Breath of Fire (SNES) Cheats

Breath of Fire cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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"Curex9" in Mogu's Dream World
In the item shop in Mogu's Dream World, it appears as if you can buy Curex9 for 4500GP, but after you buy it, you discover that it is really Lifex9.
Chun Li Cameo
When you visit Bleak, go to the boy who thinks he is a magician. He will say "Put a hundred coins on the table and I will make them disappear". Agree to his request and wait for him to say "Look behind you." Say no twice and then say yes. You should see Chun Li (from the Street Fighter games) practicing her lightning kick.
Free Healing in Drogen
Just opposite the South Gate in Drogen is a ruined building whose door is still intact. Inside you will find an old woman who will heal your wounds for free.

Take this opportunity to level your character up by fighting creatures just outside the town, returning whenever you need to be healed until you are comfortable about heading for the next town of Camlon.
Plan your use of this item in battle carefully. Each time you use it it ensures that your next attack is a perfect hit (a slam) which doubles the effect of the attack.

Combined with the Hero's Dragon Spells it makes for a truly powerful attack.


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9999 Experience and Gold
Before battling Jade in Obelisk, he will ask you if you want to join him. Say yes and whenever he asks you if you want to change your mind, answer no. Don't do anything and he will soon say, "I'm bored. Entertain me!". After this there will be a battle scene. You will fight a D.Flea, a Crab, a Flower, a G.Slime, and finally an M.Slime which. If you beat these then you will get the experience and gold.
Camlon Castle:
There is only 1 pathway you can take to get around level one of Camlon Castle. Your first stop should be the strange fountain which will heal you each time you drink from it. Take advantage of the chance to level your character up a bit before continuing on.

Next you will find a pair of treasure chests sitting side by side. Each one contains 70 GP.

You will then move past another healing fountain and then up toward a staircase leading down.

Downstairs you will encounter a pair of treasure chests inside the first room. The chest on the right contains an Herb, the one on the left contains a BronzSD.

Down the hallway is another door leading to a room with two more chests. The one on the right contains an Herb, the one on the left contains a Gauntlet.

Go up the stairs back to level 1 and walk down the hallway to the next set of stairs and head down. The first room contains an Herb in the right chest and a SuedeCP in the left. The second room contains a Visor in the right chest and an Herb in the left. Head up the stairs to get back up to level 1.

The first chest you come to will heal you. The next chest you see is a trap and will poison you. If you really want to open it anyway do so before you open the Healing Chest on the right.

Head upstairs when you are ready to face the Boss Monster, a giant frog.

It is recommended that you be at least 7th level before you take him on.