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Ya this glass is Half Full alright!

The good:

Loved the Movie, Leaning to like the game.<br>Complex issues to deal with and solve.<br>The game can be played Easy or Difficult depending on how detailed the user likes to get.<br>Similar Structure as the original Civ but has live action Battle Scenes. <br>Strategic thinking plays a good role in the game.<br>Choose from 16 Clans/4 difficulties and other options making the game more dynamic and interesting for continued playing.<br>Interesting 3D Battle Scenes<br>2004- now there are good sites to visit for help, strats, cheats and maps on the game.<br>DO NOT, spend a single cent more on "Strat books" etc etc etc.. there is enough on net, no need spending even more on this game! <br>

The bad:

Where do I start?<br>Superbly Complex to play and use if this game was bought in 1999 when it first came out(which I did)<br>Took three diff. computer crashes and 5yrs later to even get the game to work and run properly. (not that I've tried since crashing all them comps in 99 but still) <br>Not worth $70 for all it's troubles. But is probably less now.<br>Needs a Brave3.22 patch to run properly. <br>The graphics are good but heavily pixelated.<br>Could have been better movie clips used.<br>Could have done more with the game in general, and especially with added clips from leaders. (adding a humour dynamic to the game) especially the Irishman<br>You have to "conquer" 40 clans in order to unite Scotland which is very unrealistic to KILL 40 clans off, you'd be a deadman long before that. There could have been a stronger dipolicy element to the game and trading without the damn plague using diff ways to unite scotland. Maybe 40 clans either by killing, allying and or negotiating to Unite Scotland!?


Ok so this was bought in the summer of 99 and it's now the end of winter 2004 and getting to play the game.<br>Now that I have it's actually quite good!<br>This beats Civ for sure (the only other computer game I've played other than euchre and astronest) <br>The battle scenes are up to you, you can be heavily out matched but win by outwitting the computer.<br>Chosing the clans is interesting as well.. making the game harder on you or more able to manage your clan without much resistance... it's up to you.<br>I have a map printed out while I play and read countless strategy threads before di...

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