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The Youngest Retro Game to Date


Over the last few years, I've developed a fierce liking to post-apocalyptic role-playing games. And for one strange reason or another, I never got around to playing Borderlands during its post-release success. Why? To be honest, after playing it, I have no idea. Borderlands is easily one of the most enjoyable games, on or offline, that I've ever played. While games like Fallout are of a consistent enjoyability prior to completion, after completion or while playing DLC, there's something very sentimentally brilliant about Borderlands. Without having to take the game too seriously, it becomes...


Borderlands - A whole new world of gaming.

The good:

The good in this game outweighs the bad, thus resulting in the well earned score.

  • Unique cell-shaded graphics.
  • Millions of weapons to choose from!
  • Variety with characters, items, stats, and more!
  • Music
  • Smooth controls
  • Fun boss battles
  • Endless hours of fun!
  • Online play

The bad:

  • Dull story line
  • Online glitching


Who will you be?

This game displays a wonderful example of fun and imagination. The game begins with four mercenaries being left at a new world. These characters are set to find a "vault", as there are said to be something of value within. The new world is a home to villainous beings who won't hesitate to drive a bullet through your skull, so be aware! The world is inhabited by some humans who have settled there, though. This is how you later obtain necessary missions and items. At the beginning of the game you are also given the chance to choose one of the above four. Each one of these char...


Gratuitous Firepower Has Never Felt so Good

The good:

-Guns, guns, and more guns.
-Guns that shoot fire, electricity, acid, and explosive rounds.
-Interesting characters and enemies.
-Beautiful art design.
-Four distinct classes to choose from.
-Did I mention there are lots of guns?

The bad:

-Voice acting can be kind of shabby at times.
-Not the most engaging story.


What is there to say about Borderlands? Well, to put it simply, the game is amazing. While many, myself included, were skeptical about mixing the RPG and FPS genres, our fears prove to have been groundless. In fact, Gearbox has done a wonderful job of bringing us a beautiful piece of work, charmingly visceral, and filled to the brim with things to bring you back for more.

Borderlands is set on the alien planet of Pandora, a backwater wasteland inhabited by all manner of dangerous beasts. You play as one of a group of "Vault Hunters", individuals who search for the mysterious Vault (duh) that...


Wild West Shoot Em Up Meets Sci Fi

The good:

Massive Variation in Equipment
4 Character Classes to Choose From
Shooter meets RPG
Interesting Art Style
Great Online (And Offline) Co-Op
Great Replay Value
Some Good Downloadable Content

The bad:

Missions tend to get repetitive
Classes aren't well balanced
Can't take on higher level enemies for huge EXP boosts
DLC has no fast travel
*Spoilered* Story Related Spoiler (Check End, highlight white text)


How does one describe Borderlands????

"Over the Top"

I find that works best as it applies to:

The Action - On Pandora (The planet you're on), Running and gunning is at its best. Though if you prefer, you can go with the more careful approach and take your enemies out from afar.

The Amount of Variation of Items - There are 8 types (plus grenade). The Shotgun, SMG, Repeater (Pistol), Revolver, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, and the rare Eridian weapon class. Though the Revolver and Repeater share a weapon class, which is convenient.

The Humor - Yeah, it's over the top. I won't ...


A flawed diamond

The good:

+ Mostly very solid.
+ FPS+RPG is great in theory.
+ I enjoy Colleen Clinkenbeard's work.
+ Guns out the ass, some of which are worth carrying.

The bad:

- Very limited carrying capacity makes you choose between carrying a good new weapon or health.
- Shooting is literally hit and miss.
- Unbalanced enemies, often extremely so.
- Enemies re-spawn regardless of whether you can handle fighting them or not.
- It seems like you can never be stronger than your enemies.


Its a first-person shooter mixed with an RPG! How could this not be the best thing in the world? Well, thats why I'm writing this.

To it's credit, it is indeed FPS+RPG. That much isn't a lie. And for the most part, it is a pretty good game. The shooting is mostly solid and leveling up is kind of satisfying, at least until you figure out it doesn't really mean anything. If I'd bought it for $20, it would have been a pretty damn good deal. But at new game price, sometimes it seems a bit expensive. The problem with mixing the two genres is that they used some of the worst aspects of them. Sure,...


A Game For Real Gamers!

The good:

+ Good looking cel-shaded graphics
+ Music and sound effects capture what’s going on in the game very well
+ Controls are easy to pick up and play
+ No difficulty setting
+ Over 17 million gun combinations
+ Wide variety of enemies, entertaining boss fights
+ Co-op is a blast, especially with friends
+ Downloadable Content

The bad:

- Storyline is seriously lacking
- No difficulty setting
- Hacked weapons seem to be very common online
- No save anywhere feature


Borderlands takes pride on being a “Roleplaying Shooter”, or “RPS” for short. Borderlands is mostly a FPS with RPG elements, and it works out very well together. The RPG elements come into play with XP and level – your character starts out at level 1. You kill enemies to gain XP, and those enemies are also at a certain level. The more XP you earn, the faster you level up. As you level up, you will gain skill points that you can add to your action skill, which will trigger as soon as you hit the LB button on the Xbox 360 controller. If you’re Roland, you can throw out a turret which will sho...

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