Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand review
Play video games, get a tan. How ingenious.

The good:

-Forces pale and pallid video game players to get outside every now and then.
-Mysterious elements with more of the puzzle revealed after every play.
-Pulls off solar panel as a decent game device, as opposed to a gimmick.

The bad:

-Some sound effects can get annoying.
-Dragging coffins through dungeons is annoying.


When I heard about this game, I was excited. I was thinking "what a brilliant concept!" But then I got to thinking about the fact that maybe it was some kind of gimmick and it really wasn't that well-made of a game. But I bought it anyways and I was all the more pleased.

Boktai is an incredible RPG that incorporates sunlight in order for you to charge weapons and defeat enemies, forcing gamers to actually get off their lazy butts, (myself included,) and go outside. (Sorry lazybones, household lamps don't work.)

The RPG element is definitely there. Your character has to save the world from the undead, just as his late-father attempted to do before him. However, you don't really learn much on your first runthrough. You have to play and beat the game multiple times in order to reveal all the secrets that you don't get on "Easy Mode." This boosts the replay value quite a bit as you can imagine.

The gameplay and control is also awesome, allowing you to sneak around and fake enemies out by knocking against walls. Puzzles also abound making the game challenging to the mind as well.

Minor problems include: Sound-effects. The main character's voice can get very annoying. Also, almost all the main bosses you must defeat twice. First in their physical form, then secondly with the Pile Driver at the beginning of the level. Meaning you have to drag the boss's coffin through the whole level again in order to finally beat them, which gets really annoying.

Sum Up: Great RPG, solar aspect is clever and works well, kid is annoying, coffins suck. All in all, a great game, and totally worth buying.

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