Bomberman Tournament review
It's sad when classic characters find themselves in Pokémon clones.

The good:

-Multiplayer option, single-pak or multi-pak.
-Interesting RPG option.
-Good graphics.

The bad:

-Parts of RPG just feel like they wanted to make another Pokémon-clone.
-Doesn't really hold up over time.


Bomberman has always been fun. There's no denying it. It's totally worth buying this game just for the multi-player option.

That being said, Bomberman Tournament is a fairly flawed game. It mostly has to do with the RPG. It's fun, it's entertaining, beating it is satisfying. . . but while your playing it, you just keep getting this feeling that it was just an excuse to get people to buy it. You can see that not a whole lot of effort was spent on creativity, and the added aspect of collecting various monsters to help you on your way, (which you can battle for money,) just adds to the unoriginality to it. The story line is fairly forgetful, and once you've beaten it, chances are, you're not going to go back and beat it again.

The multi-player option is amazing, however. Various maps, power-ups, etc. Slippery snow levels, moving panels, it all adds up to an amazing Bomberman show-down with your friends.

Sum Up: RPG is fun, but time consuming and worthless, multi-player is amazing, but the game as a whole just doesn't really hold up over time. Admittedly it was a GBA launch title, but that's just the way things turn out.

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