Bratz: Rock Angelz (PS2) Cheats

Bratz: Rock Angelz cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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In-game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
STYLINChanges Camerron
MEYGENChanges Dylan
BLINGZChanges London Boy
ROCKINChanges Paris Boy
BLAZINUnlocks Ringtone 12
FIANNAUnlocks Ringtone 15
ANGELZUnlocks Ringtone 16
YASMINGives You 1000 Blingz
PHOEBEGives You 2000 Blingz
DANCINGives You 2100 Blingz
WAYFABGives You 3000 Blingz
HOTTIEGives You 6000 Blingz
CAMPFRParty Outfit #1
RUNWAYParty Outfit #2
MODELSParty Outfit #3
KOOLKTParty Jewelry
PRTPRNChanges Koby
BNYBOOUnlocks Ringtone 14


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Lots of Bratz points
Go to the office plaza and look for a coin in the middle. Get that and then a circle will form. The next time you come back you can get more, so just keep doing that and soon you'll be rich.
okay, Jade's sister, Lisa aka Starlight, Cloe's sister Cleo aka Snowflake, Yasmin's sister Luna aka White Wolf, and finally Sasha's siste Sonya. Want to be them? OKay! This takes practice too!
Do this in front of the girl to be their sister, once the cheat is activated, click X to make it true! Though everyone will say "Hey Jade!" if ur lisa y'know? But they look 3% different than before. For the cheat, you have to press FAST FAST FAST! Here goes! R1L2L1R2L1L1L1L1L1L1L2R2R2R2R2R2R1R1R1X
tada! Hope it worked!


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Bratz One and Only Officially Announced Cheat
From the Bratz Office, locate the Bratz Cheat Computer.

Once the Cheat Computer has been selected, enter the cheatcode RUNAWAY to unlock rockin' hot clothes.
Locate the cheat computer in the Bratz apartment. Type in any of these codes.

STYLIN - Changes Camerron
MEYGEN - Changes Dylan
BLINGZ - Changes London Boy
ROCKIN - Changes the Paris Boy
BLAZIN - Unlocks Ringtone 12
FIANNA - Unlocks Ringtone 15
ANGELZ - Unlocks Ringtone 16
YASMIN - Gives you 1000 Blingz
PHOEBE - Gives you 2000 Blingz
DANCIN - Gives you 2100 Blingz
WAYFAB - Gives you 3000 Blingz
HOTTIE - Gives you 6000 Blingz