Borderlands 2 Easter eggs

Minercraft Easter Egg (Head / Skin / Surprise!!!)
Follow the following instructions to get Head / Skin / Money (available after Ch 9):

1) Go to Sanctuary Hole ( just the northeast of the map in Three Horns Divide), then jump off a cliff behind a building ( there is a place for you to jump onto), now you are at the entrance of Caustic Caverns.
2) Go to the Gurdian Ruins on northwest of the map, go to the minecarts and follow the train tracks to almost the end, then turn right, take the small path, jump over two blocks of rocks and turn left to enter a cave filled w/ blocks at the end.
4) Now you are literally "hit the wall", smash through the blocks , it takes about three hits for one block and there are two walls of blocks, then a secret area reveal.
5) The room is filled with Luxury Surprise + Enemies: such as Diamond + Gold, and Creepers. Kill the enemies to get minecraft skins + head piece for your character.

updated: for a video walkthrough, check out the lastest Borderlands 2 Neoseeker Video Walkthrough section or here