Breach (Xbox 360) Cheats

Breach cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Lieutenant (15)Earned the rank of Lieutenant
Commander (15)Earned the rank of Commander
Top Dog (25)Earned the top rank of Commander Tier 3
Agent (15)Earned the rank of Agent
Operative (15)Earned the rank of Operative
Specialist (15)Earned the rank of Specialist
Expert Sniper (15)Get 100 kills playing the Sniper class
Expert Support (15)Get 100 kills playing the Support class
Expert Recon (15)Get 100 kills playing the Recon class
King Crusher (25)Successfully crushed 30 enemies with structural collapses
Expert Rifleman (15)Get 100 kills playing the Rifleman class
Expert Gunner (15)Get 100 kills playing the Gunner class