Brave Frontier is a RPG for mobile platforms centered on battles between units summoned by players as they progress through areas. Battles revolve around six different elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light and Dark) that all units possess, with each element holding an advantage over another.

Players can summon five units each stage and engage other units using context-sensitive touchscreen controls. Defeating all units allows players to progress until they reach stage bosses which similarly must be taken out. By touching player units and swiping either right or up after a set period of time, players can execute powerful Brave Bursts for a variety of effects including attacking and healing. Players can fuse units with one another to increase their levels or strengthen their Brave Bursts, depending on how the fusion was executed.

New units are gained through summons purchased with gems and karma, and units can be strengthened with equipment either synthesized by the player or purchased through microtransactions. Rare summons can also be earned through special events launched by the operator.

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  • North America: Dec 13, 2013
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