...

Whoops! Ha ha ha! You got me!

I never thought anyone could find me here...

Kid: You found everyone? Wow, you're pretty good at this game.
Nina: Thanks...Now maybe you can help us... We're looking for some friends of
ours... Have you seen them?
Kid: Hmmm... Well, a little while ago, a robber broke into that house over
And that robber was a kid about your size...
Nina: And... what happened to that kid?
Kid: What happened? He got beat up by the owner of the house and took off...
I think maybe he went down the road.
Nina: What do you think, Ryu? Could it be Teepo?
Nina: ...Thanks--we'll try looking there... Come on, Ryu!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Balio and Sunder battle dialogue>

Sunder: Bro! The Princess...!!
Balio: Leave her! First we get rid of him!

You can't do that now! The Princess might get hurt!

Sunder: Uh, Bro... I don't think this is how it was supposed to work...

Balio: We don't have the time for this now! We've got more important things
to worry about! C'mon we're getting out of here!

Sunder: Wait for me, bro!

<Villager dialogue>

A lot of people come and visit Wyndia which means we get to make a lot of
We'll both save a lot of money if we share a room, right?

Uh-huh...And next, you'll be saying we should share the bed, right?

Huh? Looking for someone? Uh-huh--I bet you're here just to steal my stuff,
ain'tcha? Kids today, I tell ya--ya just can't trust 'em!

It's one thing to come all the way to Wyndia... But it's another thing to
bring your accent with you.

Looking for someone? Hmmm...A lot of people come to the cafe, you know, so...

We don't usually get that many kids in the cafe... There's a lot of kids
playing downstairs though.

Boy, am I tired! We don't get any days off here--except when it rains.

I tell you, there's just too many people coming up here from the country--it's
getting to be a big problem!

There are so many problems here these days... Wyndia just doesn't feel safe
any more.

Nobody's coming to take my order! Guess they figure they don't have to wait
on a country bumpkin like me! Humph!

Hey, I'm not goofing off, OK? I'm patrolling this here sandwich, see?

Looking for someone? Teepo? Rei? Never heard of 'em.

I thought maybe I could find work or something in a big city like this, but...
Our job is to keep suspicious-looking characters out.

But I suppose we'd let you in if you're a little suspicious. It's too much
trouble keeping everyone out, y'know?


This here uses chrysm to shine like that-- pretty nifty, huh?

Ha-ha-ha-ha! I'll get you!

Ha ha ha ha ha

Nothin' to do...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Got beat up by a robber the other day, I did... But I
taught him a thing or two before he got away!

That robber sounded like some little good- for-nothing kid from the country.

Yes, yes, come in

So, what're you looking for?

Lots of people come here... It's real easy to get supplies, eh?

Welcome to Toshihiro's General Store... The only shop in the world that sells
the: Midas Stone!

Hi there! Want a shot?

The road's out down south of the city.


                              13. EYGNOCK ROAD


Scene 1

Nina: This is the entrance to the road
Nina: There's a small hut over there... Let's go and see what the owner has
to say...

<As Ryu enters the hut, Nina's scream is heard from outside>

Nina: Ryu!!
Balio: Don't try anything, my little lizard friend...
Balio: Good move--you see, there's no use resisting, punk...
Balio: We don't really care about you anyway...
Balio: But things would get messy if you ratted on us, see? We can't chance
Balio: But it'd be even messier if we try to kill you here and you turned
into a dragon again...
Balio: Don't worry... We've got it all figured out, see? Enough talk! Say
good night!

<Balio kicks Ryu in the face>

Extra Text and Dialogue

<If you try to leave the road>

Nina: It wouldn't be a good idea to move... Not without knowing which way
they went...

<Other dialogue>

Oh, my! Hohohohohoho.

Hey, granny... Another little visitor.


                      14. GENMEL AND THE MAEKYSS GORGE


Scene 1

<The camera pans over the Arena>


The pub Fahl's

<Ryu and Nina are tied up inside Fahl's Pub>

Balio: OK, Fahl, they're all yours...
Fahl: I just gotta keep an eye on 'em, right?
Balio: Yeah, just keep your eyes on them... and your hands off the bottle,
OK? We've got better things to do than worry about a couple of kids...
Balio: Thanks a lot, Fahl. OK, brats... You'll get yours once the Contest is
over... For now just stay here and behave yourselves, OK?

<Balio leaves>

Sunder: You'd better take it easy too, Garr... The Contest's coming up, you

<Sunder leaves>

Nina: Ryu... Are you all right?
Nina: .........If only we could get out of these ropes...
Nina: Chew through them? I don't think so... They're too thick
Nina: Wow! How did you do that!!
Nina: You bit all the way through them! That's amazing, Ryu! Now maybe we can
get out of here!
Nina: Looks like they're gone... That guy named Fahl's here, but it looks
like he's had too much to drink...If we're quiet, he might not notice us.
Nina: We'll be OK as long as we're careful... Let's go!

<You try to sneak out>

Fahl: Hey! Where d'you think you're going?
Nina: Uhhh.... Nowhere! We're not going anywhere!
Fahl: Nowhere... hic!
Nina: That's right... ... We'll be seeing you.

<You both leave>

Nina: .........We made it, Ryu!
Nina: I knew we could do it!
Nina: OK... Let's get out of here before he wakes up!

Scene 2

<If you go to the Maekyss Gorge, you find a cart blocking the bridge>

Sorry... M'cargo's fallen off y'see... Won't be able to get through here
'till help comes...

If you're headed to Wyndia... Well, 'tis a long way 'round, but... you could
always try goin' 'round Mt. Boumore.

You won't be able to move this by yourself...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<If you try to go back inside the pub>

Nina: We'd better not go in here...

<If you talk to the fish merchant outside the shops>

I'm not goofing off--I'm handing out
You got a Flier!
Show that flier at the shop and they'll give you a discount!

<Town dialogue>

This place'll be hopping soon with the Contest coming up.

I saved up working in the mines to come here... Just to see the Contest of
Champions! Wonder what kinda fights they'll have this year...

Genmel's famous for the Contest... We get people from all over who come here
to fight!

I came here hoping to have a go with Fahl... But he's drunk as usual!

There are people who come here hoping to have Fahl show 'em how to fight...
If I was them, though, I'd study under a thief... Why? 'Cause you learn how
to move real quick and how to steal stuff, right?

The Arena's closed right now. The Contest will be starting soon!

They always hold the Contest here... Once every year, the biggest Contest in
the world!

I'm the manager of the Arena here... But the Contest is run by some other
folks, see, So that's why I'm here selling tickets.

It's the thrill of the fight, see? That's why I'm excited!

Yeah, right... Doesn't matter what it is--as long as it involves gambling,
you're excited!

Show tent, huh? Wonder if they got big women in there, know what I mean?

The Contest is run by these two guys named Balio and Sunder --OK, so they're
a couple of gangsters, but as long as it makes money and people are happy,
who cares?

Balio and Sunder? They won't be here for a while--they're busy getting ready
for the Contest... Why? You need to see them about something?

It's really hard to predict the odds for the Contest... Everyone in it's such
a good fighter, you know.

Whatever...It's not like any of your predictions're right!

You kids here for the Contest? Didn't know kids liked this kind of thing.

There's a lot of unmentionable types around here... But I guess they're all
here for the Contest.

They say you get whatever you want if you win... I'd go for it, but I
wouldn't stand a chance...

I'm not strong enough to enter the Contest, so I get my action by betting on


Hey! You've got a flier! You get a discount for that!

If you're looking for an item, we got it

You've got a flier? Then you get a discount!

Charging extra for the Contest? What makes you think I would do something
like that? Who do you think I am? Balio?

Can't say much for the clientele, but these shops have got everything.

I bet you're trying to charge extra 'cause of all the people!

Humph! I've been cheated! I thought there was gonna be big girls, but all
there was was little girls!

It looks like he didn't appreciate our star attraction... She's usually one
of everyone's favorites...

They told me I would be a star... But I don't sing or dance...I just stand
here all day... Is this what being a star is like?

Whew! Contest? I don't care about that--get me water!


                              15. MT. BOUMORE


Scene 1

<After talking to the man at the top of the mountain>

What're you kids doing up here in the mountains like this? ... ...Well, it's
getting dark, so come on inside...

<Inside the hut>

Nina: ... ... ...So, we're trying to get away from the bad men chasing us...
Mason: Hmmm... Who exactly is it that's chasing you now, little girl?
Nina: Ummm... ... ... Someone named...Balio and...Sunder, yeah, that's it.
Nina: Do you know them?
Mason: I wouldn't worry about them... Whoever they are, they won't come this
far, now will they?
Mason: Tomorrow... We'll use the lift and take you where you'll be safe...
You should get some sleep now... You can use the room over there.
Nina: Thank you very much, Mr. Mason...

<After entering the bedroom>

Nina: We're lucky we found some nice people, huh Ryu?
Nina: OK then, let's get some sleep.

Scene 2

Nina: Are you awake?

<When you try to leave>

It's locked

Nina: That's funny... I wonder what's going on...
Nina: Mr. Mason... Please open the door.

<Meanwhile, in the next room, Mason's friend walks in with Sunder>

.. ... ...I got them..
Nina: Mr. Mason...?
Sunder: You got them?
Nina: Oh, no! Ryu! The bad men who are after us are here!
Nina: We've got to get out of here! We've got to get the lift to work!

<After going outside and inspecting the lift panel>

The lift panel... It looks like it uses chrysm energy for power...

Nina: I think we can get it to work...... Ryu. Get in the lift!
Nina: Hurry!! Don't worry! It'll be alright... ...I think...

<Back inside>

Sunder: where are they?
Sunder: Heh heh heh... You'll live a long happy life...

<Sunder leaves>

Mason: Forgive me, children. I just don't want any trouble...

<Back outside>

Nina: Chrysm energy is like magic... So if I hit this with my magic...
Nina: When it starts to move, I'll jump in!

<Sunder appears>

Sunder: There you are, you pipsqueaks!
Sunder: Ah, princess, there you are... You're first...

<Sunder goes for Nina, but Ryu slashes him with his sword>

Sunder: Ouuuuuucchhhhhh!!
Nina: It has to move... It'll move... M O V E !

<Nina shoots chrysm into the panel, starting the lift>

Sunder: You little... Now I'm really angry...!
Sunder: Uh-oh! It's moving! If I can just get the princess...

<Nina jumps onto the lift and gets away with Ryu>

Sunder: I can't believe it! Not again!
Nina: Haa...haa...haa. Looks like we got away, huh, Ryu...
Nina: Whew... See? I told you it would work... right?
Nina: Were you worried about me?
Nina: I, I'm sorry... But... I know that even if something went wrong...
Nina: You'd do something to protect me, Ryu!

<The lift reaches the other side of the mountain>

Nina: I don't know exactly where we are... But we should be OK once we get
off the mountain...

Scene 3

<After reaching the dead end>

Nina: ...It's no use... We can't get down either way
Sunder: Bingo!

<Sunder approaches>

Sunder: Give it up! There's nowhere left to run!
Sunder: Forget it, boy... I've got my men blocking all the trails down...
There's no way out!
Sunder: You can try and run but we always get our way in the end... Face it,
kids, that's life--get used to it!
Nina: Oh, yeah? That's what you think!
Nina: Come on, Ryu... Let's jump
Sunder: W, what!?
Sunder: Oh, no you don't!! If the princess dies, my brother'll kill me!

<You jump and slide down the hill. Run breaks Nina's fall>

Sunder: Whaddyou think you're doing!?!

Nina: Mmmm... mmmm....
Nina: Ryu!
Nina: ...Ryu? What should I do...? If it meant being caught again, I would
rather jump... But now look what's happened to Ryu ...
Nina: Ryu...?
Nina: Ryu... Are you all right!?
Nina: Thank goodness... I thought... I thought you'd...
Nina: Me...? I'm OK, thanks... Because you turned into a dragon and broke my
Nina: Thank you, Ryu. I don't know how, but someday I'll repay you...
Nina: Let's go! We don't want them to catch us again now that we've gotten
this far... right?

Extra Text abd Dialogue

We quarry the stones here, and use the cable care to take them to the other

Mason's right...Don't you worry about a thing... Just get some rest now...
Good night.

You should get some sleep now... You can use the room over there.

Mason: Where do you think you're going? That's not the bedroom.


                              16. MOMO'S TOWER


Scene 1

Nina: It's a pretty big house, isn't it...
Nina: Maybe we can stay here? We need to ask someone how to get back to
Wyndia too, right?

Scene 2

Nina: What... what was that!?

<You enter the room where the explosion came from>

Momo: Hmmm... I guess the key lies in somehow stabilizing the pure chrysm...
Momo: That's it! If the gassification pressure is kept down... Huh?
Momo: What!?
Momo: You!? You're friends of Honey? Nice to meet you! I'm Momo
Nina: Ah, um... yes, it's nice to meet you too... Um, but you see...
Momo: What?
Nina: I was trying to say...that we're not really friends, we're trying to
find the road to Wyndia...
Momo: What? I'm sorry. My ears are ringing after that explosion...
Nina: Hello! Can you please show us the road to Wyndia?
Momo: What?
Momo: I'm sorry... My ears are better now. So, you want to go to Wyndia?
Momo: No problem! I'll take you to Wyndia myself!
Nina: Thank you. I'll be sure to make it up to you when we get to the
Momo: .........Castle?
Momo: Wait a minute! When you say Nina... Do you mean... Princess Nina!?
Momo: Y-y-y-your highness! Please forgive me! I had no idea...
Nina:'s all right... You're helping us, after all... Please call me
Momo: Oh, really? OK, Nina, shall we get going?
Momo: I have to get some things ready, so why don't you rest here while I get
Momo: C'mon, Honey... We're going now.

<Momo leaves>
<After she returns>

Momo: Thanks for waiting... Say... You two aren't being followed by some
scruffy-looking guys, are you?
Momo: That's funny... When I went outside to buy something from the
merchant... I saw these real rough-looking characters there...

<Two of Balio and Sunder's men are seen outside talking to the merchant>

Scruffy man:  Hey, you there... We're in a hurry... Did you see a couple of
kids 'round here?
Merchant:  Hmmmm... Y'see, I be a humble merchant, yes? So if ye be wantin'
to knows about the kids... It'll be costing ye, see?

Momo: Hey... there's no need to be afraid... I mean, inside this tower...
Momo: I've been doing experiments... on chrysm...
Momo: So there's lots of monsters here...
Momo: Not to mention chrysm machine soldiers...
Momo: Traps to protect me from them...
Momo: And all sorts of other things! Don't worry--they won't get up here so
Nina: .........But... Momo... We were able to get this far...
Momo: Oh! I guess you're right! How did you get up here, anyway?
Nina: Let's not worry about that now! We have to get out of here!
Momo: R... right............Since we can't get out by going down... Let's go
Momo: Don't worry! There's a way out! C'mon let's go!

Momo has joined the party! Do you want to save now?


Scene 3

<Once you reach the top of the tower>

Momo: This room is where my father used to work...
Nina: There's a hidden exit in here...? Cool...
Momo: You bet! My dad was really something! He was the greatest engineer in
the whole world!
Momo: And before he died, he told me he'd made an escape device... and had
hidden it in the tower!

<After finding the switch>

It feels like there's a switch under the desk... Do you push it?


<A rocket begins to emerge from the floor>

<The camera briefly switches to Balio and Sunder's men>

What's happening? What's that noise!?

<After the rocket emerges>

Momo: Wow! Only my dad could've made something like this...!
Nina: ...But why did he build something to get away like this?
Momo: Just because, I guess... My dad loved machines. Come on, let's take a
look at it!
Momo: Let's see, we ignite it here... I wonder what it does...Gee, I'm so
excited! Oh boy!

<Everyone boards the rocket>

Momo: OK everyone ready? Here we go... 3... 2... 1... Go!

<The rocket launches and crash-lands next to the tower>

Scene 4

Momo: Ah... ...ah... ...ouch
Momo: ...looks like the landings... need a little work... ...What's this?
Momo: It's the instruction manual...Let's see.........
Momo: Whoops! It says there's only supposed to be one passenger!
Momo: It also says... make sure to open the roof hatch before
Momo: Well, aside from that it worked, didn't it? I mean, it worked... pretty
good, right?
Momo: All right... Come on! If we stand around like this they'll catch up
with us!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<If you try to skip Momo's room>

Nina: I wonder... I think we should take a look at that room, don't you?
Nina: Don't you wonder what's in there?

<Dialogue and text outside>

There be a lot of junk 'round here... I was thinking I might be able to sell
some and make some cash... Anyhow, you be wanting anything?

If you're gonna go looking around the tower, you'll be needing some supplies,

There's a strange woman living here... A bookworm, yeah? And she's got all
sorts of traps laid all over...

When the 4 crystals connected to the large one are filled with magical energy,
you will be presented with one of three fates... If you seek a new destiny,
return here.

Hummmm... Dangerous not. Name Workbot is... How to fight I explain...

(1)"Mechanical enemies"
(2)"Breath attacks"
(3)"Magic-using enemies"
(6)"No more"

Machines like Workbot enemies there are... Go crazy machines there are...
Armored 'bot hard is. Destroy armor must or defeat not. More is telling...

User's strength change breath attack does... No fear breath if strength low
is... More is telling...

Ignore enemies' Defense does magic attack... Many spellcasters fighting,
removing armor is best... Faster speed, EX turn, more damage... More is

Many enemies using fire, is best getting inoculation first... Until resting
is effect of inoculation lasting... More is telling...

If cannot win are you are thinking, best is to be escaping... Use new skill
later to again try... Knowing you are escape command is R1 button, yes? More
is telling...

Many things trying is best... Weak point everything has somewhere.

<Dungeon text>

Danger! High-grade chrysm! There are a lot of monsters that have come looking
for it! Enter at your own risk! Momo.

Chrysm Beam
When chrysm ore is subjected to high pressure, it emits a highly charged beam
of light... This is called a 'chrysm beam', and has many useful applications.

Eldritch Floater Channeling chrysm or magical energy into the crystals will
activate it.

Momo: If we go this way... We'll run into those guys!

You should be able to rest on the bed... Do you want to rest?


There's a diary... Do you want to save?


Notes: Honey (3) ...Momo She seemed to develop an attraction to me when I
gave her chrysm. She's so cute!
Notes: Honey (4) ...Momo I can't figure out how she works...She's too

Panel Key. Stepping on the floor panels triggers a switch. Stepping off the
panels resets the puzzle. The door will open when all panels have been set to
grey. Do you want to try?


Notes: Honey (1) ...Momo A little machine soldier has come lured by the
chrysm here... I think I'll call it Honey.
Notes: Honey (2) ...Momo Unlike the other machine soldiers, Honey seems to
have no offensive capabilities...

On Chrysm and Monsters. Certain kinds of monsters seem to react strongly to
chrysm... They synchronize them-selves with the energy pattern of the chrysm.

Magical Ore. The source of chrysm's power comes from the magical energy that
certain creatures have before they die... At this time, the fossilization
process that produces chrysm remains a mystery...

Chrysm Machines. Almost all the chrysm machines that have been found are of
incredibly high sophistication--too high to be reproduced.

Machines and Their Uses. Machines have many practical applications. However,
since their internal workings are unknown, it is very difficult to repair

Finding Machines. Most machines are inoperative when found. They can be made
operative by repairing them and infusing them with a fresh supply of chrysm.

Machine Soldiers. On occasion, self-activating machines have been found. As
they respond to movement with aggressive action, they are called machine

It looks like a switch...Do you want to press it?


The switch has already been pushed...

You can't ride this panel...

4 rotating cubes... If you can find the matching pair...

You see a collection of 'adult' books...
You see a bunch of dirty magazines...
You really shouldn't be looking at this
Not for sale to minors...
XXX: for age 21 and above only!


                               17. COFFEE SHOP


Scene 1

Nina: Look...there's a coffee shop... Why don't we stop for a drink?

<Your group takes a seat>

Waitress: Hello! Are you stuck in town too?
Waitress: No? I asked because there's some strange fellows checking everyone
on the Road and no one can get through to Wyndia.
Waitress: 'Course, that means we get more customers
Momo: It must be the men who are after you...

<An old man approaches you>

Man: Excuse me, but... are you Momo? Long time no see! It's me...Palet!
Momo: Yes, I'm Momo... But I don't know who you are!
Palet: It... it's me... I'm the director of the plant your father built...
Momo: It may have been my father who came up with the idea of using chrysm
ore to breed stronger crops... But he died before the plant was finished
being built...
Palet: Yes, exactly! Ever since your father Repsol passed away, we've been
having nothing but trouble with the machines at the plant...
Momo: I'll bet! Only my father would be able to make and use a machine like
that, one that uses chrysm to make crops grow faster!
Palet: I won't... I can't deny that... That's why I wonder if you, Momo,
could help us? You're familiar with all your father's work, aren't you?
Momo: I'd be glad to help... So...I can have access to the machines then?
Palet: Yes, of course! Oh, thank you so much, Momo! I'll see you at the plant,

<He leaves>

Nina: Excuse me, Momo? I'm not sure if I understood all of that...
Momo: Well, you see... There's this plant where they use chrysm to grow
plants, see... And my father helped build it...
Momo: And since they're my father's machines, well, I thought maybe I'd help
them out a little bit... I mean, it's not like we'll be getting anywhere on
the road for a while, right?

Extra Text and Dialogue

This well is full of vinegar! It's just right as a flavoring for curry!

I'm the wellkeeper here... But the pulley's broke --I can't get any water out
of the well.

Cafe d'Ton

Why don't you buy an item for a souvenir?

Nobody can leave 'cause the road's blocked off... But we've still got a few
beds open.

We'll match our cooking against anyone else's!

One mild vegetable croquette curry, coming up!

I love curry -- can't get enough of it!

Plant? Oh, you mean that building to the west? Isn't that the place where
they grow the weird plants with that chrysm stuff?

I'm trying to get to Wyndia, but the road's blocked... What do they think
they're doing, stopping up the road like that?

I wonder if they grew these potatoes at the plant?

The plant...that place west of the mountains... where they do those weird

I came this far thinking I'd get across the bridge... But those punks won't
let me through... After I went to all that trouble to get a passport...

Many customers enjoy afternoon tea as well as the great view we have from
here... But don't forget our specialty is curry!


                        18. THE PLANT AND THE DUMP


Scene 1

<After finding Palet>

Palet: We've been expecting you! I tell you, it was pure luck to have met you
there, Momo!
Palet: As you know, I worked as your father's assistant when he built these
Momo:, which machine needs fixing?
Palet: Heh heh heh... Well, I've been meaning to tell you... We managed to
fix the machines ourselves. What I want your help with is...
Palet: Well, take a look at that...

<Camera pans to a small plant-like creature>

Momo: How cute...What is it?
Palet: C-c-c-cute!? How can you say that?
Palet: We can't sell things like that, so we take them to the disposal
Palet: But several days ago... As we were collecting the crops to be
processed and disposed of at the dump, well, um, how should I say it...
Momo: You found a mutant like that one?
Palet: Exactly! A huge mutant... Everyone's afraid of it and won't go near
the dump anymore.
Momo: It got mixed in with the chrysm ore?
Palet: Yes... so... We have no idea what we should do with it...
Momo: All right... We'll take care of it. I mean, this wouldn't have happened
if it hadn't been for my father's reactors, right?
Palet: Thank you so much, Momo! The disposal area is inside the mountain to
the west of here... I'll make arrangements for your visit.

Scene 2

<Upon finding the giant mutant at the dump>

Momo: Wow! Look at that! moving!
Momo: Who would have believed it... that chrysm energy could mutate a
lifeform like this! If my father were here to see this, what would he say?
Momo: Too bad you never met him...
Momo: It's a shame to get rid of it, but...I guess we should chop it up...
and throw it into the magma.
Mutant: .........Who's there?
Momo: It talks? That mutant plant can talk!?
Mutant: Mutant plant? Am I a mutant?
Momo: No!, actually, some might call you that, but I think you're
wonderful! It would be a shame to dispose of a specimen like you...
Mutant: 'Dispose'... You mean you're going to kill me? Please...don't...

<Fight with the Mutant begins>

Mutant: I'm sorry... I couldn't stop myself from... attacking... you... My
body just moved... on its own...
Momo: No worries! Besides a mutant that can talk and move around-- what an
amazing discovery! If only my father could see this...
Mutant: .........Discovery? No...You cannot tell them about me
Mutant: I have something to ask of you...

Scene 3

Momo: Do we really have to do this? It's such a waste...
Mutant: You came here to 'dispose' of the 'mutant', didn't you?
Momo: Well, yes, we did... But we didn't know you were alive...
Mutant: No...I should be destroyed I was never meant to be...
Mutant: I should never have been born... Please, turn the conveyor on...

<After Ryu flips the right conveyor switch>

Mutant: Thank you...and farewell.

<The Mutant slides into the lava pit>

Momo: Wait! You don't have to do this! I promise I won't tell anyone about
you... Just let me study you!
Mutant: The desire to know is not necessarily wrong, but.........
Mutant: Remember that if you're...not... mistake ...and you'll
create monsters...far worse than I...


Momo: What?

<A baby mutant pops out of the lava>

Momo: It's the cute little...
Nina: ...onion
pukkyupkkyuuuu! (It looks like he's angry about something)
Momo: W... wait, Ryu! The mutant entrusted us!
Momo: I think I understand... He left you to us as a reminder never to make
another like him!
pukyu, kyu... (He seems sad...)
Nina: He can't talk, can he, Momo?
Momo: Looks that way
Momo: But...I'd bet anything That the mutant wanted us to take him with
us--don't you think?
Nina: Why don't we call him... Peco? I mean, he does look like an onion,

Peco joined the party. Please choose 3 party members

Scene 4

Palet: Momo! So good to see you again! Did you take care of our little
Momo: Yeah... But I wouldn't call it little!
Palet: How can we ever thank you, Momo?
Momo: Don't worry about it. See you later, Palet
Palet: W-w-w -wait! Momo! Where are you going?
Palet: The road is still blocked! Why don't you stay here with us for a while?
Momo: But... We have to get to Wyndia!
Palet: Wyndia!? No problem--leave it to me! I'll get you there!
Palet: Please... don't worry--I have a plan
Palet: All right then! We'll have everything ready tomorrow, so why don't you
rest here at the inn tonight?

<After talking to the inn-keeper>

Thanks for helping out... Why don't you rest? The room's on us.

<The next day>

Palet: This cart is headed for Wyndia... If you hide inside, you should be
able to get by unnoticed.
Nina: What do you think, Momo?
Momo: Won't they check the goods on the cart?
Palet: Heh heh heh heh... don't worry... Just make sure you hide really well.
Momo: All right then... Let's try it. It's our best bet

<You all get on the cart and drive off>

Palet: Heh heh... Whew... I was lucky that the people Balio and Sunder are
after turned out to be Momo and her friends.
Palet: Those two will take care of them for me... And no one need ever learn
about the mutant plant! heh heh heh heh

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Plant worker dialogue>

I feel a lot better now that you're helping us, Momo... Let me know if you
need anything heh heh heh heh

The crops get too big if you give them too much chrysm energy...

Mondue 8's been acting up again lately... Oh, Mondue 8 is the name of this

Lately I've been doing nothing but working on Mondue 8 But I don't feel like
working right now so I'm resting. Maybe it's because I'm getting old...

We burn our garbage in this furnace here and use it to heat up the greenhouses

I work in the disposal area to the west... I've seen some pretty weird-looking
stuff out there... Big mutated crops that look like monsters or something!

Dangerous? The enhanced crops? No! Well, sometimes they get a little too big.
They look a little creepy then...

I used to think it was wrong to use chrysm on crops like this...But they sell
pretty good, so...

These crops grow bigger and faster than other crops, But their taste leaves
something to be desired...

We better get that reactor fixed soon, or we're in trouble. Where's the
director when you need him?

I wonder if these enhanced crops are really safe? I haven't felt like eating
the food here since I saw that...

Did you see that? Where could something like that come from? It's just not

You want to know where the director is? How would I know?

Thank you for everything... I don't know how to show my thanks, but... I'll
do my best to get you to Wyndia!

Stop your kidding, Mac!

I wonder where Momo is...

You must be a buyer to come all the way out here.

Care for any enhanced crops? We grow them right here.

I came here to get some of those onions and potatoes they grow. They're
selling real well in some parts.

Through the carefully applied use of chrysm energy, we are able to grow crops
faster and larger... That's what we call 'crop enhancement'

They use conveyors to keep monsters away from the chrysm here. I suppose it'd
have to be a clever monster to use a conveyor!

Welcome to the Research Plant! Sightseeing? Please be careful not to touch
the chrysm reactors.

This is a Repsol-style chrysm reactor. It supplies the soil with chrysm

Huh? Momo!? You're Momo, Repsol's daughter, right?'s a giant onion?

It's impossible for a mondue to make a mutant like that-- it simply doesn't
have enough power.

I've had enough of this! I don't want to touch this chrysm ore anymore!

That big onion? We burned it

I've seen a big mutant before... But I've never heard of one that could talk

A living mutant, One that moves and talks!? Inconceivable!

We don't get that many mutants that have to go to the disposal area...

Most of our guests are the buyers who come here

Welcome to the Research Plant... What? Experiments to make a living plant? We
don't do anything like that here!

You have to be careful handling the chrysm ore, you know. You can get burnt

It was Repsol, Momo's father, who came up with the idea of infusing crops
with chrysm ore like this.

We'll take you to Wyndia tomorrow, so why don't you rest in the inn tonight?

<Extra Mutant talk in the Dump>

Mutant: Where are you going? The switch is over here

Flip the switch... And pray that something like me is never born again

Mutant: Hey! Wrong way!

Danger! For safety reasons, please do not engage conveyor while people are on
the belt.


                        19. THE CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS


Scene 1

Here they come! Get your heads down!!

<Sunder comes down the road>

Sunder: Hoooold it... What's that? a shipment from the plant to Wyndia...
Sunder: Shipment, huh? OK...I'll take it from scram!
Sunder: Don't worry! I'll take good care of it! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

<You're captured and taken to the Arena>

Sunder: You're in for it now, you little squirt!
Sunder: You won't be getting away this time!
Sunder: Stupid kids! I've had it up to here with them!

The Contest of Champions

<Sunder parades you into Balio's office>

Balio: I hope this has shown you how the world works
Sunder: In the end... It's people like us who get what they want, right bro?
Balio: The strong get what they want... And the weak can't do anything about
it... Just like in the Contest of Champions.
Nina: So...if we enter the Contest and win... we'll be strong, too, and we
can get what we want-- to be set free!
Sunder: What!? You want to enter the Contest!?
Sunder: We've been nice to you so far 'cause you're worth a lot o' money to
us, but there's a limit to how far we can be pushed!
Sunder: Just give up and stop struggling... We're gonna take care of everyone
else, but don't worry, Princess--we won't touch you.
Nina: No way! Let us all go! I won't let you hurt anyone! Let us enter the
Sunder: Uh-oh...They're all getting uppity, bro We should get rid of 'em now.
Balio: .........Wait a minute, Sunder... It might not be a bad idea after
Sunder: But...if they enter, there ain't no one who'll think they can win...
Huh? Wait a sec...
Balio: Exactly, bro... No one will bet on them...which means that if they do
win, we'll make that much more money...
Balio: All right, Princess, we'll let you enter. I'll even let you loose
until the Contest starts. You can train, or buy weapons, or whatever you want.
Balio: But don't even think about running away... We've got the road guarded
tight... And we'll keep one of you here as a hostage.
Sunder: Boy, you sure are clever, bro... I never would've thought of that...
OK, so if we have Ryu and the Princess enter the Contest, who stays behind as
a hostage?


<The hostage is put into the cage>

Balio: All right, then, it's decided...
Balio: All right, Ryu We're counting on you to put up a good fight for us.
After all, you gave us enough trouble.
Balio: If you lose, it's the end for you... And you won't get away from us
again--got it?

Scene 2

<First Match Text>

You're Ryu's team, right? Do you know the rules for the Hall of Fire?


Here, single team members fight in a knockout tournament. The order you fight
in is the same as your battle order. You win by either defeating all three
members of the opposite team, or by knocking down the other team's platform.
The Dodai holding up the platforms have a set number of HP-- One strategy is
to concentrate all your attacks on the Dodai.

(2) Are you ready?


(1) Understood... All right then, I'm off!

(2) All right, then, come back when you're ready, OK?

OK, Ryu! Go get 'em!
All right, Miss Nina Good luck!
You're next, Ms. Momo!
Step right up, Peco! Can he even understand what I'm saying?

It's Ryu's turn...
Nina: Here goes... Don't worry...I've been practicing too... I'll be OK!
Momo: ... My turn, huh!
Momo: Well, I'm off then... But don't get your hopes up too high
Nina: ............
Peco: Puk kyuuu!
Looks like Peco is ready to fight...

Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Claw VS Ryu!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Claw VS Nina!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Claw VS Momo!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Claw VS Peco!

Take your places please!

Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Cawer VS Ryu!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Cawer VS Nina!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Cawer VS Momo!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Cawer VS Peco!

Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Patrio VS Ryu!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Patrio VS Nina!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Patrio VS Momo!
Ladies & gentlemen! In this round... Patrio VS Peco!

Congratulations! And the winner of the first match is... Ryu and his team!

Nina: I'm so glad that we won...
Ring girl: Fer sure... I was, like, totally surprised, y'know? Like, who
would've thought that some kids like Ryu and Nina would win, y'know?
Ring girl: OK, your next match is, like, in the Null Magic Hall see? And
you'll be, like, fighting Emitai's team y'know? So, like, good luck, OK?
Nina: Let's do it! Then we can get out of here...

Scene 3

You're Ryu, right? Your second match will be with Emitai's team here... Do
you want me to explain the rules?


Here in the Null Magic Hall, you fight in 3-on-3 teams... When choosing who
from your team will fight, you should remember that magic can't be used at be careful.

(2) Are you ready?


(1) Understood... All right then, I'm off!

(2) All right, then, come back when you're ready, OK?

<While you're waiting for the match to begin>

Man's voice: Excuse me... May I come in?

<Emitai enters>

Nina: You're... Emitai, aren't you?
Emitai: That's right. I know we don't have much time, but I have to talk to
Nina: They're getting ready to start, Mr. Emitai.
Emitai: As you may know, my daughter's really sick. If I don't win this
contest and get the prize money... She won't be able to have the operation
she needs...
Nina: ...I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Emitai... Are you trying to ask us to
lose to you on purpose, then?
Emitai: I know it's a hard thing to ask you... But if you don't, my daughter
will die!
Emitai: I know I can win the final match! My magic hasn't been beaten yet!
But in the Null Magic Hall, I'm just like anybody else... All I have to
depend on are my two boys here...
Golem: Give Emitai win! Please, please!
Nina: I'm sorry, Mr. Emitai, but one of our friends is being held hostage,
you see... We have to win too.
Emitai: Oh... I didn't know. I guess that's that then... Oh, Lyla, I'm so
sorry...Please forgive your poor father...

<Back in Emitai's locker room>

Emitai: Life's never easy... is it? I didn't want to use this until the
finals, but I've no choice... OK, boys, let's go!

Announcer: I wonder what's happened to Emitai? Mr. Emitai! Please come to the
Emitai: Here I am!

<Emitai appears with two big monsters>

Emitai: Just like I said, I can't do anything I'll just have to let my boys
do my fighting for me.
Announcer: B... boys!? Well... we're out of time, so... Ladies and gentlemen
In this match... Team Emitai VS Team Ryu! Fight!

<Fight with Emitai's team begins>

Emitai: Uhhhhh.........
Emitai: Ohhh... Lyla...

Con... congratulations! The winner of the second match is... Team Ryu!

<Back in your locker room>

Nina: .........
Nina: All of a sudden I don't feel so good.
Nina: Emitai...I'm sorry...

<Sunder enters>

Sunder: Hey, brats! Pretty impressive! You actually made it all the way to
the finals!
Nina: We don't need your compliments! We just want you to keep your promise!
Sunder: Heh heh heh...Oh, yeah, our promise. That depends on whether or not
Ryu here can beat Garr in the finals, see?
Sunder: Why you looking so glum? Cheer up! Gotta please your fans, you know.
Sunder: Oh, by the way... Emitai and his family are still in the other
room... I'd stay clear of 'em if I were you...

<Meanwhile, in Balio and Sunder's office>

Sunder: What's up, bro?
Balio: Maybe it was the fight with Emitai... But they're getting really
Sunder: Maybe, but when I went to check on them...They looked kinda
Sunder: I guess they know they won't win the next one, eh?
Balio: That's right... How could they, knowing they have to fight Garr next?
I feel a little sorry for the people betting on them, but we're gonna make a
lot o' money on this one.
Sunder: Besides, once the Contest's over... We can do whatever we want with
them, right, bro?

<Back in your locker room again>

Guardman: Um... it's not really my place to say, but shouldn't you stop
worrying and get ready for the next match?

Scene 4

Are you ready?


Welcome to the finals, a one-on-one match between team leaders! Please wait
here until your name is called.

<In Garr's locker room>

Balio: What is it, Garr?
Sunder: What would you do if someone caught on to us, huh?
Garr: That kid I'm going to be fighting... Where did he come from? How did he
get so strong?
Balio:'s like this... He looks like any other kid... but he's
really a dragon.
Sunder: Hey, he's nothing for you to worry about, right? I mean...he's just a
kid, yeah?
Sunder: Hey bro... D'you think maybe Garr here's... scared?

<Garr leers at Sunder>

Sunder: Whoa! H-hold on! It was just a joke!
Balio: Now, now, Garr
Balio: We's just telling you to be careful, see?
Garr: A dragon...? Are you serious?
Balio: Yeah... But like we said...
Balio: Nothing for you to worry about, right?

Announcer: Ladies & gentlemen! The moment you've all been waiting for...
Today's BIG event! The world-famous Contest of Champions... Final Match!
Announcer: First, here's our challenger! Believe it or not, our challenger
today is a child! Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome our: superboy... Ryu!!!

<Ryu enters>

Announcer: ............And in this corner...! The one and only...
Announcer: The Wings of Death! The master of the blade! The champion of
champions! Mister Dynamite-- Garr!!

<Garr enters>

Garr: Ryu...Let me tell you one thing... Don't hold back. If you don't fight
with all you've got, I'll kill you.
Announcer: Did you hear that, ladies & gentlemen? The champion gives no
quarter, even against a mere child! This is going to be a show-stopper of a
fight, folks! Without further ado, allow me to present to you... The final
match of the Contest of Champions! Readyyyyyy.... FIGHT!

<Battle with Garr begins>

Announcer: And so the mighty battle waged by these mighty warriors comes to a
Announcer: And the victor is... our champion! The undefeated! The champion of
champions! Misterrrr Dynamite! Garr!!!
Announcer: Congratulations, champion! And now, Mr. Garr... We're going to ask
you what you want as your prize!
Announcer: And to present the prize... Here's our MC... Misterrrr Balioooooo!

<Balio comes in>

Garr: I can ask for anything I want, right? Then I want Ryu and his
Balio: W... what? Are you crazy? That's not what we agreed on!?
Garr: Was I mistaken? I thought the winner of the Contest of Champions was
awarded whatever he If that's the case, maybe I could take
..your life, yes?.
Announcer: To the champion Garr... We award...Ryu and his friends!? ...I

<Back in the locker room>

Nina: ...Ryu! You're awake!
Garr: I held back on purpose...
Garr: I'm glad he's all right... So, now I'm going to take care of you,
Garr: Hmmm... That's right... There's one more hostage, isn't there?

<Garr leaves>

Nina: We should go too, don't you think?

Scene 5

<Back in Balio and Sunder's office>

Garr: These kids are mine now, right? I'm taking them with me.
Garr: I can do whatever I want with something that's mine, right? All right,
kids... you can all go now.

<You all run out>

Garr: So that's that.

<Garr leaves>

Sunder: Hey, bro... What's going on?
Balio: Beats me! I don't know what Garr is up to...
Sunder: Do you think Garr has turned on us?
Balio: If so...Things could get a little messy
Balio: We can't just let them go... Not after all they put us through...

<Back outside>

Nina: Why did you help us, Mr. Garr?
Garr: Humph... Because... there's an ancient race that possesses an
indomitable power, called the Brood... I helped you because Ryu...
Garr: Brood...
Garr: Ryu... I won't ask for anything in return... But if you want to know
more about your kind, the Brood...
Garr: There's a place east of here called Angel Tower...Go there--I'll be
waiting for you.

Extra Text and Dialogue

***Warning: LONG Section***

<Changing hostage dialogue in Balio and Sunder's office>

Sunder: You want to change hostages?
Sunder: OK, who stays?

Are you ready?
"Not yet"

What? You want to change hostages? Can't you make up your mind?
Momo: Don't worry about me... You can go on without me... Even though they
said they'll do XX and then XX to me, and after that they'll XXX me...I don't
think they'll kill me. But what does XX and XXX mean, anyway?
Peco: pukyu? It's kind of odd to think of an onion as a hostage...
Who do you want to leave as a hostage?

Who stays as a hostage, then?

Sunder: Are you happy now!?
Balio: Hurry up... You never know when we might change our minds
Balio: All right, then... Ryu, Nina, and Momo are going to fight, right?

Balio: All right, then... Ryu, Nina, and Peco are going to fight, right?


Balio: OK, go tell Sunder you want to change hostages, then... Just remember
that Ryu and Nina have to enter, OK?
Balio: No good! The Princess has to be in the Contest! Go tell Sunder you
want to change hostages.

Let me know when you're ready... I'll get you into the first match

Show us what you're made of... little dragon
No one else believed a bunch of kids like you'd win, so thanks to you, I made
out pretty good... hee hee hee. Keep up the good work, eh?
Balio: You're the one who said you wanted to enter the Contest, now aren't
you, Princess? Does this mean you're ready to face the music?

<Random people dialogue>

The Contest has started...But it doesn't matter to me-- I'm broke!

I knew it! I should have gotten a reserved ticket! Now I'll never be able to
get in!

I bet last year's Champion, Garr, will do well this year too!

The winner gets anything they want, huh? Maybe I should give it a try, too...

The owner of the pub, Fahl, is quite a strong fighter... But he's got a few
problems, if you know what I mean.

Garr's gonna win this year again for sure!

You've got no imagination! That's your problem. It's more exciting to pull
for an underdog!

The show tent or the Contest...Which to see?

I bet Balio's gonna make a lot of money off of this!

What? You're gonna be in the Contest!? What is Balio thinking!?

You're going to be in the Contest? You're kidding, right?

That last-minute entry was you fellows!? Well I'll be...

You're entering the Contest? Wow... What're you gonna ask for if you win?

You've got to be the youngest entrants ever

Special sale for the Contest! Cheap at twice the price!

I heard there are some stores under the Arena as well

You call that service!?

Guess I have to go look for another star...

The Contest's over-- but nothing's changed for me...

So much for the Contest 'til next year...

Hm? Wyndia? You should head west until you cross the Maekyss

I wonder what Garr got this year?

See? I told you! I told you Garr would win!

Shaddap! Your blathering kept me from seeing the Contest!

The show tent and the Contest have both shut down...

You were trying to get away from Balio so you entered the Contest? Pretty
impressive for a bunch of kids...

Only really strong people enter the Contest... People like Garr

I still don't believe you actually entered the Contest

The Contest may be over... but the Arena still has to be cleaned up!

I'll be back next year

Maybe now things will finally quiet down...

Now that I think about it, aren't you supposed to get a discount here if you
show them a flier?

OK, so I let a couple of kids run away... So what? Huh? hic!

I hear the Champ, Garr, comes here a lot...

We're closed... See you next year!

It's always a chore cleaning up after the Contest

It's really hard to predict the odds for the Contest... Everyone in it's such
a good fighter, you know.

Whatever...It's not like any of your predictions're right!

You kids here for the Contest? Didn't know kids liked this kind of thing

There's a lot of unmentionable types around here... But I guess they're all
here for the Contest.

They say you get whatever you want if you win... I'd go for it, but I wouldn't
stand a chance...

I'm not strong enough to enter the Contest, so I get my action by betting on

I can't believe I lost! What am I going to do now?

I guess I'm on a losing streak... That's how I ended up like this...

Garr is using this room next. You need to go to the Null Magic Hall.

I dunno...I like holdin' people up in da lava like dat... D'ya think dat's

Am I OK in the lava like dat? Sure, you bet...I'm used to it! No worries!

We's called da Dodai. It's our job to hold people up in da Hall of Fire.
You's going in dere? Well, den, wish us both luck, yeah?

I only started workin' here a lil while ago, but... If you asks me, it's a
real man's job, yes sir, a real man's job!

Make sure you pick out a good weapon before you fight

Welcome! Anything I can get for you?

They say the best offense is a good defense, right?

This way to the: Hall of Fire

This is the entrance to the Hall of Kings ... The hall to my left connects to
the: Null Magic Hall.

........He must be really confident...look at the way he's smiling..

OK, Muchi, your first match is a one-on-one vs Emitai's team... Can you hear

Fights in this hall are one-on-one only, so I'm on my own... Wish me luck!

Go Emitai!

Fight, fight, Emitai!

..If Ryu and his friends win their first match... They'll be paired up with.
either Emitai or Muchi...

mumblemuttermumble muttermumblemutter mumblemutter...

Hey, Kenichi! Hurry up, will ya? It's always like this... Always off
meditatin' or something!

I am called Galypaw. I look forward to meeting you in the final match. Good

I hear that Kenichi fellow's really scary!

We're gonna win... Boy, those ring girls are really nice, huh?

Our Mind Trap attack is unbeatable! Hey, those ring girls are really cute,
aren't they?

No one stands a chance against us! We'll crush them! Say, those ring girls
are really something, eh?

I really don't like the way they all stare at me...

Don't you worry, Lyla...Daddy's gonna win for you...

Mommy, Daddy's gonna win, won't he? cough

Did you win? Who knows which way Lady Luck will smile?

You was small so you was easy to hold up

Oh, man... I'm supposed to hold up Garr... He be strong, but he be real heavy,

That fool Kenichi! He never puts his money where his mouth is! Well, it's
just a good thing Galypaw and I can fight!

I hear Garr fights alone! Even entire teams can't defeat him!

There's something funny about that Kenichi's eyes... If I were you, I'd watch
out for him.

This team seems pretty strong... Maybe they'll even be able to beat Garr...

Muchi's team didn't say one word the whole time! They accepted their loss
very gracefully.

Did you see Emitai's fight? It was amazing! I mean, ZAP! One shot with this
big spell, and POW!

Yeah, but Emitai's in for a rough time this time... I mean, he can't use his
magic in the Null Magic Hall, right?

You lucked out, eh? Emitai can't use his powerful magic against you!

Emitai's kid is really sick... I hear she won't live long without an
operation. That's why Emitai's fighting...He must love her a lot.

You must be tired...

This isn't where you're fighting...

You kids are really something, fighting all those tough guys.

Hm? You're just kids --You'd better quit while you still can...

Our first match's just some kids--an easy win... We won't waste any energy
before we fight Garr.

The one to watch out for this year is Garr...

We Dodai are strong. We don't worry about much... But even we have to watch
out for Garr.

Boy, that Garr sure is strong! It was over so fast I didn't even notice he
was there at all!

He was really something, wasn't he!

The champ really showed his stuff this year, didn't he?

You shouldda seen it! He took all 3 of them down in a second!

Oh well! Should've concentrated harder! I guess there's always next year!
mumblemuttermumble mumblemuttermumble mumblemuttermumble

I, I bet on Muchi...I wonder if I'll win...?

Hmmm...I bet on Emitai... Win a few, lose a few, eh? That's gambling!

This is the Arena of Kings... Where team leaders fight in a one- on-one
battle-- No tricks, no help, no teammates, just man-to-man action!

If you win here... You're the Ultimate Champion!

Have you seen the Dodai that work here? I wouldn't be able to get in the lava
like that!

I wonder how many people'll get burned this year... hee hee hee hee

Fighters in the Hall of Fire can attack their opponent's platform... If a
fighter loses his platform, then he loses the fight!

This is the Hall of Fire! Here fighters from each team fight in a dynamic,
one-on-one single elimination battle!

See, in this place, you fight on these platforms held up by people called the
Dodai little folks like you might have an advantage...

Garr's the top seed again this year...natch!

I heard this year there's some kids entering the Contest. I can't believe it!
The Contest should be for men only! Man versus man, skill versus skill,
that's what it's about.

You're going to fight here? Then make sure you get a good Dodai

The Hall of Fire has the best fights and the best finishes! I mean, if you
fall, you're in the lava, right?

Unlike the other arenas, there are no special rules here. The team leaders go
at it one-on-one-- that's a real fight!

Competitors don't get to choose the arena they fight in... So sometimes even
magic-users have to fight in the Null Magic Hall...

This is the ready room for the Null Magic Hall. 'Course, they're connected in
the middle

Maybe I'll take a chance and bet on that Ryu fellow...

Deathmask versus Kenichi? I don't know... Maybe I'll bet on a different

I put all my money on Patrio's team!! Gooooo Patrioooooo! Gooooo!!

There's no way a bunch of kids'll win! I'm putting 1000 zenny on Patrio!

They wouldn't let just any kids enter! There's gotta be something behind it!

Your first fight is in the Hall of Fire, versus the Patrio Team--good luck!

I, I won! I hit the jackpot!

Kenichi's team looks pretty strong, but they won't be able to beat Garr

I lost! arggggggggggghhhhhhhh!

Luck! They were lucky! Won't happen again! I'm betting on Emitai!

I should've bet on the kids! But next they're up against Emitai...
Hmmm...That'll be a tough fight.

Ah, Ryu! Your second fight is against the Emitai Team, in the Null Magic Hall

I'm betting on Ryu again!

Even if Emitai couldn't use his magic, it's still amazing he was defeated!
Maybe those kids're for real...?

How can a kid make it to the finals!? It's rigged I tell you! Rigged!

Stop yelling so much! Why don't you bet on Ryu next?

The Final Match will take place in the Hall of Kings!

Did you see the way Garr fought? It was amazing!

I can't believe how strong Garr is-- taking on three people like that!

I'm glad I bet on Garr!

Did you see what happened to Kenichi and his team?

Kenichi didn't even have time to go after Garr's platform

This way to the ready room for the Hall of Kings... Contestants only, please

Contestants for the Hall of Fire this way please... What, are you fighting?

Deathmask versus Kenichi...? Neither of 'em will be able to beat Garr...

Emitai's a wizard, right? What's he gonna do in the Null Magic Hall?

You guys lucked out, eh? Getting to fight a wizard in the Null Magic Hall!

Garr entered all by himself, even though it's a team-based tournament! That's
the Champ for ya!

Too bad... Even all three of you together couldn't beat Garr...

Your next match is in the Hall of Kings. Well, you had a good run until

This is the Null Magic Hall! Where real men fight-- no magic allowed!!

Of course Deathmask is gonna win! How could he lose against someone like

Humph! Who's this Deathmask character? Kenichi's got Chomoi and Galypaw to
back him up!

There aren't many people here now, but once the battles start, it'll fill up
real quick!

Let's see...The winners of the first match will be... Patrio's Team, Emitai's
Team, and Kenichi's Team!

Ticket holders this way please...

I'm sorry, but there are no tickets on sale today. Reserved seating only

I'm actually the manager here... But Balio and Sunder took over, and they
have me working the ticket lines... Would you like a pamphlet?

Ha ha ha ha ha Emitai won... Ha ha ha ha ha I can't stop laughing!

I lost... I lost all my money...

Kenichi not worth anything! How's he gonna win against Garr!?

So much for Deathmask! Ha!

Let's see... The next match's winners will be... Garr, and Emitai! No mistake!

You're pretty strong, aren't you? I didn't think you'd actually win

Garr's next, huh? I bet he knocks his opponent straight into the lava!

I bet it was easy for the Dodai to hold kids like you up

I bet Garr won't have any trouble with Kenichi!

I feel sorry for the Dodai... How do they hold someone as big as Garr up like

Hear you have to fight Garr in the Finals... Well, good luck!

I'm betting on you for the next match! So please win, please

You mean they weren't able to beat Garr even three-on-one!? That's the
Kenichi team for you!

Can't be helped-- look who they were fighting!

The winner of the Final will be...Ryu! Definitely! No doubt about it!

I'm impressed you didn't fall for my act...

You weren't convincing enough! I told you so!

Can I stop coughing now?

Emitai had me fooled! I bet he used the same trick against Muchi's team, too!

Emitai's specialty isn't's conning people!

Good luck to ya. There's a lot of people rooting for you now!

Hmmm... So you made it to the finals, eh? Pure luck could never have taken
you this far...

You're in the finals!? I feel sorry for you... Why? 'Cause you've got to
fight that big scary guy!

The only thing I'm good at is magic... In the Null Magic Hall I'll have to
let these two fight for me...

Me Pantson!

Me Fire!

Daddy...Are you OK? You gonna win wifout your magic? cough cough

Don't worry, honey Your daddy's the best magician in the world. He won't

This hall is closed.

Well, that's it for this year!

That's it for another year...

The final match was really something! I'll never forget it!

I think it was brave of you to fight Garr at all!

Boy, that Kenichi was pretty creepy, huh?

I thought the Mac brothers were pretty weird...

Finally over? Has everyone left then?

arggggggggggggg! I can't wait until next year!

The Contest of Champions is over! Thanks for coming!

Garr won! No mistake about it! 'Course I'm sure-- it's over

This way to the exit

Thank you... Please come again

Time to get back to my real job... Of course, we'll be cleaning up for a
while though...

You guys were pretty good, you know! Good luck next year!

You may have lost but you put up a good fight!

The arena's going to be shut down for a while

Is it true that Garr picked you as his prize? What does he want with a bunch
of kids, anyway?

If I won, I'd ask for a lot of money... I mean, it's a lot harder to make
money than kids, right?

It's probably not worth it to go in there...

That's not the right way!

Balio: Fah! Get out of here! Get lost!
Sunder: Go away! Ya bother me, kid!


                        20. MAEKYSS GORGE: THE SHOWDOWN


Scene 1

<After crossing the bridge, you encounter Balio and Sunder with a huge group
of thugs>

Balio: ...Ryu I've got to hand it to you... You're one heck of a kid
Sunder: I never would've thought you'd give us so much trouble...
Balio: We've called in all our men from around here...
Sunder: You won't get away this time! Get him!!

<A fight with three thugs begins>

Balio: These Brood are really something, eh, Sunder?
Sunder: But he can't keep it up forever... We still have plenty of men behind
Garr: ...humph!
Garr: .........Them? They were in my way...

<Garr motions to the dead thugs behind him>

Sunder: Wh... WHAT!?
Balio: Hey, Garr... What do you think you're doing? Why would you betray us
to help these kids!?
Garr: That's my business... Anyway... I thought I told you to leave them
Garr: Looks like you betrayed me first, no?

Garr joined the party. Please choose 3 party members

Balio: Garr... The boss isn't going to let you get away with this...
Garr: So? I don't care about your boss or what he thinks
Balio: I see... All right then... we'll settle this here and now.
Balio: It looks like the time has come... to show them our true power, my
Sunder: What!? You mean we're gonna...?
Sunder: You're all dead!
Balio and Sunder: uuuuurrrrraaaaa

<They transform into the Stallion>

Stallion: Stallion Metamorphosis! No one has seen us in this form and lived
to tell the tale!!

<Battle with the Stallion begins>

Scene 2

Nina: Thank you, Garr...
Garr: Think nothing of it... I was planning on breaking off from them anyway.
More importantly...
Garr: Once we've taken the princess back to Wyndia, you must come with me to
Angel Tower, Ryu...
Nina: Wait a minute! Ryu's looking for some missing friends of his, named
Teepo and Rei...
Garr: Something tells me... You won't find them alive...
Nina: Garr! How can you say that!
Garr: You know who you're dealing with... don't you? They're the kind of
people who'll kill anyone... The only reason Ryu was all right was because of
his power, or am I wrong?
Garr: First, we should go to Wyndia... We need to get permission to cross the
bridge, anyway.

Extra Text and Dialogue

<People inside the hut>

Welcome! I am the painter Ecarl, you see? Please be remembering my wife's
name, Kimiko, yes?

Very noisy here of late, no? I picked this place for my studio because it is
quiet here, you see?



                     21. WYNDIA CASTLE: HONEY'S ESCAPE


Scene 1

<After speaking with the guard at the castle gate>

Ohhhh!? Princess Nina...!? You're safe!
Nina: I'm sorry to have worried everyone
Wyndian guard: The King will be so glad to know that you've returned safely,
Princess Nina.
Wyndian guard: Hey! What happened to those crooks!? The ones who used that
kid to get us to drop our guard!
Nina: Ah, um, yes, well I'll explain... But first, shouldn't you tell
Daddy... I mean, the King that I'm back?
Wyndian guard: Ah! Yes, of course! Immediately!
Nina: I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time explaining that Ryu's
not a criminal...

<The king holds a meal, over which Nina tells him all that has happened>

King: My, that sounds like quite an adventure
Nina: I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for Ryu and
King: I see... Forgive me, Master Ryu, for doubting you and thinking you were
one of those charlatans... On behalf of the Queen, I offer you thanks once
Knight: But, Your Majesty... I find it hard to believe-- Could a mere child
have performed such deeds?
Nina: But Ryu isn't just an ordinary child! Father, Ryu is a drag...
Garr: Ahem! erm...cough, cough! By the way, Your Highness... We were thinking
of traveling to the eastern lands...
King: Yes, yes! You need a passport, yes? Since you are in a hurry, I'll see
to it that you get it immediately!
Nina: Wait!... You mean... You're leaving already?
Momo: Nina... Princess... We'll meet again.
King: Indeed. If your travels bring you here again, we would welcome your
presence at Castle Wyndia.

Scene 2

Nina: .........Why'd they have to leave so soon?
Nina: Oh, well... If I went with them, I'd only get in the way... They don't
need a princess along causing trouble...

<You hear a crash and a scream>

Nina: What's that!?

<After talking the the girl who dropped the plate>

Some... something hit my foot and startled me... And I dropped the plate...
No, it wasn't a rat... It was something... more... Eeek! There it is again!

<Honey is seen running off>

Nina: Hey! That looked like Honey!

<Once you find Honey in the wine cellar>

Nina: Honey... I knew it was you!

<She runs back upstairs>

Nina: Wait!
Nina: Oh no... If the cooks see her, they'll think she's a rat and try to
kill her!

<After catching up with Honey up on the balcony>

Nina: Honey! Wait!
Nina: It's me, Honey... It's Nina.
Nina: Honey, you're going to fall!!

<You both fall off>

Nina: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

<Honey starts glowing and you begin to hover>

Nina: What's happening...? We... We're flying!?

<You land safely>

Nina: Did you... did you do that, Honey?
Nina: Honey! What's the matter? Honey!?
Nina: .........She's not moving...
Nina: What should I do...? I can't fix her myself--I need Momo's help...

Scene 3

<Ryu and company are camping outside of Wyndia>

Momo: Hey...Has anyone seen Honey?
Momo: Where's she gotten off to now?
Momo: Honeeeeey, wheeerre aaaaareeee yooouuu?

<Nina appears>

Nina: ....Ryu? Garr?
Momo: Nina, what is it?
Nina: Momo! It's Honey... She...She's...
Momo: Hmmmm.... Looks like she ran out of chrysm... Why don't you bring her
inside the tent?

<They leave>

Garr: Let Momo handle this.. She knows what's best for Honey...
Garr: Besides... There's something I have to tell you
Garr: When we get to the the eastern lands... you'll learn all about the
Garr: But... there is a possibility that you may die soon afterwards...

<Nina overhears>

Nina: Die... you mean Ryu might die...!?
Nina: Why would you say such a thing!? He's just going to learn about the
dragons, isn't he?
Garr: You have to understand... When you're dealing with something that has
enough power to destroy the world...
Garr: have to be ready for anything
Nina: Ryu's not a big bad dragon like that... Ryu always uses his power to
protect me-- he's a good dragon!
Nina: I... I'm going too!
Nina: I don't want Ryu to die by himself somewhere... somewhere without me!
Ryu's not a bad dragon!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Wyndia city: upper level dialogue. Some is mixed in with before you were


This is Castle Wyndia

Why is the castle built on such a high place? They said that it dates back to
the days when our ancestors could fly.

You say you're looking for someone? I haven't heard any news of travelers
coming recently...

Goods and travelers come from all around to Wyndia... Isn't a big city

Ahhh.... That's a nice breeze, isn't it?

This here is the trendy area of Wyndia... And the downtown area is downstairs.

Looking out like this makes you want to travel, doesn't it? But you need the
King's permission to cross the bridge...

How about going to play with your friends instead of hanging around this old

No! I wanna play with Grandpa!


coo coo

When you look at them real close, pigeons are kind of scary... I mean, like
the way their eyes are so vacant...

Fresh-baked bread for sale! It's delicious!

We Wyndians aren't afraid of high places... Probably because our ancestors
were able to fly, I guess.

This is an oven for baking bread. We use the windmills for power to break the

Don't be touching everything with your dirty hands now... We're making food

Oui...I always come 'ere to get zee fresh croissants

What with the bad harvest and all, we've had a hard time getting good flour
for the bread...

We're able to make all the bread because we have the cats to catch the mice
for us.

We use wheat from McNeil Village to make the bread here. That doesn't mean
it's especially good or anything, but...

The head baker here is pretty famous... They say people come from all over
just for his bread.

Fresh-baked bread, right here! Step right up!

I'm sorry, I don't work here... I came up from the cafe to buy something

Kids are lucky... Get to run around playing all day...

Our ancestors were able to fly, you know... I wonder how the world looked to

I wouldn't repeat this to just anyone, but I hear that the latest rumor in
the castle is that Princess Nina has disappeared...

I heard a rumor that the princess was taken in by a con man... Can you
believe it? And this used to be such a safe town...

I'm sure the princess wanted to run away... I bet living in the castle's not
as great as we think it is.

Better keep an eye on my grandkid... And make sure she isn't kidnapped like
Nina was!

I wanna play with you today too, Grandpa!

I wonder what it feels like to have wings?

I hope the poor princess has enough to eat...

Oui...It is more fashionable to call it a bakery, not zee bread shop, non?

Enhanced crops, eh? That mean there's enhanced flour too?

Enhanced crops... That's the stuff they use chrysm on, right? I don't see
what's wrong with the plain old stuff...

The head baker here is famous for his jelly pastries too

Why did they kidnap the princess? For ransom? Make more money that way than
working, I guess...

<Castle dialogue>

I heard voices from the hall... I wonder what's happened?

Princess Nina! Please don't come to close--it's dangerous

I've gotta work hard to get better and get promoted!

Say...that reminds me... Did that soldier who went out looking for Princess
Nina ever come back?

If you study under this master, your stamina improves... But I'm the thinking
type, so I'd rather have someone who can teach me magic...

Have you heard about the masters? If you study with them your abilities
change based on the master's specialty...

There are lots of masters like me around the world... Teaching people all
sorts of different skills and abilities

The kitchen is down this way

Looks like something startled her while she was cleaning... and she broke a

Don't touch--it's sharp.

That girl's so clumsy... It was probably just a rat or something anyway...

Oh, Princess Nina! You have no idea how worried I was! I'm so relieved you've
come back safely!

That boy...Ryu... He's really something, isn't he? Protecting Princess Nina
all by himself like that...

Princess...Where do you think you're going? You can't just leave by yourself.

I feel so ashamed that I wasn't able to protect the Princess...Next time I
won't fail! Of course, there probably won't be a next time, but...

The King and Queen's rooms are up these stairs

The maids' and servants' rooms are this way

Nina... I'm so glad you're safe...

Queen Sheila will be sure to get better now that Princess Nina has returned

The Queen was so worried about you, Princess, that she collapsed... Please,
don't worry her like that again!

Ah! Princess Nina! If you're looking for the King, he's here with the Knight

Perhaps Nina just wants to play, like any other child...

At any rate, we must keep a closer eye on her... We cannot have the Princess
acting so rashly.

Those bandits planned on holding the Princess for ransom, didn't they?

While they might have saved the princess, those visitors were a rude and
uncouth bunch! Especially that Garr fellow...

Since we kept the fact that you were gone a secret, we can't have a big
celebration now that you're back.

Princess Nina... Someday, you'll have to tell me how you managed to escape
from those awful bandits!

What!? You were missing, Princess Nina!? I had no idea...!

We use this machine to observe the motion of the wind... And try to learn
about how the world works from it.

The Dragon War: 1 In their attempt to take over the world, the dragons
started a tremendous war...
The Book of Flight-1 Once upon a time, we Wyndians possessed the power of
The Dragon War: 2 The accursed dragons were then destroyed by the combined
might of the world they had sought to dominate.
The Book of Flight-2 But as the ages passed, our powers weakened, and we
eventually lost our ability to fly.
The Book of Flight-3 But ours was not the only race to lose something... Many
different peoples lost their special powers over time.

Guard: P-p-p-princess!! You can't leave! The King will kill me if I let you

Nina: Yes, mother I'm sorry to have made you worry
Sheila: ...You...are my treasure... Wyndia's treasure... Remember that always,
and try not to do anything that would bring us grief...
Nina: Yes, mother... I'm sorry...

Nina ...Please, don't go away again...

Princess, what is that? Is it alive!?

What? Something unusual? No, I haven't seen anything come this way...

Well, I thought I saw something tiny run that way...

I could have sworn I just saw something go running by...

Something really small just went running past here! I wonder what it was, eh,

What was that just now? A rat?

That wasn't a rat. It looked like some kind of tiny machine. I wonder what it

I just saw something go running up into your room, Princess!


                           22. EASTERN CHECKPOINT


Scene 1

Garr: Once we're through here... we'll be in the eastern lands...
Garr: I don't think we'll have a problem with our passports, but...
Garr: We might have a problem with our companion, the runaway Princess...

<You approach the gate>

Guard: Passport, please...
Guard: Everything looks to be in order
Guard: Hm...? Princess Nina?
Guard: Excuse me...but who is this young lady?
Garr: She's my daughter. Is there something wrong?
Guard: D-d-d-daughter!?
Guard: You mean...I mean... By daughter, you mean she's your child, right?
Garr: Is there another meaning I don't know?
Guard: Uh...Well, now that you mention it... I suppose she does take after
her fath... I mean her mother! Yes, indeed, very attractive! Um, sorry to
have bothered you. Please, go on through!

Scene 2

<In the middle of the bridge>

Nina: Whew...that was close. Thank you, Garr, for covering for me like that...
Garr: Mmmm... I've heard that Ryu has saved you several times...
Garr: So I thought that you might be necessary to get Ryu to use his power...
Garr: After all, if he isn't able to use his power, we're only wasting time,
you know...

<Garr continues across>

Nina: You mean you only use your powers because of me? Only to protect me?
Nina: If that's true, then I want to be stronger! I want to learn how to
fight too!
Nina: That way... you won't have to use your powers... and you won't get into
trouble for using them anymore... right?

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Dialogue from before the Contest of Champoins>

We cannot allow you to cross the bridge without authorization from the King.

I don't have time for that! I'm busy see?

He's asking, Have you seen these kids come through here?

What happened? What does Balio want with a couple of kids?

No one's seen us... But we'd better lay low for now

Oh brother... Who are these guys? What do they want?

Hmmm...Don't like the looks of them'd I put that passport?

(Chew, chew) I don't know...

The person they're after must have done something really bad

There's a mean-looking bunch over on the west road, too... Wonder what's
going on?

Things are a little noisy, but maybe you'd like to rest?

Stop your eating and listen! Have you seen these kids? Looks like one of
Balio's men...How'd he get out here!?

<Random people dialogue>

Soldier: Whoops! Sorry! No one without a passport gets through...

If you cross this bridge there's a town with a port... Don't know where the
boat goes from there though...

There were some mean-looking fellows around here a while ago... I wonder what
they were here for?

I hear there's a place with lots o' machines over there.

Oh no! I lost my passport!

(chew chew) Better get going soon (chew chew)

Really? I wish I could've been there to see it...

On my way home from the Contest of Champions... I go to see it every year.


                         23. RHAPALA AND THE WHARF


Scene 1

<After speaking with Sinkar at the restaurant>

Sinkar: Huh? You want to use the ship? Hmmm...My daughter's in charge of
that-- you'll have to talk to her about it.

<After talking to Shadis at the Wharf>

Shadis: Humph!
Iggy: Besides, Sinkar has already given Zig his seal of approval!
Beyd: That may be true... But as the person in charge of the Guild

<Zig pushes Beyd over>

Zig: Don't you worry, Beyd! Between Shadis and me, the Guild'll be in good
Zig: Right, Shadis?
Zig: Ha ha ha ha ha Don't be shy, Shadis! We'll make a great team, you and
Zig: So, that's that. See ya, Beyd

<Zig and Iggy leave>

Beyd: I'm sorry about that... I'm Beyd, the Guild bookkeeper...How can I help
Beyd: If you want to know about the ship, you'll need to talk to Miss Shadis
Shadis: People keep asking me about the ship... But the ship's not coming
back! Understand? Oh, it gives me such a headache!
Beyd: Shadis...
Beyd: Just because you're not feeling good doesn't mean you can act like that
in front of customers!
Shadis: Not feeling good? And whose fault do you think that is? You,
Shadis: You probably don't care if I get married to someone like Zig anyway,
do you?

<She runs off>

Beyd: I'm so sorry... She seems a little upset right now... Anyway, as she
said, the ship's not back yet, so we can't sell you a ride right now...

<Talk to Beyd again>

Beyd: I'm sorry for the inconvenience... Is there anything else I can do for

(2)"Who's Shadis?"
(3)"Who's Zig?"
(4)"What about Sinkar?"
(5)"Who're you?"
(6)"What's the Guild?"

I see... Well then, you'll have to talk to Shadis again after the ship has

She's the only daughter of the Guildmaster... And she's been put in charge of
the ship by him... Anything else I can tell you?

Zig is the best sailor around these parts... The Guildmaster's pretty taken
with him, and he's planning on marrying Shadis... Anything else I can tell

The Guildmaster wants Shadis to follow in his footsteps, but it's hard for
her to get the men to respect her, being a woman and all... It looks like he
wants to marry her off soon... Anything else I can tell you?

I've been a, uh, a friend of Shadis' since we were kids. Now I work as the
Guild bookkeeper. Anything else I can tell you?

The Guild controls all the shipping around here, as well as the sea lanes and
the roads. Mostly, we move machines around. Anything else I can tell you?

<Once you pass by Shadis at the Wharf entrance>

Shadis: Sorry about that back there...
Shadis: I was just a little frustrated... So many things happening at once...
I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anything about the ship now...If you're in a
hurry, you could go ask my father if he'll let you use the road.

<Talk to her again>

Shadis: Not much we can do without the ship... Anything else I can do for you?
Tell us about:

(4)"Your father"
(6)"When's the ship coming"

All right then... My father should be in the pub in the inn

Beyd? We've been friends since we were kids... I don't want to talk about
that bonehead now, OK? Anything else I can do for you? Tell us about:

That bozo? Well, my father seems to like him... He is a pretty good sailor,
but that's about it... Anything else I can do for you? Tell us about:

My father...wants me to marry a sailor. He says the Guild work's too rough
for a woman... Anything else I can do for you? Tell us about:

Me? I like working for the Guild... I just wish there was someone I could
rely on to give me a hand sometimes, you know? Anything else I can do for
you? Tell us about:

Who knows? I don't. This is the first time the ship's been gone this long...
If we could only fix the lighthouse maybe we could figure out why... Anything
else I can do for you? Tell us about:

<After talking with Sinkar again>

Sinkar: What? You want to use the road instead of the ship? Hmmm....there's a
problem with that, too...
Sinkar: You know that volcano Mt. Zublo? It erupted a little while ago, and
the lava's blocked off the road.
Sinkar: So, if you want to go east, there's no choice. You'll have to wait
until the ship comes back. I won't stop you if you want to go see the volcano,
but you won't be able to get past it.

Scene 2

<After leaving town, you'll automatically make camp>

Momo: You mean after we came all this way, there's no boat!?
Garr: We can't use the road, either... I guess we're stuck here then
Momo: Maybe if we fixed the lighthouse... the boat would be able to get here.
Garr: I don't think the guild'll let anyone near it no matter how good they
may be with machines...
Momo: Well, then, I guess we're stuck here!
Nina: Say... Do you think Shadis likes Beyd?
Momo: Well... maybe she does... But what does that have to do with anything?
Nina: And Beyd's in love with Shadis, right?
Nina: But he's too shy to tell her...
Nina: I know! I'll go talk to Beyd and tell him what he needs to tell her! I
mean, if he doesn't do anything, it's not fair to Shadis, is it?

Scene 3

<After going to the Wharf the next day>

Nina: I'm going to go talk to Beyd and tell him what he needs to do...

<After talking to Beyd>

Nina: Say, Beyd... You're in love with Shadis, aren't you?
Beyd: Wh-wh-wh-what, what What are you talking about!?
Nina: Don't be so embarrassed-- I'm sure Shadis likes you too!
Beyd: Wait... wait just a minute... Why don't we talk about this somewhere

<You take your conversation to a private spot>

Beyd: What're you talking about? Of course I like Shadis...she's my friend,
Beyd: What!? P-p-p-p-p -propose!?
Beyd: I c-c-can't do that! I mean, I'm nothing! She needs someone strong and,
and... reliable to help her run the Guild!
Nina: So then all you need to do is get strong!
Beyd: I don't know... I think that's easier said than done--look at me...
Nina: No problem! We'll help train you!
Beyd: T-train!?
Nina: That's right. It looks like we won't be going anywhere until the boat
comes, so we'll help you get stronger!
Beyd: No... I don't think it'll work...
Nina: You won't know unless you try!
Beyd: I'm going... back to work

<He walks away>

Nina: Did I say something wrong, maybe?
Momo: No... It may take him some time to face the truth...
Zig: Bwah ha ha ha ha!
Nina: What's all that noise about?

<Talk to Beyd again>

Nina: Beyd...What's the matter?
Beyd: Zig's going to go fix the lighthouse
Beyd: If Zig manages to defeat the monsters and repair the lighthouse,
there'll be no denying he's the strongest man around and the best choice for
Nina: And that means... Zig will marry Shadis, right?
Beyd: Please... I want you to train me
Beyd: I can't just give up... Not without trying!
Beyd: Please train me... Make me strong so I can go fix the lighthouse before
Beyd: I've never used a sword before... You'll have to get me some equipment.
I'll give you 1000 zenny, so please get me some armor and a sword...And
please get some that aren't too heavy.

You got 1000 zenny!

<When you talk to Beyd again>

Please get me some equipment. I can use anything Ryu can...

(1)"Not ready yet"
(2)"Got it!"

All right then... Remember, I'm not strong at all so please get the lightest
stuff you can find.

All right then... Are you ready to start training?

(1)"Not yet"

I work during the day, so I'd like to train at night When you're ready, let
me know.

OK! I'll come when I've finished work, so please wait for me in the town

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Town dialogue>

Welcome to Rhapala! Home of the Porter's Guild!


I want to go east, right? So I thought I could hitch a ride on a boat here...
But they told me I'd have to go around the volcano!

What's this place?

This is the town square...I think. Either that or a fountain without any

I hear there's been no boat here for a while... That's OK--I can wait.

If you've business with the Guild, they're over there


I've seen you somewhere before... I know! Didn't I meet you at the Contest of

I ain't got nothin' to do... Maybe I'll try fishing too...

I get sardines and give 'em to my cat... I may not look it, but I love cats!


Ever catch a puffer? Pretty weird name for a fish, ain't it? Wonder who made
it up...

We cross the sea here and go to Junk Town... and bring back the machines they
got there 'Cept lately the boat hasn't come back...

I can hear the sea calling me

scuttle scuttle

The boat hasn't come back... Heard it's 'cause the lighthouse don't work...

The shipyard's up this way... No ship there now, though...

What? I don't care what you say, I won't do it

Usually I can get a ride east on the ship, but...

Maybe I should try going 'round the volcano down south...

I thought I'd be able to get some work when the ship came back, so I came to
meet the Guildmaster, Sinkar

All these bums come looking for work and just stay here... Haven't they got
anything better to do?

Looking for the Guildmaster? Sinkar's here having lunch

Rum's the only drink that's fit for a sailor... Man, I love this smell!

That fellow there... He doesn't have any money so he keeps ordering water

A rundown pub in a port town... A man sitting alone in the corner nursing his
drink... Am I hip, or what?

I came all this way thinking I could buy some machines... It's just my luck
the boat's not coming back!

Sinkar's the Guildmaster, see? But lately he's been letting his daughter do
most of the work.

The Guildmaster Sinkar's in charge of all the traffic coming and going around
this area.


Oh well... Guess I'm stuck here until the ship comes back...

Welcome to Hotel Sinkar!


Care for a shot before you get on the boat?

We take transport orders here... If you're looking for passage on the ship,
you'll have to talk to Guildmaster Sinkar first.

They say the reason there's a lot of cats here is because the Guild symbol is
a cat, see?


My daughter Shadis should be out at the shipyard... If you want to know about
the ship, she's the one to talk to.

I heard Zig say he's gonna go to the lighthouse... There's supposed to be
lots of monsters there, but I bet Zig'll be able to handle 'em!

Zig's gonna repair the lighthouse? If he can do that, then he'll end up
taking over for the Guildmaster for sure!

Once the lighthouse's fixed and the ship comes back... I wonder if Sinkar'll
marry off his daughter to Zig?

Zig's offered to go fix the lighthouse... If he can pull that off, I suppose
it wouldn't be a bad idea to let him marry Shadis, either.

Repairing a lighthouse taken over by monsters... That Zig sure is brave,
isn't he? I wonder if a guy like me can get a job...

It's been pretty noisy at night around here lately...

It's probably just a cat or dog making a ruckus

Is it true the boat will come back once the lighthouse's fixed?

Hey, you... Are you the ones who've been making all that noise at night?

I haven't been able to catch a thing... Cat must be hungry...


Blowfish is a pretty weird name for a fish too.

Ports are for women, and ships are for men.

<Wharf dialogue>

This here is the shipyard... 'cept right now we don't have a ship.

There's monsters in the lighthouse... The boat's missing... What's the world
coming to!?

Shadis sure doesn't have it easy, what with the ship not coming back and Zig
chasing after her all the time...

Huh? Fishing for sardines to give to cats? Are you kidding? They're for my


The one in charge here is the Guildmaster's daughter Shadis...Oh, yeah, if
you want to know about the small details, ask Beyd, the bookkeeper.

Did you know that the Porter's Guild carries machines from here in Rhapala
all around the world?

Machines left out near the ocean get rusty real quick... So you gotta take
good care of 'em!

They say a bunch of monsters showed up at the lighthouse and turned off the
light, and that's why the ship hasn't come back.

Turn the light in the lighthouse back on? I'd love to, but what about the

The channels 'round here are pretty complicated... That's why we use the
lighthouse and buoys to guide ships.

I wonder what's up with the ship...When will it come back?

Here's how it works, see? Shadis needs someone who can get things done, like

Understand, Beyd? When people talk about real men, they mean people like Zig
here, see!?

But Zig... No one's decided anything yet...

scuttle scuttle

I'm a sea louse

The lighthouse is up this way, but only Guild personnel can go past here.
Besides, you wouldn't want to go anyway, with all the monsters.

You just wait and see, Iggy! Before long, I'll have it all--the Guild,
Shadis... How can they resist a first-rate guy like me? Ha ha ha!

You said it, Zig! You're as first-rate as they come! If I were a woman, I
know I wouldn't be able to resist you!

All right, all right! Now leave me alone!

Ha ha ha! Hey Shadis! You can start getting your wedding dress fitted now!
I'll go get that lighthouse fixed up faster than you can say, I do!

Zig has said he'll fix the lighthouse... If he does it, Sinkar will name him
his successor for sure... Before I even have a chance to try what Nina said...

If you fix that lighthouse up, you'll be a hero, Zig! You'll be head of the
Guild in no time!

Zig's gonna go fix the lighthouse! If he pulls that off, Shadis won't be able
to say no anymore!

So once he marries Shadis, Zig'll be Guildmaster, huh? He's strong for sure,
but he's not too bright, you know... Oh, well, I guess as long as Beyd's

Zig's going to the lighthouse? Hmmmm... Now maybe the ship'll come back

I hear there's some pretty bad monsters in the lighthouse... I wonder if even
someone as strong as Zig'll be OK...

It'll be nice if the ship comes back once the monsters're gone and the
lighthouse's fixed.

Shadis liked Beyd better in the first place, so all's well that ends well, eh?

Lighthouse? Who cares about that? My sardines are more important!

So Beyd'll be the new Guildmaster now... I never really thought he was that
strong... But if he can beat Zig, he's OK in my book!

So now it's Beyd who's going to the lighthouse? I don't care who goes as long
as it gets fixed!

Zig, Beyd... Whoever's going, I just hope they're careful!

I'm happy for Shadis... Now all we need is for the ship to come back...

Thank you... I have a feeling Beyd and I will get along great together

How could I lose with a body like this!? Oh well...I'm a man--I can take it!

Zig! You're so tough. You tell 'em!

I guess we can't expect the ship to come back so soon, even though the
lighthouse's been fixed, eh?

Thank you for fixing the lighthouse

Everyone's happy now that the lighthouse's been fixed, but I won't be
celebrating until the ship comes back

So it was you who went to the lighthouse in the end? Well, as long as it's
been fixed...

Good thing the monsters didn't get you... Now all we have to do is wait for
the ship to come back

The ship should be able to get back now

Thank you everybody! We should only have to wait a little longer for the ship

You turned the lighthouse back on, eh? We're lucky to have folks like you

I heard there was this big eye there! It's good you didn't go, huh, Zig?

Wow! You actually killed all the monsters?

Thank you! Once the ship's back, we'll take you anywhere you want to go!

The boat's still not coming back... And there's no fish biting...

Yep, the ship's not back yet... Bet Beyd's job's not gettin' any easier...

How are we supposed to ship things around without a ship?

I bet the ship's had an accident somewhere...

So if it's still not back, that means it had nothing to do with the
lighthouse... I wonder if something has happened to them?

They should be able to find their way with the lighthouse fixed... Maybe
something happened?

If they're having some kind of trouble... They might not be back for a while.

We don't know when the ship will be back, so go to the pub and talk to Sinkar,
and get him to let you use the road.

There's no use for a sailor like me if there's no ship around!

Don't worry, Zig. Even if there's no ship for you to be on, you're still the
best sailor in the world!

I'm sorry we can't help you...

<More town dialogue: after the Lighthouse>

I heard that Beyd fellow beat Zig... Can't judge a book by it's cover, eh?
I bet his beating Zig will make the guildsmen look up to Beyd now. He didn't
get much respect before, you know...

I heard that Beyd the bookkeeper beat Zig and is going to go repair the
lighthouse! I guess I won't get any work unless I'm strong like that...

If that ship doesn't come back soon... We're gonna run out of food!

They say the Guild- master's having Beyd fix the lighthouse

How come they can fix everything but the ship?

Since he's been put in charge of repairing the lighthouse... I guess Beyd's
gonna become the next Guildmaster...

You need more than just a good head to run the Guild... But Beyd's proven
what he's made of by beating Zig.

We've got only the best weapons

Need any items?

The lighthouse's been repaired? Then I guess the ship'll be along in no time,

Huh? You fixed the lighthouse? Boy, you guys've been real busy, eh?

It's all over... My cat doesn't love me anymore!


Ylikov? No, I don't know of a fish by that name...

Well, there's a road that goes around the volcano... But to carry the
machines, we need the ship...

Please accept the thanks of this old traveler

You say you went and fixed the lighthouse? Wow... Don't think I'll give you
any of my meat, though!

Well, if the lighthouse's been repaired... We might as well wait for the ship!

I guess you're right... Going round the volcano's risky...

You went out to the lighthouse? If you're that strong, you'll be able to get
work anywhere.

I bet the Guildmaster will be glad to see the ship come back

I've had enough water... I'll have to go get a job and get some money for the
real thing.

I wish everyone would get back to work... I don't want to stay like this

Thanks much! Now that the lighthouse's been fixed, I'm back in business. You
should ask the Guildmaster for a reward...

If you've got the Guild helping you, it'll be a big help when you travel.

Now the ship might finally come back... Thanks

It's a little embarrassing to have someone from outside help the Guild like
this, but if Beyd said it was OK, then it must be all right.

I hope the ship comes back soon... I'll get out of shape if I'm not working

The ship's still not back, even though the lighthouse's fixed...

Oh brother... Maybe it sank...

I guess we're stuck here for a while longer...

The Guild must be having a rough time too... I mean, if they lost their boat,
they'll need a new one, right?

Figures--we go to all the trouble to fix the lighthouse, and the boat still
doesn't come back!

When they don't bite, sometimes I feel like hitting them on the head with the
lure and catching them that way, you know?

It'd be easy for you to make it east if the boat would return!

It won't be easy to get around the volcano... I mean, it's never easy, right?
But now with the road out...

What? You're headed east? I thought you were going to join the Guild!

I thought I could get some time off when the ship returned...

I wonder if the ship sank... It could happen...

Boat's not coming back, eh? Maybe I should just leave...

Monsters in the lighthouse... Missing ships... The Guildmaster's got it
pretty rough...

Maybe I should just walk there myself...


                             24. TRAINING BEYD


Scene 1

That night

<You all meet in the town square>

Beyd: Thanks for waiting. No one should bother us here...
Beyd: Let's get started... Could you please give me the equipment you have
for me?

<After equipping him>

Beyd: OK, everything looks all right... Once you're ready to begin, let me

Are you ready?

(1)"Not yet"
(2)"How do we do this?"
(3)"Let's go!"
(4)"Change Beyd's equip"
(5)"Member change"
(6)"Quit training"

OK, I'll wait... Whenever you're ready

All right, then, I'll explain how this works


Beyd: Here's how it works. First of all, to raise my Defense ...
Beyd: Attack me when I'm this
Beyd: My Defense will go up according to the number of times I'm attacked...
Since I don't have that many HP to begin with, I'll be defending a lot, so be
sure to go after me then, OK?
Beyd: If I attack and hit, my Power will go up. How much it goes up depends
on how much damage I do... I'll always go after the person with the lowest
Defense, OK?
Beyd: Based on how much damage I take... my Maximum HP will go up...
Beyd: I can heal during a fight, so try to make the fight last as long as
possible-- that's the best way to make me stronger faster.
Beyd: The training session will end when the remaining turns meter on the
screen reaches '0', or...
Beyd: .........All of you or I are knocked out
Beyd: So...Did you follow all of that? Let me know when you're ready to start

Come and get me!

You want to give me different equipment?

You want to change my training partner, right?

What! Quit training!? W-w- why!? We haven't even begun! Are you sure you want
to quit?


Oh... all right then... I guess that's all for tonight, then... I'll see you
again tomorrow night.

Beyd: That's all for tonight, then... Tonight's results are...
Beyd: I've got to get stronger... So I can get to the lighthouse and repair
it before Zig... I'll see you again tomorrow night!

Scene 2

<Each time to talk to Beyd at the Wharf>

All right, everyone... Let's start!

"Start training"
"To the lighthouse!"

Beyd: The lighthouse!? I don't think I'm ready for that yet...
Zig: What!? What do you mean you're going to the lighthouse, Beyd?
Iggy: It's Zig here who's going, see? So just butt out, Beyd!
Zig: That's right! I'm the strongest, so it's me who's going to the
lighthouse! You got a problem with that, you'll have to fight me!
Iggy: If you want to go, you'll have to beat Zig, see?

<You all go to the town square that night>

Iggy: We're here to decide who goes to the lighthouse to fix it: Beyd, or the

Iggy: Listen up! This is a duel, see? Don't you be trying nothing, OK? Just
stay there and watch!
Well, we can probably get away with helping Beyd in secret, right?
Iggy: Get ready... 3...2...1... Fight!

<Beyd's fight against Zig begins>

<If Zig wins>

Iggy: Stop! The winner is...Zig! I knew you'd win, boss!
Beyd lost... We'll have to do more training and try again...

<If Beyd wins>

Beyd: I... I won...
Iggy: Oh no! Boss! I don't believe it! How could big old Zig here lose to
Shadis: Beyd... Are you all right? Look at're all beat up...
Beyd: If it hadn't been for... all your help, I wouldn't have been able to
beat Zig
Beyd: If you hadn't convinced me to fight Zig, , then...
Beyd: I guess... I would have stayed the same old Beyd... a 98-pound
Beyd: Shadis... I want to help you. Let's take care of the guild...together
Iggy: Boss! Boss! Did you hear that!? Boss!...Boss! Wake up, Boss!
Beyd: Thank you...Thank you so very much... I don't know what'll happen next,
but... Shadis and I will work everything out somehow...together!

Scene 3

<The next day at the Wharf>

Oh, hello! Thank you so much for everything...
Beyd: These injuries? Well, I'm not used to fighting, see, so... ouch!
Beyd: So, I won't be going to the lighthouse for a while, I suppose
Beyd: But if you're really in a hurry... I really shouldn't do this--you're
not Guild members, but...
Beyd: I was wondering... would you help us fix the lighthouse? Here, take

You got a Guild badge!

Beyd: With that, you can get to the lighthouse
Beyd: I don't know for sure if the ship will come back once the lighthouse
has been fixed, but... It can't hurt to try, right?

<Try to take the path to the Lighthouse and a guild member will stop you>

Guardman: Wait a minute please! Only Guild members are allowed past this
point... ?
Guardman: You have a badge? Oh, you're associates of the Guild!? All right,
but the lighthouse is full of monsters.
Guardman: Be careful...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Dialogue from not equipping Beyd>

Beyd: Um... I can't train without equipment... I can use anything Ryu can...
Once you've got some equipment for me, let me know...

Can I have some equipment please? We can change my equipment as we train, but
we can't begin unless I have a sword and armor.

"Equip Beyd"
"Nothing to equip!"

Beyd: What...? I thought I gave you 1000 zenny? Oh, well... All right, here's
another 1000 zenny... Please get me some equipment by tomorrow night, OK?

You got 1000 zenny!

Beyd: W-w-w-w- what! I don't have any more money! Can't you get me anything
with the 2000 zenny I gave you?

<Iggy's line after losing to Zig once before>

Iggy: You really mean to go, huh? Fine! But you'll never beat Zig...

<If you're caught helping Beyd>

Iggy: Hey! What did I tell you! No butting in! Now we gotta start over...
Whoops! That was a little too obvious... We'll have to wait until Zig's
looking the other way...

<Beyd's extra lines at the Wharf>

Oh, the equipment I used is over there... It's not much, but I put a little
something extra in.

<Other dialogue>

Please, go ahead


                             25. THE LIGHTHOUSE


Scene 1

<Dungeon text>

Lighthouse employees, please read the following:

(1)"1. Chrysm"
(2)"2. The boiler"
(3)"3. The main valve"
(4)"4. Switch valve"
(5)"5. Miscellaneous"
"Stop reading"

There's extra chrysm ore stored outside the lighthouse.

The boiler in the basement can be fired up by placing chrysm ore in it.

Wait for the pressure to stabilize, then open the main valve. Vaporized
chrysm will begin to flow through the ducts.

Which ducts the chrysm flows through can be regulated with the switch valves.

If there's no more chrysm, get some from the shop in Rhapala that sells
chrysm ore.

Opening the main valve. 1. Wait for the curve on the pressure graph to
stabilize. 2. When the pressure hits the apogee of the center of the graph,
pull the lever. 3. If there's not enough pressure, or if it's not stabilized,
the boiler will stop. Place another chunk of ore in and start over.

put the chrysm ore into the boiler.

Hatch used for putting chrysm ore in the boiler

Looks like where the ore's supposed to go. Do you want to put some ore in?


The boiler is active...

It's the switch for the main valve

The main valve is open!

...Whoops! The boiler stopped.

Looks like the switch for the lighthouse bulb... But it won't work until the
main valve is opened...

Scene 2

<After supplying chrysm to the top of the lighthouse, you'll encounter a weird
creature in the middle of the main walkway>

There's something here......

Nina: W what's that? There's something weird up there...
Momo: What is that? It's so cuuuute!!
Garr: What's that?

<If you examine it>

What is it? It looks alive, but it's not moving...
Momo: Well, whatever it is... It doesn't look harmful, does it?
Nina: I... I don't like it... Let's leave it alone and get going, OK?
Garr: It doesn't look like a monster...

<Reach the base of the stairs, and a huge ball of eyes will come bouncing
down the stairs and land on the creature's shoulders>

Garr: Did I just say... it didn't look like a monster...?
Nina: This is weird... Something's wrong...
Momo: Now that I think about it... it's not cute at all...

<The fight with Gazer commences>

Scene 2

<After examining the switch for the lighthouse bulb>

With this switch, the lighthouse bulb can be turned on...

<You flip the switch, and an enraged faerie approaches you>

Faerie: Noooooo!
Faerie: Turn the lighthouse off!!
Faerie: I said, turn it off!

<The faerie bashes in the switch with her club on accident>

Faerie: Oh, noooo! Now what are we supposed to do!?
Faerie: After we went to all the trouble to get Gazer to guard it... Now we
can't turn it off!! I hate you!
Faerie: Dummies! It's all your fault! You'd better make up for it! Here--take

You got a Faerie Tiara

Faerie: If you use this in the flower rings out in the country, you can come
to our world... You'll be in big trouble if you don't, understand?

<She takes off>

Nina: .........Did we do something wrong?
Momo: What was that all about...?
Garr: ......?

<If you examine the bulb switch again>

The switch is stuck There's no way to turn it off...

Scene 3

<Once you talk to Sinkar back in town>

Sinkar: You fixed the lighthouse?
Sinkar: Thank you very much... Of course, we'll compensate you for your
trouble... Once the ship comes back, we'll take you wherever it is you're
going right away... And if there's anything else the Guild can do for you,
just let us know, OK?

Extra Text and Dialogue





Scene 1

<Once you enter the faerie village and go inside the hut>

Momo: Hmmm... So this is the other side of the lighthouse, then?
Cadis: That's right, dummy! That's why I told you not to turn it on!
Mayfly: What are we going to do now that the light's on, El?
Elkhair: 'What're we going to do'? You know what's going to happen, May? That
monster's going to come after us again.
Mayfly: I know that! That's why I'm asking what are we going to do, you dummy!
Elkhair: I'm not a dummy! Only dummies call people dummies!
Mayfly: Are you calling me a dummy, El?

<They go at each other>

Cadis: STOP IT!
Cadis: So, that's our problem. What are you gonna do about it?
Momo: Well...I suppose we could kill that monster for you...?
Cadis: Good idea! It comes out of the sea at night, so you should wait down at
the beach...
Momo: I'm not really sure what's going on... But why don't we help them? It
doesn't look like the boat's coming anytime soon...

<Upon reaching the beach>

This looks like the beach...Do you wait for nightfall?


Scene 2

<That night>

Momo: I wonder if we'll see anything?
Momo: Hey! What's that!?

<You spot a fin in the water>

Momo: Here it comes... Let's get it when it sticks its head out of the water,

<The fin approaches shore and your group attacks it>

Nina: This... is the monster?
Momo: It's a dolphin...
Dolphin: Ouch.... What was that for?
Momo: Sorry... It's just that we were told there was a monster coming, and we
thought that you were...well...
Dolphin: Everyone makes a mistake now and then-- no worries... Why don't you
tell me about this monster?
Nina: He's a nice dolphin, isn't he? I wonder if he's what the faeries are
afraid of?
Momo: Let's go ask them.

<Momo and Nina leave. The Dolphin then spits water at Ryu>

Dolphin: Oi! What's got your goat, laying into me like that?
Dolphin: No worries, mate, but it's your lookout... I was just minding the
sheilas, but if you want to take it outside...
Dolphin: What's with the lighthouse, anyway? Bloody nuisance, can't get a
wink wit' it shining away all night. Get rid o' it, apples it ain't. Else we
might have a bit o' a barney happening...

For those players who don't speak Australian we have provided an English
translation of the previous scene. Do you want to replay the scene?



Dolphin: Hey! What do you think you're doing, hitting me like that!
Dolphin: All right... I was just being nice 'cause the chicks were here... If
it's just you, I won't hold back, see?
Dolphin: What's up with the lighthouse, anyway? When it's on, the light gets
in my eyes and I can't sleep. Turn it off already, would ya? If you don't,
I might have to get rough with ya, see?

<Momo and Nina return with the faeries>

Cadis: That's him!
Momo: the monster?
Mayfly: He told us that if we didn't turn off the lighthouse... That he would
eat us! Can you believe it!?
Dolphin: Hey, the light's too bright, you know? I can't sleep, yeah? So, you
think you could, like, turn it off for me, huh?
Elkhair: If you want it turned off, do it yourself, dummy!
Mayfly: That's right, you dummy! Why do you have to bully us about it anyway!
Cadis: Leave us alone, you big dumb dolphin!

<The Dolphin lunges out of the water, revealing his monster-like form>

Dolphin: Shaddap! Runts! I should just fry you in oil and have you for a
midnight snack!
Dolphin: I've had it! You're dead! You're all dead!

<Battle with the Dolphin begins>

Scene 3

Thank you for saving us from him. Since it's so late, why don't you just rest

<Once you go back inside the hut>

Mayfly: Here's a kiss for you! Smooooooch! Thank you sooooo much!

<She kisses Ryu... knocking him over>

Cadis: Thank you for getting rid of that nasty dolphin for us
Momo: It's OK to leave the lighthouse on now, right?
Cadis: Right! We weren't able to make any new friends with him around...
Mayfly: But now that he's gone, we can have all sorts of friends over!

<The cocoon in the corner hatches, yielding a faerie>

Cadis: We'll make this place something really special... Please come back and
visit us every once in a while!

Scene 4

<After returning to the Wharf and speaking with Beyd again>

Beyd: I'm sorry... It looks like the ship won't be back for a while longer
Beyd: And after you went to all the trouble to fix the lighthouse...I don't
know what to say...
Beyd: We'll figure out a way for you to go east... Go talk to the Guildmaster,
Sinkar. I'm sure he'll let you use the road.

<After finding Sinkar again>

Sinkar: Hmmm... It looks like the ship may have run into trouble somewhere
and can't make it back...
Sinkar: In a situation like this, the only way east is to go around Mt. Zublo,
but... as you know, the road there is out.
Sinkar: But we owe you for your help with the lighthouse...So I will allow
you to use our secret shortcut! Yes, we have a secret shortcut! It goes
through the volcano! We are the Porter's Guild, after all!
Sinkar: Here, take this letter... It'll let you use the Guild shortcut
through the volcano.

You got the Guildmaster's Letter!

Sinkar: A long time ago... Before there was a road, we used a road that cuts
through the mountain. It may not be an easy trip, but it'll get you to the
Sinkar: Thank you again and godspeed! You can find the mountain to the east
of town... Come back and see us sometime!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Faerie dialogue>

Come back again soon

We hatch from cocoons just as you saw... What? Before that? We're just little

worms--pretty icky, huh?

There aren't a lot of animals here like there were in the forest... But

there's a lot of fish for us to eat!

Hee hee hee

The beach is right below this house. Kill that nasty monster for us...pretty

We used to live in the forest... But when the mine was started up, the forest
was destroyed.

Things were OK for a while after we came here... But then it came out of the
ocean and started bullying us!

It looks like some kind of cocoon...


                               27. MT. ZUBLO


Scene 1

<After nearing the end of the volcano, an old man approaches you>

Old man: Hee hee hee. So you've followed me this far, have you...?

Momo: What do you mean? We're just going to the place called Angel Tower...
Nina: What is it, sir? We need to get to Angel Tower...
Garr: Hmmm...? We're trying to get to Angel Tower, that's all...

Old man: Hee hee...I know... I owe it to all who sleep in the tower... I
can't let it end here like this, hee hee.
Old man: Ah! I can hear them! The angry voices of the dead...They call out to
Old man: Ha ha ha ha... You can't get me!! I'll avenge them all!! Hee hee
hee...Ha ha ha!
Old man: Heed me, Scyllaaaaa! Heed me, Charybdisss!

<He summons two giant lava monsters>

Old man: Hee hee hee hee!! Die! Die! Dieeee!

<A boss battle begins>

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Soldier dialogue>

Sorry, you can't use this road... The lava from the recent eruption's gone 'n
blocked it.

If you want to get east, you should get passage on a freighter from the
harbor...The volcano just erupted, and the lava's still blocking the road,
you see.

We're members of the Porter's Guild of Rhapala. The guild controls all the
roads and trade routes 'round here.

This here cave's a shrine for some kind of god or somethin'. All I know is we
found it here when we was makin' the road.

Eh? Letter from the Guildmaster? You mean you want to use the secret guild
route? Fine by me, but just watch out for the lava, eh?

If you're going to use the passage, be careful of the lava.

There's supposed to be some kind of monster in the passage that feeds off
fire, and legend says that whoever defeats it will gain great power.

You can't decipher what the characters mean... But you have the strange
feeling you've seen them somewhere before...

The characters are too difficult for <player> to understand


                               28. URKAN TAPA


Scene 1

<Upon entering Sudama's chamber>

Sudama: .........Is that you, Garr?
Sudama: Welcome back... So, have you made up your mind to join your comrades?
Garr: Something like that, I guess...
Sudama: So it's true, then... There is no more evil in the world
Sudama: I guess your intuition was wrong... So this means the time has come
for you to enter your long sleep, then, Guardian Garr.
Sudama: Very well... Go to the Tower... I'll tell the watchmen you are coming.
Sudama: Farewell...Garr

Scene 2

<You automatically make camp after leaving the Tapa>

Garr: I may look different, But I'm one of them... I too am an Urkan
Garr: A Guardian is what people like me... What Urkan warriors are called...
We protect our people from evil and harm.

<Nina walks outside from the tent>

Nina: Ryu, Garr... Are you still up?
Garr: About what I told you... That you might die...
Garr: Oh, never mind... You'll understand once we get there...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Villager dialogue and loose text>

Welcome travelers, to Tapa, the village of the Urkan people.

Welcome home, great Guardian.

This is the Hall of Prayer. We gather here once a day to offer our prayers to

Have you met with the Patriarch yet, Guardian?

Rest and be at peace, travelers

Well, if it isn't the Guardian! We are honored by your presence

Huh? Angel Tower? Why, it's to the east of the village It's one of our holy

May God walk with you, Guardian...

That tower to the east of the village... They say it's a ruin from when they
fought some enemy years ago.

You're one of the one who fight the enemy, aren'tcha?

woof woof woof

The Patriarch of our people, Sudama, lives above here

The Patriarch awaits you above, Guardian Garr

The Patriarch is meditating... No one is allowed to enter

The Patriarch is in meditation... But I'm sure he'd be willing to see you,

They say the reason this village is built like this is to make it harder for
enemies to attack.

Please keep us safe, mighty Guardian

You came through the volcano? I've heard stories about a crazy old man living
there... Did you see him?

You've returned... How is the outer world?

A long time ago, a malevolent power tried to destroy the world... And an angel
appeared to guide the Urkan in their struggle against that power...

I know! I know! That angel was a Guardian, right?

Teacher...what does 'malevolent' mean?

We're learning history!

As I sit here meditating, I can feel my heart being purified...It's a way of
cleaning the heart and mind.

Looking at you, Guardian, makes me feel the power and glory of God...

I remember hearing those stories about God and evil as a kid... I always
liked the parts about the fighting myself.

Why don't you say something to the children? I'm sure they'd love to hear
something from a real angel.

We Urkans are always prepared to take up the fight should evil ever spread
throughout the land again.

Did you find any evil, Guardian?

Isn't it nice the way the floor gets clean when you sweep it? I know it's
obvious, but I still like it.

Guardian! Is something wrong? Why have you returned to Tapa?

On a clear day, you can see the Tower from here...

Oh, Guardian Garr... Are you going to the Tower? Have you met with the
Patriarch yet?

Don't worry... If that happens, all the Guardians will come to help us again.

What'll we do if evil returns?

Oh mighty God... Give us strength, and deliver us from evil... I guess since
the world's at peace now, we don't need to pray that hard, right?

The Patriarch lives above here

Have you met with the Patriarch yet, Guardian?

It is forbidden for us to say aloud the name of our God and our enemy...

We must not forget our prayers to God, even now when the world is free of

After defeating the evil, almost all the angels entered a deep, long sleep.

Our weapons have been blessed by God.

Are you in need of anything?

You can use the spring here to refresh yourself... Like at an inn in the
outer world.

Welcome...We may not have the power of God, but we can give you another kind
of power-- need a shot?

I'm not going to war or anything, so I don't need a shot.

I've been made a guard for the Tower, so I came to get a shot--just in case.

I suppose if we were all as strong as Guardians... We wouldn't need any shots,
would we?

It looks a lot like Garr...

Garr: .........

This place is for those who serve God to purify themselves.

It looks heavy, but Garr could probably move it...


                              29. ANGEL TOWER


Scene 1

<Upon reaching the basement of the tower>

Garr: I'm sorry... Please allow Ryu and I to go on ahead alone.

<Your third member leaves>

Guardian Gaist: 234
Guardian Gaw: 198
Guardian Gatz: 201
Guardian Garr: 299

Garr: Recorded on these stone tablets are the names of us Guardians...
otherwise known as Dragon-Slayers!
Garr: The number below my name is the number of dragons I killed in the
Garr: ...Ryu, let me tell you what happened to your people. What happened to
the Brood...
Garr: Nearly 400 years ago, The savage and malevolent Brood attempted to
conquer the world, igniting a fierce war...
Garr: The Brood were strong and awesome... We, the people of Urkan, beseeched
our God for protection from their great evil
Garr: Our God bestowed upon us Guardians. Her holy might in order to fight
the Brood... After a mighty struggle, the last of the Brood were defeated and
their bones laid here...
Garr: Ryu... You are the last of the Brood
Garr: Once you are dealt with... my purpose shall be complete... Prepare
yourself, Ryu!

<A battle with Garr begins>

Garr: Ugh......... Just as I suspected... We were no match for the true power
of the Brood...But why...?
Garr: What...? Why don't you finish me off...?

<The screen blanks>


He is not your enemy

<Ryu loses control of himself and turns into a magnificent dragon>

Garr: Kaiser... Dragon...?

<Ryu flies away and the tower basment collapses>

<Ryu has a vision of the warrior who once appeared in his dream>

???: Why do you run?
???: We're not like them... We're not supposed to be with them...

<He turns into a Whelp and the scene fades>

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Tower guard dialogue>

This is Angel Tower... The holiest of holy sites of the Urkan people...

Only those who are inhabitants of Tapa may enter... Or those who have been
granted permission by the Patriarch.

Forgive me...but you cannot enter without permission from the Patriarch of
Tapa Village.

Welcome home, great Guardian... Have you met with the Patriarch yet?

We welcome your return, Guardian Garr... Have you visited Tapa Village yet?

The Patriarch has may enter

Only Urkans are permitted to enter this holy ground... But as you are friends
of Garr, we can give you a discompensation.

Forgive me, but this is Urkan holy ground. We cannot allow you to enter
without special permission.

You're friends of Garr, yes?

I'm supposed to be patrolling, but... What if I hurt myself when I jump?

<Other text>

There's a woman lying beyond the veil of light...

Garr: We still have some important business to take care of...


                        30. DAUNA MINE: YEARS LATER


Scene 1

<Garr is hunting down a Whelp dragon in Dauna Mine>

<The Whelp breaths fire at Garr>

Garr: Tsk!

<Garr sneaks up behind it and knocks it out with his spear>

<The Whelp reverts back into human form, revealing Ryu>

Garr: ... ... Ryu? Do you recognize me?
Garr: I've been looking for you for years... Ever since you vanished from
Angel Tower...
Garr: Then, I heard stories of a dragon appearing in an old mine...
Garr: This is your.........
Garr: Ryu... Can you forgive me?


Garr: I've killed many of your people... Many dragons... I thought that was
my purpose... But...
Garr: Anyway... Let's get you out of here first, eh?

<Garr places a bag on the ground>

Garr: Here's your gear... If you want to hear what I have to say, come with
me. I shouldn't stay here very long...

<Garr leaves and you regain control of Ryu. After entering the next room>

Garr: If you want to kill me... You have the power and probably the right to
do so...
Garr: But you didn't kill me, even... Even after I tried to kill you... Just
like the dragons 400 years ago...
Garr: If the Brood had fought back... It would be us instead of them that
turned into chrysm like this
Garr: Why did they let us kill them??? Why did God have us kill the Brood!?
Garr: I may not have the right to say this... But I want to know the truth...
Garr: That's why I ask you... I ask you to let me live until then...
Garr: Thank you... Now, let's get out of this mine

Scene 2

<After you get on the elevator>

Garr: So... This must be where you were born...
Garr: The strong Brood aura must have called out to you, eh, Ryu?

<The lift ascends and a dark shadow appears>

That's right... I called out to him...

Scene 3

<After blowing up the boulder with the explosive mine cart>

Garr: We should be able to get through now...

What do you think you're doing... Guardian!

Garr: How do you know Ryu's name?

<The dark shadow appears>

..Ryu... Why do you let him live...? Why do you let our enemy live!?.
Garr: A dragon...?
Can you hear it, Guardian? Can you hear our spilt blood crying out for
Dragon zombie: Guardian... It's been...what? 400 years? You, who tried to
exterminate us... Where are you taking Ryu?
Garr: I...I'm taking Ryu to meet our God...
Dragon zombie: Why? To make a sacrificial offering of the last dragon?
Garr: To learn the truth... To learn if the war we fought 400 years ago was
Dragon zombie: Ha! Ryu...Kill him! Avenge our people's memories!! They
destroyed us! The Guardians killed us all!
Dragon zombie: No!? Why not!? Don't you despise him? Don't you hate him?

You must not hate

Dragon zombie: Silence! You have no right!

<A battle with the Dragon Zombie begins>

Dragon zombie: Reviled one! Why must you always interfere?
Dragon zombie: Why do you always restrain us!?

<The zombie fades into an orb>

A malefic power flows through Ryu! ......You discovered the power of the
Shadow Gene!

<A woman appears>

That was not a dragon
Garr: Are you of the Brood...?
A true dragon...

<She points at Ryu>

A feeling of warmth and love flows into Ryu! ......You discovered the power
of the Fusion Gene!

Garr: Ryu...What was that...?
Garr: A true dragon... That's what it said, right? What does that mean?
Garr: Hmmm... You don't know either, eh?

Scene 4

<Once you exit the mine, a worker calls to you>

Chief: Well now, well now, Mr. Garr... Were you able to get rid of that dragon
for us... Huh?
Chief: Who might that young fella be?
Garr: Don't worry about that... I took care of the dragon for you... It's gone
Chief: Really? That's good news!
Chief: That dragon... He ran around spitting fire on people... killed some of
my men... Destroyed our machines and made a pretty bad mess o' things here...

<Ryu stumbles over a bit>

Chief: Something wrong?
Garr: He's all right... Just tired
Chief: ...? Anyway, thanks a lot Come on down to the office and get your
payment from the boss.

<After walking a few steps>

Garr: This may not help... but don't judge yourself too harshly. You're not
quite in control of yourself in dragon form. Just try not to think about it...

Scene 5

<After entering the Foreman's hut>

Foreman: Thank you so much! What do you say, Mr. Garr? Why don't you stay
here... Just in case any more dragons show up?
Garr: No, thanks... Besides, I don't think you'll be seeing any more dragons
Foreman: If you say so... I'd really feel a lot better if you were around,
Garr: We must be going... Thank you for the reward.
Foreman: Oh! Mr. Garr! If you're really heading down the mountain, be careful
on Ogre Road!
Foreman: We've heard stories about a really ferocious monster on the road
attacking people... If you want to know more, you should go west to Syn City.

<You leave>

Foreman: I guess he's not afraid, though... I mean, he killed a dragon after

Scene 6

<You automatically make camp after leaveing Dauna Mine>

<Ryu wakes up from a bad dream and goes outside>

Garr: Can't sleep, eh?
Garr: I have to apologize to you, Ryu...
Garr: Not only for trying to kill you, but... I don't know if it's right to
take you...
Garr: To take you like this with me... as I search for God...
Garr: But...Why did God see it fit to try to destroy the Brood... that's a
question whose answer you have a right to know.
Garr: After leaving the mountain, we'll head east to Wyndia, and then to the
eastern lands To Angel Tower...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Inside the mine>

Do you want to ride the lift?

"Go to B1"
"Go to B2"
"Go to B3"

It looks like you can rest here... Do you want to rest?


There's a diary... Do you want to save?


You won't be able to get through here until you take care of this

Maybe Garr would be able to push it... It looks like there are explosives
piled on it...

You feel strong and refreshed after resting!

<Outside the mine>

Now we can get back to work again! Thank you very, very much!

I hear the chrysm mined here gets sent all around the world. I don't know the
details...I just fix things, see?

You got the dragon? That means we'll be able to start working again real

We weren't able to get any work done 'cause o' the dragon.

It's been so long I've forgotten how to do my job!

Now that you mention it, I remember... There was another dragon here a long,
long time ago... I can't remember what happened to him, though.

Sorry we couldn't help you get rid of the dragon... I helped get rid of the
one that was here a long time ago... But this time he was just too much for

If you're looking for the boss, I think he's in the office...

Got nothing better to do, so I'm digging! Once that dragon's gone I'll go
back to mining!

I know I'll never find anything here... But I still keep working at it

Maybe if we get rid of that big dragon chrysm in the mine, we won't have to
worry about any more dragons.

Those dragons are really tough, eh? I mean, I thought they was supposed to be
extinct, right?

One of my friends said he saw a dragon once in some contest in some arena
some- where...I guess maybe they're still around?

We haven't used it for so long, it's rusted.

What's a dragon doing running around here, anyway? Why doesn't he just become
chrysm like all the rest?

We weren't able to get any work done here for a long time all because of that
little dragon... Why'd he have to show up at this mine?

All the miners tell me they got no money an' can't buy nothin' How 'bout you?
You want somethin'?

You're the ones who came to get the dragon, right? It must have been hard
work with all the other monsters around.

bow wow! bow wow!

Thanks to you, we can get back to work If there's anything I can do for you,
let me know... If you want to rest, you can use this room anytime.

I suppose getting killed by a dragon's a lot like any other accident...Still,
I hope I never meet another dragon!

Machines run on the chrysm you feed 'em... And the men here run on the food I
feeds 'em!

.. ... ... ...mmmm.

Another dragon showed up here years ago... That fellow there was attacked by

I eat a lot... But I also works a lot

Do you want to save?


Do you want to rest?


Garr: Wait...We should take the reward... We've got a long journey ahead of
us It wouldn't hurt to have some money...


                               31. OGRE ROAD


Scene 1

<Once you reach the end of Ogre Road, a tiger ambushes you>

Garr: Is this the monster? The tiger...?

<A fight with the Weretiger begins>

Extra Text And Dialogue

You smell a pungent aroma, like of a spice used for cooking...




Scene 1

<Once you reach Yraall Road, you find it blocked off by the king's men>

I'm sorry, sirs... We'll have to ask that you wait here for the time being...
We're investigating rumors that someone from McNeil Village has been smuggling
foodstuffs onto the black market...
No one will be allowed to enter or leave until our investigation is

Garr: I guess we're stuck here for a while... Let's go see what's happening
in the village, hm?

Scene 2

<Upon entering McNeil village>

Garr: Hmm...It would be nice to sleep in a bed for a change... Is there an

<Speak with the inn keeper>

Old woman: Welcome! Looking for a room for the night?

<You all go inside the inn>

Old woman: McNeil village has problems... there's a wild tiger on the loose,
and the mayor's under investigation for wrong-doing... But we're still open
for business--gotta make a living, eh?
Garr: A tiger, huh? I wonder if it's the same one that got away from us on
Ogre Road?
Old woman: Got away!? You mean you didn't kill it!?
Garr: Should we have...?
Old woman: A few days ago, that tiger showed up, wounded...It ran up into the
Cedar Woods, up north of here!
Old woman: I'm not blaming you or anything... But you should stay away from
the forest! There's nothing worse than hunting a wounded animal!
Garr: Perhaps we are not to blame...... But would you like us to take care of
the tiger for you?
Old woman: Would you? Oh, that would be wonderful! I'll give you a special
rate on the room as thanks!

<The next day>

Old woman:  Good luck!

Scene 3

<A flashback occurs upon entering the vicinity of your old, burned-down house.
Rei is seen alone after the fight with Balio and Sunder>

Rei: Teepo...   Ryu...?
mmmmm... ...uuuuu...

<Once the flashback is over and you approach the path to your house, you hear
the tiger growl nearby>

Garr: You want to go alone?
Garr: Hmmm... It's my guess you know something about that tiger... In that
case, I'll wait for you here.

<As you make your way up the path, you periodically hear the tiger growling,
until you reach your house and find Rei>

Rei: ... ...Ryu? Is that you?
Rei: Was that you... on Ogre Road?
Rei: Ha...  ha ha ha ha! So that was you!? ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Rei: Doesn't that beat all. I never imagined I'd get beat by you, Ryu! I
wasn't holding back at all!
Rei: Still...I mean... It's nice to know you're OK, Ryu I mean, I thought...
Rei: On the far end of Ogre Road, there's a black market. The guys who tried
to kill us--the ones working with McNeil-- came from there...
Rei: It took me a while, but I finally tracked them down... I kept an eye on
who went in and out of the black market from the road.
Rei: I kept on attacking them... I thought I would avenge you and Teepo, but
look how I ended up...
Rei: I feel a little better now... knowing that at least you're alive and
Rei: But I can't stop! Not until I teach those guys not to mess with me... or
my family!

<He runs off>

<After meeting up with Garr again>

Garr: What happened to the man-eating tiger?
Garr: To the village...?

Scene 4

<As you walk up the road leading to the McNeil Manor>

Garr: I think I understand now...
Garr: Why Rei hates these people so much...
Garr: The mayor's behind all this, right?
Garr: This may not be for me to say, but... Aren't you interested in getting
revenge, Ryu? Like Rei?
Garr: I see... I suppose things would get out of hand if you used your

<A large group of the king's men are seen up the road escorting McNeil from
the manor>

Nina: Mr. McNeil, you have been found guilty of smuggling...
Nina: In the name of the King of Wyndia, I hereby arrest you
McNeil: N-n-n-o! You've got it all wrong! It wasn't me! Really!
Nina: We know a thing or two about your friends Balio and Sunder ...the ones
who work for the organization you told us about... but they...
Garr: ...are dead... yes?

<Garr and Ryu approach>

Nina: Garr? And...Ryu!?
Garr: Long time no see... This is the infamous mayor, eh?
Garr: We might be able to tell you a little something about that organization,
but first... I think you should send him off to Wyndia without delay
Nina: All right, Garr
Nina: Return to the castle and take Mr. McNeil with you
Nina: Now... please tell me what's going on?

<You retire to the cow pasture and explain to Nina everything that has

Garr: ... ... And that's what happened
Nina: Hmmm... the power of the Brood...
Nina: Ryu...
Nina: I don't know what to say... It's all so big...
Garr: I only just realized that while I have fought the dragons for almost
500 years, I still know almost nothing about them...
Garr: Of course, Ryu himself is the one who must be really curious about
them... right, Ryu?
Nina: I see... Let's concentrate on more urgent matters now, OK?
Nina: Don't give me that look! What if Syn City is the headquarters of that
gang? We should go check it out!
Nina: No matter how hard we think about it... We're not going to figure
anything out about the Brood just standing here! So we should take care of
the business at hand-- the investigation!
Nina: So let's get going! You know how to get to Syn City, right?

<As you leave the area>

Nina: Oh, and by the way-- don't worry about McNeil...No matter how strong
that tiger is, he won't be able to break into the castle!

<Rei, who was hiding in the surrounding trees, runs off>

Extra Text an Dialogue

<Yraall Road guards>

I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait here...

We've been assigned here from Wyndia Castle... The King has ordered us to
seal off the area.

You won't be able to pass here...

We can't allow anyone through until McNeil reaches the castle.

Your patience please...

We have orders from the King to continue guarding the village

We're keeping our eyes open, Princess!

Are you planning on continuing the investigation, your Highness? Please be

Are you going to investigate Syn City? Good luck!

<Villager dialogue>

Loki? Oh, you mean the guy who finagled Rei?

There's no need to get in a fuss about it... It's McNeil who's in the wrong,
not us...

What should I tell them if they start asking me questions?

Well, yes, the taxes were always a little high... but I never thought...

So the taxes were always collected... whether it was a good year or a bad year
for the crops, right?

Now that you mention it, I remember seeing some rough-looking fellows going up
to visit Mr. McNeil...

So you're saying he had disreputable acquaintances, then...

We've heard stories from all the farmers around here that the mayor was
selling crops illegally...

From what everyone's saying, it sounds like the mayor was quite a greedy
little spendthrift...

I'd be lying if I said I'd never believe Mr. McNeil was involved in some kind
of bad business.

I'm not goofing off! I can't work while they're investigating, right?


Pretty good, aren't I?

It must be pretty serious for the princess herself to come all the way from

Boy, was I nervous when they said they wanted to question me!

I've heard that the gang McNeil was hooked up to has its headquarters out
west in Syn City

I'm so worried about what's going to happen next, I can't work

I've had it with the country... Maybe I'll head off to Wyndia...

But won't you have to work just as hard there as here?

I wonder what's gonna to happen to McNeil... An' I wonder what's gonna happen
to us.

(sigh)... Well, back to work, I guess...

(snore) zzz....

Looks like a big crop this year

Ahhhh... Nothin' like a smoke after a hard day's work, eh?

Life will be a lot easier now that taxes are cheaper

Cows sure have an easy job... All they have to do is just sit there and eat

Yes, yes, we're open! Don't you be thinking you'll get a discount forever,

Heh heh heh...That's right, sir... Mayor McNeil has been up to no good for a
long time...Yes, sir!

It looks like this one has a grudge against McNeil for some reason

Ouch! Ouch!... It hurts!

I can't believe it! Right in front of our eyes!

Someone came running up and knocked this man down... And then ran off towards
the manor!

I wonder if that wasn't Rei just now Oh no! He must have come back to take
revenge on us...

I guess this man must have made someone angry for some reason

Wonder what I should have for dinner tonight?

Now that I think about it... The only ones who ever wanted any weapons were
those little punks...

Lemme tell you... The things you see if you live long enough...

The mayor here, McNeil? Well, he's a little scary...

When I grow up, I wanna be a soldier and fight bad guys!

I've heard rumors that Mr. McNeil has some...connections... if you know what
I mean.

Looks like Loki ran off somewhere again... This time he got beat up so bad
maybe he won't come back.

Maybe things'll be a little easier from now on...

I wonder...If we get a new mayor, will the town name change too?

Don't you come in here like that when I'm cleaning!

I wouldn't mind paying high taxes... If Princess Nina were our mayor...

This is the village that used to be called McNeil Village

In the end, I guess it doesn't matter who the mayor is... We'll still live
here and we'll still do our work here, right?

I came to see what was going on, but it's all over now...

sigh... I guess it's just our lot in life to keep on farming...

I was worried about what would happen if the mayor was gone... But I suppose
nothing has really changed

Nice weather we're having, yeah?

Things are a lot better now that we've got an official from Wyndia in the

Looks like there'll be a good crop this year... I can't wait til the harvest

The spring sun sure feels good, doesn't it?

We use only the best quality mattresses, so you're sure to get a good night's

Hello! We've got everything from tackle to medicine in stock

Weapons make the man Make sure you have only the best

Just between you and me... It looks like those rumors about the mayor's
connections were true...

We're investigating the house ahead on suspicion of illegal agricultural

And what did these suspicious-looking men look like?

Well, you see... It's like this...

Those Wyndian guards are really neat, aren't they? Maybe I'll quit working
here... and go to Wyndia and join the guard...

I wish I could be a guard for the mayor... That'd be the life... The castle's
too small and dull.

Really!? Your stipend is that low? Even the castle's better than that...

The mayor's a real tightwad with money... I've been working here 4 years
without even one raise!

You know all those people come from Wyndia? Their leader's one really cute
guy! I wish I could go to Wyndia... All those cute guys...

Just between you and me... I always knew something like this would happen, yup

McNeil's in league with some pretty bad fellows.

I'm keeping my eyes open, yessir!

The investigation is over

The Wyndian guards were pretty sharp! And McNeil sure looked pretty pathetic
as they took him away!

Now that we've gotten rid of McNeil... I wonder if taxes will get any lower?

I wonder what's going to happen next...? If there's no more manor, they won't
need any guardmen, right?

Now that McNeil's gone... Who's gonna pay the rest of my salary?

I wonder if it wasn't Loki who blew the whistle on McNeil? He's into some
shady stuff himself, you know... Probably got jealous of McNeil...

You know, I thought this was a little out-of-the-way village But there's a
lot of interesting stuff going on here!

They say Wyndia's going to manage the manor from now on... Does that mean I
get to be a Wyndian guard?

<Talk to Garr before finding Rei>

I don't think you'll have any problem, but watch yourself.




Scene 1

<Upon entering the city>

Nina: Something's not... right
Garr: That smell... it's blood

<Speak with the man in the back room>

Uh...a tiger came and attacked us... Said he wanted the boss...
The boss took off a long time ago... He probably ran off to the checkpoint up

<After leaving the back room>

Nina: A has to be Rei! He must have given up on McNeil and come
Garr: He's still trying to make it up to himself. For that time long ago when
he couldn't protect Ryu.
Nina: But... What's the point in doing that now? Besides, if he kills the
boss, how will we be able to interrogate him?

Scene 2

<When you enter the checkpoint, you'll find Rei chasing down the boss of Syn
City, Mikba>

Mikba: It's a tiger!

<He tries to escape but Rei throws a knife at him>

Mikba: Aargh! What do you think you're doing!? Do you know who I am?
Rei: I know who you are... You're the don of Syn City--the high and mighty
Mikba, right?
Mikba: .........Well, then-- You know what'll happen to you if you mess with
me, right? I'll ignore what you've done to Syn City... Just as long as you
stop your little game now, OK?
Rei: That's what your men said years ago... when they came to kill us--that
our game had gone too far...

<Rei slashes Mikba>

Rei: But unfortunately, I'm still a kid at heart, you see... I just don't
know when to quit...

<Ryu and company enter>

Rei: ...Ryu...I thought you might show up. If I'd been as strong then as I am
now... Maybe I could have saved Teepo...
Rei: But I never wanted to hurt anyone... That's why I just kept goofing off,
playing robber I was afraid of my own strength...

<During your conversation, Mikba morphs into his fighting form and clubs Rei
with his battle axe>

Choose the party members to help protect Rei

Mikba: Afraid to hurt people? You, a man-eating tiger!? Our power's been
given to us by God to use as we see fit! Use it to make your life
better--like me!
Mikba: Ryu, huh? You're the punk who killed Balio and the others, aren't you?
Good! I can tie up all the loose ends at once!

<A fight with Mikba begins>

Mikba: Happy now, you freak tiger? This is what your power's for... to get
rid of those who get in your way.
Mikba: .........Too bad, but it looks like the people you're looking
for...Balio and Sunder... have already been killed by that kid there...
Mikba: (cough)(cough)uhhhhhh

<He dies>

Scene 3

Rei: The Power of the Brood...?
Rei: You're saying... you used it on them to avenge us... Is that right, Ryu?
Rei: What have I been doing then? Does it mean anything, Ryu? Even now,
without your help, I probably wouldn't have won...
Rei: What do you say? Why don't you and I go get them... Go get those fools
in McNeil Village who let them do that to us!
Rei: With your power... We'd kill 'em all in no time, eh!?
Nina: Hold it! In the name of Wyndia, I won't allow you to get away with that!
Rei: I was just kidding... Ever since Ryu beat me on Ogre Road... I realized
I wouldn't be able to even the score...
Rei: I thought that if I used my power... changed into a tiger, I'd be
stronger than anything else...
Rei: But in the end... I wasn't even able to control my own power. All I did
was just run around attacking things...
Garr: But hurting people is not true power, is it?
Garr: If that's all the power of the Brood was based upon...
Garr: I would have had no hesitation in exterminating them
Rei: The Brood fought a war... and almost destroyed the world...Isn't that
the power Mikba was talking about?
Garr: Probably... The same power of death and destruction, only on a scale
completely beyond yours or his...
Nina: How many times do I have to say it? Ryu's not going to destroy the
world or anything!
Rei: Why is there such power... Such dangerous power in the world?
Garr: Now that the Brood have been destroyed... The only one who can answer
that is our God...
Rei: So that's why you want to go meet God? You don't joke around, do you?
Rei: I've got a few questions of my own! Like why do people like Mikba and me
have our powers?

Rei joined the party! Please choose 3 party members

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Syn City dialogue: before the tiger attack>

This place's called Syn City... You can find whatever you're looking for
here... for a price.

Most people 'round here can't advertise what they do... if you know what I
mean... So make sure you keep quiet too, eh?

Since we're dealing with illegal stuff here, we've always got to be on the
watch out for the king's guards... Hey, you're not one of them are you?

I'm watching... What am I watching? Oh, this and that...

Everyone here's got something to sell... Me? I sell what's not on the menu...
if you catch my meaning, handsome

The ah...organization that runs this place is pretty huge... I hear they're
even involved in that big contest that they have over in Genmel.

I ain't got nothing But if you could spare me some coins, I can tell you a
thing or two... What do you say, only 20 zenny?


Heh heh, thank you kindly, sirrah... What do you wants to know about?

(1)"Syn City"
(2)"The organization"
(3)"The Ogre Road monster"
(4)"What that woman sells"

Well, as you can probably guess by the name, in Syn City, anything's
most famous for the black market here... For example, in years with a poor
harvest, if you come here, you can get food...for a price, naturally...
'Cause someone smuggles it here... Like that time a few years ago, when we
had that bad harvest, we had food smuggled in from McNeil village.

I don't know anything 'bout that. Hold on, don't get upset like that... I
weren't be asking about that too much if I was you... Not good for ya health,
know what I mean? Les' just say they gots thieves, and murderers... and that's
jus' the beginning!

So ye've heard about that, eh? I don't knows much, but I heard that people on
Ogre Road down south o' here is gettin' attacked by some kinda monster Say
it's some kinda tiger or something...

Hee hee hee hee Can't ye tell by looking? She's in the oldest business there
is, if ya knows what I mean.

Heh heh, I ain't givin' it back!

Wha's that? Ya don't even have 20 zenny to give an old man?

There goes Kenichi, arguing with a customer again... One of these days, his
dad's gonna have to teach him a lesson.

woof woof

I'll teach you not to sell me junk like this! I'm gonna tell your boss about


Don't tell anyone this, but... I've got some chrysm for sale...I gotta watch
out, though-- chrysm smuggling's a pretty serious crime an' if I get caught...

Huh! You say you'll give me 1000 zenny if I let you through!? Hmmm...I don't
know... What? You didn't say that...!? Oh, well...

Only the boss and his men are allowed through here!

Hey, I got everything from diapers to tombstones! What do you need?

Weapons, name it, I got it!

Ye'll be sorry if ya doesn't listen

Sorry, but there are no more stores this way...

These weapons, sirs, contain the power of the mighty Ashura, warrior god, and
are hand-made by yours truly, the magnificent Sekine! Now they can be
yours--for a limited time only!

<Syn City dialogue: right after the tiger attack>

uuhhh... t...tiger...

It hurts it hurts!

A man-eating tiger! That wasn't supposed to be on the menu!

A tiger came in... and surprised us... owwww...


No! I'll stop! I'll stop smuggling chrysm! I promise! Just don't hurt me!

bark! bark!

This tiger came in and attacked us... Kept growling and asking us where the
boss is..


No answer... He's dead...

I told them they'd get in trouble if they didn't stop...

Ohhhh I'm hurt bad... I'll give you all my money... if you'll give me some
healing herbs...


Thank you!
sold a healing herb for 10 zenny!

Please...I'm begging you...I need help...


What? You don't even have any healing herbs?

Thank you...

Fine, I see You don't care about what happens to anybody else!

Uh...a tiger came and attacked us... Said he wanted the boss... was horrible! A monster!

<Syn City dialogue: after killing Mikba>

This kind of work's a lot safer than going after some weretiger any day...

Have you ever heard about Coupons? It's an item that will let you buy anything
in the world cheaper.

Me? I'm still selling whatever you want me to, big boy.

The gang that was running this place... They got beat up by that weretiger
pretty badly... Looks like they'll be behaving themselves for a while.

Well, I guess with all the bad stuff we were up to... We'd make an enemy or
two along the way...

What do you think you're doing, selling me junk like this!! Am I going to
have to make this personal!?

Someone caught me selling chrysm... Oh, boy, I'm in deep water now...

There's a lot of complicated-looking controls!

<Checkpoint dialogue>

No news is good news, they say.

My friend's got nothing better to do, so he says stuff like that.

It's so boring here! Nothing ever happens!

I wonder if anything exciting will ever happen... Like a fight or some big
criminal trying to break through...

It's locked...


                        34. THE PLANT: INVESTIGATION


Scene 1

<When you reach Eygnock Road>

Nina: You need to use the eastern bridge, right?
Nina: But this time... I don't think Daddy ...the King will let me go... He
thinks it's your fault I ran away the first time, Ryu...
Nina: But I have an idea!
Nina: Ryu, you broke up the black market mafia, right? All you need is one
more feather in your cap, and even he will have to admit you are a real hero!
Nina: Remember the plant? Where they grow the vegetables using chrysm
Nina: It looks like there's something funny going on there lately...I've been
thinking we need to check it out so...
Nina: ...Why don't you help me? I'm sure the king will forgive you... if you
help me solve this problem... right?
Nina: Really!? Great!
Nina: Let's go then! The plant's down the road to the east!

Scene 2

<At the Plant, you find Momo busy fixing a machine. Honey sees you and runs
to alert Momo>

Momo: This reactor doesn't have enough pressure. If we don't get the valve
tuned up soon...
Momo: Right, Honey? What do you think?
Momo: Huh? Oh, the parts I asked for...Just put them down over there...
Momo: Whoops, not the parts. Sorry...
Momo: What is it, Honey! I can't play with you right now...
Momo: Who are those people? Friends of yours? .........What? Ryu!?
Momo: Ryu...Is it really Ryu? It's been so long!
Momo: Hold on just a minute... I've got to finish this first
Momo: You've sure gotten big, haven't you? Boy, how many years has it been
since you died at Angel Tower...............Huh?

<Back at the inn, you explain everything to her>

Momo: Hmmmm.... Garr tried to kill Ryu because he thought he was an evil
dragon... But actually, you don't know if the Brood are evil or not, so
you're going to meet God to ask...?
Momo: I don't really know anything about the Brood... All I really understand
are machines... Sorry
Nina: Um, Momo...? What about the plant? What's wrong with it?
Momo: Oh, yeah! Listen! The director, Palet, is missing... and the plant's
falling apart... Bad crops are the least of our problems!
Momo: If we don't do something soon... something awful could happen...
Nina: Something awful...? Like the mutant?
Momo: Mutants appearing... A chrysm reactor overload... Just about anything
could happen... The only one who knows what's really going on is Palet.
Nina: Well, then... We have to find him and ask him what to do!
Momo: I guess... He sometimes disappears for a while... But I've heard he
never goes too far...
Nina: You mean... you might know where he is? Let's go look for him then,
Momo: OK, Honey...

<She picks up Honey>

Momo joined the party!

<After you leave the inn>

Nina: So what were you doing here, Momo?
Momo: Well, after we all broke up at the tower, I thought I would study Peco
some more, so I returned to Wyndia with him.
Momo: But I wasn't able to handle it by myself, so I came here thinking I
could ask Director Palet to help me...
Nina: Peco!? Peco is here?
Momo: Yeah... Over to the east there's a place where there's a tree called
Momo: Lately, Peco has been spending all his time there... He's always over
there playing by that tree.
Momo: I mean, he can't talk or anything... But if you want to bring him along,
the tree is east of the plant...
Nina: Peco was born here, so maybe he knows something!?

Scene 3


A legendary tree said to be the embodiment of an ancient sage who taught the
world the meaning of true wisdom.
Enshrouded in green, awing all who view its majesty...
It has been a symbol of faith to all as the holy guardian of the forest for
untold ages...

<Your group enters the Yggdrasil tree's grove>

Momo: This is the place. This is where Peco likes to hang out
Nina: .........Peco? That's funny...I thought I heard someone talking...
Peco: pukyu
Momo: Did you just say something?
Peco: pukyu?
Momo: I can understand him about as much as I understand a tree or a
flower... And they don't talk!
Momo: Anyway... come on, Peco! We're going to go check out the plant where
you were born!

Peco joined the party!

Scene 4

<After returning to the Plant>

Something's wrong...

<After breaking the greenhouse windows>

Peco: pukyuu?
Now what!?

<Green gas is seen pouring out of the furnace>

That color...
Chrysm gas!?
Something's wrong with the furnace!
Peco: pukuuuuu...

<Inspect the furnace hatch>

It's rusty and loose... Momo could probably shoot it off...

<Shoot the furnace hatch>

Momo: Let's take a look inside...

Momo: Hey, there's a ladder here! Let's go down and see what's down there

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Plant worker dialogue>

There's been so much trouble lately... On top of that, the crops aren't doing
good either...

I tried using chrysm to make those enhanced crops... But they just taste too

Can't make the crops grow like you want even with chrysm... Should've known
better in the first place.

More! Raise the chrysm pressure!

We can't! The machines aren't tuned sufficiently!

The mechanic who worked here... Said he didn't get along with the director,
and ran off.

And we still don't know where the director is... No wonder we're having so
much trouble.

Since you need someone to take care of the crops... and someone to take care
of the machines, maybe making these enhanced crops is more trouble than it's

I tell you... The only reason these stupid reactors even work without blowing
up is thanks to Momo looking after them all the time.

This reactor used to be able to make nice big crops... But now it's all but
completely broken down...

People have been complaining about the enhanced crops... and the prices are
falling... I can understand why the director would want to disappear.

Just between you and me... I heard the mechanic who used to work here died of
chrysm poisoning...I wonder if Momo is OK...

The mechanic working on the reactors now is the daughter of the man who built
this plant.

That woman working on the machines... She sure is pretty, but all she thinks
about are machines... I bet she wouldn't be interested in a guy like me... Oh,

I used to buy the enhanced crops because they were cheap... But now I'm being
more careful about what I buy... I don't want to eat anything that might be

I wonder where the director has gotten off to...? It's not fair of him to
take off when we're so busy!

The director's never around when trouble starts... He wasn't here when we had
that problem with that mutant, either.

The reactors have stopped...And there's chrysm gas leaking out from
underground. Everyone got afraid and ran off...

It's still safe here, I guess... But all the other greenhouses are filled
with chrysm gas...

The greenhouses are filled with gas... The reactors are all dead... What's

I guess this is the end...

The director's not here, and the reactors aren't working... There's gas
everywhere...This place is finished!

We've got to get the gas out of the greenhouses... But if we open the doors,
the gas'll get whoever opened them. I don't want to die of chrysm poisoning...

I guess it was a bad idea... trying to use chrysm to make better crops.

I thought that breaking the roof would be a good way to get the gas out, so I
gathered up these stones... But I don't have enough strength left to throw
them. What should I do?

"We'll help you"
"You need more exercise"

You'll help me! Thank you! You know what to do, right?

"Tell us"

I know I should exercise more, but how is that going to help us now?

All you have to do is throw a rock onto the roof of the greenhouses, aiming
for the big glass panels... If you run up to it and hit it real hard, the
stone will travel far enough... I've marked the places where you should throw
the stones from...

Good luck!

I thought we'd never get any more customers!?

What's happening!? Somebody do something!

With all this gas coming out everywhere, I don't think anyone cares about the
crops anymore!

Ouch! That's hot!

That's probably the end of the enhanced crops... Maybe this is a good time to

I wonder why the greenhouses filled with gas like that... Maybe it was the
same gas as came out of the furnace?

Maybe the director knew what was going to happen, and that's why he took off?

I'm getting out of here too!

I hear you got rid of the gas... Thanks

Well, getting rid of the gas was one thing... But the reactors still aren't
working. I guess the director's abandoned us...

I guess we shouldn't ship the remaining enhanced crops, huh?

Underground equipment? Maybe that's what caused all the problems here...
'Course, this place is done for, so it doesn't matter anymore.

So much for the enhanced crops... They were good while they lasted...

Time to find a new job, I guess.


                       35. THE UNDERGROUND LABORATORY


Scene 1

<After descending the ladder into the lab>

Momo: Would you look at this place!!
Momo: Hey, Ryu. What do you think this place is for?
Momo: Is it part of the plant...? Is it the secret research lab of the
director...? But then this machine... Hmmm...
Momo: Verrry impressive... I wonder if the director built it all himself.. Or
if there was another engineer...
Momo: Engineer...!?
Momo: Wait a minute! Mmmm......... Oh, never mind... Come on, let's look
around a little...

<Have Momo inspect the #1 terminal>

Momo: Ah! I know what this is! This is a relic from the Techno Age! And this
Momo: the same as was on the door, right?!
Momo: In other words, this is a key...A key from the Techno Age!
Momo: If we input the password here... The doors with the same number will
Momo: Does anyone want to try and guess the password?
Momo: Without the password... We'll never be able to get those doors open
Momo: But usually people use something like... a friend's name or whatever
for their password...
Momo: Like... P e l e t or something
Momo: Maybe that's a little too obvious...?
Momo: I don't believe it... It opened!
Momo: Well, now we're getting somewhere! Come on, let's go!

Scene 2

<Dungeon text for password #2>

The room is flooded with chrysm radiation! Too much exposure is dangerous...
You can't spend too much time here...

Any more exposure would be dangerous and everyone left the room...

It says: Experimental sample: Repsol seed. Maybe it's a password?

Momo: Let's see... Password... R e p s o l ...
Momo: It opened! I knew it...
Momo: Repsol was... That was my father's name...
Momo: I guess that means he had something to do with this place. Maybe he was
working on some kind of experiment...?
Momo: When I saw the machines here, I knew my father must have been involved
somehow... but I never heard anything about this place...
Momo: Could my father have done things here he was ashamed to tell me about?

Scene 3

<Dungeon text for password #3>

There's a memo on the floor... It says: '...gave the sample life. If used
with Project AA ... Maybe it's a password?

Momo: Let's see... Enter password A A ...
Momo: There! Now there's only one left
Momo: I wonder... What does 'The AA Project' mean? Something to do with
enhancing life...? Like the enhanced crops?
Momo: Or does it have to do with mutants...? What was my father trying to do?
Momo: At any rate, we'd better find Director Palet... He's the only one who
can answer our questions.

Scene 4

<As you approach the door leading to the Huge Slug room, gas begins leaking
out of it>

Chrysm gas is leaking out of the room... Could something be happening inside?

There's something about that room... Let's check it out first...

<As you enter, you see the Huge Slug mutating>

Momo: Oh my! It's mutating!!!
Nina: A...mutant!?
Rei: So this... is a mutant?
Nina: A mutant...?

<Fight with the Huge Slug begins>

Could it be this plant is being used to make mutants in some kind of
experiment...? Could Momo's father be involved somehow?

<Dungeon text for password #4>

Repair Notes: Unit 3 out of order. Adjust pressure counter by 10

Main Valve: Off. Chrysm Pressure: 0

Chrysm Chamber Supplying Units 1-5

Unit 1: Chrysm Pressure: 21
Unit 2: Chrysm Pressure: 39
Unit 3: Chrysm Pressure: 18
Unit 4: Chrysm Pressure: 55
Unit 5: Chrysm Pressure: 42

It says... The chrysm chamber pressure counter... It's all too complicated to
understand... Maybe the pressure counter is this machine here?

It is essential to line up the counters in order from the one with the lowest
pressure up...
Look at the counters and arrange them in order from lowest to highest...!?
Could this be a hint for the last password?

Please enter password:


<Choose "Other">

Please enter password:


Momo: That's the last door
Momo: We should be able to find Palet now... I have a lot of questions for
him to answer!
Momo: Let's get a move on... If we don't, the door will close again!

Scene 5

<Once you reach the last room, you find Palet working on an experiment>

Palet: Hee hee hee... Soon, mother, soon... I'll be able to revive you
Palet: With this elixir I made using the mixture of chrysm ore and Yggdrasil
sap...I'll be able to bring you back to life!
Palet: I tried hundreds of experiments to perfect this process! After all, we
can't have you come back as some nasty mutant, now can we?
Palet: Hee hee hee Don't worry, mother... I'll make sure you don't look like
some ugly onion or anything like that!

<Your party enters>

Palet: What!? Who are you!? ...Momo!?
Momo: We finally found you, Mr. Director... So, you want to tell us what's
going on here? What is this place? Why did you abandon the plant like that?
Palet: Wh, what do you mean, Momo? I... I've been working on a new strain of
enhanced crops...
Momo: Liar! We heard you...heard you talking about bringing your mother back
from the dead!
Palet: Wh...wh..what? I...I...I'm just... My m-m-m-mother...
Momo: Your experiments... where you used the chrysm...they're responsible for
the mutants, aren't they? Your experiments to bring your dead mother back to
Palet: Shut up! What do you know! Why is it all right to use chrysm to create
new life with the enhanced crops... but not to give new life to my mother!?
Palet: Besides... It was your father, Repsol, who put this machinery together
in the first place!
Palet: Your father... He was the one who went to Yggdrasil and got the sap...
and put it in the machine... hoping to bring his dead wife back to life!
Momo: What...!?
Palet: It was a great discovery! We were able to use the essence of that
good-for-nothing tree Yggdrasil with the chrysm to give life!
Palet: And yet...and yet that fool Repsol... He said it was against the laws
of nature... that it was wrong... and stopped the experiments!
Palet: Why? What's wrong with it? Everyone who's lost a loved one wished they
could come back!
Palet: I won't quit now! I can't! Who cares what the tree says! Unnatural!?
What's unnatural about using the resources we've been given!
Palet: Hee hee hee... You see this? This is what we extracted from
Yggdrasil... The essence of consciousness itself!

<He drinks the elixer>

Palet: I'll now transform... I'll be able to protect my mother from anyone
who'd harm you! bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

<He transforms, and the battle with Shroom begins>

Scene 6

Momo: So many times, I've asked myself... What would it have been like if my
father had lived...?
Momo: That's why...
Momo: But... I don't know... Somehow I feel relieved just hearing that he
wasn't able to continue the experiments...
Momo: You know... I bet Palet's mother can't be happy, being hooked up to
machines like this...
Momo: Right...? Let's go...

<Examine the swtich>

If this is turned off, the supply of chrysm will stop... and Palet's mother
will finally be able to rest in peace...

"Cut the switch"
"Leave it as is"

You feel like you've forgotten about something...

Scene 7

<You automatically make camp after leaving the Plant>

Nina: ...Momo?
Momo: Huh? What?
Nina: Thank you for your help, Momo... Thanks to you, we were able to take
care of the problem at the plant.
Momo: Oh, that? Well, it looks like my father was involved with the plant, so
I would have had to do something about it sooner or later...
Momo: My father... He repaired that machine...and was going to use it to try
and bring back my dead mother, but he quit and started working on developing
the enhanced crops.
Nina: I wonder... Why did your father quit his experiments?
Momo: I think it's because he realized... there's nothing more unnatural,
more wrong than trying to bring the dead back to life.
Momo: He loved machines... And he may not have known a lot about anything
else... But he wasn't stupid!
Nina: Well...anyway, thank you. Now Ryu can receive the king's forgiveness
and travel to the eastern lands...
Momo: I've been thinking... I'll probably go east with Ryu and the others...
Momo: There's no point in staying at the plant And I'd still like to see what
kind of ship they have in Rhapala.

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Loose dungeon text>

It looks really complicated... Too complicated for <player> to understand

It's not turned on... It's no good like this

We should be able to open the doors with the same number now

We don't know the password yet... We should be able to find a hint somewhere

The door is locked electronically

There's a bed here Do you want to rest?


Do you want to save?


It's locked with an electronic lock! You'll need to enter the password


                       36. WYNDIA CASTLE: THE ESCAPE


Scene 1

Nina: Well now... We made it to Wyndia...
Nina: Rei, you come with me to the castle
Rei: Huh!? What do you mean, princess!?
Nina: I think I told you before... Everyone thinks Ryu kidnapped me from the
castle before...
Nina: So... It's probably better if you come along with me, Rei , because no
one knows your face, right?
Nina: We'll get the king's permission... Just wait for us out here, OK, Ryu?
Rei: All right then, princess... Shall we go?

<After you talk to the Gatekeeper with Nina in the lead>

Gatekeeper: Princess Nina! Welcome home!
Gatekeeper: I've heard that you've been to the plant...The King is waiting for
your report...This way!

Scene 2

<You meet before the king and Nina explains all that has happened>

King: .........And what of the plant?
Nina: Well.........
King: Hmmm... So, you believe the enhanced crops are dangerous, then...
Perhaps we'll have to shut the plant down...
King: Thank you, Nina. Excellent job!
Nina: I didn't do it by myself...
Nina: I was only able to complete my mission with the help of Rei...
King: Rise, Master Rei... Thank you for your assistance
King: If what I heard is correct, you wish to travel to the eastern lands,
King: We will have a passport prepared... In the meantime, please enjoy our
Nina: Master Rei, this way please... I'll give you a tour of the castle.

Scene 3

<Talk to Nina's mother>

Sheila: Nina... You've come back
Nina: Yes... ... ... I'm home
Sheila: I've heard about how well you've done... It pleases me greatly But...
Sheila: You belong to Wyndia... And you belong to me...
Nina: Mother...
Sheila: I'm saying this for your own good. I won't tolerate any more foolish,
rash behavior... Understand?

<Go to the basement>

Nina: This is the basement of the castle... The kitchen is that way...
Nina: And the dungeon's that way...
Nina: Speaking of the dungeon... Ryu was put in there once, when he was

<Honey appears>

Rei: Hey...what's this? Someone's followed us
Nina: Honey!? Did you follow us again?
Nina: Honey followed me here once before...
Nina: She tried running away from me... And we ended up falling off a balcony!
Rei: Well, I guess even she's got things she's afraid of, right? Like
balconies, maybe?

<Nina picks up Honey>

Nina: Maybe... I'll grab her this time to make sure she doesn't go off
somewhere again.

Scene 4

<After returning to the main area of the castle>

Nina: I wonder if everything's ready...?

<You meet with the king again>

Here is your passport
You got a passport!

King: My apologies for the delay, Master Rei. Now that that's been taken care
of, please, relax and enjoy yourself.
Nina: Father, have you forgotten? Master Rei is on pressing business and has
no time. It would be wrong of us to keep him from his business.
Nina: I will escort Rei to the gate.
Rei: Thank you, uh, Your Tall, uh, Highness... I'll be taking off... uh,
taking my leave of you now...
King: Very well then... Have a safe journey, Master Rei!

<Nina takes Rei aside>

Rei: What's the hurry? I never pass up a free meal!
Nina: You'd better hurry Before everyone finds out about Ryu and the others!
Nina: I don't think I can go with you this time, but please tell Ryu that...
I know he's not a bad dragon, OK?
Sheila: Stop!
Sheila: Rei...or whoever you are... You're one of that villain Ryu's friends,
are you not!?
King: What!? Is this true!?
Guard: There can be no doubt! I saw him talking with the same people who were
here all those years ago!
Nina: Father, I can explain! I'm sorry I didn't tell you everything right
away... But Ryu isn't a bad person!
Sheila: You are being tricked...Lied to! By these con men! These hoodlums!
Nina: Ryu is not a hoodlum or a con man! He's a strong, noble man with a
Sheila: You know nothing! I don't know or care what they are! They are not
people you should be calling friends!
Nina: It's you who doesn't understand, Mother! About the Brood! About the
criminals in Syn City! About the remnants of the Techno Age! Do you have any
idea what's outside your castle, Mother?
Rei: Hey, take it easy...
Rei: All baby birds leave the nest someday... Am I wrong?
Sheila: How... dare you!?
Rei: Look... I'm just like you said...a crook, a thief... But Ryu is
Rei: Ryu is the kind of guy who can... No, will change the world. I'm not
surprised that you're worried about him...
King: What are you doing! Arrest him!
Rei: Time to leave...!

<You make a break for the front gate but are met by guards. Honey then runs
off again>

Nina: Rei! Follow Honey!
Nina: I followed Honey before...
Nina: and she led me out of the castle!

<You follow Honey down into the basement>

Scene 5

Rei: What's she gonna do? Jump off the balcony again!?
Nina: It was OK then, and we're underground now.
Nina: Come on, let's go after her!

<After reaching the wine cellar>

Rei: It's a dead-end, isn't it?
Nina: It looks that way, but...
Nina: Something tells me we'll find a way out.

<Upon descending the ladder in the wine cellar, you'll find Honey trying to
break a door down>

Soldier: Wh whoa! What the heck is this!?
Nina: It... it's not anything dangerous... Don't be alarmed...
Nina: Rei, hurry! Open this door!

<Rei picks the lock, and Rei and Honey go inside. Honey then approachs the
machine inside>

Honey: 1001 0101 01110 10 00001 011..
Navigator Code accepted. Activating Portal Drive

<Honey gets on the activated portal and teleports away>

Rei: .........She disappeared! Are we supposed to get away with this

<Rei goes outside to get Nina, but the queen and her guards have caught up>

Rei: Nina! I think we can make it... Uh-oh!
Nina: Mother, I'm sorry... But I have to...
Sheila: Don't talk to me like that, young lady! You are the princess and heir
to the throne. Do you think you can just disobey your duty and your family
like this?
Nina: I love you, mother. I understand how important I am and that I'm a
Nina: But I'm not just a princess! I'm also Nina! And I have to do what I
think is right!

<You both rush inside and use the portal to escape>

Soldier: Huhhhhhhhh?

Scene 6

Nina: Wh...where are we?
Rei: Hey, Honey... What the heck have you done?
Nina: Let's get out of here and take a look around...

<After exiting the hut>

Nina: We're all the way outside the castle!
Rei: No time to waste, then... We'd better catch up with Ryu and the others!

Scene 7

<You meet up with everyone at camp and explain what happened>

Nina: And so that's what happened
Rei: Well...I guess that means we can't be counting on any help from the King
of Wyndia anytime soon...
Nina: I'm sorry... I don't know what I was thinking...
Garr: You shouldn't worry about it... More importantly, we should get to the
bridge before the King's men do...

Choose your party members

Scene 8

<Once you get to the Eastern Checkpoint and approach the guards there>

Soldier: Excuse me... passport please
Soldier: Everything looks OK. You're free to go

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Castle Gatekeeper: before visiting the Plant>

Gatekeeper: Princess Nina! We've heard of your exploits in McNeil Village!
Gatekeeper: I guess you'll be wanting to report to the King immediately
Nina: Not yet...Before I do that... I was thinking of checking out the plant
as well...
Gatekeeper: I see! Well, then, good luck, princess!
I'd just like to say how impressed we all are with your work!

<Wyndia villager dialogue>


Hear about the smuggling in McNeil Village? You have!? Well, have you heard
that officials from Wyndia are going to take over the management of the



This is Wyndia

It's our job to keep suspicious folks out

Those enhanced crops just don't taste the same lately... 'Course, they never
tasted that good anyway.

They're having a big Clean Town movement now... Which means they only let me
sleep in out-of-sight places... What a cruel world we live in!

I always thought it was pretty creepy anyway... Using chrysm on the crops
like that...

I remember how we used to play here when we were kids...

I remember how we used to play Hide-and-Seek all the time.

Looking for a place to stay?

zzz zzz...

That dog out front is the son of the one we used to have. Takes after his
father, sleeping all day long like that!

I've been traveling all over the world... I don't know, but somehow it seems
so small... Maybe I should get a boat and try going out into the Outer Sea...

We've got everything you're needing!

You know that town Genmel, down south of here? They stopped holding that
Contest of Champions there...

Have you heard about what Princess Nina has been doing? I heard she's the one
who arrested that McNeil fellow...

This is my secret base--you can't come in without permission!

If you keep talking like that, I'm going to throw you in the river, so you
better behave!

I wanna juice! I wanna piece of cake!

I came here to see for myself why this cafe's so popular... And steal their
techniques for my own shop!

Another girl, fallen victim to my charms!

Didn't they say they found a dragon at Dauna Mine a few years back? I thought
dragons were extinct, anyway.

I saw that guy McNeil... He didn't look so big and important to me

Yummm...Yep, shisu's the best! What? You've never heard of shisu? It's a
Maekyss specialty!

Hi there! Come on in!

Take your time, look around

There's a lot of people in Wyndia... But there's also a lot of shops, which
means lots of competition for me!

We sell so many Midas Stones, we can't keep them in stock!

As you can see, this is Castle Wyndia.

When she was a kid, she used to play with me everyday... But now all she
cares about is her boyfriend.

If only I had wings... I could go visit my boyfriend anytime!

coo coo

Yay! Ha ha ha!

I want to go to the All-You-Can-Eat Bread Festival... But I just know I'll
get fat... What should I do?

Fresh-baked bread! Warm, soft, delicious! All you can eat!

I heard the mayor of McNeil Village got into some trouble... We've got no
problems like that here!


I'm not just sitting here staring at the bread for nothing... I'm checking to
make sure there's no bad loaves.

Makes no difference if our flour supplier got himself in trouble. We just
make the bread, see?

You know, when it's your job to bake bread all day long... You end up hating
the know?

This is bread made using flour from those enhanced crops... I don't know...It
came out kind of bad... Guess I'll mark it down or use it at the

I tried baking bread using flour from those enhanced crops. It just doesn't
turn out right...

Here in Wyndia, bread is one of our staple foods.

Lately, the stuff we've been getting from the plant hasn't been too good.
We've been having lots of problems with it...

I always wanted to visit someplace outside Wyndia... but now I guess I'm too

Such lovely weather today! On days like this, it's so nice to take lunch
outside at the cafe.

Hmm? Princess Nina? No...It can't be... I mean, how many times can the
princess run away, anyway?

I'm aware that the Princess Nina has left the castle... But I am of the firm
belief she has a good reason for it!

Nina: We should go to the castle first...

<Castle dialogue>

You don't have a passport yet!

Thank you for helping Nina.... Please enjoy the hospitality of the castle
while we prepare your passport.

I'm pleased that you're taking on greater duties as you mature, but... you
should also remember to attend to your mother on occasion, yes?

Tell us about your adventures in McNeil Village and fighting the underground
organization at Syn City.

Your efforts are an inspiration to us all, Princess...

If I work hard enough...maybe one day I'll be a knight

We're all impressed by your work, Princess... But be careful not to overdo

We heard rumors here about a ferocious monster like a tiger. Did you two
defeat that as well?

McNeil is in the dungeons below...

I had no idea the enhanced crops were dangerous like that... I just thought
they tasted bad, that's all...

Syn City is that place to the west, isn't it? I heard you took care of the
crime gang there as well

I wonder if they use enhanced crops in the food here?

Thank you for helping Princess Nina! Thank you so much!

Oh, Princess Nina! We're so glad to have you back safe! I'm so happy to see
you again!

I suppose the Princess prefers life outside the castle to life inside...

If you do so much work all at once like that, you'll run out of excuses to
leave the castle!

You're truly amazing, Princess... Solving all those problems by yourself!

We better be careful or we'll be out of a job!

The maids' and servants' rooms are this way.

Your room is up these stairs, Princess Nina.

Welcome home, Princess Nina

This way to the kitchen

Have you found any of the other masters?

Our training hasn't gotten any easier!

We'll try hard to follow your example, Princess!

We're still working on making the passport...

The passport will be ready soon...

Maybe I should leave the castle and try finding a handsome man like you did,

That fellow you brought back with you was pretty good-looking, Princess

You're back, eh, Princess?

I wonder exactly how big the world is?

I hear you helped Princess Nina... Thank you for your trouble

I'm so glad you've returned safely...

Ever since that time those ruffians stole Princess Nina away from us, I made
up my mind to never trust outsiders!

Don't be taken in by him, Princess Nina! Let's get him his passport and get
rid of him!

The Queen is always thinking of you, Princess Nina...

You should leave the police duty to the soldiers, and take care of your
mother, Princess Nina...

Nina: Just what do you think you're doing? Going through a lady's things like
that! Especially right in front of her!
Rei: Oh! Excuse me! You have to remember, I spent most of my life as a

Nina: What are you doing? Hurry up! There she goes--that way!

They were just using me! Balio...Sunder... Mikba--they were in charge!

According to our investigation, they're all dead... You should be happy we
arrested you, Mr. McNeil.

Seeing the mayor all tied up like that kind of makes me feel sorry for him...

We're currently questioning Mr. McNeil

I'm not really a bad guy! Honest! I was tricked! Duped! Suckered!

I make my living conning people and taking their money!

This food stinks! But it's OK... I'll eat it anyway. I'll eat anything.

Let's see... We have a mayor who was smuggling... A small-time con man, and
the Mac brothers. Nobody special.

Have you come to see the mayor you arrested, Princess?

I thought I saw you with a small machine-like thing...?

cluck cluck

I've been stuck here on guard duty ever since that day all those years ago
that Princess Nina ran away...

Are you eating right? You'll have no energy unless you eat right!

No one knows how to carve like the boss Hachio... If you have the time, you
should get him to teach you...

crunch crunch

If you don't eat up and work hard... Princess Nina's gonna take all your work,

Where did all the birds go? I wonder if someone's not eating them?

cluck cluck


Did you see that little machine soldier run by? It was pretty amazing!

Now's not the time to be playing with the chickens!

What, Princess Nina? Running away from home again? Be careful, and make sure
you eat right.

If you want to learn how to cook from Hachio, come back anytime, OK?


Oh, Princess Nina Leaving home again? Don't worry, Princess. We're on your

I saw something small go running down that way...

What's happened to my my money...?

It's not your village anymore, Mr. McNeil...

This is what you get for making deals with people like that

That's the mayor who was arrested for smuggling...

This is the way to the dungeon

I had no idea there was a machine like that below the castle. They're just a
big mystery, aren't they-- machines...


One day...I'll be a great cook, just like Hachio! That's why I've got to
practice, practice, practice!

We all know that Princess Nina left home... And we all understand why she
wants to go outside... That's why we all look the other way...

I hope the Princess eats right when she's gone...

Everyone in the castle is on Princess Nina's side... Except the Queen...

cluck cluck


It might cause a big ruckus if you go up there...

This is Nina's dresser...

<Eastern Checkpoint dialogue>

Why do you need the king's permission to cross the bridge...? Now that you
mention it, I don't really know...

The king's permission is needed for security reasons...That way, criminals
and so on can't just come and go as they please.

I'm on a trip, walking all over the world... I even visited that old mine
where they had that accident...

I'm headed to Junk Town to buy some machines. I wonder if the boat outta
Rhapala's running?

Welcome! Looking for a room?

We don't sell passports, but we've got everything else!

I've been on a trip over to the Urkan region. I saw the old ruins they call
Angel Tower there...

It's nice to travel, but you've got to watch out for monsters Like man-eating
tigers and stuff...

I'm the Traveling Gourmet... I travel all over the world eating local
specialties... The best I've ever had was in Wyndia Something called
shisu...It was really something!

Please, go ahead

One moment please... ...This is in order. Please go ahead

Soldier: Excuse me... but I need to see your passport

Soldier: This passport has expired... I'm sorry but we can't let you through.


                         37. ANGEL TOWER: FINDING GOD


Scene 1

<At the base of Angel Tower>

Watchman: Are you going to the Tower, Guardian Garr?
Garr: Yes... The time has come to return to God what God has given me...
Watchman: Dust to dust... Guardian! Do you mean...?
Watchman: We thank you... Thank you for your protection all these many
years... Rest well, Guardian Garr...Go with God!

<The camera pans up to the top of the tower>

Garr: After the war... After defeating the Brood, their mission complete, the
Garr: Offered up to God their victory here.

And God appeared before the prostrate Guardians
To reward each and every one of them for their sacrifices and victory over

<Garr approaches the alter at the top>

Garr: When our mission has been completed...
Garr: We are allowed to meet our God...

<Ryu follows>

Garr: After meeting with God, most Guardians return their power to God and
fall into a deep sleep...
Garr: The Sleep of Stone. Deprived of the power granted to him by God, a
Guardian's body turns to stone...
Garr: Before I enter the Sleep of Stone I swear, Ryu, that I will take you to
meet God...
Garr: And together... We will learn the truth about God's intentions!

<Garr kneels before the alter and prays>

Guardian... God... will not come... here...
God will... not come...
Garr: Who are you?

<A woman appears with a flash of lightning>

If you want to meet God...You must release me...
Garr: ...Deis?
The key... You must seek... Guardian Gaist...

<She dissappears and your third party member approaches>

Garr: Deis, wait! Gaist is...!!
Nina: Did you meet God, Garr?
Momo: Well, what happened? Did you see God?
Rei: Are you OK? What happened with God?
Peco: pukakyuru?

Garr: .........God is... No, before that...
Garr: Before we meet with God, we have to find someone...His name is Gaist...
Like me, he is a... Guardian.
Nina: A Guardian? You mean just like you, Garr?
Momo: You mean there are other Guardians?
Rei: Another Guardian? What for?
Peco: puroppuu?

Garr: I don't know exactly what we should do, but we should be able to find
out something about Gaist if we ask at Urkan Tapa...

<As you exit the tower>

Watchman: What happened? Guardian, I thought you were going to enter the
Stone Sleep?
Watchman: I see... Well, come back whenever you're ready, then...

Scene 2

<Once you return to the Urkan Tapa and talk to Sudama>

Garr: .........
Sudama: ...Garr?
Sudama: What is it? Your mission is over
Garr: Venerable Patriarch, God did not appear in the Tower...
Sudama: That's because you still have doubt in your heart! You must free
yourself from your doubts! Unless you wish to become like Gaist...
Garr: Oh Venerable One... Do you know where Gaist is?
Garr: Please tell me, Oh Patriarch... I must meet with Gaist before I can be
free of my doubts!
Sudama: Beyond the cave by the sea to the west... I've heard there lives a
Guardian who has given up fighting...
Sudama: But Garr... You cannot allow yourself to become like Gaist... Keep
your faith! Do not doubt the wisdom of God!

Scene 3

<Tidal Cave dungeon text>

If you wait and time it right, you can get in and out before the tide
The tide's out! Now's your chance!

The ebb of the tide has changed the sea level...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Urkan Tapa villager dialogue>

Welcome to Urkan Tapa, the home of the Urkan people.

This is the Hall of Prayer...and above it lives the Patriarch

Did you hear that the Guardian is still with us...?

You mean the one who fled the war? Or Guardian Garr?

Angel Tower protects us from evil...

An evil we fought against in the past lies trapped in Angel Tower... What?
What evil, you ask? We are not allowed to speak of it.

At times, our god appears to us at Angel Tower... Although lately, no one has
seen anything there...

There is also a Guardian who disappeared during the Great War...

I know, I know! It was Guardian Gaist, right teacher?

We're studying history

Hmmm...I see... That's interesting to know

I'm meditating

I'm in the middle of making rope...

I'm loafing

I hear there's a village on the cliff to the west of here

Apparently, the road can only be passed when the tides are right

Thank you... God be with you

If evil should return... I'll become a Guardian and protect you!

sweep sweep sweep!

It's amazing how people here never tire of their stories about God and evil
and all... 'Course, I can't really say that too loud, but...


tweet tweet


This is where our Patriarch Sudama lives


The Patriarch may look like he's sleeping... But I'm sure he's contemplating
the world around him.

This is where those who serve God come to purify themselves.

It looks like Garr.

This world exists because the Guardians saved it from evil. We must remember
to offer them our prayers of thanks like this.

Looking for weapons? Ours have been blessed by God!

Need any items?

We must always be vigilant that the evil trapped in Angel Tower never revives.

I don't care about evil, as long as I'm happy...

There aren't as many people praying as there used to be. I guess that's just
the way things go.

Tired? We can pep you up!


Do you wish to refresh yourselves? Please, come in?

Guardian! You're still with us?

Hello, Guardian. Do you wish to see the Patriarch?

Ah, Guardian... We were just talking about you

Guardian...You are not returning to Angel Tower, then?

Guardian Garr! We were just talking about the coward Guardian

Guardian Garr, I've heard you live in the western cliffs?

That's what the rumors say...

May God be with you, Guardian

If evil should appear again, I'll become a Guardian too!

Everyone keeps talking about God and evil... It's all just a bunch of legends!
Why doesn't the Guardian just go back to the Tower?

Welcome home, Guardian Garr

Go west... There you will find Gaist
Free yourself from your doubts, Garr

<Angel Tower guard dialogue>

What? Guardian Gaist? I've heard stories... He was a mighty Guardian... I
believe he disappeared without a trace...!

The woman sealed in the crypt to the south of the tower is Deis. A witch who
allied herself with evil during the Great War.

Watchman: Guardian Garr, are you ready to enter your sleep now?

It's really not allowed, but you've been here so many times already... Please,
go inside.

You're friends of Garr, yes?


                                 38. CLIFF


Scene 1

<Upon entering Gaist's house>

Gaist: Who's there?
Garr: .........Guardian Gaist...
Gaist: ...Garr?

<Garr tells Gaist about Ryu and his quest>

Gaist: A progeny of the Brood? .........Is that him!?
Garr: At God's command, we killed the Brood... I want to know if that was a
mistake, and he's the key to that mystery...
Gaist: Are you still talking that nonsense?
Gaist: If you doubt the word of God... You should just run away... Run away
like I did...
Gaist: What were you thinking, anyway? Bringing him here like this!?
Gaist: You want to help him avenge the Brood? He's only one little boy! What
do you think he can do all alone?
Garr: I...just want to know the truth... Why did the Brood have to die?
Gaist: Bah! You haven't changed, have you? Asking those stupid questions...
Gaist: Anyway...So... What does the high-and-mighty Garr want with me, eh?
Garr: ...We need you to free Deis...
Garr: So we can meet with God... We need Deis' help...
Gaist: Deis, eh...? I suppose I'm the right one to talk to about that...
Gaist: All right... I'll help you.
Gaist: But before I do... I want to have a little chat with our dragon friend

<Garr and your third member leave>

Gaist: I'm sure you've heard from Garr... About how we Guardians fought the
Gaist: We killed countless Brood... Something I feel really bad about now...
But... It's all over and done with... Unless you want to dig up all those
skeletons of the past...
Gaist: That's what I thought... That's the way the Brood always were... Even
though they had such power, they didn't fight back...
Gaist: The world thinks... that it was the Brood that started the war... But
they didn't... We hunted them down and killed them.
Gaist: Eventually... I couldn't take it any longer...So I ran away... Garr
kept his faith in God and fought to the end, but... I bet somewhere deep in
his heart he had his doubts...
Gaist: So you see... It's not that I don't understand what he's feeling...
Gaist: I was never as serious as he is... I don't care about God or the
truth... It's too much trouble for me to bother with, you know?
Gaist: That's why I want you to think this over...Talk about it with Garr
outside there...
Gaist: And if you're really serious... If you really want to do this... Come
back here alone, all right?
Gaist: All right... now get on outta here

<Talk to him again>

Take as much time as you need--I'll be here... Remember, once you've made up
your mind, come here alone, OK?

Scene 2

<After going back outside and meeting Garr>

Garr: What happened?
Garr: Hmmm...Gaist said that, eh? I think maybe he wants to test you, Ryu...
Garr: As long as I've known him, Gaist doesn't do anything until he's
convinced himself it's what has to be done. He probably wants to know how
serious you are about this whole business--just how far you mean to take it.
Garr: What do you think, Ryu? Your strength... The blood in your veins...
Your desire to know the truth...
Garr: The truth about God... Is it enough to convince Gaist?

(1)"I must know the truth"
(2)"Is it that important?"

Garr: Then you have nothing to worry about... Once you've prepared yourself,
you should go meet Gaist...

Garr: What!? mean you no longer want to meet God!?

(1)"No, I want the truth"
(2)"Yeah...who cares?"

Garr: If that's how you feel then... You need to convince Gaist of it...
Without him, we can't go any further... Once you're ready, you should go see

Garr: W... wait a minute... I still think it's something we need to learn,
don't you?
Garr: And besides...If we stop here... I won't have been able to make it up
to you for the time I tried to kill you, right, Ryu...?
Garr: It gladdens me to hear you say that. As the only survivor of the Brood,
you need to know the truth more than any of us...

Scene 3

<Once you speak with Gaist again>

Gaist: Well, then...Have you made up your mind?

"I want the truth"
"Not yet..."

<Say "Not yet">

Gaist: Oh, really? Well, take your time then...

<Say "I want the truth">

Gaist: Heh... I thought you'd say that...
Gaist: I had you figured as the serious type... Well, then, shall we begin?
Gaist: Go over there... Stand between the two braziers

<Once you stand in the right spot>

Gaist: That's fine
Gaist: All right now... This may seem old-fashioned to you... But it's the
only thing I know how to do, OK?
Gaist: I need you to fight me, little dragon!

<He transforms, and a battle with Gaist begins>

Gaist: Uhh... so...this is a dragon's true strength!
Gaist: You see...The seal that keeps Deis trapped...couldn't be released...
as long as I was this was the only way...
Gaist: Don't feel bad... I died the day I became a Guardian...
Gaist: Besides, during the war... I killed so many seems only
fair... that I in turn have my life taken by the Brood
Gaist: Uhhhh... I wonder... Is this power... what God feared...?

<Garr and your third member enter>

Garr: Gaist...!?
Gaist: Or is the real power of the Brood the ability to make allies out of
Gaist: It's too bad it had to be this way... I would've liked to go with
you... Garr...It's up to you now...

<He fades away>

Garr: Gaist understood...
Garr: .........With this, Deis should be free. Let's go... Let's go to meet

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Villager dialogue>

Are you fellas on the lam too? You sure don't look like it...

This here's Cliff... It's a place for the homeless and jobless and other

This is where all them folks that don't fits in somewhere else comes to be...
Like me! hee hee hee!

I got into trouble back home...And I took off for here. Nobody'd come after
me here, I figured.

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Whadda you want, eh? Lookin' for someone? Gaist? At the end o' the village...
heh heh heh.

Rest here?

What d'ya want?

I was experimenting with shapechanging and got stuck like this. They say my
people used to be able to change shape whenever they wanted, though...

Visitors? That's som'thin' you don't see everyday... Ain't nothing here, but
make yourselves at home, yeah?

Hey, if it ain't Garr... Give up fighting at the arena?

If you're looking for Gaist, he's dead hee hee hee

Gaist was able to change shapes... But I'm still stuck like this...

<Extra Gaist dialogue and text>

Between the two braziers there...

Gaist: Where do you think you're going? Between the braziers, I said!



                              39. FREEING DEIS


Scene 1

<After entering the chamber where Deis is trapped>

Garr: .........Deis

<The barrier is lifted>

Deis: Guardian...... come closer...

<Garr approaches her, but she sucker punches him to the ground>

Deis: You big oaf! You bone-headed Guardian! What did you think you were
doing, entombing me in this temple for 500 years! I've half a mind to blast
you into orbit!
Deis: So... I guess the fact that you've released me shows that you're finally
willing to listen to what I have to say?

<Garr approaches her again, but she strikes him in the stomach again>

Deis: It's too late, idiot!
Deis: Well, maybe not completely hopeless...

<A flashback to the time of the dragon war commences>

Deis: What have you done!!
Deis: What do you think you're doing! You buffoon!! Idiot!!
Garr: But...Our God has told us that they are wicked and evil...
Deis: And you never thought she might be wrong, you imbicile!?
Deis: I'll take you to meet your fool God!
Gaist: Deis...! Show more respect for our God--or else...

<Back in the present>

Deis: If each and every last member of the Brood had indeed been killed, all
would have been lost...
Deis: But there's still one of the Brood left!
Garr: And what of...God?
Deis: First things first, Guardian! The spirits of the dead dragons are too
strong here... We need to go someplace else.
Deis: There should be a cave at the base of the volcano to the west of
here...I'll meet you there.
Deis: The volcano to the west... Got it, my little dragon?

<She teleports away>

Garr: The volcano to the west... She must mean Mt. Zublo...
Nina: Wait just a minute! Why do you have such a goofy look on your face,
Rei: Don't this just beat all...

Scene 2

<After reaching the Cave of Ages and examining the wall inside>

Garr: I think this is the place Deis meant...
Nina: The one she told us to come to?
Rei: But there's nobody here, is there?
Momo: This is the cave in the volcano, right?
Peco: ...... Did you really think Peco would say something?

<Ryu dissappears, reappearing at Deis's residence>

Deis: There you are, my little dragon...

<She comes out>

Deis: Don't be frightened This is what I really look like... Were you
expecting me to show up naked again?
Deis: In that form... The one I was imprisoned in... I'm not able to fully
utilize my powers, see...

(1)"That's too bad"
(2)"I like you this way"

Deis: Well, it can't be helped... To do what needs to be done, I need my
powers, right?

Deis: Well! Thanks! You certainly know what to say to a lady, don't you!

<Garr appears>

Deis: that you're all here...
Garr: Is this...where we'll meet God?
Deis: No, silly... I'm going to tell you how to get there from here!
Deis: Before I was imprisoned... I would have been able to take you there
myself, but I don't have enough strength left to do it now.
Deis: All right, my little Ryu... I'm going to open your eye so you'll be
able to see the way yourself.
Deis: It might hurt a little... But you'll just have to grin and bear it

<Ryu is engulfed in an orange lightning>

My... Ryu...

<A bright light shines above Ryu's head>

Deis: That, Ryu, is called prana. The Eye of God... If you follow that'll find the god who used the Guardians to destroy your people...
Garr: ...north?
Deis: Far, far away to the north... Across the sea...
Deis: How you get there is up to you... I can't do it for you...This is all I
can do now...
Deis: It's up to you now Ryu... Good luck!

<Ryu dissappears>

Deis: Garr, I want you to look out for him... Make sure nothing happens to
him, understand?
Garr: I swear by the lives of all the Brood I stole...He will not come to
harm while I draw breath.

<Garr dissappears>

Deis: Whew! I must be getting old if something like this knocks the wind
outta me!
Deis: You must be feeling your age as well... Sister...

<Back at the Cave of Ages>

Nina: Ryu! Garr!
Nina: First Ryu... then you, Garr, just disappeared like that! I was so
frightened! What happened? Did you see Deis? Did you meet God?
Garr: God is...very far away... across the sea...
Garr: Looks like we'll be needing a boat.

Extra Text and Dialogue



                         40. JUNK TOWN AND THE DOCK


Scene 1

<As you approach the western exit of town, you'll encounter Beyd and some
sailors talking to the guildsmen>

Beyd: My name is Beyd... Rhapala Guildmaster. I've come to get our boat
Watchman: What!? Yes, of course. Good to see you again
Watchman: The dock is to the west...Go on in

<They exit>

Scene 2

<Once you reach the Dock and find Beyd again>

Beyd: You mean the repairs aren't finished yet!?
Mechanic: Well, you see, sir... We didn't know y'd be coming so soon, y'see?
We haven't found the parts we be needing yet, y'see?
Beyd: Hmmm...I see... But what should I do now...? I told everyone I'd be
back soon...
Mechanic: S... sorry, sir. We didn't know it'd be takin' so long to find the
parts y'see...
Sailor: Excuse me, sir... Guildmaster sir... But you don't be planning on
having us be looking for parts now, do you? I mean, we're sailors, right?
Beyd: Wait a minute...!'re Ryu, aren't you!?
Nina: Long time no see, Beyd...
Momo: It's been a while, hasn't it?
Garr: Hmmm... Beyd, isn't it

Beyd: It's so good to see all of you again! I'll never forget what you did
for me all those years ago... But what are you doing here...?
Beyd: You need a ship!? Well, I'd like to say I can help you with that...
Beyd: It looks like the repairs are going to take longer than we're going to have to wait again, just like before...
I'm sorry...

<After talking to Beyd again with Momo>

Momo: Anything I can do to help?
Beyd: That's right! You're an engineer, aren't you, Momo!
Engineer: If that's the case, think you could give us a hand? This way,

<You go inside the ship>

Engineer: the engine room
Momo: OK...and this is what needs fixing?
Momo: Gotcha! I can fix this, no problem!
Momo: Ryu, think you can find these parts? You got the Memo!
Momo: I don't think you'll be able to find all those parts in one
place...You'll have to look around, OK?
Beyd: You were able to fix the lighthouse... I'm sure you'll be able to fix
the ship faster than anyone else could as well!
Engineer: If you can find those parts for us, we'll have the ship moving in
no time! Ask the guildmen where the best places to look for parts are

<As you leave the Dock>

Watchman: What? You're going to be looking for the parts?
Watchman: I... I don't know if that's OK... I mean, that's supposed to be our
job and all............You should probably go back to town and talk it over
with the Guildmaster...

Scene 3

<Once you find the Chief back in Junk Town>

Chief: You want to look for parts!? Nope, no can do... Only guildmembers have
permission to do that.
Chief: But to be honest, I don't care if you do. The more hands, the faster
the job'll be done, anyway.
Chief: You should go down to Steel Beach. That's the best place to look for
spare parts, see?

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Junk Town villager dialogue>

Parts! Parts!

This here's the Machine Guild village. People call it Junk Town...

I wonder if there's nothing here I can use...

Even though we're called the Machine Guild, we don't actually make machines,
see... We just looks for parts we can use an' repairs 'em

Sometimes, when you're rootin' around like this, you finds a machine dat's
alive and acts up on ya... You know, dose chrysm machine soldiers.

How do the machines work? Darned if I know. What difference does it make as
long as they work, right?

There used to be nothing but a big mountain of junk here, but people realized
it's a good place to get parts, so they just settled down.

Did you know there's also a kind of boat called a junk?

Y'know, I wonder sometimes... Who made all these machines in the first place?

It's a machine soldier...But it looks harmless...

That there's a machine soldier! Pretty neat, huh?

The weapons array on this one's broken, so he's safe... One o' these days, I
figure I'll fix 'im up and use 'im for somethin'...

Restricted! Only Guild members permitted!

The ship's engine broke down and we can't get back home... (sigh)...I miss the

We're sailors from Rhapala...Only our engine's broke down... I bet everyone
back home's worried about us...

You must have something really important to say to come all the way back here
just to talk to me, eh?

sniff sniff...


We don't get many visitors 'round here. As you can see, nothin' here but

On the other side of the village over there there's a road that leads out to
a beach facing the Outer Sea. Lots of machines wash up over there.

Come on in--we got hard beds and clean sheets!

You folks must really like machines to come all the way out here

I came here from Rhapala, but the ship's engine broke down... I hear they're
having the Machine Guild repair it...

They say our ancestors made these machines long ago... They were a lot
smarter than we are, weren't they?

That man over there is the head of the Machine Guild... Everyone calls him

Looking for weapons?

Need some armor?

Hmmmmm... What if the machines weren't made to use chrysm as energy... But
they're using chrysm as a substitute for something else?

I don't know how they works, but as long as they works...

This junk mountain used to be a lot bigger, you know... But it's gotten
smaller as people take bits and pieces away.

If you're worn out from looking for junk, we can pep you up in no time!

Do you have business with the Machine Guild?...No? I guess not...Nothing here
but a pile of junk, anyway...

Welcome to the home of the Machine Guild, Junk Town! Not exactly a name to be
proud of, is it?

I bet I can use this...

I bet you think this is nothing but junk, don't you? Since we don't know how
to build machines ourselves, finding parts and stuff like this is the best we
can do.

Have you heard about the chrysm-powered machine soldiers? Don't find many of
'em here anymore, but I hear there's still lots down on Steel Beach.

We assemble the machines we find lying about, and the Porter's Guild takes
them wherever they're needed.

Travelers? If you're into sightseeing, not much 'round here... 'cept for the
big mountain of junk over there...


If all the junk gets taken away... What'll we call the town then?


That machine soldier has been with me since I was a kid... He's a good fellow.

When we were kids, machine hunting was men's work, but now...

The Porter's Guild ship had some trouble... So someone from that guild's
gonna be coming here.

It's hard enough to find and repair these machines! I have a lot of respect
for the people who originally built them!

sniff sniff sniff

O'er to the west o' the village's the dock for the ship an' Steel Beach...
S'pose don't mean much to a non-Guild man

Come on in--we got hard beds and clean sheets!

I'm a sailor from Rhapala... 'cept our ship's engine broke down. What do mean
I've already told you that!? .........Well... maybe I did... Maybe it's deja

I'm the Traveling Gourmet...I came here to eat their specialty Spare ribs
fried in oil sauce! You should try it--it's good!

Another accident!? Those blokes in the Porter's Guild have gotta learn to
treat machines with more respect!

It's not like that... You see, there was this big ship, and...

We have the folks from Rhapala take our machines away... But I heard they
went and wrecked their ship again...

We got stuff you'll only find here in Junk Town!

We've got more for sale than just junk!

Chrysm energy's a lot like magical energy, see? So I bet there was a lot of
magic in the days when they built the machines.

Hmmmm...but there are still a lot of people around using magic, you know?

It's hard work, looking for parts like this

Just one shot'll make you stronger!

Well, lately, the Guild's been working on, um, well... You see, the Porter's
Guild ship's broke down again, so... we actually don't have a lot to do right

So that's the Rhapala Guildmaster, eh?

The ship from Rhapala broke down and is tied up at the dock out west... That's
where we're gonna fix it.

The Guildmaster from Rhapala just showed up... Seems pretty sharp for his age,
he does...

They told me to let anyone from the Porter's Guild in... But I wasn't
expecting the Guildmaster himself to show up!

I never thought the Porter's Guild people would go looking for parts

Sorry to make you come all this way for nothing... We'll get the ship repaired
as soon as we can.

Wynn: Whoops! You found me! Boy, you scared me! I'll see you back in Wyndia!

The Porter's Guild has ordered a new steamship... Things're gonna get busy!

With all these machines washing up here... I wonder if the other side of the
ocean's nothing but machines?

I think I'll take a break once I get this one outta here

Gotta look for parts to build the new ship

We're gonna be busy for a while-- the Porter's Guild's asked us to make them
a new ship

What exactly is Steel Beach, anyway?

The Porter's Guild must be making a lot of money to be able to order a new

That Guildmaster's quite the whiz kid, ain't he?

Ships... I've build 'em, but never been on 'em once...

You've been to the freighter down on Steel Beach? Hmmm...You guys ever think
about working for the Guild?

Porter's Guild's asked us to make 'em a new ship... We'll give 'em a ship
like they've never seen before!

You're using the old Porter's Guild ship? Take care of it, eh?

Someday, I'd like to make my own machine, y'know? Not just repair
'em--something original!

But first, we must learn more about the Techno Age...

Gotta look for parts to use in the engine

The Guild has received an order from the Porter's Guild to build them a new

<Dock dialogue>

This is the Machine Guild's dock... This is where we send the machines out on

Let's see...ship parts, ship parts... I guess you're gonna have to go down to
Steel Beach for those.

How do they get big machines like this on the ship? I dunno...I'm just a

That ship from Rhapala's always breaking down...

I remember you were looking for parts to fix the ship... Did you find any?

Was that the Rhapala Guildmaster who was here just now? If we'd known such a
bigshot was coming, we would've worked faster...



scuttle scuttle

Thanks to you, it looks like we'll be able to get the ship fixed sooner than
we thought... Thank you!

Momo: What's the matter? If you're having trouble finding parts, ask the
guildmen where to look

Momo: Good luck finding all the parts!

If you have the master's permission, you can look for parts down on Steel

They say the ship won't be coming back. Probably went out into the Outer
Sea... Waves there are real strong, see?

You come looking for machines too?

This here's Machine Guild territory... If you've no business here, scram!

This is the Machine Guild's dock...

Hey! I bet I can use this screw!

If you wanna make a ship... Well, I bet you'll be needing a lot of parts, huh?

You got a ship? I wish I had one... Just once, I'd like to try fishing out on
the ocean...

Take a ship on the Outer Sea!? Hmmm.... If you find out where the machines
come from, be sure to let us know, eh?

Aren't the waves on the Outer Sea really rough? I don't think any ship we can
make can handle them.

What? You're going to look for the parts for us? First the lighthouse, now
this...How can we ever thank you?

This is the bridge of the ship... We'll take care of things once the ship is
working again

<Zig after ramming the Black Ship>

Zig: Oh, you're back! But...but how'd you get here!?
Zig: I can't make any sense outta it... But so what? We're done with repairs,
so you can use the ship anytime!
Do you want to board the ship?


OK, here we go!


                              41. STEEL BEACH


Scene 1

Watchman: I said you can't go in there! This area belongs to the... huh?
Watchman: You got the Master's permission? Oh...OK, then... Go on in...

<Talk to the man guarding the freighter>

Watchman: Wait! You can't go in here! Even if the Guildmaster said OK, it's
too dangerous...
Watchman: If you really want in, you should ask the Foreman--if he says it's
OK, you can go in, all right?

<Talk to the Foreman with Garr in the lead>

Foreman: Looking for parts, eh? You could probably find a lot in that
Foreman: But only the best fighters from the Guild are allowed to go in
Foreman: Still, you look pretty buff... Mind if I see for myself how tough
you are?

<The machine pulling mini-game begins>

Scene 2

Foreman: We're going to put you to work on salvage. You and I will work
together to pull the rope... and drag up the machines on the ocean floor!
Lemme tell you how it works...
Foreman: When that fellow there... raises the white flag, I'll pull on the
Foreman: When he drops the flag, I stop... The number there's how much rope's
Foreman: When he raises the red flag , you pull, OK? To pull the rope, hit
the X button as fast as you can!

Pull on the rope by hitting the X button

Foreman: Remember to pull when the flag goes up! If you're goofing off or not
hitting the X button... Or if you hit the button when the flag's not up...
the rope'll break and that's it!
Foreman: And remember to keep an eye on how much rope is left...If we get a
difference of more than 2 meters... it'll throw off our balance and the rope
will slip... And that's it!
Foreman: Basically, all you have to do is... Look at how much rope you got
and how much I got... and adjust the speed of how often you hit the button,

see? Well, that about covers it...Ready?


Foreman: OK...If you can do it you'll have proven yourself to us! Here we
go...... start!

Foreman: You want to hear how it works again?


<If you fail>

You failed...
Foreman: Little too hard for ya? Watch the flags, and don't get 'em mixed
up--that's the key. Well, if you feel like trying again, come back anytime...

Wanna give it another shot, big fella?

<If you succeed>

Foreman: Ooff.. Boy, this one's heavy... Don't get many like this...Can you
see what it is yet?
B-Boss... It don't look like no machine...?
W-w-what is it!? R-r-run!!

<You pull up the Angler>

Rei: Don't that just beat all... Aren't you happy now, big fella? You proved
yourself to them?
Momo: Garr wouldn't have had to prove himself to me...I already know what he
can do!
Nina: Quite a catch, eh Garr?
Peco: pukkipuuu!

<Fight with the Angler begins>

Scene 3

Foreman: Thanks a lot... I never would've guessed we'd pull something like
that up...
Garr: Think nothing of it... More importantly...
Foreman: Oh yeah, of course! If you can kill something like that, you can
sure go in the freighter! No problem, no sir! Take whatever you need, as much
as you want!

Scene 4

<After returning to the ship with the parts>

Momo: Welcome back! Did you find everything?
Momo: Hmmm...we're still missing some... Do you have any more parts?


Momo: OK, well, keep looking then... I'll clean up the parts you've found so

<If you have all of them>

Momo: That's it! You got all of them!
Momo: OK, here we go!
Beyd: All right then, Ryu, Why don't we go to the bridge?

<Up on the bridge>

Beyd: Just a little while longer, Ryu
Momo: This is the engine room... Start the engine!
Starting engine!
Beyd: Ease 'er out slowly! Left full rudder!
Aye-aye, sir!

<The ship leaves the dock and heads out into the Middle Sea>

Beyd: Engine steady... Set course for Rhapala!
Aye, sir!
Beyd: Before I can give you the boat, we need to return to Rhapala
Beyd: Until then...Well, it's a small boat, but please make yourselves

<Talk to Nina out on the deck>

Nina: It feels good to be on the ocean, doesn't it, Ryu?

<Up on the bridge again...>

Beyd: Now that I think about it... No one told me how the boat was damaged
this time...?
Sailor: Uh, well, uh,... You see... You know about the Black Ship, sir?

<Back on the deck>

Nina: Maybe if we go all the way across the sea... We can learn everything
about the Brood... and about you, Ryu...

<The scene transitions back and forth between the deck and the bridge>

Beyd: Black Ship...You mean that large ship you can sometimes see off in the
Sailor: You may not believe this, sir, but... The Black Ship was here, in the
Middle Sea, sir!

Nina: Huh? What's that...?
Nina: Looks like it's coming this way.........A ship?

Sailor: It came out of nowhere... Right in front of us...We couldn't avoid
Beyd: Impossible... The Black Ship has only been seen on the Outer Sea... It
can't navigate the shallow waters of the Middle Sea!

Nina: It's gone... I wonder what it was...?

Sailor: It's drifting, sir, she is... Doesn't look like there's anyone on
board, either...
Beyd: If that's true, we should check it out It could be a threat to our
shipping lanes...
Sailor: Sir, we're home... It's Rhapala

<The ship pulls into the Wharf>

Extra Text and Dialogue

Watchman: Hey! You can't just go in there! This beach belongs to the Machine

You want to go inside the freighter to look for parts? .........Hmmmm I don't look kind of scrawny... Don't you have anyone big like me to help

That big fella looks pretty strong... I betcha he could be one of us!

We'll be able to see the Rhapala lighthouse soon... Don't worry--we won't hit

By the way, what do you need a boat for...? Never mind--tell me after we get
to Rhapala...

The Guildmaster's become quite the sailor... Master Beyd used to be a
bookkeeper, so it took him a while to get his sea legs

I don't know if we can make it across the sea in this boat

What do you think? Do I know how to make repairs or what?

It shakes a lot, doesn't it?



                       42. RHAPALA AND THE MIDDLE SEA


Scene 1

<After arriving at the Wharf>

Beyd: We've arrived in Rhapala...
Beyd: It took us a while, but we can finally let you use the ship now...
Beyd: These two sailors will take you anywhere you ask them to
Nina: Thank you, Beyd We're planning on going over the


<Zig enters>

Zig: Let me handle this! Let me pilot the ship for them, Beyd--I mean,
Beyd: Um...Sure, OK, Zig...
Zig: Beyd may have beaten me out for the lighthouse...and Shadis...
Zig: But I'll show you that no one handles a boat better than me!
Zig: OK then, I'll be on the bridge. Let me know when you're ready to shove

<Zig boards the ship>

Beyd: Zig's like that... But he's right about one thing: he's our best
sailor! You're in good hands.
Beyd: All right then, be careful and good luck! You can bring the boat back

Scene 2

<Once you speak with Zig on the bridge>


"Not yet"

Zig: This is it! My big chance!
Zig: Here we go!

<The ship leaves the Wharf>

Zig: So, where do you want to go?
Zig: The Outer Sea!? Are you sure about that? Why don't you go talk it over
with everyone, and let me know when you've come to a decision.

I think you should talk it over with everyone first... Let me know when
you're ready to shove off!

<Talk with all of your allies>

Nina: The wind feels good, doesn't it, Ryu. I wonder what it's like on the
other side of the ocean... We'll be the first to see it, won't we?

Garr: Cross the sea to meet with God... Even the Urkan would never have
dreamed such a thing possible.

Rei: Something tells me that crossing the sea isn't going to be easy. There's
a reason why no one's done it before, right?

Momo: I don't know how far it is to the other side... But the engine's running
fine, so don't worry about that.

Peco: supuuuuu

<Talk to Zig again>



Zig: OK, so which way are we heading?
Zig: Across...the ocean!? Uh-huh...Figures... I thought you might say
something like that...
Zig: I suppose I should tell you... No one who's been out there has ever
returned alive...
Zig: Are you sure you still want to go? .........OK!
Zig: Well, then, you're in good hands! Ol' Zig here's the best captain in
Rhapala... No, in the world! If anyone can get you across the sea, I can!
Zig: Who else would be crazy enough to try!?

<After entering the Outer Sea on the world map>

Zig: We're almost there... You all better get back inside the boat...

<Your ship is tossed and nearly crushed by the surf>

Zig: It's too much! She'll break up! We better go back!

<You retreat back to calmer ocean>

Zig: .........I'd heard stories, but... I never imagined it'd be that bad!
Zig: I know I told ya... If anyone could get ya there, I could... But I don't
know if we can do it in this boat...
Nina: Hold on a minute... Are you trying to say that we should give up trying
to get across!?
Nina: If the best sailor in Rhapala can't do it... what're we supposed to do
Zig: Sorry... I guess I just don't have what it takes... to be like the:
Legendary Mariner...
Nina: Legendary Mariner...? Could he take us across the ocean?
Zig: It's not quite like that... We sailors have a legend about a sailor
living here in the Inner Sea who came here from the other side of the
ocean... But it's just a legend! A story!
Nina: Even if it is only a legend... There has to be some truth behind it!
Tell us about him!
Zig: Well, you see... I don't really know much about him... There's a little
town north of Rhapala called Parch ... The mayor there might know
something... maybe...
Nina: ...Parch it is, then! Let's go!
Zig: Yessir! Let me know when you're ready to go!

<Talk to him again>

Ready to go?


Extra Text and Dialogue

<Rhapala and Wharf villager dialogue>

Welcome to Rhapala! Home of the Porter's Guild!

Just because we're the Porter's Guild doesn't mean the only thing we do is
move goods around... We make a lot of money laying roads and selling passage
on our ship.

That's the Guild office there--they've got information on shipping schedules
and other stuff.


They say the current Guildmaster used to train here, and after he got strong
enough proposed to his wife.

Do you want to train too?

I wonder if it's safe to get on that boat... I mean, it's always breaking
down, right?

scuttle scuttle



I've been wondering for a long time... What exactly is this?

Just between you and me... I hear the Guild ship is missing again...

We travel all around the world

'Course, even though we say the world, our ship just goes around the Middle

I don't want to go around the mountains, so I'm taking the ship!

Now the crane's broken! Why do machines always break down like this!?

Me? The Traveling Gourmet? You've got the wrong person

Ah...This is good tea

You know, I never thought about it till I started travelling, but the world's
a lot smaller than we think.

I always wanted to be a sailor...Maybe I'll join the Guild

I came over from Junk Town in the east on the ship... Boats are interesting,
aren't they?

Welcome! Care to try our Seafood Omelette?

The Guild business has been pretty good lately... So we haven't been getting
as many customers.

You can get to the east by going around Mt. Zublo now, but everyone still
wants to ride the ship-- guess it's more fun.

We've been making a lot of money ever since Beyd became Guildmaster...pretty
soon we'll be getting more ships and expanding our operation...

Hi there! If you're looking for Beyd, he's at the shipyard...

I used to be out there doing business too...

Cleaning lady!? I am a ROOM KEEPER!

I'm gonna work when the next ship comes in--honest!


If you're looking for a seat on the ship... You'll have to wait for a


woof! woof!

They say the ship's broken down and it's stuck in Junk Town again...

Is the ship back? You fixed it? Wow...

I heard that Beyd went over to Junk Town to get the ship

I heard you fixed the ship for us... Beyd's sure lucky to have friends like

What!? Ship broke down again? Are you serious!?

The ship's back!? we can get back to work... What? You're going to
take it? You're kidding!?

As you may have already heard... The ship's engine broke down so we're closed.

There's no urgent business until the new ship's ready, so the Guild's on

They lent out the ship...? I guess it's all right seeing how the Guild's
making a new one...

I wonder if I would be important too if I fixed something mean you're not going to try?

You're taking the ship!? I see...You're working hard too, ain'tcha?

I hear there's a village up north you can only get to by boat called Parch...
I wonder what kind of fish you can catch there...?

Something about this bothers me... Probably means nothing to you.

I'd like to ride on a boat again someday...

I don't care, I'm riding on that new boat when it's ready!

Be careful--don't wreck the ship

Maybe I'll try the Seafood Pasta next...

Mmmm mmmm good!

Bet the world looks a lot bigger out on the Outer Sea...

I wonder where I'd go if I had a boat... I hear the Outer Sea's pretty
scary... Maybe I'd just hang around the Middle Sea.

Looks like the Porter's Guild is going to have a new ship made... The Machine
Guild's gonna be busy too!

Want a Seafood Omelette? It's a Rhapala specialty!

If you're going to use the ship...that means the sailors won't be busy...
Which means we will be!

So you're going to use our ship... You're having Zig pilot it? Then you're in
good hands.

So, we're finally getting more ships! That means we'll be able to get more

This is the Rhapala shipyard... Only sometimes our ship doesn't come back...

Looking for Master Beyd? He's gone to visit the Machine Guild in the east...

Figures the ship would break down...

Heard the ship broke down again and is being repaired by the Machine Guild...

We had the same problem years ago: boat didn't come back. Then, we thought it
was 'cause of the lighthouse... But I heard it was 'cause the ship broke down

Machines may look like they're tough, but they break pretty easily...We don't
know how to make new ones, either...

We don't make machines... We just find the parts and put them together

When's my merchandise gonna get here!

The Guildmaster's taking care of that right now...

This is the lighthouse. Ships use is to guide their way through the channels,
but it's not much use if the ship's broke down...

Just have to wait some more, I guess

Hey! She's walking!

It'd be good if Shadis' kids turned out big and strong like me...But they'll
probably take after Beyd.

This way, this way!

kya ha ha ha

scratch scratch

skittle skittle

Shadis: It's Ryu, isn't it!?
Shadis: How are you? We haven't seen you for a long time!
Shadis: Beyd? He went to Junk Town to get back our ship...
Shadis: I'm sure he'll be coming back soon, so if you don't mind waiting...
Shadis: I'm sorry... I don't have much to do with Guild business anymore...
You'll have to wait until he comes back

If you need something you'll have to talk to Beyd... This baby? She's my
daughter, Shayd.

Shadis: I'm sorry... I haven't done any Guild work since I had the baby...
Shadis: If it's Guild business, you'll have to talk to Beyd

This baby? She's my daughter, Shayd

Beyd? He went to Junk Town to get back our ship...

Guildmaster's got it tough, don't 'e? Ship's gone missing again!

The ship's getting so old anyway... It probably needs a serious overhaul

The boat's missing again... Maybe this time it sank for real?

It better not have sunk with all my merchandise on it!

I'm sorry... We're looking into it right now...

This way to the lighthouse... But you already knew that, don't you?

When you're ready to go, board the ship, and talk to Zig on the bridge

Helping you out is probably Zig's way of saying thanks for all you've done
for us.

Zig may act funny sometimes, but he's the best sailor in Rhapala...You can
trust him!

Be careful! We'll be getting new boats, so use this one as much as you want!

This is the Rhapala shipyard. We'll have lots of ships here before you know

The Guildmaster must have a busy life!

Guess we should get more ships

The ship's finally come back...I guess they fixed it?

I heard that the reason the Guildmaster went to Junk Town was to order new
ships for the Guild.

What? They gave away the ship we just fixed?

Yep...but it's to those folks that have helped the Guild out so much

The Guildmaster finally got the ship back... So now I don't have to get
yelled at by customers anymore.

The ship's back... I guess that means more work...

I heard Zig's gonna pilot the boat for you... I'll stay here and help Shayd
learn to walk!

Ships are important to our business as a Guild... But you helped us so much
before, Beyd couldn't refuse...

kya ha!

<Party member boat dialogue>

Parch...I don't think you can get there without a boat

Urp!......... If the whole trip's gonna be like that, up and down, back and
forth... You can count me out!


Everything with the engine checks out OK...But I don't think it's got enough
power to get us across the ocean...

Looks like we've a long hard road ahead of us, hmmm?


                                 43. PARCH


Scene 1

<Talk to the mayor of Parch>

Mayor: Eh? Legendary Mariner? If I tell the story again, you're just gonna
give me more of that nasty fish to eat, aren't you!?
Mayor: If all they've got for me to eat's fish, well, I'll just sit here and
starve to death, I will! When I'm dead, put my ashes in the Maekyss River!

Isn't there anything that can be done to cheer him up?

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Parch villager dialogue>

Dis 'ere be called Parch...Jus' a teeny lil' town... We all's fishermen 'ere,
and dat's all we all's eats.

You be Porter's Guild people? You's newuns, ain'cha?

Da Guild people, they buy da fish 'ere... And bring us bread and other things
we be needin'.

Da ship! Da ship!

One day, I'm gonna go out onna Outer Sea... Jus' like the Legendary Mariner!

But is there a ship that can go out to the Outer Sea?

What's on the other side of the Outer Sea? Who knows? All we care about is
where we can catch fish.

zzz zzz




squee squee squee

scratch scratch

If they'd just stay here in the Inner Sea, there'd be no trouble...Why is
that men always want to go out to the Outer Sea?

Daddy went out to sea...

Lately, the mayor won't eat any fish. I'm worried--he keeps getting weaker
and weaker...

Fah! Fish're cat's food, I say! Not for people to be eating!

squeak squeak

I'm happy with the way things are, but...

If I had a chance, I'd like to go to the big city... and work hard, make
things easier for my mum...


Even in a place like this, we've got an inn!

Welcome, sir! Need fishing gear? We got it!

We may be by the sea, but these weapons won't rust--guaranteed!

The owner of this inn looks like he's got some of our blood in 'im... Either
that or he ate too much fish and ended up like that!

The legendary mariner? He's the only man to have ever explored the Outer Sea
and lived to tell the tale! Our mayor knows all the stories about him...

This one here heard the story of the legendary mariner... And got it into his
head to go off to the Outer Sea... But everyone knows that an Inner Sea boat
can't go out there to the Outer Sea...

Hm? The legendary mariner? There's not a sailor in the world who doesn't know
the story. I remember the mayor seemed to know a lot about him...

You folks want to cross the Outer Sea? Why would you want to do such a
dangerous thing?

The mayor originally came from Central Wyndia ...Maybe he's homesick for some
Wyndian cooking...?

I suppose it's better to want to go off to the big city than the Outer Sea...

I can sympathize with the mayor--stuck in this tiny town eating fish every
day... Me? I'm gonna go to the city and get all the bread I can eat!

Our staple food's fish, you know, but the mayor, he doesn't like fish ever
since he got sick... Now he hardly speaks to anyone.

<After making ths shisu>

But is shisu really that good? Hmmm...

The mayor told you about the Legendary Mariner? Good, good

You mean the Legendary Mariner really exists!? I wouldn't mind meeting him

I can't believe the mayor's eating fish when he said he hated it so
much...What's in that shisu anyway?

I'm so glad the mayor's recovered...


                             44. MAKING SHISU


Scene 1

<After talking to Kimiko at the Maekyss Gorge>

Shisu is a rare delicacy to those outside Maekyss, but we enjoy it often...
It's prepared by kneading together the seeds of the shaly tree with vinegar
into a small ball... Then, you add a dash of horseradish and finally, it's
topped off with a succulent, fresh slice of mackerel. What do you want to
know how to make shisu for?

You want to get someone who hates fish to eat fish!? Then shisu is the best
choice! It's really good! You don't even know you're eating fish!

OK, let me show you how to make it. First of all... You put the mackerel on
top of shaly seeds that've been put in vinegar and put on a little
horseradish and then squeeze it together...

(1)"What's mackerel?"
(2)"Shaly seeds?"
(5)"Squeeze it together?"

Mackerel is a kind of fish that can only be caught here in the Maekyss River--
if you want to try and catch it, there's a fishing spot just to the west of
here... Anything else you want to know?

Shaly is a type of tree that grows close to water... Its seeds are really
soft and white, and go well with all sorts of food... There's shaly trees
around here--if you shake them, you should be able to get some seeds...
Anything else you want to know?

Vinegar is a liquid that has a bit of a sour taste to it... If you mix it in
with shaly seeds, it tastes exquisite with fish! I always use the vinegar I
get at the coffee house over in the east... Anything else you want to know?

Horseradish has a unique taste that helps block out that unpleasant smell
fish has...It's like a mustard... I've heard you can get it in the forest
near the Dauna Mine, but that's a long ways away west of here... Anything
else you want to know?

Well, it's more like kneading than squeezing... I'll tell you what-- why
don't you come back here after you get all the ingredients, and I'll show you
how? I don't want you to get confused if I tell you everything at once...
Anything else you want to know?

You're welcome... Come back once you've got everything... I'll help you put
it all together!

Scene 2

<Talk to the well keeper at the Coffee Shop with Garr in the lead>

Wellkeeper: Say, fella! You look pretty strong there!
Wellkeeper: Think you could help me for a minute? I need to get some water
out of the well here.

<The well mini-game begins>

Wellkeeper: OK, I'll tell you how it works... So listen carefully, OK?
Wellkeeper: First, you lower the rope by hitting the <Triangle> button...
Wellkeeper: When the bucket at the end of the rope hits water, you'll hear a
splash sound When you do, stop lowering the rope! Also, make sure you
remember how many times you pushed the button, OK?
Wellkeeper: Then, use the Directional button to move the bucket back and
forth to get it into the water... Keep moving it until you hear the bucket
filling up.
Wellkeeper: When you're done filling the bucket, pull the bucket up by
pressing the X button! You have to press the X button the same number of
times as you pressed the <Triangle> button, OK?
Wellkeeper: And that's how we draw water, see? If you press the button too
slowly, or you don't listen carefully to the sounds... you'll mess up, so be
careful... Got it? Want me to explain it one more time?


Wellkeeper: OK, here we go... Ready, set, Go!

<If you fail>

You failed...
Wellkeeper: Didn't quite get it, eh? Well, let me know if you want to try

Think that big strong fellow'd want to try?

You're going to help me!? Thanks!?

Wellkeeper: Good luck! You don't need me to explain how it works, do you?


<If you succeed>

Wellkeeper: You did it!
Wellkeeper: Thanks so much! Thanks to you, I was finally able to get the
water out! I know it's not much, but here...have some vinegar.

You got vinegar!

Wellkeeper: Come back if you ever need more water!

Scene 3

<After returning to the Maekyss Gorge with all the ingredients>

You've got everything, right?
All right, then, I'll tell you how to make shisu!

(1)"Slicing the mackerel"
(2)"How many shaly seeds"
(3)"How much vinegar"
(4)"How much horseradish"
(5)"Kneading the shisu"
(6)"Thanks for everything"

The mackerel slices will be larger or smaller depending on how big a fish you
catch...The bigger the fish, the larger the slices will be Anything else you
want to know?

The more shaly seeds you use, the bigger the ball will be. I know that's
obvious, but just because you can make something big doesn't mean you should!
The trick is to make sure the size of the ball matches the size of the
mackerel slices -- that's really important... Anything else you want to know?

As a general rule, you should keep the ratio of vinegar to shaly seeds at
about 1-4 or so. Anything else you want to know?

You'll have to balance the amount of horseradish with the amount of shaly
seeds and mackerel you've used... If you've used a lot of mackerel, then use
a lot, and if you have more shaly than mackerel, not so much... Anything else
you need to know?

The most important thing you have to remember is that as you knead it, the
shaly will shrink... One good knead means you'll lose about 1 shaly seed...
My mother taught me that you shouldn't knead it more than twice... Anything
else you want to know?

Are you sure? Do you want to hear my recipe then?


Well, the bigger the shisu, the better... But more important than size is
balance. If we say the mackerel is 10, then we'd want the shaly to be 8, the
vinegar to be 2 and the horseradish to be 4. Got it? It might be hard to
understand from this explanation, but you'll get the hang of it once you try

Scene 4

<Back in Parch, speak with the mayor's advisor>

The mayor is so stubborn! Is there no way to get through to him...?
Uh-huh, uh-huh...
What!? Feed him fish!? .........the mayor!?
Shisu? Hmmm...But would it work? We won't know unless we try, I guess...
Let's try it then!

<Making shisu text>

Select ingredient
Knead the shisu
Stop preparing shisu

You don't need that!

No ingredients!

You need the shaly seeds first!

You need the mackerel first!

Put the shaly & mackerel together!

<If you fail>

Hmmm... Didn't go as well as we planned, eh? Don't give up! Keep trying!

You failed! Your attempt to get on the mayor's good side didn't work!
Do you want to try again?


Good luck then!!

Really...? I have a feeling that if you could just get him to eat fish, you
could get on his good side...
Mayor: ......... Peh!
The mayor doesn't seem to be impressed... Ryu decides to try the shisu he
Ugh...awful! No wonder it didn't work!
Looks like it didn't work... We'll just have to keep trying!

<If you succeed>

Mayor: ...What's this!?
Mayor: This...this is shisu!
Mayor: ......Whew! ...That horseradish's got a good kick to it!
Mayor: Well... Since you went to all the trouble to make me shisu... I guess
I'll have to return the favor, won't I? Ha ha!

Ryu's shisu plan worked! The mayor's in high spirits again!

Scene 5

Mayor: Hmm...The Outer Sea, eh?
Mayor: And you want me to tell you about the Legendary Mariner?
Mayor: Normally... I'd tell you to get such foolish notions out of your head,
Mayor: I owe you for the shisu, don't I?
Mayor: Here...take this... You got the Sea Charts!
Mayor: That shows all the currents in the sea around here...If you follow it,
you should be able to get through the crags to the east of here.
Mayor: That's where you'll find him... the Legendary Mariner
Mayor: East of the village. You'll have to do some searching!

<Talk to the mayor's advisor again>

Thanks to you, the mayor has recovered his vigor... Thank you so much...
Please accept this as a token of our gratitude... You got <item>!

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Extra well game dialogue>

Hm? Want to try drawing water again?


Anytime you need some more vinegar, come on by!

You got vinegar!

..You're already carrying too much!.




Scene 1

<Tide navigation text and dialogue>

The tides are too strong to move ahead! You might be able to make some
headway if you could read the currents better.

The charts say that the tides only allow passage through these shallow waters
for a limited time. You'll need to hurry to beat the tides!

There's a small hut standing above the water...

Scene 2

<Upon your arrival at the Legendary Mariner's hut, a parrot sees your ship and
flies over to the man standing on the dock>

I know, Duan, I know We've got guests...

<Your group approaches him>

That's a guild ship, ain't it? What would the guild want with me...?
Anyways, welcome. Come inside, have some coffee or something...

<After going inside>

Nina: .........And so, we hoped to ask the Legendary Mariner how to cross the
Legendary Mariner... Are they still calling me that?
My name is Kukuys... I'm not a sailor... I haven't explored the reaches of
the Outer Sea...
Momo: Whaaaaat? Then you don't have a boat we could use?
Kukuys: Well, I did come from the other side of the Sea, but as a castaway...
Nina: Then you do know how to cross the Sea! Please tell us...We have to
cross it!
Kukuys: Impossible... No Middle Sea boat could make the trip...
Kukuys: There's nothing worth mentioning out there.
Momo: Yeah, right! Then where do all those machines come from?
Nina: If you got here... Then there must be a way for us to get there!
Please, Kukuys, tell us how!
Kukuys: ......... If you're that determined, then maybe there's a way...
Kukuys: You must find a certain ship...

<The scene cuts to a shot of the Black Ship>

Momo: ...The...Black... Ship?
Kukuys: Yes, you know it as the Black Ship...
Kukuys: It's a large ocean-going transport...
Kukuys: If you could get aboard it somehow...

<Your group is seen sailing along side of the Black Ship>

Momo: I only said it MIGHT work!
Momo: I doubt this will work... But here goes...

<Momo fires her cannon at the Black Ship>

Momo: See! I don't think we can stop it that way...
Garr: Hey! Something's moving!

<The Black Ship's turret guns fire at your ship>

Nina: Zig! Get us out of here! Quick!

Scene 3

<After recovering from the Black Ship's attack, Rei and Momo argue on the

Rei: Tell me...what were you thinking?
Momo: What? Are you saying it's my fault?

<Back on the bridge>

Nina: Whew! That was close... I guess it attacks anything that gets close to
Nina: We need a new plan of some sort... What should we do, Ryu?
Zig: Good question... What are we going to do, Mr. Ryu? You're the captain
Zig: I just does what the captain says, eh?
Zig: You should probably talk it over with your friends before making up your
mind, yeah?

You're the captain, and it's your decision, but you should talk it over with
your friends first...

<Ally dialogue>

Nina: It looks like the only way we'll be able to get across the ocean is on
that ship... There's got to be something we can do, right Ryu?

Rei: If that dummy hadn't attacked it like that, it wouldn't have gotten
angry and come after us, you know...

Momo: Don't look at me like that... It's not my fault, OK...?

Garr: I don't think we'd have any trouble if we could just get aboard
it...And that's the problem, isn't it?

Peco: pefuuuuuu (After all that, he's still sound asleep... How does he do

Momo: Don't look at me like that... It's not my fault, OK...?
Momo: Oh, it's you, Ryu... What are you going to do? Are we going to give up?
Momo: OK then...So... Now all we need to do is figure out a way to get on
board that ship...What if we rammed it?

If you're going to try ramming it... I think hitting it from behind would be
best. That way, we'd be able to avoid being attacked...

<Talk to Zig again>

Made up your mind?
Zig: What!?... Ram it!?
Zig: All right! That's what I hoped you'd say! Leave it to me!!
Zig: There's only one man for this kind of job An' that's ME!
Zig: OK, captain sir, you just watch... I'll have you on that ship in no
time... Or my name's not Zig!!

Ramming the Black Ship. Use the Controller to maneuver your boat. Build up
speed with Run button and ram the Black Ship from directly behind. Be careful
not to overheat your engine.

Scene 4

<After successfully ramming the Black ship>

Zig: We did it!
Nina: That was pretty rough... I wonder if everyone's OK...?
Zig: Well, we rammed 'er at full speed... Maybe you should go check on

<Ally dialogue>

Zig: Heh heh...Told ya I was good for sumthin', eh?

Nina: That was really something, wasn't it? BOOM!

Rei: That was a pretty big bump, eh Ryu? Peco fell right off where he was

Garr: Looks like our plan worked, eh?

Peco: kyuuuuu-kyuuuu-kyu! (Peco looks a little dizzy, but otherwise unhurt...)

Honey: Oy vey...

Momo: Mmmm ...mmm ...
Momo: Whew! That woke me up! Peco fell right on top of me!

Momo looks all right as well...

<A brief flashback commences>

Kukuys: Usually... the black ships are completely automated...
Kukuys: So, if you get on that ship, then it'll take you back where it came
from--the other side.

Momo: So, I think... If we get to the bridge, we should be able to figure out
how the automated systems work
Nina: We'll have to look for the bridge... which might take a while...But we
can always come back here to rest, right?

Please choose 3 party members.

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Ship dialogue>

Ramming the ship... It sounds scary, but it's exciting at the same time,
isn't it?

Ram it...? Sounds like something a certain engineer would think of...
Heh...don't this just beat all...

The will to keep going...No matter what the cost... That is our greatest

puwheee... He won't fall and roll around and get hurt when we ram the other
ship... will he?

You're going to ram it, right? Then you'll want to go from behind, as fast as
you can!

There's a diary... But now's not the time for that...
Now's not the time to be resting...
You'll be able to board the Black Ship from here... But first you should
check on everyone else...

zzzzz kyuuuu zzzz
I never thought I'd end up on the other side of the ocean...!
Hopefully this means we're getting a little bit closer to God... One step at
a time...
So if this is like the Black Ship then that means...Hmmm...

Welcome 'home'. How did it go?

What do you want to do?

"Change party members"
"Look at Skill Notes"
"Look at Master List"


                             46. THE BLACK SHIP


Scene 1

<Dungeon text>

You see an ID card stuck in a slot... Do you take it?


You found an ID card!


Platform movement program
L R F B U Up D Down


Program <x> activated. Please board the platform.

Error in platform program No.3...

Crane Main Switch


Crane operations panel

"Operate without guide"
"Operate with guide"

Crane Main Switch


Crane operations panel. Main switch is off
Please activate main switch before using crane.
Pressing and holding the X button moves the crane
Releasing the X button halts the crane
Pressing and holding the X button again moves the crane
Releasing the X button makes the crane grab a container.
The crane returns after releasing the container.

This container can't be moved...

Warning: Someone's on the catwalk! For safety reasons, do not activate the
walk when someone's on it.

ID check required to use elevator. Perform ID check?



ID check........ERROR!

It says... Boost Counter
It looks like a control mechanism for the ship... But it's too complicated
for <player> to understand...

Scene 2

<Once you reach the bridge and have Momo examine the controls>

Momo: Hmmmm...Looks like... This is used to set the ship's heading
Momo: If we restart this, it'll do just what Kukuys said... It looks like
it's set up to go back across the Sea.
Momo: But to get this to work... We need to figure out what the Boost Counter
Momo: I think I saw something like that on the deck below...
Momo: I need you to go check the number on the Boost Counter and come back
and tell me, OK?
Momo: I'll get the boost started here. I need you to run down to the monitor
room and tell me when the counter reaches 100, all right?
Momo: I think you know this, but... The counter'll be running while you're
going to and coming back from the monitor room... Don't wait for it to hit
100--you need to be back here in time to tell me--so you need to time it just
right ...OK?
Momo: OK, here goes! Ready?


Momo: ......When I say start, you go to the monitor room... and check the
number on the Boost Counter. I need to know when it reaches 100... But since
the counter will still be running while you come back, you'll need to
calculate how fast the counter runs... Got it? OK, here we go

"Got it"

Momo: Boost start!

You should check the Boost Counter first

Boost Counter <number>

<Once you alert Momo about the Boost Counter>

Momo: Activating system... now!

<If you fail>

It didn't work... The counter was off
Momo: Whoops...
Momo: No problem! We'll just have to try again, OK?

<If you succeed>

Momo: We did it!

Scene 3

<Once you activate the boost counter, back on your ship...>

Zig: Hey! It looks like the Black Ship's starting to move!
Nina: Time for us to go... Thanks for everything, Zig...
Garr: Time for us to go...
Zig: Sure! Be careful, eh? I'm gonna take this boat back to the Machine Guild

<Momo is seen waving from the upper deck>

Momo: Everybody! This way! Come up to the bridge!

<Once everyone reaches the bridge, the prana begins to shine and the Black
Ship heads into the Outer Sea>

Nina: What was that!?
Garr: The road to God... To the God that I... that Ryu must meet
Garr: It looks like this ship intends to take us there...
Momo: Well... I don't know about any 'road to God', but... This ship's
underway, and we can't stop her now...
Momo: Since we don't know how long it's going to take... We might as well sit
back and relax...

Scene 4

<Various scenes of your group hanging around the Black Ship are shown>

Rei: ......You ask why I came along!? This is a fine time to ask, now that we
can't go back!
Rei: It's like Mikba said... Even if my power and the Brood's aren't quite
the same level, they're like one and the same, yeah?
Rei: So, if we go meet God or whoever... I can find out why such power

<An alarm starts going off>

Garr: Sounds like something happened... Let's go check it out...

<After leaving your cabin, you see Nina>

Nina: ...Ryu! Something's happened! We'd better get to the bridge and talk to

<After reaching the bridge, Momo shuts off the alarm>

Nina: Momo, what happened?
Momo: It looks like there's something wrong with the ship
Rei: Yeah, and it's probably 'cause of something you did...
Momo: Nooo! Look at this...
Momo: There's a problem on the upper deck... Near the front of the
ship...Maybe we hit something?
Nina: We should probably check it out... How can we get there, Momo?
Momo: Let's see...

<The hall leading to the prow is shown>

Momo: On the other side of our rooms... it looks like there's a hall that
runs to the prow of the ship.
Momo: I opened the door in the hall for you...
Rei: So...Who's going to go?

Choose who to investigate the problem with...

Scene 5

<After emerging outside near the bow of the ship>

Looks like something's hit the bow ...

<As you approach the bow, two giant sea monsters emerge from the water>

Rei: Doesn't this just beat all... You mean we've gotta fight up here? We
can't even stand up straight!
Momo: Wh...whoa! I don't think we're going to be able to fight like this!!
Nina: Wh... what happens if we slip and fall? We'll drown, you know!
Garr: Hmmm... We should back up until we can get a solid footing...

Let's fall back until we reach the middle of the deck... It should be easier
to fight there...

Use the right Directional button to step back. Watch the monsters: if they
begin to move, stop and wait for the next opening...

Here they come!

<If you back up close enough to the guns>

The ship has engaged its self-defense program!

<The battle with the Ammonites begins>

Finally, after several days' travel, the ship completed its crossing of the

..and brought them to a place heretofore unknown to them....

Extra Text and Dialogue

These beds are for the women

You can use the bed to rest. Do you want to rest?


These beds are for the men

You could use these beds to rest, but it's not the time for that!

It looks like we're not sinking or anything like that... But, if we did hit
something, we'd better be careful... Too many collisions and we could be in
real trouble...

Doesn't it just beat all... Who knows what's out here in the Sea?

We can't see anything from here... We'll have to get closer...


The prow's up that way, isn't it? Hopefully there's nothing there, but...

There's a diary. What do you want to do?

"Change party members"
"View Skill Notes"
"View Master List"

ID check required to use elevator Perform ID check?



ID check......ERROR!

You should probably go to the bridge first...



                               47. KOMBINAT


Scene 1

Nina: We finally made it...
Momo: Doesn't look too much different from our side, does it?
Rei: Who knows...? Maybe there's monsters here the size of the Black Ship?
Garr: At any rate...We're in a new world now... We'd all best keep on our

Please choose 3 party members.

Scene 2

<After leaving town, you automatically make camp>

Rei: All the people over on this side... They're like zombies or spunk in 'em at all.
Momo: They're like machines.
Rei: Doesn't this just beat all... Who knows what'll happen next, huh?

<Rei speaks with his inner self>


Rei: Who, me? Ha! I'm here 'cause I want to be!
Rei: I could've just stayed on the other side, you know... I was happy just
being a highwayman, yeah?
Rei: OK, so... maybe I'm a little nervous...
Rei: Who'd ever think we'd go off somewhere where no one has gone before,
looking for... for God!! Sheesh! And what's up with this Brood stuff, anyway?

Nina: This is so unbelievable... We're the first people from our side to be
over here, aren't we?
Nina: The extinct Brood... The god of the Urkans. We're searching for an
answer to a mystery that could change the world...
Nina: If I'd stayed in Wyndia... I would never have experienced any of
Nina: But...I bet everyone back home at the castle, especially my mother...
they must all be worried about me...

<Nina speaks with her inner self>

But being here is better than just being a princess, isn't it?

Nina: Maybe... I'm just being selfish

What's most important for you is what you want for yourself!

Momo: Think about how amazing it is that we may be able to figure out where
all the machines we use come from...
Garr: Mmmmm...

<Momo speaks with her inner self>

Momo: I wonder what my Dad would say if he were here...?
Momo: Every engineer dreams about solving the mystery of the machines!
Momo: And I'm going to do my best to see that it's me who finally solves the

Nina: We don't have much to go on... But I'm sure that the power Deis gave us
will show us the way again...
Nina: Tomorrow's another big day, eh Ryu?

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Kombinat villager dialogue>

You're not from around here, are you?

This is where we get our machine scrap... Where does it come from? I don't

We call this town Kombinat. I hear there's nothing but scrap and desert
around us...

Looks like the automated ship's back. Did you come here on it?

I'm a robot

It's a mechanical soldier... But it doesn't look threatening...


Viguadeviubidebuvau Debuiaviuvuvvaguguu Oubideauivvuii?




Vivi The robot gave you a Homing Bomb

You want to rest?

Go ahead

You need weapons?

Looking for something?

You came looking for God? I wouldn't know anything about that...

We just use the machines here to load scrap onto the ship... Don't know
anything more than that.

Looks like a machine soldier...


                               48. THE COLONY


Scene 1

<As you first enter the Colony>

Momo: What's that?
Nina: I wonder what that is...?
Garr: Hm? What is that?
Rei: Something's spinning around here...?

Momo: Maybe if we take a closer look, we can figure it out...?
Nina: Maybe Momo could figure it out?
Garr: ...If Momo were here, she'd know what to do
Rei: This kind of thing's Momo's specialty, isn't it?

Scene 2

<After entering the room at the top of the Colony>

It looks like the same device that was in the basement of Wyndia Castle...

Nina: So you mean... With this... We can go anywhere in the world?
Momo: So, if we use this, it looks like we can go anywhere we want
Garr: Can we use this to get to God?
Rei: In other words, We're not exactly at a dead-end then, right?

Scene 3

<Have Momo examine the panel in the fuse room>

Momo: Hmmm....uh-huh... Activating Portal Drive...? Hmmm...hmmmm...
Activation Key ...

<If you don't have the Key>

Momo: I'm not really sure... But it looks like we need some kind of key. We
can't do anything without it, so let's look for that first...

<If you do have the Key>

Insert Key?


Momo: There we go... It's working... Now...
Momo: Let's see... To activate the Portal. Align the reflectors to aim the
laser into the fuse...
Momo: OK... That must be where the laser comes out...
Momo: Then, we use these reflectors, which are like mirrors... To reflect the
Momo: So it hits that fuse thing there... Got it?
Momo: It's my guess that this Portal Drive referred to here...
Momo: the machine we found that's similar to the one in the castle...
Momo: But judging by the output, this Portal looks like it has a lot larger
range than that one!
Momo: Let's give it a try! The switch to align each reflector is on the
stands there...
Momo: Once we've got them lined up, we flip this switch... And the laser
fires! Got it?
Momo: Let's get to work!

<Once you align the reflectors correctly and light the fuse, the portal drive
at the top of the Colony will activate>

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Dungeon text>

Change the angle of each reflector using their switches... And then activate
the laser with this switch
It's locked... It looks like it could be opened from the other side...
Restoring Power: Use the mirrors to amplify the lasers' energy and focus it
on the fuse. Detailed instructions are written below. Laser...right switch.
Mirrors..switches on each stand

It looks like some kind of machine... Maybe it has something to do with the
room below?

There's a lot of complicated writing... Maybe Momo would be able to
understand it...


                             49. RELAY POINT A


Scene 1

<After using the portal drive at the Colony, you emerge in a new area. Once
you exit the portal drive room here, Honey runs off>

Momo: Oh, Honey... Where are you going now...!?
Nina: Hey! What's up with Honey?
Rei: Now what's going on?
Garr: Hmmm...What's the matter, I wonder...?

<Once you catch up with Honey>

Momo: Honey, wait!
Momo: Honey, where do you think you're going...?
Nina: Wait a minute... Isn't this...!?
Nina: Hold it...If this is where I think it is...
Nina: This is Steel Beach! You know, in Urkan...!?

<Nina leaves and then returns after speaking with the men outside>

Nina: Just as I thought! The Machine Guildsmen were surprised to see me...
They wanted to know how we got in.
Rei: Doesn't this just beat all? After all that trouble to get across the
outer sea, we end up right back where we started!
Rei: We'll never find God at this rate!
Garr: Hmmm... Yes, it looks like we're back to square one... What should we
do now?
Nina: Amazing! With that portal machine, we traveled all the way back here in
the blink of an eye! Maybe the world's not as big as we think it is?
Momo: That's it!
Momo: Portals are relics from ancient times-- from God's time! Think about
it--the world must be pretty small to God!
Momo: God... Or the people who made the machines, rather... must have used
these portals to travel around the world!
Nina: In other words... You're saying that God and the machines are connected
Momo: Well... I don't know for sure but...
Garr: Hmmm... Perhaps the machines are a gift... from God?
Momo: Yeah, yeah, that's it. You took the words right out of my mouth!
Momo: So maybe by using the portals... We could travel right to wherever God
Momo: First, let's check out the portal where we just arrived! Come on!

Please choose 3 party members.

Scene 2

<Dungeon text>

It reads 'Jack Instruction Manual' Do you want to read it?


Each of the 4 switches can be pulled once. More than one jack can be linked
to a single switch. Press this button to initialize all jack positions. Do
you want to reset?


Warning: Someone's on the catwalk! For safety reasons, do not activate the
walk when someone's on it.

There's a small diagram...
West switch: East...DN West...UP South..-- North..DN

There's a small diagram...
East switch: East...UP West...DN South..-- North..DN

There's a small diagram...
South switch: East...-- West...UP South..UP North..DN

There's a small diagram...
North switch: East...-- West...-- South..-- North..UP

The door switch is on the terminal in the center of the room. Use the 3
moving platforms to access it.

Scene 3

<Aligning the antenna at the top of the tower>

It reads: Aligning the Portal Antenna. Do you want to keep reading?


Change the facing of the antenna with the Directional button. Look for the
angle with the least amount of noise. When you find it, press the X button
to end alignment. Do you want to align the antenna?


Antenna alignment complete... Portal Driver Interactive Mode engaged

Scene 4

<Back in the portal drive room after fixing the antenna>

Portal Drive Activated. Current Location: Relay Point A. Enter destination:

"Container yard"
"Relay Point B"

<Choose "Dragnier">

Target: Dragnier. Destination locked

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Extra dungeon text>

It might be a good idea to go after Honey first...

Relay Point A. Due to antenna error, this station is locked in auto-receive
mode. Please check antenna before initiating transfer.

........Nothing happened... That doesn't appear to be the right angle....

The antenna's working properly... The portal should be operational now...

Target: Colony. Destination locked
Target: Dragnier. Destination locked
Target: Container yard. Destination locked
Target: Relay point B. Destination locked


                               50. DRAGNIER


Scene 1

<Once you warp to Dragnier, leave the portal drive room and a man will see

Hey, you... did you just leave that building?

<He runs off and then an old man approaches you>

What's this...?
Everyone! We must celebrate!

<You all go inside and have a banquet>

Please, be at ease I am Griol, the patriarch of this village
Griol: All of us here... are the same as you. We are all Brood... Master Ryu.
Griol: Do not be alarmed, Guardian... We gave up our powers and fled here
during the Great War.
Garr: So as not to be found by us Guardians?
Old woman: Hee hee hee--Exactly! All in preparation for this moment!
Nina: This moment...? What do you mean?
Griol: You will know... soon enough
Griol: But for now, please rest and be at ease, Oh Dragon Prince, and noble
Old woman: Please, eat this... This meat will restore the strength sapped by
the desert's heat.

Scene 2

<Ryu has a strange dream in which the villagers of Dragnier speak to him>

We have been awaiting your coming, Ryu, Prince of Dragons... It has been
foretold for many generations.

After our defeat by our enemies, they tried to wipe us from the face of the
earth...To survive our people either had to give up their power like we here
have, or bury themselves deep, deep underground...

Our brethren who hid underground... Many of them entered a deep sleep after
conceiving a child. They slept, to await the time when one day, the Brood
might walk the earth again.

And now, that day has arrived! The Prince is soon to awaken!

Ryu...You have come here... To the forgotten city of the Brood, Dragnier...

Call it destiny if you will... We can tell you where to find what it is you
are seeking... Where to find your foe, the goddess Myria.

Ryu... You must awaken to your true power... And then... you must face the

<Ryu wakes up inside the house after the banquet is over>

Ryu... Are you awake?
Old woman: Ryu... You fell asleep after the banquet... If you're looking for
your companions, they are all outside...

Scene 3

<After leaving the hut, Rei leaps down from the roof and greets you>

Rei: Look who's awake...
Rei: The Brood are pretty amazing... Who would've thought they were still
alive, living in a forsaken place like this...
Rei: I wonder how Garr feels right about now?
Rei: I mean, being in a city, surrounded by people who used to be his
Rei: He's over there, looking depressed... Let's go try to cheer him up...

<Talk to Garr>

Garr: .........Even if they have forgotten the War... I am still the sworn
enemy of every person in this village...
Garr: All the people here... They're suspicious of the fact that you, Ryu,
have brought me here with you...
Garr: I've come with you on this trip because I have lost my faith, and have
come to doubt my own actions of so long ago...
Garr: But I know that is not a good enough reason for all the men and women
of this village to trust me.
Garr: The War has not ended in the hearts and minds of these people.
Rei: Well, maybe so, Garr... But what are you getting all gloomy about?
Rei: OK, so maybe... the people here want Ryu to take his power, and go teach
your God a thing or two...
Rei: And maybe it's not so realistic to think we can drop in on God and ask
about the truth...
Rei: But still... You're the one who told us to tag along if we wanted
answers to our questions...
Rei: You know what? You just plain think too much, you know?
Rei: Anyway... it doesn't matter what the villagers here think... What's
important is what Ryu thinks! Am I wrong?

<Griol approaches you>

Griol: Ryu... The Elder wishes to meet with you...
Griol: He is the eldest of us all... Of all the Brood, only he remembers the
Great War...
Griol: Go to the well in the village center. The Elder awaits you inside,

Scene 4

<Once you enter the elder's chamber underground>

You've come...
Welcome, Ryu... I am the Elder, Jono... Don't let my looks fool you--I'm a
nice guy.
Jono: Come here, my son...
Jono: My son... Did you see the mural as you came in?
Jono: That... is the history of our people's struggle
Our peoples' history stretches back into the distant past... before even the
Great War...
It is the history of a struggle against a great, recurring evil
With each age, a warrior appears among the Brood...With his allies, he
carries on the struggle...
Against the evil that appears as a mortal, sometimes as a devil-- the evil
that is named Myria...
Jono: Myria... The god of the Urkans --the god you are seeking...
Jono: Of course, it seems the Urkans never refer to their god or their enemy,
the Brood, by name...
Jono: Speaking of the Urkans... I want to talk to your friend the Guardian...
Bring him here.

<Have Garr approach him>

Jono: Guardian... I have to hand it to you Urkans... and to Myria... When you
decided to get rid of the Brood, you didn't hold back at all, did you?
Jono: But you must realize one truth... As long as you refuse to speak your
god's name, or the name of your enemy, no one will ever know what became of
us, or why...
Garr: Oh, Honorable Elder One... Do you hate us?
Jono: Hate...? There are maybe some among us who do... But I do not,
Jono: One cannot allow himself to be blinded by hatred, or spill blood for a
petty reason... What happened between the Urkan and the Brood...was fate...
Garr: Fate...Honorable Elder One?
Garr: What do you mean, Honorable Elder One? Please, tell me!
Jono: Stop calling me Elder One!! You're every bit as old as I am!!
Jono: I've had enough of talking to you! From now on, the only thing I want
to see is a pretty girl! Understand? I made up my mind--I'm only going to
talk to the women!

<Have Nina approach him>

Jono: That's better... Now listen up, little lady...I'm going to tell you
about the fate of the Brood and the goddess Myria.
Nina: I'm listening, Grandpa
Jono: That's more like it...Good girl. Now listen close...
Jono: The Brood and Myria have always fought... Down through the ages, and
all across the world...
Nina: Is it because she was trying to destroy the world, and the Brood were
trying to protect it?
Jono: It's not exactly that simple, child... Think about it--that would mean
the world wouldn't be here after we lost the great war, now would it?
Jono: Besides...the real danger to the world might be us Brood...
Jono: Our power is such that we could destroy the world...And the goddess
Myria feared that strength... And decided to destroy us...
Nina: But... so... does that mean... Ryu is an evil dragon?
Jono: No, no, child... Don't get ahead of yourself... We lost the war because
we didn't use our power...
Jono: If we had fought back with all our power...We might have indeed
destroyed the world...
Nina: So, you mean... The Brood were concerned with the fate of the world?
They're not evil?
Jono: Well, that's not exactly right either. I want to tell you something
important, so I want you to come up next to me here...Will you do that?
Nina: Like this?
Jono: That's it... Now, kneel down...
Jono: ...and give me a kiss
Nina: What!? Ryu... What should I do?

(1)"Why do you ask me?"
(2)"Do whatever you want"

(1) Nina: Um, well...I don't know...

(2) Nina: Right...OK...

Jono: Ho ho ho ho ho! Well, I got my kiss, so now I've no regrets!
Jono: It's time for me to do what I must... Ryu...Come here

<Have Ryu approach him again>

Jono: Ryu... You may have guessed this, but I must now face my end... and you,
your fate... Are you ready for what comes next?


<Choose to wait>

Jono: All right then, I'll wait... Once you're ready to face me, come back

<Say "Yes">

Jono: The Brood...we...have waited... Waited to bequeath the true power of
the Brood to the one we knew would one day come...
Jono: That's why we gave up our power and came to this lonely barren place...
To hide that power from the prying eyes of the goddess...
Jono: To fool Myria into thinking she had succeeded in eradicating the
Jono: I don't know if our ruse worked... But we have guarded the essence of
the Brood all these years. Here, in me...
Jono: I'm ready now to give you that power
Jono: Ryu... Blood of my blood... You must take the power from me... But...
Jono: In order to guard against discovery by the goddess, we placed special
magic wards around this room...
Jono: In other words... Here, you will be unable to use your Brood powers
Jono: I will use the true power of the Brood... But you, Ryu--you must depend
only on yourself to defeat me...

<Battle with the Elder commences>

Scene 5

<After defeating the Elder>

Jono: Very good Ryu... You have proven yourself to me...
Jono: Very well, Ryu I will bequeath to you...the true power of the Brood.
Come here...

<Do as he says>

Jono: I give unto you... The very essence of the Brood...The power that can
shake the very foundations of the world... The power of Infinity...
Jono: With this power, the world is in your hands...
Jono: Listen to me, Ryu. This is the power which the goddess rightly fears...
Jono: It is in your hands now... Yours, and your friends'...
Jono: Always, the warrior of the Brood... Has fought with his allies, his
friends... And together, they have defeated the goddess...
Jono: But... you needn't follow that path... If you so... choose
Jono: The power is yours, Ryu... Do with it... what you will!
Jono: Farewell, Ryu... Blood of my blood!

<He fades into an orb. Examine it and...>

A mighty power flows into Ryu... ...awakening his latent power!
You found the Infinity gene!

Scene 6

<After leaving the well>

Griol: It looks like you have discovered the power of Infinity...
Griol: Very well then... I will tell you where you can find the goddess...
Griol: You must leave here and travel far to the the Desert of
Griol: Horis there will tell you more...
Nina: So, before we leave, we should talk to that man Horis, right?
Garr: Thank you... So, before we leave, we should talk to Master Horis, yes?
Rei: So we gotta talk to him before leaving? Gotcha
Momo: We have to talk to him, right?

Griol: That's right... Horis will guide you
Griol: We have all waited for this day... For the day our savior would come
and avenge us! .........Good luck, Ryu...We have placed our trust in you.

Horis: Take this rakda with you...
Horis: You're ready to leave, then? I'll go with you as far as the desert...

"Let's go"

Extra Text and Dialogue

Coming this far must have been a difficult journey.

We no longer have any powers like yours, oh prince... We gave up our power
that you might one day find your way here and fulfill your destiny

We have been taught that the Guardians are our ancient enemies...But now you
claim one as a friend. Are you sure he can be trusted?

Look, Ryu... Isn't it cute? It's called a rakda

The ancient legends tell us that our saviors will come to us walking on a
path of light... And now, you have come...


moof moof


puu puu... Looks like we can use these beds to rest... But now's not the time
for that.

Prince of Dragons... They must have been waiting for you to come and restore
the Brood to their former power... They sure are patient, aren't they?

Are you in need of anything?

We should probably check on Garr before leaving...

The Elder, the living history of our race, awaits you...

The Elder is waiting for you below... Enter whenever you are ready...

The Guardian chose the wrong god to believe in...

These rakdas are really useful for travelling in the desert...they'll carry
anything you put on 'em...

Did the Elder tell you of our tragic history?


I imagine so... It is the destiny of the Brood warrior to battle the goddess.

What!? He said that you do not need to fight the goddess!? You must be joking!

The Desert of Death is past the place called the Factory to the north...
Horis will tell you the rest...

You should be able to rest here... Do you want to sleep?


Once it was revered as Ladon, the Dragon God... But now, it is known as the
god of travelers. Do you want to save?


<Extra Jono dialogue>

Jono: Hey! I thought I told you to bring the Guardian! What, you think I'm
going to live forever? Hurry up!

Jono: Nope, nope! I don't want to look at your ugly faces! Where're the women?

Jono: No no no no! I said pretty girls! I want the young plump ones!
Momo: Well excuuuse me. What an old crank! What do you mean, I'm not good

Jono: What I have to say can only be said to another Brood...

Jono: I don't need another kiss, little girl... I have to talk to Ryu...

Jono: Ryu...Come here

You sense an incredible power... Only one of the Brood would be able to touch


                                51. FACTORY


Scene 1

<Dungeon text>

Warning: Someone's on the block! For safety reasons, do not activate the
block when someone's on it.

Workbot Remote Control Panel

Workbot Control Panel


The workbot moves by tracing the movement of its Controller on the dais. Once
the workbot is near a switch, press the Action button. When you want to quit,
leave the dais or activate the panel.

The workbot cannot track large people's movements

End session

A sign above the door reads Emergency Exit. It has an electronic lock that
can't be picked...

Emergency Door Handle. In an emergency, break panel and turn handle to open
Emergency Door

It's broken... The emergency door should be usable now

Extra Text and Dialogue



                            52. DESERT OF DEATH


Scene 1

<After you set up base camp on the edge of the desert>

Horis: Anyone can come this far... Now comes the hard part: The Desert of
Horis: A land of ever-changing sands... Where nothing lives, and from which
no one returns...
Nina: That's what everyone said about crossing the ocean...
Rei: I get the feeling that God wants to be left alone...
Horis: I don't know anything about that... But I do know the goddess lives
beyond the desert.
Horis: You must cross the desert... I'll tell you how to survive long enough
to get there.
Horis: Ask me anything
What do you want to know about?

(1)"Walking in the desert"
(3)"Camping in the desert"
(4)"The rakda"
(5)"The goddess Myria"

This is very important...Listen carefully.

(1a)"About time"
(1b)"About directions"
(1c)"Leaving the desert"
"That's enough for now"

Naturally, as you move through the desert, time passes. One day is 24 hours,
a 12-hour day and a 12-hour night... You can keep track of time by counting
your steps... You'll walk about 40 steps in an hour... Since you'll only
waste energy moving during the day, you should move at night, when it's
cooler... Anything else you want to know?

You can find your way in the desert by looking at the stars
Horis: This is the North Star... It always appears in the north and never
moves... If you follow it, you're headed due north...
Horis: This one's the False North Star ... It sometimes appears at different
heights depending on the day. It can fool you... Be careful not to mix it up
with the real North Star...
Horis: And this one... is the Evening Star. It always appears in the west, but
not always at the same height and in the same place... If you're in the center
of the desert, it'll be due west...
Horis: If you lose track of where you are in the desert, you're done for...
Make sure you keep your eyes on the stars...
Horis: One thing you need to be careful about is after breaking camp or a
battle, make sure you check what direction you're facing... If you forget,
you could end up in a lot of trouble... Anything else you want to know?

Here's how to get out of the desert... First, follow the North Star to the
north ... Then, when you can see the Evening Star directly to the west, head
east... Keep going east until you can no longer see the Evening Star... and
then head north again...After walking north for three nights or so, you
should be able to see the oasis. I'll write this down for you, so you can
look it up later... Anything else you want to know?

As you walk in the desert, your body will slowly lose water, and your throat
will become dry every so often... If you don't drink any water and keep
walking longer than 30 minutes when this happens, you run the risk of
permanently damaging your body... Just so you know, 30 minutes is about... 20
steps or so... Anything else you want to know about?

You should spend about 12 hours or so camping... So if you camp at daybreak,
it'll be night when you start walking again... If you camp at dusk, when you
break camp it'll be morning... Anything else you want to know about?

Go ahead, take this rakda with you... If you get lost in the desert, use the
rakda... It'll bring you back here without fail... Anything else you want to
know about?

The people of Dragnier believe that you're going to strike down the
goddess... put an end to her madness... Me? I don't care what happens...I've
harbor no hatred for anyone. Do whatever you think is best... Anything else
you want to know about?

All right then... I'll be waiting here. If you get in trouble, come back any

The water jug's full of water... Make sure you take some with you-- you'll
need it.

"About water"
"Get water"

Use the water jug here to fill your canteen... Your canteen can hold 16
helpings of water. One helping is enough for each member of the party to
drink. Remember to drink before it's too late! If you don't, your MAX HP will
go down permanently!

<Player> fills up the canteen... You now have 16 servings of water

What do you want to do?

"Change party members"
"Look at Skill Notes"
"Look at Master List"

The rakda is your best friend in the desert... If you get lost, you can use
him to get back here.

If you kill him now, you won't be able to go into the desert!

Horis: Are you leaving already?

"Go into desert"
"Go back"
"Do nothing"

Then you should wait for night and leave then... Good luck

Still got something to take care of? OK, I'll be waiting here until you're

Scene 2

<Desert traveling text>

Your throat's getting dry...You should have some water...

The sun has risen... Walking during the day only wastes energy... Time to
make camp...

The sun has gone down. Use the star to guide your steps at night...

It tells how to get to the oasis... Do you want to read it?


First, follow the North Star to the north ... Then, when you can see the
Evening Star directly to the west, head west... Keep going west until you can
no longer see the Evening Star... and then head north again...After walking
north for three nights or so, you should be able to see the oasis.

Do you want to break camp?

"Break after resting"
"Break camp now"
"Don't break camp"

We don't need any rest now...Let's go!

Return to base camp?


Return to the oasis?


Using its homing instinct, the rakda returns to base camp

Horis: So, you're back, are you...
Horis: Well, there's no need to hurry... Take your time and get used to the
desert... Don't forget to fill up your canteen before you go.

Scene 3

<Near the end of your trip, your group still can't see the Oasis>

Momo: It should be around here, shouldn't it?
Nina: Shouldn't we be able to see the oasis by now...?
Rei: Are we there yet?
Garr: It should be around here, yes?

<You spot a mound of sand>

Garr: Maybe we can see something if we climb that hill...
Rei: Maybe we can see better from the top of that hill, huh?
Nina: I wonder if we could see better from the top of that hill...?
Momo: I bet we can get our bearings better from that hill...

<As you approach it, a monster emerges from the sand, and a battle with the
Manmo begins>

Scene 4

<After the fight with the Manmo, Nina suffers a heat stroke>

Garr: The heat must have been too much for her...
Momo: Who can blame her? Having to fight that monster after walking for so
many days...
Nina: I'm sorry, Ryu... We're so close...
Garr: We won't be able to go any further with her in that condition
Garr: What should we do, Ryu?

<Exit the tent to meet with Rei>

Rei: How bad is she, the princess?
Rei: Right... And we were so close, too...!
Rei: I suppose... we could just use the rakda and start over-- I mean, we
know the way by now, right?

<If you try to leave>

You won't be able to move until you take care of Nina

<Examine the Rakda>

Rakdas... Strong, sturdy, and able to live in the desert, they can take
anyone lost back to base camp... But rakdas have another talent as well...

<After slashing the Rakda>

The meat of a rakda has water and other nutrients that can resuscitate a
person suffering from heat stroke...

You got the rakda meat

<On your way back inside the tent>

Rei: So...You killed the rakda, huh?
Rei: We won't be able to get back now... I'm impressed, Ryu. I didn't think
you had it in you...
Rei: Well, hurry up and get that meat to the princess
Rei: Don't worry...We'll make it. We're not gonna die in a place like this...
not as long as you're around, at least...

With the sacrifice of the rakda's life, Ryu is able to save Nina's...

Helping the weakened Nina, the party makes their way to the oasis...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Ally dialogue during Nina's heat stroke>

We can't move Nina while she's in such bad condition...

Is Nina OK? I'm not exactly in great shape myself either, but...

puuuuuuuuu (He looks worried)

uuuu... mmmmm... I'm sorry...I don't want to slow you down like this...

It ain't her fault... Maybe we're just not supposed to make it...

<If you speak with Rei a second time after killing the Rakda>

........As I watched you kill the rakda... For some reason, I thought of.
that time we fought the Nue together... Funny, huh?


                                 53. OASIS


Scene 1

<Your party enters the Oasis exhausted, and some chldren run to get help>

Daddy, come quick! There's some people who need help!!

<You are taken inside>

Fa'ah: Be at calm. Your lady friend is caring for by my wife
Fa'ah: Please... Until you are being fully rested... We want you to stay and
having our good hospitality!

Scene 2

<Momo goes to the inn to check on Nina>

Momo: Are you sure you should be up?
Nina: It's all right, I'm fine now... I'm sorry I worried everyone so much
Nina: What is Ryu and everyone else doing?
Momo: They're over there, talking to the chief, Fa'ah... About where we're

<Back at the chief's house>

Fa'ah: ...God?
Fa'ah: I am regrettable, but I know not of this that you seek...
Garr: Honorable Fa'ah... Do you know of any ruins or something similar nearby?
Fa'ah: Ruins it is you are looking for? Then we are having!
Fa'ah: To the north, over the hill... There is being a place very old that we
are calling Caer Xhan. It is the ruins of very, very olden city.
Garr: We should go check it out, hm?

<Rei is seen talking to a woman at the spring>

Rei: You've done so much for us... Thank you for everything...
It's all right... Since the desert gives us so little, we share what we have
with each other.

<Momo enters the chief's house>

Momo: Nina's up and awake --she says she's fine
Fa'ah: Ah! So this is meaning you are leaving then, yes?
Momo: Thank you so much for all you've done for us, Fa'ah
Fa'ah: It is being no bother... I am hoping that you find soon that what you
are seeking!

Please choose 3 party members

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Oasis villager dialogue and text>

Do you need any water before going into the desert?


Feel free to take one of my rakdas with you when you head out...

That's the desert out there...Sure you got everything you need?

If you climb that hill, you can see the Caer Xhan

The Ruins? There's nothing there anyway. Why don't you stay here and play
with us?




If you're tired, we've got an empty room!

If you need anything, let me know, eh?

May you be finding for what you are looking

Who says nothing can live in the desert! Look at us--we're alive, aren't we?

I don't think there's anything that could kill my wife!

You got all the water you can carry from the water jug!

I see... We share everything here, so please, take whatever you need

Once, long ago, I went out into the desert on a trip... Let me tell you about
what happened when...

(1)"I got lost"
(2)"I went the wrong way"
(3)"Not interested, thanks"

I left the oasis headed for a place called the Factory... I walked south for
about a night and got lost... I ended up heading west ... After about 4 nights
I realized my mistake... Around that time I lost something really important

When I was coming back here from the Factory... I got turned around and went
west when I should've gone east... I turned back after about 3 nights ... I
bet the nice outfit I lost is buried under the sands by now...

When I was a lot younger, I remember I wanted to see what the edge of the
desert looked like... So I headed out, to the east and to the west... I
remember there were 3 stars in a row right above my head when I realized that
I would never find the end of the desert.

Do you want to wait for night before going into the desert?



                     54. CAER XHAN AND THE WORKER'S AREA


Scene 1

<As soon as you gain access to the Orbital Station lift, you'll hear an

Attention... Lift for Myria station now at Platform 1...

Momo: Myria, Myria... I keep hearing that name... Is that supposed to be God?
Garr: I keep hearing our God's name... But what does 'station' mean?
Nina: That name we keep hearing...Myria... That's God's name... right?
Rei: Myria, Myria, Myria... Is that supposed to be God or something?

Rei: I guess we'll find out soon enough, eh?
Nina: I suppose this means we're getting close, to God, I mean...
Garr: Hmmm... It looks like we're getting closer, that's for sure
Momo: All right, then, let's go!

<After you get on the lift, another announcement is made>

Attention... Lift for Myria now leaving Platform 1...

<The lift begins ascending>

At ancient Caer Xhan, the long-abandoned home of the gods...

Ryu and his companions board the huge machine, which is unlike anything they
have ever seen before...

The machine carries them high into the sky... to a place that shares the name
of a god...

Scene 2

<Once the lift reaches its final destination, you hear another announcement>

Last stop: Orbital Station Myria arrivals platform.

<Worker's Area dungeon text>

Insufficient power. Please perform a breaker check

Please enter your destination

"Worker's Area"
"Maintenance Deck"

Please enter your destination

"Arrival Platform"
"Maintenance Deck"

Please enter your destination

"Arrival Platform"
"Worker's Area"

Please enter your destination

"Maintenance Deck"

Please enter your destination

"Worker's Area"

Main entrance is currently locked. Please use the worker's area entrance.

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Caer Xhan text>

Platform 1 Currently running in emergency lockout mode. Please contact the
station control room.

Station Ground Control Currently running in emergency lockout mode.
Deactivate emergency mode?


For Orbital Station Myria Please use Platform 1


Normal mode engaged. Unlocking ground control station...

Emergeny mode active

Passengers bound for Orbital station Myria. Please use the automated lift.

Platform 1 Gates opening...

Security active. Please use the switch to select a mode: ON Normal mode. OFF
Test mode



It looks just like Honey!

It's locked with an electronic lock! Even Rei wouldn't be able to pick it

<Myria Station Main Hall text>

Laboratory entrance lock has been released.

Main entrance lock has been released.

Card key is required for access.

Security LEVEL-A. Please initiate card key ID check.


ID check in progress......OK!
Door lock released

ID check in progress......NG!

What do you want to do?

"Change party members"
"Look at Skill Notes"
"Look at Master List"

There's a bed! You should be able to rest here What do you want to do?


Security LEVEL-A. Please initiate card key ID check.


Security LEVEL-B. Please initiate card key ID check.


Autolock system active. Release main entrance lock?


Laser lock system active--entry into laboratory prohibited. Release lock?


It looks just like Honey!

Would you like a navigator?

"What's a navigator?"
"No thanks"

Those are navigators lined up over there... They're guides to the Myria
orbital station. They contain numerous safety features as well as keys,
called navigator codes.

I see you already have a navigator...



                        55. MYRIA STATION LABORATORY


Scene 1

<Upon entering the room adjacent to the Chimera's chamber>

A horrible monster is asleep on the other side of the glass...

Nina: Looks like it's sound asleep... Why don't we leave it that way...?
Rei: Be a shame to wake it up, eh? Let's leave it alone...
Garr: No reason to wake it up and fight it, hmm?
Momo: It's cute, isn't it? Especially the fact that it's sleeping...

Momo: Um, there's a card in there... I wonder if it's not one of the keys we
Garr: That card there... Maybe it's a key for something?
Rei: Uh-oh...That card there... Isn't that a key?
Nina: Oh no... That card is probably a key we need, I just know it!

Nina: We probably won't be able to get any further without it...
Rei: Doesn't that beat all. We'd better go get it, or...
Garr: Hmmm... It looks like we have no choice but to go and get it...
Momo: We probably need that card, don't we?

Momo: Well, we've got no choice, right? First we have to figure out how to
stop that gas...
Garr: We have no choice, then... We'll have to stop that gas first...
Rei: Hmph! I guess we're stuck, aren't we? Let's stop that gas and go in
there and get it, eh?
Nina: Let's go... We have to stop the gas and get in there...

<Examine the panel in this room>

Terminating sleep gas...

Scene 2

<After reaching the Chimera's chamber, you find it still snoozing>

It's asleep... Maybe the gas is still working...

Nina: Let's get the card...quietly!
Momo: We should be able to get the card without waking it...
Garr: Looks like we can avoid fighting it...
Rei: Heh heh... Now's our chance... Let's go get that card!

Rei: ...or maybe not...
Garr: Best laid plans...
Momo: ...then again, maybe not...
Nina: I knew this would happen!

<The Chimera awakens with a glass shattering scream, and a battle ensues>

Scene 3

<After the battle, examine the key card...>

Let's get the card first...

It's a cheap-looking card that says Key Card B It doesn't look very
impressive or important at all...

Rei: Doesn't this just beat all? All that work, for this!
Momo: Who said it was an important key!?
Nina: It doesn't look that important... But...I'm sure it's good for
Garr: Hmmm...Doesn't look like much... These things happen...

<Upon finding the HE Shells in the area below the Chimera's chamber>

You found HE Shells. Momo can use them to destroy plant life

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Dungeon text>

It's locked... Maybe Rei would be able to pick it...

It's the switch for the lift... Do you press it?


Please board the lift.

Gas Experiment. Experiment with sleep gas underway. Stop gas before entering

The floor is flashing with sparks and looks dangerous... Do you go in?


Shock Panel Settings Monitor. Set which panel has a current by aligning the
pluses and minuses.

Shock Experiment Area. Use the 3 monitors to set which panels carry a
current. Danger: don't enter area while panels are active!

Your wounds are healed and you feel completely refreshed...


                         56. EDEN AND RYU'S DREAM


Scene 1

<Path to Eden dungeon text>

Your wounds are healed and you feel completely refreshed...

<player> was attacked and wounded by a bizarre plant!! The plant is blocking
the entrance--you can't get in!

It's completely overgrown...Even a sword is no use...

There's a diary... Do you want to save?


It's locked... Maybe Rei could pick it...

Please choose a destination


Scene 2

<Once you ride the lift up to Eden, you emerge among a lush-looking green

Nina: Woah!?
Garr: Mmmmmm!?
Momo: Wowwww!
Rei: What the heck is this!?

Rei: It looks like we're outside... But it's just another room...
Momo: We're surrounded by a desert... But everything's green in here...
Garr: All this... inside a building...
Nina: It looks just like we're outside...

<After crossing the bridge over the creek, you see a bird fly off up the path
to a man standing there. As you approach him, the birds fly off, and one of
them runs into the wall>

???: They can't tell that they're inside a room, and when they try to fly
they only end hurting themselves...
???: Do you understand... Ryu?
???: I suppose I should have known you'd come here eventually. You are Brood,
after all...
Rei: Who...?   Teepo!? Is it really you, Teepo!?
Teepo: It's me, Rei...
Rei: Teepo! You're alive! I...I thought...
Teepo: Be silent! I must... talk with Ryu...
Teepo: Welcome, Ryu... Unfortunately, your journey ends here...
Teepo: I can answer all of your questions...
Teepo: And explain... why our race had to be destroyed...

<A flashback to the fight with Balio and Sunder occurs>

Teepo: Soon after we were  separated, so many years ago, I learned that I too
was of the Brood...

<Teepo is seen wandering around as a Whelp dragon>

Teepo: .........m mmm Rei...? Ryu...?
Teepo: Why... why did they do this to us?
Teepo: Rei... Ryu...

<He falls into the stream>

Teepo: Huh? What's happened to me...!?
Teepo: My's...!

Teepo: I'm no different from you, Ryu...   Not since then...

<Various game flashbacks occur as Teepo speaks>

Teepo: Much blood has been shed to reach this point...
Teepo: The blood of strangers...
Teepo: Your own blood...
Teepo: Blood of both the good...and the bad...
Teepo: Nothing but hardship awaits us wherever we go...
Teepo: Violence, pain, blood...
Teepo: That is the Brood... That is what we are!

<Back in Eden>

Teepo: The Brood... pose too great a danger to the world...
Teepo: Our power... Our very existence threatens it... We cause war and chaos
wherever we go...
Rei: So... Mr. Teepo... The goddess put it into your head to wait here...
Wait here to kill Ryu, eh?
Teepo: NO! She would never harm anyone, nor allow anyone to be harmed!
Teepo: She simply fears... Fears for the world should the power of the Brood
be left uncontrolled...
Teepo: ...Ryu... We're different from them... We can't be with them...
Teepo: That's why you need to stay here with me. With me and the goddess
Teepo: You still don't understand, do you...?
Teepo: That's all right... Take your time... Look deep within yourself!

<Everyone vanishes>

Scene 3

<After reappearing in Ryu's dream, Teepo approaches you>

Teepo: What do you think, Ryu... This is your mind... Your heart given
Teepo: Here, you can enter not only your own heart... But those of your
so-called friends as well...
Teepo: And then you'll learn That I... That Holy Myria is right...
Teepo: Go now...Ryu

<Nina's talk>

Nina: Whenever I decided to do something, my mother would always ask me...
Nina: Is that what the princess of Wyndia should do...?
Nina: I would always answer yes...
Nina: When I left the castle with Ryu and my other friends... For the first
time, I wasn't my mother's daughter... Or the Princess of Wyndia... I was
able to just be ...Nina...

Nina: You're just being selfish, you know!

Nina: I thought it was very important... That we learn about Ryu and the
Nina: I don't know anymore... Maybe I left the castle just because I was
tired of being controlled by my mother...

<Examine the statue you find after Nina's talk>

You must go back. There's nothing for you here...

<Rei's talk>

Rei: The power of the Brood...
Rei: Look at me... I have a power I was so frightened of I swore never to use
it, but compared to the power of the Brood... my power is insignificant...
Rei: Doesn't that just beat all...
Rei: How can anyone handle that kind of power? If it were me, I know what I
would do with it...
Rei: No... I know better... I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of power
responsibly... I'm just no good...

<Inspect the middle dragon statue you come across after Rei's talk>

Bow down and pray before me... I will show you the path when your heart and
mind are as one.

<After waiting for several seconds the path ahead is revealed>

Go, my child... Let your steps take you where they will

<Momo's talk>

Momo: My father used to tell me lots of stories about the Techno Age...
Momo: It was his life's dream to learn all he could about that time and all
the machines that were built then...
Momo: Father... I'm almost there... It's right in front of me...
Momo: The Brood... God... I don't know anything about them... The fate of the
world? It's too big for me...
Momo: All I know is... By getting closer to God, I'm getting closer to that
age. The Age of Machines..

Scene 4

<Garr's talk>

Garr: I believed that by hunting the Brood, by obeying God... I was saving
the world...
Garr: But now I wonder... Was I...? If they had wanted to, the Brood could
have stopped us at any time
Garr: What should I have done...?

<Peco's talk>

Peco: I've been watching you for a long time, Ryu...
Peco: You need to do what you, and only you, think is right...
Peco: The power of the Brood is something to be respected and feared... But
it's not enough to save or destroy the world...

<Ryu's talk>

Ryu: Have you come to a decision?
Ryu: You're one of the Brood... You can't afford to think only of yourself
like the others, right?
Ryu: Think of what you could do with your power... Think of your people,
those who gave you this power...
Ryu: If you have the power to change the world... You have to take
responsibility for the world,  don't you?
Ryu: There's only one person who can take that kind of responsibility...
The goddess Myria!

<You stumble to the ground>

Ryu: Rise... Rise and give yourself to the goddess... Become one with the
Ryu: Who are you!?

<You realize he is an imposter and walk through him>

Teepo: Well, well, well... You count Yggdrasil among your companions! That's
a surprise... Still...
Teepo: You understand, don't you, Ryu?
Teepo: We share the same blood.. I know you...You must understand...
Teepo: All the others...  they're weak and frail! They think only of
Teepo: What if our power were to be used by them... for their small, selfish
Teepo: We can only entrust our power to someone who understands... Someone
who sees and thinks of the world as a whole...
Teepo: Someone like Myria, Ryu...
Teepo: If that's your choice then... If you won't listen to me...
Teepo: I'm afraid... I can't let you leave...
Teepo: I'm sorry, Ryu... But I have no choice but to leave you here in this

<He summons the Arwan to fight you>

Scene 5

<After defeating Arwan and emerging from the dream, Teepo approaches you>

Teepo: So, Ryu, you've come back...
Teepo: Why did you fight it? All that would have happened is that you would
have lost the power of the Brood... You wouldn't have had to die!
Teepo: If you won't give up your power... If you won't submit to the wisdom
of Myria...
Teepo: Then I have no choice...
Teepo: No choice...but to kill you...

Choose who will fight against Teepo

<Battle with Dragon Lord begins>

Scene 6

<After the fight>

Teepo:  ......Ryu... Myria... is... right...
Teepo: Look at us... The Brood...all we know how to do is... fight and kill
each this... ...but.........
Teepo: I...didn't ask... to be Brood... I didn't ask for be the power...
Teepo: I  ...just  wanted to be Rei, and you, Ryu...

<He regresses into a Whelp dragon and then fades away, leaving a Key Card

Rei: Ha ha ha... Doesn't this just beat all...
Rei: Hey, Ryu... Maybe you Brood really are cursed...
Rei: I hope not... I really do, Ryu...

<Examine the card>

It says Card Key A. It looks important...

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Ryu's Dream extra dungeon text>

You feel unbridled strength coming from deep within you...
Do you want to save?


Answer truthfully... Do you want what's in the box?




Do what your heart tells you...




Scene 1

<As you descend the ladder leading to the final hall, Honey runs away from
you again>

Momo: I think we all know by now that whenever she runs off like that it
always means trouble...!
Nina: There goes Honey again...!?
Rei: She sure is a busy little thing, isn't she?
Garr: I suppose she wants us to go after her, hmmm? Like before...

<Once you catch up with Honey, you witness her opening a large, elaborate

Momo: You're an amazing machine, do you know that, Honey?
Nina: I wonder what else she can do?
Rei: How can she be so small and open such a huge door like that?
Garr: Hmmm... I wonder how this works...?

<A hologram appears and speaks to you>

.....Attention. Navigator Code for highest level functions accepted....
Access to library mode...granted.

Scene 2

<After stepping off the lift, the path ahead lights up and you are greeted
by one of Myria's servants>

Welcome... We serve the almighty goddess... Before you meet with the holy
Myria, please hear our words.

<As you walk along the path leading to the center of the room, Myria's
servants speak to you>

The grieving Myria used all her divine power... To divide the world into two
One half being where you are now, the Desert of Death, and the other...
The world you came from...overflowing with life...
The two worlds are separated by the vast and violent ocean you call the Outer
Which protects your world from the desert...

It is Myria's desire to protect life... To protect your world... Even a
monster's life is sacred to Myria...

In order to protect the life she so loved, Myria instituted many forms of
safeguards and controls...
Foremost among these is the control of technology... Myria makes certain that
no dangerous machines, like weapons, are developed...
Myria allows the use and repair of only existing machines, and keeps the
study of machines from leading to potentially destructive ends...

Scene 3

<Once you reach the center platform, Ryu's prana will shine, and Myria is

..Nina... Momo.
Guardian Garr
And... Ryu
My brave, strong children... Who have crossed the violent ocean and the
burning desert...
I... am Myria

Garr: Oh great and mighty Goddess... We have journeyed far seeking you, that
we might know the truth.
Garr: Oh Goddess... Tell us... Why did the Brood have to be destroyed?
Myria: Is there anyone who wishes the destruction of life? I certainly do
Myria: The power of the Brood was too great... Too great for my small, small

<The desert is shown>

Myria: As you know... This side of the world is almost entirely buried by
Myria: ...making it almost impossible for anything to survive...

<The living world is shown>

Myria: Life has been driven nearly to extinction
Myria: I have to preserve what little is left...

<Back in the Library>

Myria: I had to save the rest of the world... from the danger called the
Rei: So what you're saying is... We should just sit back and let you take care
of us, like we were your babies or something, right?
Myria: Exactly, Rei...
Myria: If I did not hold it back using the Outer Sea as a shield, the desert
would slowly, inevitably spread across the entire world...
Myria: If I did not continue to create the machines that are repaired and
used worldwide, civilization as we know it would surely perish...
Momo: But... While we don't have the means now, someday we might be able to
build our own machines...
Myria: If the world were covered by sand, your lives would be consumed with
the struggle to survive --you would not be able to build anything...
Myria: Even if you succeeded in creating the machines you needed... Can you
say with certainty that you would not also build a weapon with which you
might also destroy yourselves, Momo?
Myria: In the past, this world was large... Larger than you can imagine...
Many people once lived here in Caer Xhan...

<The city is shown>

Myria: But the people fought and quarreled... And the city was swallowed by
the desert...

Myria: I...was unable to protect them...

<Back in the Library again>

Myria: I will not make the same mistake again! I will protect you and all the
life that is left!
Nina: I understand what you're trying to say. We are weak, and maybe we do
need help and protection...
Nina: And the power of the Brood may be similar to the power that destroyed
this city so long ago...
Nina: But... what are you saying we should we do? Are you saying that Ryu
must die?
Nina: Or that he has to spend the rest of his life locked up in some little
room, in an artificial world? Like Teepo!?
Rei: No kidding...
Rei: I don't like the fact that this is all being controlled by you-- that
you're pulling all the strings!
Rei: I'm just like a little kid, see? If you tell me to sit still, it just
makes me want to run around more, yeah?
Garr: Oh Goddess... We have no desire to give Ryu up to you... Nor do we wish
to see him killed.
Garr: Having traveled with him I can say that I do not believe that the power
of the Brood is as fearsome and dangerous as you claim it to be.
Nina: I'm shocked... that nearly the entire world is covered by sand...but...
with Ryu's...with our power, working together... then maybe, just maybe...

Myria: .........Enough, my children...
Myria: I admire your bravery and courage...Rei

<Rei vanishes>

Myria: There is no need to worry... I will erase your memories of this place,
and simply return you to where you belong, Momo.

<Momo vanishes>

Myria: My strength is admittedly small... But it is all you have to live
with. Do you understand, Nina?

<Nina vanishes>

Myria: Thank you for bringing Ryu here... Guardian Garr...your mission is now

<Garr vanishes, but Peco steps forward and uses some unseen power to bring
all of your allies back>

Peco: What about me, Myria? You didn't call my name...
Peco: Don't you know who I am?
Myria:'re Yggdrasil?
Peco: You won't be able to get away with this. Not while I'm around
Myria: All I'm doing is... leading my children by the hand... giving them a
world they can live in...
Peco: Myria... these so-called children crossed the entire world to get here,
and overcame the myriad barriers that you set before them! All for the sake
of helping their friend, Ryu, find his destiny...
Myria: ...Ryu?
Myria: ............Very well... We will let Ryu decide...
Myria: What do you want to do?
Myria: If you give up your power... The world will continue to live under my
protection, as it has until now...
Myria: Your power, which has brought you here, is too big for the world
Myria: Like the other Brood once did...
Myria: Accept your fate My ...Ryu...

Scene 4

<Ryu is left to speak with each of his allies>

Peco: puki, Ryu... You have to believe in yourself, and in those who believe
in you...puu

Nina: To tell the truth, I'm really frightened. We're not strong at all...
Nina: If you go against fate... Something awful might happen to the world,
Nina: I've always believed you weren't a bad dragon... I'll always believe
that, no matter what happens!

Momo: I only know how to fix machines, y'know
Momo: But we can dig up those machines... even if they're buried under a
desert, and learn from them!
Momo: Even if the world is covered in sand, we'd still be able to do
something, as long as we don't give up! Right?

Garr: Hmmm...I brought you here simply because I wanted to know the truth
about my own actions...
Garr: It may have been a selfish reason, but... I've learned one thing from
all this-- Now, more than Myria, I trust you, Ryu...

Rei: It's because of all that nonsense she's going on about that Teepo ended
up the way he did...
Rei: She messed with my brother... That's the one thing I can't forgive...

<Talk to Myria>

A decision on which the fate of a world hangs in the balance

Give up the power of the Brood and live in a peaceful world watched over by
the goddess...or believe in the power of the Brood and travel into the empty
desert where unknown dangers await...

Ryu decides to...

"Give up his power"
"Choose his own path"

Extra Text and Dialogue

<Myria servant dialogue>

The holy Myria awaits you ahead...

Before the coming of Myria, the world was dying... The wounded earth was
being covered by sand... And the very life was being sucked out of its

The majority of life that escaped death... Was taken like yourselves to the
other world...

A second control is achieved through the energy of chrysm ore
You see, chrysm ore is no more than one of the ways Myria provides the world
with her magical energy...

<Extra Myria dialogue>

Myria waits with her eyes closed for Ryu's decision... But Ryu cannot make up
his mind... Not without asking his friends first...

<Extra ally dialogue>

We'll be all right... I have a feeling it'll all work out...

To tell the truth... All this talk about the end of the world or the
desert... It's all just too big--I can't get a handle on it... You'll have to
decide for yourself, Ryu.

I know it won't make up for all the Brood I killed, but... I'm glad I brought
you here...

I don't care what you decide to do... I'm going to fight her. I don't know if
I can win or not, but I gotta try!


                      58. THE END: GIVE UP YOUR POWER


Scene 1

........Carrying the fate of the world was too much for Ryu.

If giving up the power of the Brood will allow the world to stay the same...
then that's best choice...

Myria: .........You have made the right choice
Myria: Ryu... that is true strength...
Myria: Giving up your horrible power... to protect the world...I'm proud of
you, Ryu...
Myria: Let us go... My... Ryu...

Ryu chose of his own free will to give up the power of the Brood and stay
with the goddess Myria...

<Ryu is seen sitting alone in Eden>

And so time passes...



                     59. THE END: CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH


Scene 1

Ryu realized he couldn't give up his power...

Of course he thought of his people, and his destiny, and Teepo... But more

He felt that if he gave up his power... He would no longer be himself...

Myria: Do you realize what it is you are trying to do? Do you?
Myria: By making me your enemy... You realize you are making the whole world
your enemy, don't you?
Myria: I have faith that you... that the Brood are not so foolish... Come,
lower your weapon...

Ryu realized it was foolish to challenge a god... But he held his ground...

<Ryu takes a swing at Myria, but she dissappears>

Myria: .........My poor Ryu...
Myria: Your great power has driven you mad
Myria: What of those who do not have such power like the Brood? They cannot
live without my protection.
Myria: By not giving up your power... You threaten their very existence!
Myria: Just as I always believed... The Brood truly are a danger, a threat to
the world...

<Peco appears>

Peco: Not true, Myria... It just means that Life is no longer content to live
in the little cage you have made for it...
Myria: Yggdrasil... No matter what you say... I will protect this world...
For the sake of all life on it...
Peco: Myria... Life in your world has been protected from the desert, and
death...but that's not the same as living...
Myria: ............Ryu...Son of the accursed Brood... The time for talk has
ended... If you will not change your mind... It grieves me to harm you, but I
have no choice... For the good of the world, you must die...

Choose 3 party members to fight against the goddess

Myria: It pains me... It grieves me, my children... That I must take up arms
against you, against the very life I have sworn to protect...
Myria: But you must understand, Ryu... I can't let you... your power roam
free in the world.
Myria: To protect the lives of my other children I must become unto a Fury...

<She takes upon a ghastly state>

Myria: Farewell, my children...

<Myria descends and transforms into her fighting form. The game's final battle
then commences>

Scene 2

<After defeating Myria>

Garr: It's over... No-- For you, it's just the beginning...
Garr: It was a long, hard journey... But we did the right thing... didn't we,
Nina: Garr!?
Garr: As a Guardian, my life must end here, with the goddess'...
Garr: Go... From now on, you must walk on your own...

<He turns to stone, and the whole station begins to collapse>

Scene 3

<Myria is seen sitting upon a platform plumetting through the abyss>

Myria: My world......  I tried, but it wasn't enough... I fear the world will
be destroyed again...
Myria: What should I have done...? What could I have done...?
Myria: If there is a God, answer me! What should I have done with the Brood?

<Deis appears>

Myria: Sister...?
Deis: It's for the best, Myria...
Deis: You went too far in your attempt to wipe out the Brood...

<The scene cuts back and forth between Ryu and his allies escaping the
station and Deis and Myria falling>

Deis: You've protected this world until now...
Deis: In the end, that was something your children had to overcome, to go
Deis: In order to walk on their own...
Deis: Don't worry... They can take care of themselves better than you think...
Deis: They-- and the world-- are stronger than we think...
Deis: ... I'm sure of it...

<They fall further into the darkness. Meanwhile, Ryu and his companions are
riding the lift down to Caer Xhan. The exploding lift track catches up with
them and the screen goes blank>

<Begin the ending animation>

Scene 4

<Staff Roll>

                              Breath of Fire III


                                MAKOTO IKEHARA

                                Main Programer
                             TATSUYA KITABAYASHI

                                Main Graphics
                                TORU YAMASHITA

                               Main BG Graphics
                                 ERIKO BANDO

                               Character Design
                              TATSUYA YOSHIKAWA

                                Engine Design
                                  YUKIO ANDO
                                 YUGO TOGAWA

                              Assistant Director
                                 JUNKO NONDA

                              Engine Programming
                               YOSHIHARU NAKAO
                             TATSUYA KITABAYASHI

                              Sound Programming
                                ATSUSHI MANOBE

                           Shop & Menu Programming

                                Battle Design
                                  YUKIO ANDO

                              Battle Programming
                             TATSUYA KITABAYASHI

                                Magic Effects
                                TADASHI SANZEN
                             TATSUYA KITABAYASHI

                                  Map Design
                                 YUGO TOGAWA
                                MAKOTO IKEHARA
                                ICHIRO TANAKA

                          Map Scrolling Programming
                               HISANORI OHTSUKI

                              Model Programming
                               TOSHIMITSU AOKI

                           Scenario & Event Design
                                MAKOTO IKEHARA

                          Special Event Programming
                               TOSHIMITSU AOKI
                                ATSUSHI MANOBE

                            Special Event Effects
                               HISANORI OHTSUKI

                               Mini-Game Design
                                  YUKIO ANDO

                             Fishing Game Design
                                 YUGO TOGAWA

                            Mini-Game Programming
                               YOSHIHARU NAKAO

                               Player Graphics
                                TORU YAMASHITA
                              TATSUYA YOSHIKAWA
                               HIROKAZU HIKITA
                                 YASUYO KONDO
                                MASAYA SUZUKI
                                MIEKO KUWAYAMA

                       Special Event Character Graphics
                                 AKIRA HIRAI
                                 RIKA YAMADA

                               Monster Graphics
                               TETSUYA ENOMOTO
                                 MAKOTO FUKUI
                                HIDETOSHI KAI
                                HIROSHI TERADA
                                  KEIJI UEDA

                             Map & Model Creator
                                SCROLL SPIRIT

                              Map Texture Design
                                 ERIKO BANDO
                                SCROLL SPIRIT
                                 YUKO NAKADAI
                               YUKIKO NORITAKE
                                  NAOMI GOTO
                                YOSHIMI MURATA
                                TAKANORI ARAI
                               MITSURU KUWAHATA

                               World Map Design
                                TAKANORI ARAI

                             Packaging & Manuals
                                 MASAKO HONMA
                                 JUNKO NONDA

                             Splashscreen Design
                                 SATOSHI UKAI

                              Music Composition
                                 AKARI KAIDA
                                 YOSHINO AOKI

                                 Sound Design
                              NARIYUKI NOBUYAMA

                                -ENDING THEME-
                                 "Pure Again"

                           All Instruments & Words
                                 AKARI KAIDA

                           Vo. & Background Vocals
                                 YOSHINO AOKI
                                 AKARI KAIDA

                              Additional Guitar
                              KEIICHI TAKAHASHI

                                -Voice Acting-

                                 TOMOKO TAKAI
                               KAPPEI YAMAGUCHI
                                 KYOKO HIKAMI
                                 YOKO MATSUI
                                 SYUSUKE SADA
                                 KAORI SAITO
                                 AI KAMIMURA
                              YUKIHIRO FUJIMOTO
                               TOSHIMITSU AOKI

                             -Localization Staff-
                            BOWNE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS

                                PATRICK RILEY
                                  RON FOSTER
                                MARTIN HERLIHY
                                 BRIAN WATSON
                                KIYOMI ITAKURA
                                  DAVID LOW

                               -SPECIAL THANKS-

                              Technical Support
                                AKIRA KAZAOKA
                                JUN MATSUMOTO
                               KEISUKE OKAMOTO
                                HIROYASU ANDO
                              TAKASHI HASHIMOTO

                                YOKOHAMA CARP
                                YOSHIHIRO SUDO

                                KUNIO FUNAHARA
                                KOUHEI KUBOTA
                              TATSUROU NAKAMURA

                                SHINICHI SATO
                               TOSHIAKI MATSUDA

                                CHARACTER LAND
                               EZAKI PRODUCTION
                             GEKIDAN 21SEIKI FOX

                                HIROYASU ANDO
                                TATSUJI YATAKA
                              MASAKAZU MOCHIZUKI
                               MASAYUKI HARADA


                         AND ALL CAPCOM STAFF MEMBERS

                        Breath of Fire Series Director
                               YOSHINORI KAWANO

                               General Producer
                              NORITAKA FUNAMIZU

                              Executive Producer
                               YOSHIKI OKAMOTO


                              Presented by CAPCOM

<Fin screen appears>


Scene 5

Thank you for playing: Breath of Fire 3. You can save your game here, and
try to fight the goddess again. Do you want to save?




                               V. Camping Text

                             General Camping Text

We don't need to rest now...Let's go

What do you want to do?

"Change party members"
"Look at Skill Notes"
"Look at Master List"

<Honey text>

Honey: (His snoring must be keeping her up...)

Honey: (It's clean enough already...)

Honey: (Looks like she's in pain...)


<First camp scene>

Teepo: Hey, did you know about what you can do in camp? You can rest and heal
HP, or make a record of your journey... If you want to know more, take a look
at the book in the tent.
Rei: When you're on the road and there's no inn around or when you're poor,
you can always camp out, right?

<After Bunyan's house, before entering Mt. Glaus>

Teepo: C'mon, let's go after Rei! Mt. Glaus is north of the Cedar Woods

<Before fighting the Nue>

Teepo: Aw, I ain't afraid of that Nue! I bet he gets one look at us and turns
Rei: There's nothing fiercer than a wounded animal in a corner... We should
probably make sure we're rested up before going on...

<After beating the Nue>

Teepo: I wonder what everyone in the village thinks of us now? I mean, we
beat the Nue when nobody else could!
Rei: I wonder... Did Bunyan do that for us on purpose? To give us a chance to
get the respect of the villagers? Nah... It's probably just a coincidence...

Teepo: Did you see the way they talked about us? heh heh heh...
Rei: I suppose a little fame never hurt anyone...

<Before entering McNeil Manor? *might be hidden*>

Teepo: Do you think the villagers will be happy if we rob McNeil?
Rei: McNeil's mansion is to the north of the farm... do we get in?

<After McNeil Manor, before talking to villagers>

Teepo: I wonder what the villagers will say to us now?
Rei: Somehow I get the feeling Loki's just using us... But... the
villagers'll get their money back, so they should be happy, right?

<After McNeil Manor, before talking to Loki>

Teepo: What's going on? After we went to all that trouble to get that money
back, why's everyone giving it back to McNeil?
Rei: I don't know... I do know that we'd better find Loki!

Teepo: I'm beginning to think that robbing McNeil might have been a bad
Rei: Well, let's go back to the farm and see what Loki has to say

<After talking to Loki and Bunyan>

Teepo: Did you hear what he said?
Rei: We should probably go back home... And lie low until all this blows

<After meeting Nina>

Nina: I've never slept outside like this before in my life! It's kind of
fun............But I suppose I shouldn't be enjoying myself until we find the

<After escaping from Balio and Sunder at Genmel>

Nina: Whew! That was pretty scary, wasn't it, Ryu? But now we've got lots of
stories to tell everyone back in Wyndia! .........I'm sorry...I shouldn't be
so happy when we still haven't found the others...

<After escaping from Sunder at Mt. Boumore>

Nina: I bet when everyone hears that you're a dragon, they get frightened,
don't they? Don't worry, Ryu... I'm not afraid of you. I mean, you saved me
so many times, how could I be afraid of you?

<After meeting Momo and leaving the Tower>

Nina: I guess this means we can get back to Wyndia... When we do, let's try
looking for your friends again, OK?
Momo: Just because you're travelling with a princess doesn't make you a
prince, does it, Ryu? Sorry, that was a silly thing to say, I guess...

<Before entering the Dump>

Nina: I didn't think they'd be watching the road... What should we do?
Momo: It was my father who discovered that you could use chrysm on
plants...And it was my father who built the first machines that took advantage
of that

<After beating the Mutant>

Nina: They say that chrysm energy's like magic... But who would ever have
believed that it could create something like him?
Momo: I'd never have thought a mutant could move around and talk like that...
Peco: (He looks so weird! In any case, he doesn't seem to be harmful)

<During the Contest of Champions>

Nina: Don't worry-- everything'll be all right... You know, Ryu, when I'm
around you, I feel like no matter what happens, it'll all work out in the
end...Funny, huh?
Momo: Oh, by the way... When you're fighting as often as we are now, it's
probably a good idea to make a diary entry as often as you can.
Peco: pukirururururu (He looks happy...)

<After the Contest of Champions, before fighting the Stallion>

Nina: So much has happened to me that I never would have dreamed about if I'd
stayed at home in the castle! Of course, my mother's probably worried about
me, but...
Momo: Wyndia should be over the Maekyss River and to the north... But we'd
better keep quiet about what almost happened to the princess, eh?
Peco: puripuropuri! (Is he ever unhappy?)

<After beating the Stallion>

Nina: I know they're alive out there somewhere... I can feel it... You should
probably go with Garr to the eastern lands to look for them.
Momo: The eastern lands... My father used to go there often to get machines
and parts... It wouldn't hurt to go take a look myself...
Peco: kurukurupukipuki... (What'll Peco do after we get to Wyndia?)
Garr: You've heard about the ancient war of the dragons, right? Well, Angel
Tower played a big part in that war...

<After leaving Wyndia, before going to Rhapala>

Nina: Well, I've done it away from home... How can I ever make it
up to my mother?
Momo: There's a steam boat at Rhapala, isn't there? I wonder what kind of
engine it uses? I can't wait to see it!
Peco: Pui? (He's acting like he belongs with us...)
Garr: To get to Angel Tower, we'll need a boat... We can get one at Rhapala...

<While training Beyd>

Nina: What good is it to be in love with someone if you can't at least tell
them you love them?
Momo: Nina's right, you know... Even if she is sticking her nose where it
doesn't belong...
Peco: pusururururu
Garr: Can't do much until the boat comes back anyway...

<Before fixing the Lighthouse>

Nina: Did you see how happy Shadis looked? Aren't you glad we helped now?
Garr: Now, if the ship'll just come back...
Momo: Hmm...All's well that ends well, as they say... It'll be easier to get
the Guild's help now, too...
Peco: pukisurururu (I wonder if he would end up like an onion ring if he got

Nina: Besides, if we're not doing anything anyway, we might as well go fix
the lighthouse, right?
Momo: The lighthouse is also run using chrysm energy... Did you know that I'm
also carrying Flame Chrysm?
Peco: pususususususu (I wish I could sleep like that...)
Garr: I just hope the ship will come back after we do the repairs...

<After fixing the Lighthouse>

Nina: That was a...faerie, wasn't it?
Momo: A pretty rude faerie, at that...Takes all kinds, I guess... I just hope
the ship comes back now that the light's fixed...
Peco: pukyururuyuu...
Garr: 'Use the Faerie Tiara where there are flowers...' We just want to go
east... Why do we have to take the long way around?

<After helping the faeries>

Nina: I'm a little worried about the faeries... We should probably go back
again and check up on them
Momo: I wonder if the ship's come back yet... Maybe we should check down at
the dock?
Peco: pukyurunde (Maybe he's got the right idea--just sleep until the ship
Garr: Our travel has been delayed, but... Don't forget about our plans to
visit: Angel Tower

<Before Mt. Zublo>

Nina: Must be pretty dangerous inside a volcano... what with the magma and
gas and all...
Momo: I was really looking forward to seeing the ship, too...
Peco: pusubpusun
Garr: The Urkan Region-- and Angel Tower--are on the other side of the

<Before Angel Tower>

Nina: First there was the crazy old man in the volcano... Then Garr gets all
quiet on us... I have a bad feeling about this...
Momo: I've seen lots of ruins from the Techno Age... But Angel Tower looks
different somehow... It looks like it could date as far back as the days of
the Dragon War...
Peco: gygakyurururu (Wish I could be as calm as he is at a time like this...)
Garr: .........


<After leaving Dauna Mine>

Garr: Do you remember Balio and Sunder? They were connected to that
organization in Syn City

<After leaving Ogre Road>

Garr: That monster...that tiger...It was like he was watching the road. What
does he want? Is it connected with Syn City somehow?

<After metting Rei again in Cedar Woods>

Garr: I see... So that tiger... was really Rei, who you've been looking for
all this time.

<After Nina joins you again>

Garr: Since he wasn't able to protect you then, Rei decided to take out his
anger on Balio, Sunder, and the organization they belonged to...
Nina: Garr wouldn't tell us what happened at Angel Tower... But I somehow
knew that somewhere, you were alive, Ryu...

<Before fighting Mikba>

Garr: I'm sure that even Rei realizes that destroying the organization means
nothing at this point...
Nina: I understand how he feels about what happened in the past, but killing
the don of the organization won't bring Teepo back to life...

<After beating Mikba>

Garr: If we want to learn about the Brood, we should head east... to Angel
Nina: Have you forgotten that to get across the bridge to the eastern lands,
we need the king's permission?
Rei: For years, I kept investigating the organization... But I never heard
nothing about Teepo... I guess...I guess that means...

<Before going to the Plant>

Garr: We'll need Nina's help if we want to get a passport...
Nina: Tee hee hee...I don't mean to twist your arm like that, but if you help
me with the plant, I'll talk to my father about the passport, OK?
Rei: The princess certainly has a way with people...

<After Momo joins you again>

Garr: We'll need Nina's help if we want to get a passport...
Nina: Momo hasn't changed, has she? I wonder about Peco? Did I mention he's
in the forest to the east of the plant?
Rei: Momo... and Peco? Let you out of my sight for a while, and you make all
sorts of friends, don't you, Ryu?
Momo: Since Director Palet isn't around, I've been taking care of the
machines...I like making repairs and all, but when they get that bad, it's a
real chore!

<After Peco joins you again>

Garr: It's funny, isn't it... How we all ended up together again...
Nina: With everyone helping me like this... I'll be finished in no time!
Rei: What's an onion doing walking around like that!? M... mutant!? What's
Momo: I wonder where Director Palet went, though... Leaving the plant like
Peco: pui pui? (It looked like he was talking...Must have been my

<Before fighting Shroom>

Garr: It's said that the machines have come down to us from an older time...I
don't really know for sure, but I guess it was a mistake to use them on the
crops like that...
Nina: We've got more to worry about than just the crops! We've got to do
something before there's a chrysm reaction!
Rei: I don't know much, but... What's wrong with plain old food?
Momo: What can they be doing that they need so much gas...?
Peco: pukya? (Maybe it has something to do with how Peco was created)

<After fighting Shroom>

Garr: Now we can finally get a passport...
Nina: In the end, we had nothing but trouble with the enhanced crops...I
wonder if there are some things we're not meant to tamper with?
Rei: Wyndia... It was Teepo's dream to go there some day...
Momo: I wonder if Peco and the other mutants weren't failures, made when the
director was performing his experiments to see if he could bring his dead
mother back to life...
Peco: pufuuu (Result of a failed experiment or not, Peco is alive...)

<After escaping from Wyndia>

Garr: At any rate, we should go to Angel Tower... Do you remember it? The
place where I tried to kill you...?
Nina: I may have upset my mother...But now I realize... this is what I wanted
to do--to travel again with my friends!
Rei: So what if Nina ran away from home? Just 'cause she's the princess
doesn't mean she has to stay cooped up in the castle all day every day, right?
Momo: I wonder how that machine underneath the castle works? I'd love to get
to play with it!
Peco: kyurururururu

<After visiting Angel Tower>

Garr: Once upon a time, Gaist fought along-side me... But he eventually
wearied of the fighting... And ran off somewhere...
Nina: I don't know whether I should be happy or disappointed that we didn't
get to meet God... I have this feeling that if we did, Ryu would go away
Rei: If it weren't for the power of the Brood, we wouldn't have had to go on
this long trip to find God, either...
Momo: I wonder if I asked, would God tell me about the Techno Age?
Peco: pukisuuuu

<After talking to Sudama at the Urkan Tapa>

Garr: Gaist was a great Guardian... In other words, he was very good at
killing dragons...
Nina: I think it must have been Gaist... Who realized that maybe the dragons
weren't evil...
Rei: The same race as Garr? You mean there's more like him?
Momo: Let's see...Follow the coast from Urkan Tapa to the west...
Peco: pusu pusu

<Before fighting Gaist>

Garr: Gaist was always that way... He would never do something until he'd
convinced himself he was doing the right thing...
Nina: I'm sure Gaist will see how important this all is to you, Ryu--I just
know he'll help you!
Rei: All that talk... what he really means is that he can't be bothered to
help us, right?
Momo: Now that I think about it... There don't seem to be any machines at
Cliff, do there?
Peco: kupupupupupu... (Looking at his innocent little sleeping face...
Somehow gives me the courage to go see Gaist...)

<After beating Gaist>

Garr: With this, Deis should be freed... Let's get back to the tower... Gaist
would... Oh, never mind...
Nina: The power of the Brood...God... Ryu's into some pretty serious stuff!
Rei: 'I was dead the day I became a Guardian' huh? Doesn't that just beat all?
Are the Guardians nothing more than pawns to God?
Momo: Whenever we get into trouble and I see the power of the Brood, I think
to myself how frightening it is... Not that you frighten me or anything,
Peco: pupunu... (This was probably for the best...right?)

<After meeting Deis at Angel Tower>

Garr: The cave at Mt. Zublo. I had no idea it was a shrine to the Dragon
Nina: Wasn't Deis the name of the sorceress who fought for evil? I mean,
wasn't she on the dragons' side in the war?
Rei: I tell you, Ryu... I'm getting really tired Running here, there, all
Momo: I haven't been able to play with any machines for a while... Seeing
God's all well and good, but I want my machines!
Peco: pushuuuu

<After meeting Deis at Mt. Zublo>

Garr: A boat... We should be able to get one in Rhapala
Nina: I've never heard of anyone making it over the ocean... I wonder if it's
even possible?
Rei: Cross the ocean!? I don't know about God or naked girls... But I do know
that getting over the ocean ain't gonna be easy...
Momo: All the machines come drifting down from the northern sea... Maybe they
have something to do with God?
Peco: (He looks fast asleep...)

<Before fixing the ship>

Garr: I thought surely we would be able to get a ship in Rhapala
Nina: But Beyd is in Junk Town...?
Rei: Sounds like the ship breaks down a lot...
Momo: Junk Town... I can hardly wait! That's where almost all the machines in
the world come from!
Peco: puuuun (Lately, I can't relax unless I see Peco sleeping...)

Garr: Will such a small and fragile boat even hold up on the Outer Sea...?
Nina: Looks like Beyd's settled into the job all right...
Rei: They're not trying to crash the boat on purpose, are they?
Momo: Let me do the repairs! I want to do the repairs!
Peco: puuun (Lately, I can't relax unless I see Peco sleeping...)

<While looking for parts>

Garr: Parts, eh? Should be able to find some at Steel Beach...
Nina: The machines wash up here... Makes you wonder what's on the other side
of the ocean
Rei: I wonder what's so fun about tinkering with things like machines, eh?
Peco: pussu pussu

<After fixing the ship>

Garr: I don't know how far we can get using that boat, but... I guess all we
can do is go in the direction Deis told us.
Nina: If I'd stayed in the castle, I never would have dreamed that one day,
I'd be going across the sea, where no one's ever been...
Rei: The ocean... I'm not afraid, you know? It's just that the boat, well...
Momo: I can't believe what Rei said about the boat! Especially when it's got
such a beautiful engine!
Peco: pukkiikikikii (Asleep with a big smile on his face... Is he happy to be
going across the ocean, maybe?)

<Before going to Parch>

Garr: God does not reveal herself to us... And the sea acts as a barrier,
turning us always back... Is this God's will?
Nina: If we don't find out about the Legendary Mariner from the mayor of
Rei: I'm glad I found a place to stand that doesn't rock...
Momo: I wonder if the engine can't be tuned to get more power...?
Peco: (Sound asleep...)

<After speaking to the mayor of Parch>

Garr: Hmmm... I guess things don't always go as planned, eh?
Nina: I bet the mayor wants to eat something from his hometown... I'll bet if
we got something from Maekyss...
Rei: Doesn't this just beat all? You mean we gotta feed this old fart fish?
Momo: How can anyone not like fish!? It's good for you! Everyone knows eating
fish'll make you smart!
Peco: pisupuu (Peco would probably eat anything...)

<Before meeting the Legendary Mariner>

Garr: The legendary mariner who came from across the sea... Maybe he can tell
us something about God?
Nina: I wonder what kind of ship the Legendary Mariner used to cross the sea?
Rei: I hope he's not some grumpy old man who came across the sea in a rowboat
or something ridiculous like that...
Momo: If the engine overheats, we'll be dead in the water until it cools down,
so be careful!
Peco: pusuu

<Before boarding the Black Ship>

Garr: The will to keep going...No matter what the cost... That is our greatest
Nina: Ram the other ship... I'm a little scared, but it'll be OK, right?
Rei: Ram it...? I can tell that idea came from Momo! She should learn to look
before she leaps... Great! This just beats all!
Momo: You're going to ram it, right? If I were you, I'd charge right up from
behind it!
Peco: pusuu......

                          Adulthood: Lost Continent

<After leaving Kombinat>

Garr: All we can do for now is hope we've come to the right place...
Nina: I just know we're getting closer, Ryu
Rei: Would you take a look at this place! It's practically a ghost town! I
don't know about you, but God must have some interesting tastes to want to
live in a place like this!
Momo: So they put the machines on the Black Ship, and send them over the sea?
So who makes the machines in the first place?
Peco: pukisuuu (He's the only green thing around here...)

<Before activating the Colony Portal>

Garr: Doesn't look like there's many people around here...
Nina: There's nothing but ruins here, are there?
Rei: It looks like it maybe once was a town of some kind... But it looks like
nobody's lived here for a long time
Momo: These machines are on a completely different level from the ones I've
been repairing and using
Peco: puuuuuu (Looks like he just realized that there's no one here but us)

Garr: Quite an impressive machine...
Nina: It's just like the one that was under Castle Wyndia... Hey...maybe
they're connected somehow?
Rei: When we were in Wyndia, Honey started it up for us... I guess we'll
have to do it ourselves this time...
Momo: I guess it's what people in the Techno Age used to move around...All I
know is it's a machine more complicated than any I've ever seen
Peco: puusuu

<While fixing Relay Point A>

Garr: Instantaneous movement between two points, no matter how far apart they
are...Certainly sounds like something a god would be capable of, doesn't it?
Nina: We worked so hard to get there, and then we're back in a flash...It's
amazing, but it also makes me feel pretty silly...
Rei: All this stuff just lying around...and we know nothing about it! That
don't make me feel good...
Momo: I guess we're only using a tiny part of all these machines'
capabilities, then...
Peco: pukibon

<After arriving at Dragnier>

Garr: When I think about how many generations of the Brood have lived and
died in that barren, desolate land, I... I...
Nina: The Brood... They don't seem like an evil race that must be destroyed...
Rei: So, the Brood managed to survive only by giving up their powers and
fleeing here from their enemies... So maybe the power of the Brood is for
killing and destruction after all?
Momo: The fact that there's a portal here means that this village has been
here since the Techno Age... So the Brood must have come here around the time
of the Wars...
Peco: pushu (No matter what the elder thinks... Ryu has to meet him and learn
the history of the Brood...)

<Before fighting the Elder>

Garr: So the Brood and God have always been fighting... Is it destiny...?
Nina: I don't know who's right, or what evil is...All I know is I believe in
you, Ryu
Rei: There may have been some Brood who hated the Urkans... And came seeking
Momo: The fact that there's a portal here means that this village has been
here since the Techno Age... So the Brood must have come here around the time
of the Wars...
Peco: pusususuuuu

<After beating the Elder>

Garr: An impassable ocean. A death-filled desert. What manner of world do we
live on?
Nina: If you get thirsty, use the canteen... Remember to walk at night
Rei: Now we have to cross the desert? Why do I get the feeling this God
doesn't want to meet us?
Momo: I wonder if that's what happened to the advanced Techno Age
civilization...If they were swallowed up by the desert...and disappeared...
Peco: pukyun
Horis: The desert continues endlessly to the north... No matter how far you
go, you won't see any signs of life... The Brood say that the goddess Myria
lives beyond the desert...
Rakda: mooof!

<After crossing the Desert of Death>

Garr: Caer Xhan... Could it be where God once dwelt?
Nina: Everyone said it couldn't be done, but we did it! We crossed the ocean,
and we crossed the desert! I knew we'd make it!
Rei: I always thought that nothing could survive in a desert... But the
people at the oasis seem to be doing pretty well...
Momo: I guess with a little luck, you might even be able to live out here in
the desert...
Peco: pussuu pussuu

<After reaching Myria Station>

Garr: So this is the home of the gods...
Nina: It's totally different from every other town I've ever seen...Look at
all the machines lying around...
Rei: Deserts, machines... It's like we haven't seen anything alive since we
got here!
Momo: Look at all these machines! It's obvious now that this is where all the
machines we use come from!
Peco: pikuu pukyy

Garr: A place with God's name...And what is a station? Is it like a temple?
Nina: It looks so cold and bleak inside there... Like after the end of the
Rei: I've got a bad feeling about this... Can't quite put my finger on it,
Momo: I don't know what to say! Look at all these machines! I could be here
100 years and still not figure them all out!
Peco: pukiii

<Last camp scene, after beating D. Lord>

Garr: I'm sorry...That's all I can say now...
Nina: Ryu...
Rei: ............I... would have been happy just being...a thief, but I
guess... ...darn... Teepo...
Momo: I'll stay with you to the end... After all, I came this far, right?
Peco: boge! boge! (I know what you want to do! At least, that's what he seems
to be saying)

                             Desert Camping Text

Notice: This section is only semi-complete. To be honest, I'm not completely
satisfied with the way it's currently organized, and I have yet to find a way
to organize it that I would be happy with. The desert camping scenes are
unique in the way that lines get replaced, reused, etc, and aren't as "hard
coded" as the rest of the text in the game, so it's rather hard to organize.
This is what DavidK came up with. I'm putting this here for now, but I'm
probably going to have it revised in the future.

<This dialog replaces other dialog when camping during the night>

Garr: You'll just waste energy walking in the day, you know
Nina: If we camp at night and walk during the day, we won't be able to see the
stars and we'll get lost!
Momo: It's a little better at night... No way you're getting me out there in
the daytime!
Garr: Our water won't last if we walk during the day...
Garr: We're just wasting our energy if we walk around during the day, you
<????> Hey, why don't we rest during the day and walk at night?


Nina: We're supposed to head north, right? As long as we can see the stars, we
should be all right...
Rei: Don't this just beat all? Everywhere you look, sand! How're you supposed
to know which way you're going in this?
Garr: It's a long trip ahead... Better conserve water as much as possible...
Momo: Whew! It's so hot I'm panting like a dog!
Peco: pusuuuu

Nina: Whew...No wonder they call it the Desert of Death!
Rei: I wonder what all these monsters here in the desert eat... Probably
people like us, out for a walk in the desert, eh?
Garr: Don't forget to check the direction of the stars when you break camp...
Momo: I wonder just how big this desert is?
Peco: pusuuuu

Nina: I'm all right... I think we're going to make it, Ryu!
Rei: I'm holding up OK...But I think our little engineer might be having a
rough time of it...
Garr: Is God testing us...?
Momo: Me? I'm fine! You should be worried about what's-his-name, the one
wearing the fur coat!
Peco: pisupisu... pisu (He looks like he's having trouble sleeping... Maybe
the heat's bothering him?)

Nina: Ryu, shouldn't we wait until daylight to make camp?
Rei: We'd better not walk during the day, Ryu...
Garr: Is this God's way of saying... that we are not supposed to meet with a
Momo: Whew...let me rest for just a minute...
Peco: pisupisu... pisu (He looks like he's having trouble sleeping... Maybe
the heat's bothering him?)

Nina: Are you sure we're walking the right way? .........Sorry... We're OK,
I'm sure we're doing OK
Rei: Garr and I are fine! Don't worry-- leave the fighting to us!
Garr: Is this God's way of saying... that we are not supposed to meet with a
Momo: Whew...let me rest for just a minute...
Peco: pisupisu... pisu (He looks like he's having trouble sleeping... Maybe
the heat's bothering him?)

Nina: We're almost there, right? Aren't we?
Rei: Doesn't this beat all...
Garr: Why would God wish to create such a place as this!?
Momo: Why...why do we have to go through all this?
Peco: upupu?

Nina: I can't walk during the day! It's just too hot!
Rei: Doesn't this beat all...
Garr: Why would God wish to create such a place as this!?
Momo: Why...why do we have to go through all this?
Peco: upupu?

Nina: Can you see the oasis yet?
Rei: We're out of water... We'll be in trouble if we don't get there soon...
Garr: How much more does God want to test us?
Momo: How come we're not there yet? Shouldn't we be there by now?
Peco: pu... ki ... (Looks like he needs water too)

Nina: Something's wrong! We're lost! We must be lost!
Rei: I'm getting sick of sand
Garr: Hmmm...
Momo: I've had enough of this...
Peco: upupu?

Nina: I'm OK...Let's keep going, Ryu
Rei: Are you sure all this'll be worth it?
Garr: I wonder if we'll be able to keep this pace up...
Momo: This is too much... I feel like I'm dying...
Peco: pukuku, kuku... (He's sound asleep... He should be OK for a while

Nina: I'm sorry, Ryu... I might not be able to make it...
Rei: What should we do, Ryu? We're not gonna make it at this rate
Garr: Maybe we should turn back and try again...
Momo: Let's go hoooome!...
Peco: pukiriri!? (Whatever he's saying, Ryu needs to make a

Nina: I'll be fine... It's going to work out, right, Ryu?
Rei: All we do is hope the desert gives out before we do...
Garr: I wonder if we'll be able to make it...?
Momo: Whew...
Peco: pukiriririrri! (Whatever he's saying, it sounds like he's encouraging

Nina: I... don't know how much longer we can go on...
Rei: This just beats all, doesn't it?
Garr: Is it ends for us...?
Momo: .........Daddy...
Peco: ............

Nina: First, we go north. We'll make it this time, Ryu
Rei: It's real easy to get lost here, so let's be careful, OK?
Garr: We'll be OK this time...won't we?
Momo: We're fine... As long as we don't make a wrong turn, we can make it out!

Nina: It's just too big... So try not to get lost, OK?
Rei: We're doing good... We'll make it for sure this time
Garr: I'm fine... How's everybody else?
Momo: If it is your destiny to meet with God, Ryu, we will succeed

Nina: I've been counting... We've got about 5-6 days until we're out of the
Rei: How're the engineer and princess holding up? You'd better keep an eye on
Garr: The road to truth is always a long one, eh Ryu?
Momo: We should be able to see the oasis to the north... If you see it
anywhere else, it's just a mirage, so be careful

Nina: Just a little bit, more, right Ryu?
Rei: I'm beginning to think the whole world is made of sand!
Garr: Just think...if the world ends... this is probably what it would
Momo: I've come this far! No way I'm giving up now!

Nina: Did you see the oasis? The real one, not a mirage?
Rei: I'm hungry...Think we could eat that rakda? But then we wouldn't be able
to get home, would we...?
Garr: God...give us strength...
Momo: Maybe we should give up...

Nina: Did you take the wrong direction again?
Rei: I've had enough of this sand...
Garr: Hmmmmm
Momo: Something's wrong! It shouldn't be taking this long!

Nina: I think I'm still all right... We'll make it this time for sure!
Rei: Don't tell me you want to quit and start over again!?
Garr: I don't think we'll be able to keep this pace up...
Momo: I can't make it. I can't make it...
Peco: kupuu, kupuu

Nina: We're not going to make it, are we?
Rei: Let's use the rakda and get outta here
Garr: We should return before things get too out of hand
Momo: I'm done for... finished...

Nina: Maybe the desert can't be crossed at all..
Rei: Think we can still make it, Ryu?
Garr: I don't know if we can make it...
Momo: I can't make it. I can't walk another step...

Nina: Leave me alone...
Rei: Sheesh...

Rakda: (If you kill him now, you won't be able to keep going...)

Nina: We'll use up all our strength if we try to walk during the day...
Garr: We need to save as much water as we can... No point in using it until we
need it...
Rei: I've had enough of the desert...
Momo: I hate hot!
Peco: pishuuuuu

Nina: Where, exactly, are we headed?
Garr: How's the water holding out?
Rei: It's a lot bigger than I imagined...
Momo: Isn't there anything but sand here?
Peco: pupukiiii

Nina: Um...I don't want to say this...But are we lost?
Garr: ......
Rei: There's nothing here...We should turn back...
Momo: I'm beat!
Peco: pipiusuuu

Nina: I think we should head back...
Garr: We've gone as far as we can go...
Rei: Let's use the rakda and get back, eh?
Momo: I wanna go home...
Peco: pupupuuuun

Nina: uuuhhhh...
Garr: We should give up and head back...
Rei: We're out of water, aren't we?
Momo: Let's go back...
Peco: pusun


                               VI. Master Text


Menu Text

Who shall apprentice?

Who wants to quit?

Is this OK? "Yes" "No"

Do you want to quit? "Yes" "No"


Bais: I never guessed you'd find everybody! From now on, you're all part of
the gang! If you listen to what I tell you, your Power will go up! I bet you
want me to show you all my tricks, right?


I thought so... There's hope for you. Follow me!

Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me

Bais: You want to play Hide-and-Seek again? Huh? You don't?
I get it... One of you wants to copy my tricks, right?


OK, <player> , you're one of the gang now
Anyone else who wants to be my apprentice?


Hey! You're all already my apprentices you know!

You're kidding... You saying you don't need me anymore!?


OK, <player> , you're not part of the gang anymore
Anyone else who wants to quit being my apprentice?


Hold it...There's nobody whose my apprentice here

You've really been practicing, haven't you? OK, <blank>, it's time to show you
the secret form of our gang! <player> learned Chain Form!


..Hmph! So, are you ready to try working for a living? ...I've learned that.
young folks like you need the advice of their elders...You can use our
experience to help keep you on the straight and narrow, see? want to
hear my advice?


.. ... Hmph I guess you're sincere enough... Listen up: you need to be strong.
and tough...You can't get through life otherwise...Got it?

I make you, <player> , my pupil... While you're my pupil, your Power, Defense,
and Strength will go up faster... But your AP and Intelligence won't go up as

...Go now, and come back when you've increased your level.

Oh, you're back... You been working hard?
Is there anyone else who wants to learn from me?


You mean you've learned enough from me?


.. ...No one's bothering to learn anything from me!.
Anyone else?


.. ...What? I've already taught you all I know...!.

All right,
.. You need to walk your own path....

.. ... .
<player>! You've made a lot of progress! I think you're ready for a new
<player> learned <skill>!


<Cave of Ages>

You can use this to travel to where Deis resides... Do you want to see Deis?


You can use this to travel to where Deis resides... But she must be tired now
and needs rest

<If you chose "That's too bad" earlier in the game>

You're finally going to meet God... You'll have to decide what to do when you
meet God, Ryu...

Just a little more... Don't give up now!

My, my, Ryu... You've become quite the man, haven't you? You should have no
problem with the desert, eh?

You made it across the ocean, eh? That's the spirit! Keep it up!

Look at how beat I am! Don't you be slacking off now, hear?

<Master Text>

Well, well...What are you doing here? Did you miss me that much?
You mean there's someone who wants to learn from me? OK, but only on one
condition: you have to call me Ma'am

"Yes, ma'am"
"Yes, mighty mistress!"

Ho ho ho ho ho! All right then, <player>, I'll let you be my disciple! You
should know, though--I'm a harsh mistress! Hohohohoho!
Is there anyone else who wants to be my disciple?


Come back and see me again sometime... Good luck!

..Wait a minute! You're all already my disciples!.

Are you making a joke? Are you saying you've nothing to learn from me?


Fine! Quit! You must think you're really special, huh?
I don't suppose there's anyone else who thinks they want to quit, is there?


So, where's my disciple, eh?

Hmmmm... You've been making progress... I suppose I should give you some kind
of reward Very well, I give you this! <player> learned the spell <skill>!!


D'lonzo: You look like you've got some potential... What do you say? Want to
become my apprentice?


Today, my days as a lone wolf are over... If you listen to what I say, we'll
hone your body like a knife...

All right, then, <player>, from today you're my apprentice!
Anyone else want to become my apprentice?


Sorry--if you want to be my apprentice, you have to always be carrying at
least 15 kinds of weapons. I don't need any wimps getting in my way... See
you later

D'lonzo: You're back again!
Anyone who wants to become my apprentice?


Hey, you're all already my apprentices!

Don't tell me you want to quit being my apprentice?


All right, then, <player>, I don't know you anymore
Is there anyone else who wants to quit?


Huh! Not one of you's my apprentice!

I see you've been practicing what I showed you. OK, here's a new move for you!
You learned <skill>!


Durandal: What do you want? Me? I don't know anything...nope, not a thing...
I'm just a little guy in a little town... If you really want, I suppose I can
teach you some of the useless tricks I know. Do you want me to?


Looks like you're serious, then... I don't have much to teach, but I'll give
it my best shot

Very well then! From this moment, I Durandal, make you, <player>, my
Is there anyone else who wants to apprentice with me?


Until we meet again...

Durandal: Long time no see! I've been working too and I think I'm getting the
hang of it. If I can have just a little more time...
Is there anyone else who wants to apprentice with me?


Huh? That's everybody, isn't it?

I know, I'm no good so you want to quit, right?


Very well, <player>, I release you from my service. I told you I was no
Is there anyone else who wants to quit?


Huh? There's no one apprenticing with me now, is there!

Hmmm...I think <player> is ready for a new lesson... Let me show you this
trick...It's not much, but it's all I have... <player> learned <skill>!


Once upon a time... In the Contest of Champions... I was known as the Mighty
Emitai... But I've been down on my luck... Ever since I threw a match to some
kids whose friends were being held hostage... Now I don't have any money to
pay off the mortgage on this wonderful house and the prime real estate it's
on... I'd like to make a deal: if you give me 10000 zenny, I'll teach you all
my magic...What do you say?

"Pay 10000 zenny"
"Um, no thanks"

Wow! It really is 10000 zenny...! I never thought I'd really get...ahem! All
right then: a deal is a deal--I'll teach you everything I know!

All right, then, I name <player> as my pupil!
Is there anyone else who'd like to study under me?


.....I'm sorry, but there's not enough here... Maybe some other time, then?.

Long time no see!
Is there someone else who'd like to learn some magic?


Hmmm? It looks like you're all studying already!

You mean... You want to quit your studies with me?


Well then, I guess <player> will have to study all alone...
Is there anyone else who wants to quit?


It doesn't look like there's anyone here studying with me...

It looks like <player> has gained a deeper understanding of my magic...As a
reward, I give you this: <skill>!


hic!! What? I feel like I've seen you somewhere before...... Anyway, what do
you want? You want me to teach you how to fight too?


........You look like you've been working out, yeah? I like the looks of.
you! Whaddya say-- I'll make you my apprentice! We'll get you toned up in no

OK, <player>, you're my apprentice now!
Anyone else want to be my apprentice?


........Huh? Hmmmm...If you want to be my apprentice, you'll have to win.
about 30 or so fights without taking a rest--understand? Only tough guys need
apply, see? Come back anytime-- I'll be here

ahhhh hic!! Huh? You again!? Whaddya want?
Is there someone who wants to be my apprentice?


Huh? You're all already my apprentices aren't you?

So what you're saying is you want to quit?


All right then! <player>, you're not my apprentice any more! You're not
anything so git outta here!
Anyone else wanna quit?


Huh? Not one of you's my apprentice!

Oh! Don't see you for a while and you go out and get all buff on me! All
right then--you should be able to handle this! <player> learned <skill>!


The seas art a distant echo of my pale existence... Mine ancestors, they that
birthed me, be the fish therein I wouldst enquire of thee: dost thou hold in
esteem the life thou holdest in hand, feeling it snared on thy wicked barb?
Dost thou believe sport with fish to be the ultimate game?

"Come again?"

Thou wouldst be well given to calleth me rever'd and take after my ways...
Thy journey will be made all the better if thou but doth remember to hold
true to the sport!

So be it! Thou art truly well met as my apprentice!
Be there any other who wouldst call me master?


Heed thee well my utterances and those of mine ancestors. Thou must give
flight to the wicked barb... Thou must fish Fare thee well... Remember thee
to forget not my ancestors

Mine eyes would mistake thee! Thou hast changed greatly since last our paths
did cross... How dost the waters find thee today?
Be among thee those that wouldst call me master?


Rejoice and be merry! For are not all of thee already my devotees?

I put to thee again: dost thou desire to leave my service?


Thou wishest to leave my service? Oh, thy words doth strike sharp as daggers!
Be there others that wouldst leave my service?


Unless mine eyes be befogged... There be not one of you that calleth me

<player>, I wouldst bequeath upon thee this! <player> learned <skill>!


Hachio: Oh! Let me guess... You've heard about me and have come to study, to
be cooks, yes?


Oh! How wonderful! You have all the ingredients I asked for!! All right, then,
I make you my apprentice! I'll make you into a first-rate cook in no time!

So then I make <player> my apprentice
Is there anyone else?


Hmmmm... But I won't do it for free... I'll think about it if you bring me all
the ingredients I ask for...OK? I want Beef Jerky, and Swallow Eye And also
an Angler, and a Martian Squid. Bring me these four ingredients, yes? Come

Hachio: Hello again! How are you doing?
Does anyone want to become my apprentice, yes?


What? You are all already my apprentice

Do any of my apprentices wish to leave my tutelage?


Very well, <player> has failed. Young people these days, no conviction No
good, I say
Does anyone else want to quit?


Hm? There is not one one of you who is my apprentice

<player>, I see you are trying very hard. I'm very happy, so I will teach you
my special technique! <player> learned !!<skill>


Our God teaches us that we must fight evil wherever we find it... Even now,
when there is no evil to be found in the world, we must keep ourselves
prepared and strong. If you wish, traveler, you can learn from us what God


Hondara: I see you are wise and prudent... Very well then, go forth and train
that you might be able to partake of God's wisdom!

<player>, from here on you are, like me, a disciple of God!
Are there any others who wish to follow God's teachings?


Hondara: This is wrong... You are too eager for the death of your enemies...
I have heard that somewhere in the world, there is a style of fighting that
allows the warrior to fight without killing his enemies... Even as you fight
evil in the name of God, you must remember to respect and protect life at all
times. Until we meet again...May God be with you

God is always with us. What can I help you with today?
Is there someone who wishes to train here?


But you are all following the teaching of God!

You say you wish to abandon the teachings of God, then?


It is regrettable, but <player> has turned from the light...
Are there any others who wish to abandon God's teachings?


But there is not one of you following the teachings of God

In honor of your continuing training and faith in God, I reward you with this
gift! <player> learned <skill>!


Ladon: Hmmm......? Who awakens me from my rest? You... you're Ryu! So, the
time has finally come... I am the ancient dragon god, Ladon. I know what it
is that you must do... Do you seek my assistance?


.....Very well, then I see that you have awoken the power that lies within.
you... You are ready to receive what I can give you

Then I present <player> with a portion of my power!
Is there anyone else who seeks my power?


.....You are not yet ready... You have not realized your true power... You.
will know when you have--return here then. Farewell...for now

Ladon: Well met, Ryu. My child...Our hope
Is there anyone else who seeks my aid?


It appears you are all benefiting from my power...

Do you feel you no longer need my power?


Very well then... I take back my power from <player>
Is there any other who no longer wants my power?


It appears none of you are benefiting from my power...

You have come far, <player>, and proven your ability... Therefore, I will
grant you yet another of my powers <player> learned <skill>!


Lang: You found me...I give up... I know when I'm beat... You might not know
it from looking at me, but I'm pretty strong...I might be able to help you out
if you want me to try-- what do you say?


Are you sure? You won't regret it later? OK, if you really mean it, I'll try
my best

All right then... <player>, you're now my apprentice, OK?
Anyone else want to be my apprentice?


OK, let me know if you ever change your mind

Lang: Hey! Thanks for coming all the way to see me!
Is there anyone who wants to become my apprentice?


Huh? You're all already my apprentice

I know... You don't want to be my apprentice any more, right?


Well, if <player> wants to quit, there's nothing I can do...
Anyone else want to quit being my apprentice?


That's funny... Not one of you is my apprentice...

I see you've learned my secret, <player>... Just take life easy, one day at a
time... Here, I got something for you... <player> got a Cupid's Lyre!


Lee: I love playing Hide-and-Seek... It's like a drama, you know...First you
part ways... Only to meet each other again...How wonderful it is! Thanks for
playing with me... I can teach you a few things in return. Want to become my


I'm glad I can help you... Good luck

All right then... <player>, I make you my apprentice
Does anyone else want to become my apprentice?


OK... See you later then

Lee: Oh, hi there... I just can't tear myself away from Hide-and-Seek...
So, do any of you want to become my apprentice?

"No"'re all already my apprentice

Oh...You want to quit being my apprentice?


That's too bad... You're no longer my apprentice, <player>
I wonder if anyone else wants to quit being my apprentice?


I'm sorry...did one of you become my apprentice?

Thank you for trusting in me all this time I have a present for you...
<player> learned the Magic Form!


Meryleep: Boy was I scared! I thought I was going to die! You'll have to make
amends for that! I know... ...I want you to get back my Flower Jewel, which
was stolen from me by a nasty crow! If you do I'll give you a reward, OK?

What? You've already got the Flower Jewel? Then give it to me!


Meryleep: I was waiting for you, Ryu. I was so bored I thought I would die!
Have you found the Flower Jewel yet?


Yaaaaaaay! Thank you, Ryu. I'll tell you all our secrets now... Heh heh If
you apprentice under us, your Agility will go up!

All right, we'll show <player> our secrets
Anyone else want to know our secrets?


Thhhpt! Don't lie... You don't have it! Bye-bye!

Meryleep: We were waiting for you to come!
There are so many things we can show you!

"Show us"

Huh? It looks like you're all already finding out our secrets...?

Eh? You mean you're not interested in our secrets anymore?

"We are"

Sorry! <player> doesn't need to know our secrets! Too bad!
Anyone else think they don't need our secrets anymore?


You mean no one's interested in our secrets!? How rude!

It looks like <player> is learning lots of our secrets... Here's another one:
<player> learned <skill>!


I am the great wizard Mygas... As you can see, well, I'm on a journey... And,
well, I've used all my money and I can't find any food... I've found myself
in a bit of a spot here... So, that's why I want to make you an offer... In
exchange for all your money, I'll teach you my most powerful magics... In
other words, I'll be your Master, and you'll be my apprentice... The more you
train, the more spells you'll be able to use... What do you say?


Oh! I can see you're one who's going places! If you become my apprentice,
your AP and Intelligence will go up faster... 'Course, your Power and Defense
won't go up as fast... So, who wants to be my apprentice?

I hereby recognize <player> as my apprentice!
Is there anyone else who wants to study with me?


W-w-w-w-w-w-what? You want to quit? Well, if you change your mind, you know
where to find me

Farewell... Come back after you've gotten stronger. If you're ready, I'll
teach you some of my spells!

Mygas: Welcome back, my students!
Is there anyone else who wants to study under me?


Oh! You'll all my students already, aren't you?

I can scarcely imagine it would be so, but... Do you want to quit?


Very well, then... I regretfully release <player> from my service
I still can't believe it, but... Is there anyone else who wants to quit?


What? Not one of you is a student of mine!

<player>, you deserve a reward! Therefore I give you this! <player> learned


Wynn: Whoa! You frightened me! Reminded me of that time you found me when we
were kids. As a way of saying thanks for playing with me then, I'd like to
help you out! Why don't you become my apprentice?


OK, <player>, from today, you're my apprentice!
Is there anyone else who wants to be my apprentice?


All right then, good luck!

OK, then... See you around

Wynn: How are you? You know, there's a lot of people who make fun of
Hide-and-Seek, but we had a good time, didn't we?
Say, there wouldn't be one of you who wants to be my apprentice, would there?


Huh? You're all already my apprentice

OK, you want to quit being my apprentice, right?


OK, <player>, you want to quit being my apprentice, right? See you later
Anyone else want to quit being my apprentice?


Hey! Not one of you is my apprentice!

I just love hard-working people like you! As a reward for all your hard work,
I'll show you this! <player> learned the Refuge Form!


You hear a voice inside your mind... Could it be Yggdrasil? Can you hear me?
Do you understand me? .........Uhhhh... My head is fuzzy... I can't think
straight. Do you have...anything that me?


You have...a Wisdom Fruit!? Thank you......... Finally...I can see things
clearly again! Now, I can share with you part of my wisdom!

Uhhhh......... You don't have... anything... Very well...then... Farewell...

I hereby give <player> my wisdom!
Is there anyone else who wants to learn from my wisdom?


Are you telling me you no longer need my wisdom?


Very well, then... From now on, you must depend on your own strength,

Is there anyone else who feels they no longer need my wisdom?


It looks like you're putting my wisdom to good use! Very well! Let me teach
you something else useful! <player> learned <spell>!

You've come back...
So, the time has come for me to share my wisdom, eh?


But I've already told all of you my wisdom!


                       VII. Faerie Village Minigame Text


This is all the text for the Faerie Village Minigame.  I should apologize in
advance for not having this in the beginning.  It was overlooked by both me
and David while making the guide.  How this flew over our heads is beyond me.
Anyway, this section is pretty self explanitory, so on with the section.


Opening Text

Cadis: There you are! Dummy dummy dummy! What have you been doing until now?
Cadis: You're just a big meanie! Don't you know if you leave us alone, we'll
die! Don't ever leave us alone that long again, dummy!
Cadis: Hey! You think I'm a dummy, don't you? This isn't like the forest--we
can't take care of ourselves like we did there!
Cadis: Please please pretty please! You've got to tell us what to do! You
don't need me to tell you what you have to do, right?


(1) OK, it's up to you now!
(2) What do you want to know?

(1)"What do we do?"
(2)"How do we help?"
(3)"Determining abilities"

(1) Basically, we want you to tell us what work we should do... There's all
kinds of different work...For example, if no one's hunting, then we can't get
food and we'll die Without any scholars, we can't think of new jobs... We want
you to tell us how many faeries should be working on each job!
(2) You can assign us to a job by moving us to the appropriate square on the
assignment page! You can make one of us change jobs by moving the cursor to
that faerie and pressing the button!
(3) Just like people, we faeries have things we're good at, and things we're
not so good at... When you move the cursor on top of a faerie, you'll see four
bars of different colors, which show what that faerie's abilities are! Red is
the hunting color... The longer the bar, the better that faerie is at hunting
Green shows how strong that faerie is A big bar means that faerie would make
a good builder... Blue is for business The bigger the bar, the better the
faerie is at selling things... Finally, the sky blue bar shows how smart the
faerie is... A big bar here means that faerie would make a good scholar!
(4) One house can hold at most three faeries And the more faeries, the
better... Since faeries who are hunting, clearing, or building don't need a
house, it's good to send excess faeries to do those jobs... To make sure we
don't starve, we need about a third or so of the whole population hunting at
any time
(5) OK, it's up to you now!

Help us! Help us! Tell us what we should be doing to build our village! You
already know what to do, right?


Message Board

...Nothing new on the message board...
Population change
Due to food shortage
Expedition failure
<Faerie> got new merchandise
<Faerie> made a new song
<Faerie> finished exploring
<Faerie> has finished copying
Increased village size
Made a new room
Discovered new work
Culture level rose

Faerie Menu

Assign a faerie:

Procure food
Do you accept? Yes No
Tend to crops
Tending crops
Build house
Building house
Sell products
Move where?
Emphasize what?
What course do you want?
Selling products
Develop new jobs and culture
What do you want to develop?
Developing (jobs)
Developing (culture)
Explore and search for items
Send expedition where?
Runs an inn and...?
Running the inn
Make a copy of an item
Copying item
Play various games
Playing games
Will buy unusual items
Second-hand shop
Gives away items
Gift shop
Predicts the future
Fortune teller
Play music
Playing music

Roaming Faerie Dialogue

Hee hee hee <uncomfirmed>
I'm keeping the grounds in shape It's really hard work!
Boy, this dirt sure is hard!
I'm working! I really am!
Careful! Watch it! Don't walk there!
You've gotta keep tilling and tilling it like this
Whew! I'm beat! I'm going to take a break!
I'm not sure exactly how you make a house-- I'm really excited!
I'm building a house! I don't really know how to, though...
I'll work really hard--I promise!
I...I'm not goofing off! I'm working, I really am!
Whoo... I'm all worn out
What should I do?
I've got nothing to do so I'm just hanging around here...
Well, hi there Me? I've got nothing to do...I'm so bored!
I'm sooooo bored Isn't there anything to do?
Nothing to do, so I'm taking it easy
If I don't do something soon, I'm gonna get fat!
Hmmmm...We've run out of room to build new houses!
What should we do? There's no more room for houses!

Job Text


I'm thinking up new jobs to do!

I'm trying to think of how we can grow faster!

I can't think of any more new jobs!


Welcome! I've got nothing but the best!

Hmmmmm What should I make?

The more people working, the faster we get new stuff!


Hi there! Why don't you come stay with me?

Long time no see! We've been finding out all sorts of interesting things
Did you know... You've been in this world for <number> hours and <number>
minutes? And that you've run into monsters <number> times? And that you've
made <number> zenny? What do you think? Do we know how to snoop or what?

Hi there! I've been studying you a lot too So far, you've looked in <number>
people's drawers (naughty boy!), and found <number> treasures, and gone
fishing <number> times! And...and... That's all I'm going to tell you today!


Hi! I'll buy any old or unusual stuff you have for better prices than any
other store anywhere!

I think there are 12 different kinds of antiques out there somewhere in the

Just once in my life, I'd like to see a Dragon Tear ...


The spirits say... The damage caused by a breath attack changes based on
remaining HP

I sense a great power from above us... In the sky...

I hear a voice... Use healing magics to damage the undead...

I've got it! Your name in your previous life was Bob!

"Um, no"

I knew it! I knew it! Just as I thought
No, no, I knew that wasn't it! Just as I thought

I've got it! Your name in your previous life was Guido!
"Um, no"

There's a traitor in your midst! Be careful!

You'd better not leave this room... There's... That's it!

I see... That you will be fighting fire very soon...

I can see your future It''s...Oh, no! Not that! Horrible! It's too
frightening! I can't say any more!

I see it... What you're looking for is to the west

Using the Sands of Time stops time, you know

What if you hit someone who's asleep?

You should take it easy today--no dashing around, OK?

Y... you... ...!

Using a certain item increases the amount of zenny and EXP you get from

Have you heard of the Spanner ?

Did you know that whales really aren't fish?

Have you seen the Quicksilver?

I've heard legends about a powerful weapon called the Dragon Blade somewhere
in the world...

Garr seems to have a natural immunity to flame

Momo seems a little scatterbrained, doesn't she?

The stronger your flame magic gets... You'll meet monsters with more and more

There are 17 masters in all

If you don't want to run into monsters, maybe you should try walking instead
of running

Hmmm this is no good I can't do anything about it...

I just love thinking up nicknames for people! Do you want to help me think of
new ones?


Do you want to give us or you new nicknames?

OK, pick who'll get a new nickname!
Who will get a new nickname:

Is this acceptable?


Is it OK if I think of a new nickname for this person?


OK...this person is <name>!


Do you really like it?


OK, so from now on, be sure to call <name>, <name> alright?

Shall we keep making nicknames?


OK, bye-bye See you later!


Hi there! If you give me one of your items, I'll make a copy of it! Well,
sometimes I make a mistake, but who doesn't, right? So, do you want to give
me an item?


OK, pick an item then
Oh, OK. See you later!

Do you want a <item>?


I'll get to work now so come back later If you close down the copy shop or
switch who's working, you'll loose the item, so don't do something silly like
that, OK?

Do you want to choose something else?


Sorry, it's not ready yet!

Ta-da! I did it! I did it! Here you go! You got your item <item>X2!

Ta-da! I did it! I did it! Here you go! Whoops! You've got too much stuff
already! Come back again later!, well, I couldn't make a copy...Sorry You got your item back:
<item>, well, I messed up... Look what happened to it! You got a
<Rice Ball>

Um...You see...I, uh, messed up Whoops--you've got too many items...Come back
later, OK?

Um...You see...I, uh, messed up And look what happened! Whoops--you've got
too many items...Come back later, OK?


I don't have anything right now. Come back later

Hi there! Here's your present! You got a <item>!

Whoops! You've got too much stuff! Come back later when you've got some more
room, OK?


Where do you want me to go next?

I found a <item> on this expedition! Here--you can have it!

Whoops! You got too many things already! You'll have to come back and get it

I'm sorry...I wasn't able to find anything


Thanks for coming! Want to hear me play some songs?


How about this? It's called

Country Living
These Little Things
Take It And Run
Life's A Beach
Even The Sun's Happy
Walking Straight
Crowing in the Night
Plenty of Money
My Favorite Trick
War Tiger
Fried Onions
Peach Engine
In the Morning
Fighting Man
Neverending Game
Walking the Road
That Old House
Windy City
The Champion
Turning Point
Don't Say It
Steam Locomotion
Heavy Echo
Dangerous Feeling
Of Gods and Dragons
The Poor Marcher
Dead Dragon Stone
For the Dragons -- Main Theme --
Castle in the Sky

Thanks! Come back sometime, OK?

D'you want to hear me sing?

"Sing Pure Again"
"Pure Again (karaoke)"
"No thanks"

See you later!

What kind of song should I make next?
I could make new songs faster if I had people helping me!


Thanks for coming! I know some fun games we could play together... Do you want
to play with me?


That's too bad... See you later!

Which game do you want to play? By the way, if you want to play the number
guessing game, you'll need at least 500 zenny!


You already know the rules, don't you?


OK, I'll tell you the rules then There are 9 unique cards, each with a number
from 1-9 I'll lay them out in a row on the table, and turn the first one
over... then, you guess if the next card in the series is higher or lower than
the card before it...If you want, you can guess up to 8 cards ahead, but if
you do, it gets that much harder, see? If you guess any single card wrong,
then you lose If you guess right then your pot goes up based on the number of
guess you made, and you can keep playing with the pot from the previous
game...Every once in a while, you'll get lucky and something special will
happen! Whew! Now, do you understand the rules?


How much money do you want to bet? (Choose from 1-100)
Awww...You don't want to play? OK, see you later then!
Here we go! Choose whether it's high or low!

That's too bad... You missed! Do you want to play again?


Yay! You won! Do you want to keep playing?

You want to quit? OK, here!
That's the spirit! OK, here we go!
Eh? I can't pay that much...sorry
Really? That's too bad...See you later!
Whoops! You don't have enough money! Come back later!

Do you need me to tell you the rules?

In this game you have to guess a three digit number The number's digits are
between 1 and 9, and each digit appears only once in the number You have
eight guesses If a number you pick matches both the number and the row, I'll
tell you that you got a hit ... If the number appears in the three digit
number, but is in the wrong row, I'll tell you that you got a blow The faster
you guess the number, the bigger and better of a prize you'll get If you can't
guess it in 8 tries, you lose your 500 zenny! Understand?


OK, here we go!
Tell me a number
Hits: <number>
Blows: <number>
Congratulations!! You got it! You solved it in <number> guesses, and you win
a prize! You got: <item>!
You've got too much stuff! You'll have to get rid of something

Do you want to give up?


Buzzt! That's it! Here's the answer

Want to play again?

I was waiting for you to come back! C'mon, let's play a game!
"Not now"

Aw, too bad Come back soon!

Do you remember the rules?


                               VIII. Hidden Text


Here's pretty much all of the significant hidden text. DavidK5 and I have put
in our own commentary on what the text means. If you have your own theory on
what some of the text means, by all means email me and I'll consider adding it
and giving you credit (given it's good and hasn't been said before).
The number next to each area is the area number of the EMI file found on the


<Area: Cedar Woods (009)>

Ryu lies naked and collapsed One year ago...

David: This is one of the stranger pieces of missing text. It really doesn't
make sense that Rei would find Ryu next to his cage a whole year after the
mine incident, which is what this implies.

Brad: Hmm... yeah, the more I look at it, the more it doesn't make sense to
me. I mean, was it planned that Rei finds him one year ago and he's in a coma
at the hut (or perhaps they raise him for a year?) This one is very puzzling.


<Area: Cedar Woods (010)>

Rei: .........Hmmmm So you don't remember how you got where I found you then?
Rei: Doesn't that beat all... Just what I needed-- more trouble
Teepo: What? Were you talking about me?
Rei: Um, no, nothing at all...
Teepo: Hmph... ... ... Oh, well...
Teepo: Anyway, Rei did you know that there's absolutely no thing left to eat?
Rei: You're kidding!... ...  Haven't had much luck robbing people on the road
lately... What should we do?
Teepo: Our bellies aren't gonna get any fuller sitting around here... Let's go
look for some food, Rei
Rei: You're right... Hey, why don't we go check out old man Bunyan's?
Rei: OK, Teepo You help Ryu there get equipped
Rei: You won't get far walking in your pajamas! Here, I'll give you some of my
old stuff!
Rei: Hey! Perfect fit!
Rei: OK, let's hit the road for Bunyan's
Teepo: Bunyan lives in the middle of the woods. He's a really good hunter, so
he's probably got some food lying around...
Rei: I mean... I know stealing's not right, but we need food too, right?
Teepo: Right! OK, Ryu, let's go!

David: This was an enirely scrapped scene that most likely would have taken
place at your house in Cedar Woods. My guess is, they originally were going to
skip going to McNeil and Yraall Road entirely, and go straight to Bunyan's
house after Ryu wakes up.

Brad: I see it more as an alternate scene. At time of production, they were,
like you said, probably going to skip straight to Bunyun's, but for some
reason they decided on stealing something from Mcneil village which shows
early on that they're thieves... or something

Teepo: But... I guess I'm still worried
Teepo: I wonder if Rei is OK my himself...
Teepo: Hmmmm...
Teepo: I mean, Rei's strong, but... I'm worried, Ryu
Teepo: Right, Ryu!
Teepo: I can't let him go all by himself... C'mon! Let's go after him! <fixed>
Teepo: Ha ha! That's what I thought you were thinking! <fixed>
Teepo: I can't let him do it all by himself... Ryu! Let's go after him!

David: Another scrapped chunk of dialogue, obviously meant to proceed your
escape from Bunyan. I don't see why they cut it out, though.
Brad: Oops! Translhextion made an error, those two lines were supposed to be
Teepo and not Rei. I agree on what you said.  At some point they are talking
in the area where Rei first finds Ryu (judging from the area file... I could
be wrong) why they would be in that area I don't know.

<Area: Cedar Woods Burning Hut (011)>

Rei: Blast...
Teepo: It's McNeil! I know it is! He did this to get back at us!
Rei: .........
Teepo: I'll kill him! Just you see... I'll get him...  I swear I'll get him
Rei: Teepo!
Rei: ... ... ...Ryu I'm sorry... I... I never thought...   I never knew...
Teepo: Rei! There's a bunch of people blocking the road!
Teepo: We're trapped... Rei I'm...  scared... What should we do...
Rei: Ha ha... ... ... That's it...
Teepo: What's gonna happen to us?
Rei: ...Don't worry Whatever happens, I'll make sure you're all right... I
Balio: Here they come...
Sunder: W, wait up, bro!
Rei: Wha... what the...!?

Sunder: That McNeil's really a wimp, though. Needing us to take care of
sum'thing like this for
Balio: Hmph!... ...Still... We could've used a couple of kids like
Sunder: Yeah, you're right! I guess it's kind of a waste, huh?
Balio: We didn't have a choice... Even though they didn't know better, they
still tried to steal our money...
Sunder: .........Yeah, you're right... So what should we do with this?
Balio: ...Just ditch it

David: Just looks like some extra lines they took out from the Balio and
Sunder scene.
Brad: Bah!  Why did they have to cut this out!! It's golden! I honestly don't
see why they would cut this out. Too dramatic perhaps?  I'd be dramatic too if
MY house was being burned to the ground, and it fits Teepo perfectly! It's a
real shame. As for Balio and Sunder, them saying that they could've used a
couple of kids like this when they pretty much owned them doesn't make much
sense to me. Perhaps early on during development they weren't as hard, but
still impossible to beat.

<Area: Yraall Road (018)>

Wait, wait, WAIT!
Who gave you permission to use this road!?
Teepo: Hey Rei... Maybe we should call it a day...?
Teepo: C'mon Ryu... Let's go home...
Rei: Hold it! Hold it! His name's Ryu? How did you know that, Teepo?
I...I dunno! I just felt like that's what his name was...
Rei: Say, is your name really Ryu?
Rei: Hmmmm... Stranger things have happened, I guess...
What do you think you're doing? Robbery? Forget it! No one with money's ever
gonna come down this road!

David: Another cut scene. Teepo Says Ryu's name on Yraall Road instead of at
McNeil. I guess there were originally going to be a few random people along
the road too.
Brad: Well, since at one point they were going to go straight to Bunyan's
instead of Mcneil village, they needed another cutscene showing that Teepo
knew Ryu's name.

<Area: Syn City (021)>

Garr: What is it...?
Merchant: Excuse me, sirs!
Merchant: This is your first time here, isn't it? You're not yet members of
the Circle, are you?
Merchant: See, we'd get in a lot of trouble if some official found out about
us, so we only sell Circle members the good stuff...You don't need to pay
anything to join, so here, take this! You got a Member's Card !
Merchant: So... if you want some...merchandise... Come see me and I can get
you whatever you need...
Garr: Forget about it. These people are the same as Balio and Sunder... I'd
steer clear of them if I were you...
Merchant: Oh... well... If that's the case... See you

David: This is pretty interesting. Maybe they were originally going to have a
special shop in Syn City that you could only access with the Member's Card.
Kind of like the Black Pass in Wild Arms.
Brad: What makes me wonder is what kind of equipment they were going to sell
and if the equipment was good. I doubt it though.  They would have probably
sold it at a high price and with false stats, but in reality the pwr/def would
be really low.

<Area: Mt. Glaus (023)>

Rei: It's getting dark... Why don't we rest for the night in this cabin...

Teepo: Hey, it's getting dark...
Teepo: Let's call it a day...
Teepo: Maybe Rei's staying here too...
Teepo: Uh-oh... It's pitch dark...
Teepo: I wonder if there's a light somewhere?
Teepo: Some... Something's coming!
ZZZZ...Z Ryu?
Teepo: Hey! That voice... It's Rei!?
Rei: .........What are you doing here!?
Rei: Don't scare me like that! I thought you were a monster or something...
Teepo: I'm the one who was surprised! Boy, was I scared! I mean, you're the
one going GRRRRR and growling like that...
Rei: Hey ...Sorry, OK, Ryu? Let's get some rest, all right?
Teepo: Good idea--I feel really beat...
Rei: It's getting pretty late... let's worry about the monster tomorrow
Teepo: Good idea... I'm beat!

David: Some pretty weird lines that never made it to the final product. Some of
it suggests that Teepo and Ryu almost saw Rei in Weretiger form, which would
have been interesting.
Brad: ...until the dev team at Capcom decided later on that they wanted to
keep Rei's Weretiger form a complete secret so that the player is surprized
later on that the tiger at Ogre road is actually Rei.

<Area: McNeil Manor (026)>

Rei: It's a chicken coop... We won't be able to get in from here, either...
Teepo: Are you OK, Rei?
Rei: Let the chicken... ...go free?
Teepo: Hey, good idea, Ryu! If the boss's chickens get loose in the night...
Rei: ...then all the guards will be busy running around trying to catch
them!...... Let's try it!
Rei: OK, Ryu! You scare the chickens!
Rei: That was cute... But would you scare the chickens......... ...please?
Teepo: Jab 'em with your sword!
Teepo: Say... these guys look pretty tasty...
Rei: Be careful... If you're too close, your sword'll get stuck
Rei: Enough already! Get over here-- hurry up!

David: Apparently Ryu was originally supposed to rile-up the chickens with his
sword instead of fighting Rocky.
Brad: Sounds like it would have been fun too.  It's a shame they didn't use
it. :(


<Area: Ogre Road (035)>

Recruit: Sorry sorry sorry I may just be a recruit, but I've been given orders
to make sure no one suspicious gets by, so that's what I'm doing!
Recruit: And since I don't know if you're suspicious or not... You need to ask
me if you can pass and go into the black market... OK?
Recruit: Oh! You have a member's card! That means you're not suspicious, then
I can let you in without getting yelled at...
Recruit: Please, go through, but watch out for monsters!
Monsters? Like the man-eating tiger. Lately, it's been attacking travelers on
the road...

David: Perhaps originally there was going to be a guard on the road who
wouldn't let you by without the Member's Card, which would force you to visit
Syn City first.
Brad: Agreed. I have no clue why they scrapped it though.  Perhaps it was a
bit hard to do given the fact that Ogre road is a bit wide?(I think?)

Garr: ...Somehow I don't think so... Let's get back on the road before we meet
the real tiger...

David: There was another tiger? o_O
Brad: Beats me. Perhaps someone will Email us with some insight.

Whoa! You mean you weren't eaten by the tiger? T... thank goodness
Recruit: Hey, Mr. Tiger... I mean, Rei... Are you all right?
Rei: Darn it!! Block off Yraall Road! Don't let them get away!!
Rei: I... I won't fail again...

David: It doesn't make sense that the guard would be a lacky for Rei, but this
is what these lines seem to imply.
Brad: It doesn't make sense at all to me ;/

<another ogre road suggestion (thanks deberk)>
Deberk: On ogre Road, I see a possible scene that was never put in because it
was kinda pointless. They might have tried to do a little more back story on
Rei. There might have been another Weretiger who was/is Rei's father or
another family member, but has lost control over their weretiger form. And you
have to put the other weretiger down.

<Area: Mt. Myrneg (051)>

Hahahahahahaha You're finished! You're nothing without flame or frost to back
you up!

David: Beats me :P
Brad: Probably used if you talk to the tarman, but say no to his advice, or if
you have no magic skills at all.

Balio: ...Hold it! Hold on! Wait a second!
Balio: We don't want to fight...
Balio: How can we say we're sorry, your magnificent excellent dragoness!?
Balio: If we'd know it was you... We...we...
Balio: .........Since it has come to this, the only way we can make amends is
with our lives!!
Balio: Please, your excellency! Our lives are yours!!
Sunder: Hahahah...Dummy!
Balio: See? Even the mighty Brood doesn't stand a chance against us!
Sunder: Hey, bro! We're pretty strong, ain't we?
Balio: You bet, bro! We're stronger than anyone or anything!
Balio & Sunder: Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

David: Looks like they were going to trick Ryu with flattery...
Brad: hehe, yeah. This was sorta stupid though. I'm glad they scrapped it.


<Area: Dump (052)>

Momo: That's the mutant? It's a little too mutated... Something like this
can't be created with what they're using...
Nina: Come on, Momo Let's go after it!
Nina: That's the mutant? It''s almost cute...
Momo: Don't you think it's a little strange? If it were this weak, they didn't
really need our help...
Nina: Are you OK, Ryu?
Nina: Thank goodness!
Momo: Something about this doesn't feel right... Oh well, let's go on a little
further, OK?

David: Maybe they intended to have a mutant-like sub-boss somewhere in the
middle of the dungeon.
Brad: Sounds like it. It might also be something you had to chase around and


<Area: Wyndia Castle Basement (100)>

System is down. Please use system disk
Installing program... Setting area data. . . . . installation complete!

David: You can take this one ;)
Brad: Sure. At some point during development, Momo didn't have Honey.  In
order to use the portal, you would need to find a system disk of some sort and
that would turn the portal on. Once they thought up of Honey, they decided to
use her instead of a system disk.


<Area: Parch (130)>

Lee: You're too late! I got tired of waiting. Still, I knew you'd find me
eventually... I'll see you back in Wyndia!

David: I guess they thought of sticking Lee in Parch at some point *Shrugs*
Brad: Or maybe they decided on moving her if you took too long to find her.


<Area: Faerie Village (175-185)>

OK, let me show you to play... This is a number guessing game, OK? Each time,
we'll randomly pick five numbers from 1-9 and you have to guess what those
numbers are... But you don't always have to pick five! You can pick only one
if you want, but the more numbers you guess, the more you win! So it's good to
pick lots! 'Cause that way, you win lots! Get it?


How much money do you want to bet? (1-100 zenny)
You don't want to play? Oh, well, too bad...Bye-bye!
Here we go!
Pick a number
Yay! Congratulations!
is right! That gives you X<number>!
Too guessed wrong...

Want to try again?


David: I think it's another casino game that was an alternative to the number
guessing game.
Brad: I'm guessing that they scrapped it because they had 2 number guessing
games already and a third one would have been "too much." Although, I would
say that Capcom should have replaced it with a completely different casino
like game altogether instead of just scrapping it (something like slots


<Area: Misc>

Disk used for starting the portal

David: Description for the System Disk

Cures petrification

David: Another missing item.
Brad: weird name though, and why is it all in caps??

Def2 Wgt0

David: Found it in the helmet list. Probably just a weak helmet for Nina and
Momo that they decided to leave out.
Brad: Maybe it was weaker than their initial equipment? (too lazy to check)

Let's get some sleep <from camp text>

David: I can't figure out where it goes
Brad: My only guess is that you would have said it right after choosing "rest"


                                   IX. FAQ


Q. So whose idea was it anyway and why?

A. All mine (bmecoli).  I thought that since some other RPGs has scripts I
thought that BoF3 deserved one.  And since it was so easy to dump the text, I
started the text dump project.  I asked DavidK5 to arrange the text, and now
it's here :)

Q. Did you go through the game and type it all yourself?

A. Hehe, no.  I went through the CD files and dumped the text out of each
world file and then formatted it so that it's a bit more readable

Q. How did you find the text? I mean a CD holds 650MB of data!

A. Actually I found it by accident.  I was looking for graphic data in a hex
editor and I noticed the text in plain ascii.  Also the game stores each area
in a seperate file, so it wasn't like I was combing through one large disk
image like file (like most square-enix games)

Q. What tools did you use to dump the script?

A. Translhextion.  Great hex editing/viewing program specially designed for
rom hacking.  Oh yeah and metapad for editing.

Q. I have a hex editor and when I look at the text in the file there's no
character names or numbers and the punctuation is messed up.  What gives?

A. you will need a table file and a hex editor that supports table files in
order to view the text correctly

Q. Can you give me one?


Q. Hey, could you do <x game> for me?

A. It depends on:
1. If I've played it
2. If I will ever play it
3. If it can be easily done.

If it's an RPG I'ved already played, then maybe.  If it's an RPG I haven't
gotten to yet, then no.  Also if I can't figure out where/how the text is
stored, then you're on your own. ;/

Q. Could you teach me how to dump text from <x game>

A. I would, but there are so many text hacking docs out there right now I'd
be wasting my time. Check, they have planty of resources to

Q. Hey! there's <insert spelling or grammar mistake> here in the script!

A. And?  Please note I changed nothing in the script (except for added
punctuation for readability). As of now I regret this decision as it isn't a
100% copy of the game.  Not only that, but I stopped doing it halfway through,
which makes it inconsistent.  This will probably go unfixed, as I would have
to redump everything and start from scratch, which isn't going to happen.
Knowing what I know now, I would have done things differently, oh well. Other
than the added punctuation, any other errors would be found in game (depending
on the version, see below). Go ahead, look! :)

Q. Your guide says this, while in the game it says that, why?

A. It appears as there are 2 or more versions of the game floating around, the
later versions correcting minor errors in the dialog.  When dumping the script
originally I used a newer version of Breath of Fire 3, but just recently I
realized that some of the text that I had to redump for the Faerie Village
text was from an early release copy of the game (dubbed the "vodka shot"
version). That aside, if you see any discrepencies between what our guide says
and what the game itself says, you are playing the other version. :)

Q. Hey! there's <insert spelling or grammar mistake> somewhere else!

A. Alrighty, we'll fix it in the next release and we'll mention you in

Q. So, how many times does Rei say "doesn't it just beat all?"

A. 19 times (Plus 6 from camping makes 25 times total)


                              X. Special Thanks


DavidK5: He was the one that arranged all of the script text here...  without
him, this would look like unorganized garbage.  Many props to you man. Also he
made one of the best BoF3 guides I've ever read... thanks for that too :)

Brian Bennewitz: For making Translhextion which I used to dump the text.

Everyone who posted in my GameFAQS thread and offering suggestions.

Capcom: For making this killer game.

<insert obligatory friends and family thanks here>

Cless: for the logo

Deberk: for the Ogre road suggestion

And you, the reader: For taking the time to read the scrpipt that David and I
worked so hard on.


                            XI. Disclaimer/contact


All script text is copyright 1998 Capcom Co. Ltd. All other text copyright
2005 Bmecoli and DavidK5. This script is for reference only. Do not publish on
another website without approval from the Author(s).  Do not add any of the
script in any sort of game (unless you want Capcom to come after you)

you can contact me at

you can contact DavidK5 at