Brain Age Tips

Awesome Stuff!!
After you play a game, go way to the bottom of the game selection screen to the last box with 3 question marks. If you tap it you can play a game called Germ Buster, which is really Dr. Mario.

When you want to do a Brain Age Check, hold in select before tapping to choose which activities you get checked on.

Here are 4 ways to get right answers.
1. Look at your question and shut the DS. When you know the answer, open your DS and write it in.
2. Play the game, and write down the answers to each question. Shut the DS off before it gives your score. Go back on the game and type in all of the right answers.
3. On the word memorize game, write down all of the words and then type them in.
4. When the game pauses for a while after you submit your answer, erase it and put in a different answer.