BreakThru (NES)
BreakThru FAQ/Walkthrough v1.2
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BreakThru FAQ/Walkthrough

by Da Hui   Updated to v1.2 on
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                              Table Of Contents                                
1. Controls                                                                    
2. Walkthrough                                                                 
3. Cheats                                                                      
4. Disclaimer                                                                  
                                1. - Controls                                  
D-Pad  - Move                                                                  
A      - Jump                                                                  
B      - Shoot                                                                 
Start  - Pause Game                                                            
Select - No use                                                                
                               2. - Walkthrough                                
Stage 1:                                                                       
Mountain - Fight your way through the mountains. Watch for land mines and      
falling rocks.                                                                 
This whole map is going to the right. Go right and either shoot or crash into  
the boxes. They will slow you down if you crash into them but it won't kill    
your car. Kill the two people standing there after the boxes. Now it's time to 
dodge all of those land mines. Maneuver around them. When you see part of the  
mountain your on form a cliff on the bottom of the screen, avoid it. You will  
fall off the mountain and die. When you come across the second little cliff on 
the bottom of the screen, slow down. The rocks will start falling and they will
fall in whatever path you are on. Slow down to avoid them.                     
When the rocks hit the ground, shoot at them or avoid them. You can crash into 
them and that will kill your car. There may be a few points when you have to   
shoot at the to dodge a land mine or something like that. You will eventually  
reach a huge wall of rocks after an avalanche. All you have to do here is speed
up and hit the jump button. Keep going avoiding or blowing everything up along 
the way. You will reach another huge wall of rocks along the way. You have to  
be very careful at this one though. There are two land mines at the other side 
and there are also two missiles that come out of the sky and down on the       
ground. There is also a cliff that you can fall off on the bottom too.         
Keep going and kill the first few people with guns. There will now be jeeps    
driving and shooting, some jeeps shoot in more than one direction. Kill them   
because it's not as easy to avoid them. You will reach a tunnel after you have 
gone by enough jeeps. There will be a lot of vehicles in there and the grey    
circle at the top of the screen you will come across is a bomb so don't pick it
up thinking it is a power-up. After that bomb will be a bunch of land mines all
right next to each other. I suggest now you blow them up because it's not as   
easy to avoid as the past land mines you have seen. You will now be exiting the
Immediately after the tunnel, shoot at the fox hole. There will be people in   
there shooting in all directions so be careful. This one takes a bit longer    
than other enemies to destroy so just keep shooting. There will be rocks       
falling soon after. That is your cue to speed up. There is another wall of     
rocks there so jump over them. Now just drive forward and don't drive off the  
cliff. Just keep going and you won't see anybody else. Just watch the short    
scene of the car driving away. Now it's time to break the enemy lines in the   
bridge area. Stay alert.                                                       
Stage 2:                                                                       
Bridge - Jump the destroyed areas of bridges. Watch for falling rockets.       
This is actually a pretty hard mission because there are two different routes  
you can take that are right next to each other all of the way through. You must
however go on the lower route. The higher route will eventually make you fall  
into the water. They will both have those jeeps that shoot in all directions. I
do however, suggest that you take the lower route. There will be two jeeps     
shooting in all directions on the higher route. Avoid them to your best ability
and continue on. There will next be two of the same jeeps on the bottom but    
there is still one on the top route. After those jeeps there won't be any      
enemies for a while.                                                           
You will reach two large vehicles shooting in all directions here. Both on the 
bottom route on each side of the road. If you are on the bottom route then they
will be as high and as low as you can go. If you took the top route, you will  
fall into the water. Keep going along the path killing the next vehicles you   
come across. Speed up after you have killed the vehicle and there will be a    
blown off part of the bridge. Gain speed and jump over. This is a large gap so 
you will have to time your jump right.                                         
After a few seconds when you land the jump, there will be an assault towards   
you. Kill the truck and the person. Blow up the box and don't crash into it    
because there are explosives in it and you might kill your car. Go up the path 
that switches to the other side of the screen and kill the people on it. You   
will come across a lot of jeeps that shoot in directions after you made the    
switch. There will be a small gap after you killed about five jeeps so speed up
when you see a jeep on the lower route. Also jump the gap on the lower part of 
the bridge so you don't crash into a jeep that is on the top part of the bridge
after the jump.                                                                
Kill the jeeps in your way and you will see a tank on the lower route. Don't   
worry about that tank though because it can't hit you. Speed up so you can     
dodge that tank and then jump over the barrier in between the roads. Now there 
will be another tank with people around it. Just kill it as quick as possible  
and keep going. Kill the people and after you killed a person that was all     
alone, speed up. Speed up and keep going up and even into the wall. This jump  
is pretty tricky. Jump while you are speeding and move up while you are still  
in the air. Keep going along the bridge.                                       
Stay on the top route here and kill everybody and all of the vehicles. Do not  
jump to the lower route or else you will have to jump back onto the high route.
There is a huge gap and you will just fall into the water if you take the lower
route. Keep going on the high route. After a while you will reach a helicopter.
This helicopter is a tough fight. Shoot at it and avoid the missiles and       
machine gun. Once you have avoided the missiles and you see them go off the    
screen, then jump. The missiles will come back and the only way to avoid them  
is to jump. Just keep shooting at the helicopter and avoid all of its attacks  
to get by it. You don't have to blow it up though.                             
Next there will be a gap. You can either jump over it because it is a small gap
or you can just change to the lower route. If you jumped the gap and stayed on 
the high route, then jump down to the low route because there is no way you    
will jump over the next gap. You will now need to go into the tunnel. There    
will be about five jeeps shooting in all directions until you reach a tank.    
Kill all of them and continue through the exit of the tunnel.                  
Slow down here so you can get the power-up floating through the screen. Time it
right so you will accelerate and grab it before it is too late. Go up the      
bridge and change routes when you must. Kill the two trucks up there and then  
jump down to the lower route. Kill the people down there and either kill or    
avoid the cars that drive by shooting at you. They are much faster than other  
vehicles you have come across so far so be careful. Kill the two trucks that   
will take up most of the road and speed up so you can jump the gap.            
Now speed up and stay to the top of the road. Jump the next gap and it will be 
just like the other one that you had to jump up and move up while you are in   
the air. When you can jump onto the lower route and slow down to avoid the     
missiles. There will also be a jeep on the lower side of the road. Go up the   
bridge to switch sides again and kill the people there. Slow down to avoid the 
rockets that come out of the sky. Now is the time to be careful. There will be 
jeeps and land mines all over the place. Kill the jeeps and blow up the land   
mines that get in your way. Watch the car drive away and onto the other side of
the bridge. Now it's time to break the enemy lines in the prairie. Stay alert. 
Stage 3:                                                                       
Prairie - Be ready to jump the pond while fighting the enemies.                
Avoid the land mines in the beginning. After the land mines will be a lot of   
people shooting at you. Kill them and move on. After a while you will see a    
river. You can either take the bridge or jump over it. After the river, watch  
for land mines. There will be four right after it and that will be it. Speed up
but be careful for the two cars on the top part of the screen. Get the power-up
that is floating through the sky and continue on.                              
After the two cars will be a lot more land mines so be careful. Keep going and 
kill the people and the fox hole after the land mines. Pay attention to land   
mines because they will now be scatter all over the place and then you will    
come across two tanks. Kill them and kill the people near the second tank. Be  
careful though because those people are standing in front of land mines. Jump  
over the fences in your way and be careful for the land mines.                 
Next will be a part with the water and the road will be narrower. Be careful   
here because there will be an assortment of different things to either kill or 
avoid. After that part will be a few land mines here and there. Blow them up   
and kill the vehicles and the people you come across. You will reach a fox hole
after a while, blow that up and speed up.                                      
This part is pretty tricky. Drive onto the dock there and jump the river. You  
will land on a very small island so keep speeding and get ready to jump yet    
again. Also be careful on the island because there is a land mine right in the 
middle of it. Jump over the rest of the river to continue on with the level.   
After the river will be a few land mines and a fox hole. Just avoid this fox   
hole because it is hard to kill. There will be a lot of people here now. Just  
shoot out a few of them that are shooting at you and jump over the fences.     
There will be no enemies after that except for two helicopters. Use the same   
strategy as you used for the last mission. When you reach a fence in the middle
of the path, go on the bottom. This route will make it easier to avoid the     
upcoming fox hole and then jump over the fence when you have to. There will be 
two jeeps after that part and then you will drive off to the next mission. Now 
it's time to break the enemy line in the city. Stay alert.                     
Stage 4:                                                                       
City - You are almost to the airfield. Keep fighting.                          
Go along the road and there will eventually be a jeep in the middle of the     
road. There will be two of the same vehicles on each side of the road after you
have killed that first one. There will be one of those fast cars in the middle 
of the road but that's the least of your problems here. There will be a person 
with a machine gun in the window in the red building there. You can't kill him 
so just go to the top of the road. When they stop shooting for a second, speed 
up. You should make it past them.                                              
There will be two cars in the middle of the road after that person with the    
machine gun though so be careful. There will be a few people near each other so
kill them and move on. There will be another machine gunner in a red house with
vines growing up it so use the same strategy and keep going. Kill everybody you
come across.                                                                   
Once you see the first set of land mines, that will tell you there is yet      
another machine gunner in the red building. Use the same strategy to avoid him 
and avoid the land mines after that. You can also just speed by the truck right
after the machine gunner too. There will however be another truck just ahead of
you though with a jeep near it. After that will be land mines scattered across 
the road so be careful and avoid them in any way possible.                     
Once you see the first vehicle, that means the land mines will stop coming up  
but also that more vehicles will come up. They will be slow moving or they will
not move at all. They do shoot in all directions though o be careful. When the 
road seperates into two pieces, go on the bottom route. After the road comes   
back toether again, stay on the bottom part. Shoot forward and kill the jeeps  
that come up. Kill all of the vehicles that you come across.                   
When there are barriers in the middle of the road, then take the high route. It
is fairly hard to get into but there is nobody on that route. Just keep going  
and wave hello to the people you drive by. It will however be hard to merge    
back onto the road because of the enemies you will come across when you have to
merge back onto the road. Just stay on the high part of the road again to avoid
all of the people you drive by.                                                
There will be land mines in the higher route after a while but there will only 
be three of them. When the road seperates, take the high route. Kill the       
person there and avoid the land mines. Keep going avoiding land mines and      
killing people along the way. The next time the road splits in half again, go  
either route. Just kill the vehicles in the beginning of the split. Now just   
keep going straight and there won't be anymore enemies you drive by. That will 
be the end of the level and watch your car drive off. Now it's off to the last 
level. PK430 in the next area. Recover it and fly back. Good Luck.             
Stage 5:                                                                       
Recover the Aircraft - Jump the walls and find the airport. Fly back home.     
You will start in the middle of a runway. Stay in the middle or go to the top  
because there are a lot of people on the bottom of it. Avoid the land mines    
that you come across and then you will reach the vehicles. Shoot at them before
they shoot and you and move on. After the first two vehicles will be a few land
mines and then two people shooting at you. Stay to the top of the screen when  
you see the two people shooting at you and then shoot at the fox hole up there.
Jump over the wall to continue on with the level. Be careful once you have     
jumped over the wall though. There are land mines scattered around and there   
are two vehicles shooting in all directions. After that barrage of attacks, go 
to the top part of the screen. If you stay to the top, you can avoid all of the
land mines and the vehicles that drive by the bottom of the road. When you     
reach the silos, kill the two vehicles that will come out. After that will be  
some land mines you need to avoid.                                             
You can easily avoid the next two people and the truck by staying along the top
part of the road. There will however be motorcycles that come out after those  
people. There will be a lot of people after that but they are scattered around 
good so they are easy to avoid. After a while when you see the first truck is  
when you have to be careful. there will be land mines and more vehicles driving
around. Just keep going killing or avoiding the vehicles and the land mines.   
Jump over the wall you will eventually reach and be careful because there are  
land mines past it. There will be a lot of land mines scattered around here so 
be careful. When the road gets narrow, there will be a fox hole. Blow that up  
and continue on through the level. The next fox hole will be the part you have 
to be careful for again. There will be rockets near it and land mines scattered
around there so be careful. Kill or avoid the land mines.                      
Jump over the next wall and be careful. There will be a lot of people shooting 
at you and they are all standing in front of or behind land mines. You can try 
and speed through the next assault of fox holes and jeeps or you can shoot at  
them. There are a lot at once so you have to be very careful since they all    
shoot in different directions. Once the road narrows down, there will be a lot 
of people scattered around shooting at you. Once you past the people that are  
shooting at you while hiding behind boxes speed up.                            
Speed up and avoid the jeeps that speed by you from behind. There will also be 
groups of people here and there while you are speeding so keep shooting your   
gun so you don't make any stupid mistakes. Kill all of the people that you come
across if you must, the easier way to do it is to just avoid them though. You  
will reach a fox hole on the bottom of the screen so be careful. Shoot at the  
barrels in the middle of the road. Kill the vehicles that you come across and  
keep going through the level.                                                  
Jump over the next wall when you get there. There will be a fox hole and a     
helicopter there. Just speed by them along the bottom of the screen and jump   
over the next wall. There will be another helicopter, just avoid them again by 
speeding along the bottom of the screen. When you reach the two land mines on  
the bottom of the screen, be careful. Now is the time to slow down. Kill the   
people and land mines there and move on.                                       
Avoid all of the land mines and when the road narrows, slow down. There will be
rockets coming out of the sky. After that will be a part that is pretty hard.  
There is a fox hole, two vehicles, and a few people. This part is hard to speed
by so just slow down and kill them. Jump over the wall that you will come      
across after that part. This part is actually pretty easy to speed by. Just fly
through this part and then the part when the road narrows is easy. Watch your  
car drive away and you're done. Congratulations! Through your bravery, you have
recovered the stolen aircraft. Watch the cut scene of you getting out of your  
car and into the jet.                                                          
Congratulations! You just beat BreakThru and recaptured the stolen jet!        
                                 3. - Cheats                                   
The following are Game Genie codes. You must have a game genie to enter them.  
GZUKYPVG   -   Infinite lives for both players                                 
GZKSLZVG   -   Freeze weapon timer                                             
PEUKPZLA   -   Player 1 start with 1 life                                      
PEKGGZLA   -   Player 2 start with 1 life                                      
TEUKPZLA   -   Player 1 start with 6 lives                                     
TEKGGZLA   -   Player 2 start with 6 lives                                     
PEUKPZLE   -   Player 1 start with 9 lives                                     
PEKGGZLE   -   Player 2 start with 9 lives                                     
ZANKLZPA   -   Start game on level 2                                           
LANKLZPA   -   Start game on level 3                                           
GANKLZPA   -   Start game on level 4                                           
IANKLZPA   -   Start game on level 5                                           
LTUKTLAA   -   Start each life with 3-way firing and 99 seconds                
                               4. - Disclaimer                                 
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted (c) 2004 to Frank Grochowski. International
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at: