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How old is your brain?

The good:

- Fun for everyone, gamer and otherwise.
- Price
- Graph recording of your results allow for keeping track of your performance
- Perfect for the competitive person.

The bad:

- I've been playing for a little over a week and at the start of every training session I still have to go through the rules. This gets annoying, and the rating gets -0.2 for this, otherwise this game is perfect... almost.
- Another 0.2 is lost to the fact that sometimes writing numbers down isn't recognized by the system, the same problem exists with the answers you have to say out loud.
- Quick play has only 3 games, so far at least.


Let's get the negative things out of the way.
First, the rules point: I don't know if it'll be like this forever, but it gets really annoying having to press "more" 2-3 times just to skip through the rules. I get it already, can we start with the games!

My handwriting sucks, I admit. But several people have problems with the game recognizing 3's as 7's, and other random mistakes. This isn't too big an issue except for the fact when you know the answer is 3 ("5-2 =" or something) and you hear it give you the answer wrong it takes some time to recover. This is because you wonder why it was wron...

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