Brave Fencer Musashi Cheats

Brave Fencer Musashi cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Create Accidental Food!
Everyone knows milk is garbage. After about 5 days it turns sour. Throw it away? NO! Sour milk turns into yogurt in about another week! Heals about 7x as much as it originally did!
Fencing Tech
When rescuing Topo from Kojiro, to get the fencing you have to assimilate Kojiro while fighting, take care because you can only assimilate him from his back, and he will not dissapear. After a successful asssimilation, you will learn fence. Alternative way: Assimilate a red soldier in the Soda Fountain.


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Alchemist Leanman
In the opening sequence the game shows the entire group, Butler Livers, Princess Fillet, Scribe Shanky, Steward Ribson, and Alchemist Leanman, Alchemist Leanman is shown trying to help Fillet with his Alchemy spells to enable a summon for the great Brave Fencer Musashi. However, how can Alchemist Leanman be there when he is supposed to be captured?
Alternate way to get Lumina sword
When you are on the top of Spiral Tower, there is a barrier blocking the Lumina sword. The only way to get it is by stepping on a panel that opens it. Pick up an enemy, then stand on the panel with him in your hands. Have another enemy hurt you. You will drop him, and for a short time he will be laying on the panel, giving you a good chance to get the sword and run.

Yet another way to get Lumina is to stand on the barrier and have a man approach you. Then, throw Fusion into him as if you were about to assimilate him. Do not assimilate him. Do not press Square and run to the barrier. The barrier does not open while Fusion is in him. Wait by the barrier until he is mobile again. It will give you just enough time to grab Lumina.
Burning Plants
In the Ice Palace, and n a few other places, there are plants. If you use the Fire Scroll, you can set them on fire. This causes repeating damage in increments of 8.
Counterattack using Lumina
Go up to any enemy and hold R1. When Musashi is charging up the gauge, he can defend himself from frontal attacks. When he is defending and someone attacks, you will see the front of Musashi emit a spark. Immediately after seeing this, quickly press Triangle and counter.
Defeating Skullpion
Hold R1 until the special is all they way up while having the earth scroll on. Do this while the bucket or rock is hanging above him, and when he is shooting out of his mouth. Note: Dodge his shots before you do anything.
Easy money
Defeating Macho in cards is not by luck. If he says a number higher than 7, say lower and vice versa. Do not play him until the tenth round. Keep playing until the ninth round and you can continue playing him to get fast money.
Easy money
Play a game of cards with Macho. This is very easy, you can simply guess if the next card will be larger in value than the previous card he revealed. It costs 100 Drans per game, and you will double your earnings if you make a correct guess. If you manage to defeat Macho ten times in a row within a single game, your earnings will be 102,400 Drans. After this, Macho will not play with you anymore.
Easy money
Start a new game and get to the Spiral Tower to get Lumina. Note: Do not get Lumina yet. On your way up you will encounter three bats that try to attack you by going in a line. Just wait and slash them to get hearts and money. Keep waiting for a group of bats in that area. Keep slashing them as many times as desired.
Find missed items and secrets
After successfully completing the game, allow the credits to end. Press X when the Square Soft logo appears and save the game. Load this saved game file to return and collect missed items and find secrets that were previously missed.
Getting Mom Minku Action Figure
After finding all 13 minkus, go to the castle and talk to Shepherd Beefalo. He will tell you that Mother Minku is upset. Head to the entrance of the Meandering Forest to find Mother Minku. After defeating her, go to the toy store to buy Mom Minku action figure.
Getting Princess Fillet Action Figure
Rescue 35 people from the 35 bincho fields. Then, go to the toy store to buy Fillet action figure.
Hidden introduction segment
Remain at the opening screen. The game will show the story of how Musashi got there. Immediately after that, a secret segment will appear. These two introduction (both normal and secret) are short and only last about five seconds.
Hidden second ending
To view a secret second ending, collect all the action figures, including the special ones. When you have them, complete the game, and wait until after the credits and Squaresoft logo. Hand drawn pictures of the all the characters in the game will appear.
Joke names
Notice that the two main empires, the Allucaneet and Thirstquencher Empire, are plays on "all you can eat" (referring to food) and "thirst quencher" (referring to drinks).
Minku locations
Note: They do not have to be collected in order.

Grillin' village
Near the tree to the left of Twinpeak Mountain entrance and Steamwood administration.

Grillin' village
On the cliff above the gondola lift, near the ventilation shaft. Requires l-brace.

Grillin' resevoir
In a recess in the cave walls near the church bell. Requires water scroll.

Somnolent forest
Through the hidden path in the trees above the wooden sign that points to Steamwood forest and Meandering forest.

Somnolent forest
In a small clearing above the stream that passes through the forest between the two wooden bridges. Requires water scroll.

Somnolent forest
At the foot of the wind scroll statue. Requires fire scroll.

Steamwood forest
Near the wind crest on a cliff above the earth crest. Require mend-earth scroll.

Twinpeak mountain
On a high ledge to the ledge of the area where you have the climbing competition with Rootrick. Requires free jon.

Twinpeak mountain
On a small ledge across the river from the area with the three poles and south of the area of the climbing competition. Requires water scroll.

Hell's valley
In the same pit where the crest guardian skullpion was fought. Only after chapter 2.

Underground lake
On a small ledge along the perimeter, where the plant misteria is found. Requires mine key.

Upper Binchotite mine
Down the left side tunnel from the entry point, with the dead ant.

Upper Binchotite mine
Below the inactive fan, just after the windy tunnel.
When you learn the Maid's Dashing Pierce she will apologize by saying "exuse me" instead of "excuse me".
Mother Minku
After collecting all thirteen Minkus, visit Shephard Beefalo in the palace. He will tell you that he has heard of a Mother Minku roaming the world. Go to the first area of Meadering Forest to encounter the Mother Minku. She is a tough opponent.
Obtaining secret foods
Use the following steps to get the secret foods.

Orange: Save Tim from being turned into a Vambee. The mother of Tim, the Grocer, will give you a free orange.

Riceball: Make sure you have Cook A, Bailiff Jerkey, and Chef Julienne. Talk to Cook A. Now you are able to buy Riceballs from the Grocery Store.

NeatBall: Talk to Cook B when you have saved Butcher Chops. Now you can buy NeatBalls from the Grocery Store.
Pass through people
Normally you need to stand in front of someone to talk to them. Press Square while behind them to go straight through them.
Plant Regenerating
Use your Water Scroll and shoot bubbles at the plants or the Hopper. They grow larger in size.
Shrink The Dog
In the village, after you defeat the Steamknight talk to the mayor. He will ask you to rescue the dog. Say "Yes". Go to the mountains where the dog is located. Find one of the floating "ghosts". Hold R1 until the gauge is full, then rapidly press Square until you learn Shrink. Then, go to the dog and press Circle. You will shrink the dog. Then, step on the dog to flatten it. Note: This will not kill the dog.
Soda Fountain Directions
In the game you will recieve a calender with funny signs on the desription. These are direction for Soda Fountain. At Soda Fountain, each door has a sign on it. Go through each door in the order they come on the calendar. You may have to work your way forward to reach the next door.
Special Fan Art Picture
Collect all action figures, including the special edition one. [This also includes finding all the Minkus and the Bincho Fields.] Complete the game. The ending will be like normal, but after showing the 'SQUARESOFT' logo, a 'Special Fan Art Picture' will be shown. The picture shows all the characters in the game and there will be a sentence which says, ''Perfect!! Thank you for playing!'' Save the game and you realise that the 'FIN' save will turn to pink.
Special Rewards
Complete the game and watch the endings. After the credits end, the usual 'SQUARESOFT' logo will appear. Press the X button to save your game. Load this save file and you will restart chapter 6 so that you can discover secrets that you have missed earlier.
Super Atk
hold R1 and at the right time press square or triangle and Musashi will do a powerful atk.
The 6th Legendary Armor
When you have rescued Weaver from the bincho field in Twinpeak Mountain and have the Legendary Cloth in your inventoru, go to the castle and talk to Weaver. She will use the Legendary Cloth to make either the L-Quilt or the L-Glove. Choose which legendary armor you want and come back later to see Weaver to claim it.