Boogerman Cheats

Level Passwords
Type in the following passwords to get access to that level

Flatulent Swamps:
Level 1 - Scab Creature, Abdominal Sewer Man, Pus Creature
Level 2 - Abdominal Sewer Man, Pus Creature, Miner Goblin
Level 3 - Nose Goblin, Boogerman, Nose Goblin
Level 4 - Fart Ghost, Scab Creature, Pus Creature
Hickboy - Fart Ghost, Nose Goblin, Fart Ghost

The Pits:
Level 1 - Pus Creature, Scab Creature, Fart Ghost
Level 2 - Ogre, Nose Goblin, Miner Goblin
Level 3 - Boogerman, Nose Goblin, Scab Creature
Level 4 - Abdominal Sewer Man, Boogerman, Nose Goblin
Revolta - Troll, Miner Goblin, Nose Goblin

Level 1 - Scab Creature, Fart Ghost, Abdominal Sewer Man
Level 2 - Troll, Ogre, Abdominal Sewer Man
Level 3 - Ogre, Miner Goblin, Boogerman
Level 4 - Abdominal Sewer Man, Boogerman, Creature
Flyboy - Boogerman, Pus Creature, Miner Goblin

Mucous Mountains:
Level 1 - Nose Goblin, Scab Creature, Fart Ghost
Level 2 - Nose Goblin, Scab Creature, Troll

Nasal Caverns:
Level 1 - Nose Goblin, Pus Creature, Ogre
Level 2 - Scab Creature, Boogerman, Nose Goblin
Deodor Ant - Fart Ghost, Scab Creature, Troll

Pus Palace:
Level 1 - Pus Creature, Boogerman, Fart Ghost
Level 2 - Boogerman, Miner Goblin, Troll
Level 3 - Scab Creature, Ogre, Pus Creature
Level 4 - Miner Goblin, Boogerman, Ogre
Booger Meister - Pus Creature, Abdominal Sewer Man, Boogerman