Borderlands 2 Glitches

PS3 Golden Key Glitch
This method will allow you to use your Golden Key(s) as many times as you would like, and still keep them. This method only requires a USB Drive and of course, atleast one golden key in your inventory. No split screen required, No Secondary players required. No internet required either!

1. Insert USB into your PS3
2. Go to Save Data Utility
3. Copy your Borderlands Character save and Profile Data (This can also be used as a backup if you copy to your computer, highly recommended)
4. Load the game and continue as normal.
5. Head to Sanctuary and open the Golden Chest
6. Take the Loot
7. Press the Start Button and select QUIT to Save and Quit. Yes, you actually want to save.
8. Go back to the XMB (PS3 Dashboard)
9. Go to Save Data Utility then go into your USB Drive
10. Find the PROFILE DATA in the USB file storage, hit Triangle, Select Copy, Overwrite the file that is currently on your PS3 **AT THIS POINT, DO NOT COPY YOUR CHARACTER OR YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR LOOT FROM PREVIOUSLY OPENING THE CHEST**
11. Reload the Game
12. Go back to the chest and you should now have your key(s) again for use as well as the loot you received from step 6 above.
13. Repeat as desired.

If for some reason you end up not having your keys, put your original backup file back in the PS3 Save Data Utility and try again. I have tested this method with three different people and we all had the same successful results!