Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned


Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned review
Zombies, zombies, zombies, ZOMBIES!!!! (FTW)

The good:

-Uh, new areas are nice, I guess (and they are populated by ZOMBIES)
-Story is kind of interesting.
-Has some pretty funny moments.

The bad:

-Story is only kind of interesting. And pretty predictable.
-Not really much added on content. But who cares, there are ZOMBIES!!!
-No fast travel or vehicles, so getting from point A to point B is a bit tedious.


What is there to say about The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned? Well, it's fun. Imagine playing Left 4 Dead, except your bullets light the zombies on fire. Yeah, thought that would catch your attention. Essentially, Zombie Island is a stand alone zombie expansion. You can easily see the influence that the L4D series had on the expansion, and they really couldn't have picked a better game to emulate. But enough about that, you aren't here for me to tell you that L4D is fun, you're here to learn about the Borderlands spin on it.

Well, the story places you in a new area known as Jakob's Cove, a lumber mill owned by the Jakob's Corporation to cut down trees for their guns that, fortunately, has been overcome by a zombie infestation. Er, I mean UNfortunately. Yeah... and you are charged with assisting Dr. Ned, who is totally not the same person as his brother, Dr. Zed, in remedying the situation. Sure, he seems a little shady (I'm pretty sure that mustache is fake), but who cares? YOU GET TO KILL ZOMBIES.

Gameplay wise, it's pretty much exactly the same as vanilla Borderlands. You run around, shooting things with your guns, occasionally punching them with your flaming fists, and picking up more loot to sell. Almost every enemy is undead, and as we all know, bodies burn really well, so fire elemental guns are a must. Explosives also work well, while electricity is less useful (in some cases it even heals them) and acid is completely useless. There are a scant few non-zombie enemies (still horror story based, of course) but who really cares about them.

The voice acting and story in Zombie Island is a bit better than the core game. The story has no illusions of granduer, and is almost more of a parody of zombie games and movies more than anything. The villain is rather over the top, and during your final approach to his hideout will contact you with some humorous lines. Also, the new claptraps and Jakob's employees that you will meet are quirky and fun in their own right. One of the biggest flaws in this DLC, however, is that you have to go everywhere on foot. No fast travel or vehicles. While this is fun at first, as it gives you a good excuse to explore every nook and cranny of the scary new areas, as well as a zombified area from the original game, it does get boring and tedious eventually, so once you've completed all the missions on both playthroughs you probably won't come back. Except to shoot the zombies, of course.

All in all, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a decent addition to a great game. In itself, it's right on par with the original release, but gets points knocked off for lack of real new content (i.e. no new guns or items to collect.)and the annoying trekking through enormous areas on foot. Definitely pick this up if you enjoy Borderlands, and have always wished you could play a game that let you fire explosive rounds right into a zombies head.

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