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9999 experience and 9999 gold
Before battling Jade in Obelisk, he will ask you if you want to join him. Answer "Yes", and whenever he asks you if you want to change your mind, answer "No". Do not push any buttons and he will soon say, "I'm bored. Entertain me!". After this, there will be a battle scene. You will fight a D.Flea, a Crab, a Flower, a G.Slime, and finally an M.Slime which, when defeated, will give you 9999 experience and 9999 gold.

catching a thief
When your in Auria ( the town made of gold, if you don't know)Go to the fish selling items and buy a pouch. This shouldn't cost a lot. Warp/fly to bleak, and go into the inn, and make sure you have the pouch in possesion.

He will tell you that lodging is free, and you will sleep. while in the bed, you find the inn keeper trying to steal your gold, and he'll get away with it if you dont have the pouch.

When you catch him trying to get the pouch, he'll beg for forgiveness and give you 5,000 g. He won't try it again.
Dragon Shrines
In BREATH OF FIRE there is places that teach 'Ryu'
how to transform into a Dragon. These are the location of the 'Dragon Shrines' and what abilities they give you.

South of Tuntar- Teaches Snow , flame, thunder
Southwest of Gant- Teaches Fire, Ice, bolt, gold
Northwest of Gust-Rudra
Under the Cleansing Water near Romero-Angi

To learn the abilties you must talk to the Dragon spirt and beat a monster(random) with only Ryu.
Emperor Sword and Star Hammer
Check by the throne after defeating Jade to discover the Emperor Sword. Search the right hand pillar in the same room for the Star Hammer. Use this in combat to produce the Comet spell effect.
Getting a
Now, rather than earning money for a, go to the Cave east of Auria. There is one there. Just use Karn to pick the lock.
Getting Rod5
With the sphere, you can also reach Tunlna. Fall down a pit to the left of the Vaulat in the princess's house, then search the box to find the Rod5. This is helpful at fishing wells.
Gobi's Sidequest (Weapons ahoy!)
Being a Manillo, Gobi is a keen merchant. In Prima, go to the big Market (the large building in the middle, with four stalls, one of which, the far right one, is empty). If Gobi walks behind the empty counter and presses A, someone will come up to him and either buy something out of your inventory or attempt to sell you something.

When you've lost Nina, before getting her back in Tunlan, open a market, and wait until someone sells you the Sleeper. This is Gobi's best weapon. The process is sped up a little if you put the entire contents of your inventory into storage beforehand, so that you'll only get sellers not buyers.

Anytime after getting Nina back, do this again. This time you're waiting for Ox's Mallet, Bleu's GlowCN, or Nina's PowerRP.

Bear in mind that you do need to have enough money for these items. None of them cost more than about 20k.
IceDR and LifeAR
As soon as Karn is in your party, head back to Agua, West of Romero. Travel to the very top of the tower, and examine the two pillars on the outside ledge outside the entrance to the goddess's resting place. You'll find Karn's best weapon and Ryu's best armour far earlier than you should.
Instantly Defeat Sara
When you have the D.Hrt item, a legendary weapon against dragons which you got from Tunlan, do not use it against Zog at Scande. Instead use it against Sara when you battle her at Pagoda tower. This item not only reduces Ryu's health to 1, but also Sara's health to 1 as well (they're brothers & sisters after all). Then just attack with your other character to down Sara in one hit.
Karn's fusion spells
Shin:go to Gant by the treasure chest holding the goods for the gill trader, to the east there is a set of shelves. Push the shelves to the side, to discover a crack in the wall. Inside there will be a man let him talk to Karn to learn Shin.Shin is also great for hunting (better than Bo).

Debo:go to Gust, inside the house west of the pond, there will be a box on the east side of the house, push it aside you will fall down a hole. Move the barrels to the north and let the man talk to Karn to learn Debo(although this fusion can only be used underwater).

Doof: After having Mogu join your party head northeast of Camlon. You will find a Dragon mark on the ground. Use dig to enter it, again there will be a man there who will teach Karn Doof

Puka:Go to bleak and enter the house north of the Dragon shrine in the bedroom there is a set of metal shelves.Use Karn,s Doof form to open to push it aside to reveal a hole. talk to the man with karn to get Puka. Puka also has the ability to open the Dragon rock (like the one just north of Auria.
M.slime galor!
Okay, you can't really do this without Nina when she grows up. Transform into a great bird and fly to Tyr's Tower, or get there by going through agua or somthing. put ryu in front so you dont turn into a bird.

Basically, walk around the place, but do not enter the tower. You will end up fighting some slime, but you will get to fight a few m.slime. each m.slime you beat gives you 9999 experiance and 9999 gold. This is useful when you need to get there levels up. And I guess while your there, look behing the tower and you with find tri-rang.
Mogu's Sidequest
Once Nina has learnt how to fly, then you can begin searching for the patches of dirt with a strange dragon mark on them. There's one to the East of Agua, one North of Camlon, one Southeast of Arad and one North of Tock. When you find them, use Mogu to dig (press A). Your party will fall into various secret rooms, filled with treasure chests. At two of these locations, you'll find Bo's HeroBW and Mogu's MystCW.
Tri- Rang
To get the tri-rang,once Nina has learned fly, go to pagoda (on an island North of Agni).Here use someone other than Nina and press 'A' behind the tallest tower. Also on this island you will find M.slimes,with which you can gain 9999 EP and 9999 GP

Easter eggs

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Chun Li
When you visit Bleak, go to the little boy who thinks he is a magician. He will say to you "Put a hundred coins on the table and I will make them disappear". Agree to his request and wait for him to say "Look behind you." Say "No" twice, then say "Yes". You should see Chun Li do a lightning kick.


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Money Glitch
Deposit all of your money and make sure that someone in your party has an item equipped that is more expensive than an item or a weapon that a store sells. Attempt to trade your expensive item for the cheaper item, but say no when asked if that is all right. You will now have 999,999 gold. Enjoy!
Two Endings, One Playthrough
There are two different endings to Breath of Fire, and they are determined by a relatively small event. Simply this; if you use Ryu's best Dragon transformation against Tyr, you will get the good ending. Otherwise you will get the bad ending.

Therefore, to see both, all you need to to do is reset and change your tactics in the final battle.