Boom Blox Cheats

Boom Blox cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Cheats Menu
At the title screen press up, right, down, then left on the d-pad to pull up a keyboard. Use it to enter the rest of these cheats.
PasswordWhat it does
Blox TimeEnable Slo-Mo in Single Player
Flower PowerConverts all Explosion Effects to Flower Explosions
MaestroConverts Base Blocks to Jingle Blocks
My TeamConvert all Cheerleaders to Profile Character
Tool PoolUnlocks all Toys in Create Mode
Pandoras BloxUnlocks All Levels
Nonstop PropsUnlocks All Props In Create Mode
Critter LitterUnlocks All Characters In Create Mode


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Unlockable Tools
UnlockableHow to unlock
Big BombGet Silver on all Explore challenge levels
Bomb BallGet Bronze on "More Flying Bombs" in Explore "Bomb Stax" stack
Bowling BallGet Bronze on "Boulder" in Explore "Gem Blox" stack
Bowling Ball HoseGet Gold on all Medieval "Warriors" levels
CoconutGet Gold on all Tiki "Rescue" levels
Eight BallGet Gold on all Medieval "Sneaky Thieves" levels
Fire HoseGet Bronze on "Line Up" in Explore "Chemical Blox" stack
Ghost GunGet Gold on all Haunted "Grave Battle" levels
Golf BallGet Bronze on all Explore levels
LaserGet Bronze on "Plumber" in Explore "Point Blox" stack
Laser HoseGet Gold on all Adventure challenge levels
Nuke BombGet Gold on all Explore challenge levels
RacquetballGet Gold on all Tiki "Crossing" levels
Rubber BallGet Bronze on "Towering Fries" in Explore "Vanish Blox" stack
ShotgunGet Gold on all Western "Bandit Blast" levels
Six ShooterGet Gold on all Western "Blastin' Site" levels
Skull BallGet Gold on all Haunted "Lost Kitten" levels
Tennis BallGet Bronze on "Sparkplug" in Explore "Grab Tool" stack


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Aim Low
By aiming low, the towers will go.