Bomberman Fantasy Race (PSX) Cheats

Bomberman Fantasy Race cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

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Bomberman Fantasy Race Cheats

Mirror Tracks
Finish in first place on all tracks. Then at the track selection screen press Right.

More Saved Game Positions
Select the "New System Data" option, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Select + Start and press O to increase the number of saved game positions to fifty.

Alternate Footstep Sound Effect
Pause during a game and press L1 (x2), R1 (x2), Down, Up, O.

View Ending Sequence
Complete all mirror tracks. Then at the title screen, press Select.

Bonus Animals
Purchase all five kangaroos and five dinosaurs. The blank kangaroo and white dinosaur will now be available

Double Your Money
Save your game in any memory block, then save your game in another block. Go to the bank and select money transfer. Transfer your money from one block to the others to double your money. Do that again to make you rich.


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making quick money
First have a saved game that has a good amount of money. go to 2 player and open the same file that your player 1 is on. go to the first track(the shortest) and raise the bet to the max. the more money you have, the greater the max. run around the track with the player 1, while the player 2 just sits there when u complete the track, #1 will get the $. when #2 gets too low, save #1, and exit to the #2 load screen. reload the #2 on the #1 file. do this again and again. eventually the max bet will top out at 9999, but keep doing that. you will have $ in no time.
More money and winning the game
Go to either Bazkuan Ski Course, Wacais Beachside, Dyna Mountain, or Bomber Coaster Lake and drop down to the waterfall, water, mine etc 14 times. Your bank will be soon filled with more than 5 million dollars and you will get to enter the Bomber Castle of Mirror Mode whilst you get top from everything!