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Awesomeness in Your Hand

The good:

This game has a lot of great things in it. There are so many collectable items and secrets to find that it will keep you busy for many a summer. I have even found myself playing hours on end with no breaks just discovering new and exciting areas and searching for treasure. Seriously, the amount of hours you will spend on this if you like it.....yeah. A LOT. And those will be enjoyable too. I know it was for me. =]

Besides there being so many collectables in this game, the bosses are really cool to fight. Each has a specific weakness against a certain element and when you defeat them, they give you a lens corresponding to their element. As you progress, you will level up your lens (III being the highest) and will be able to inflict serious damage to bosses compared to what you were in the beginning!

With your element lens come your frames and batteries. There many MANY frames for your Gun Del Sol. Each has a unique ability that will come in really handy throughout the game, especially in the Azure Sky Tower. Now, you batteries are the thuings that supply you with solar energy. Each time you fire a shot, solar energy will be depleted from your Solar Battery. By the end you will have a good amount of energy storage from upgraded batteries, but a;ways remember to conserve your solar enrgy as best as you--especially in those really dark places with no sunlight.

I won't mention much but there some really rare items in this game, even a solar gun that uses darkness as its energy source. I'm sure it would be interesting if you and Sabata faced off with the same soalr gun. *hint hint* But beware--darkness doesn't affect him as much as it would with other creatures...

The bad:

Now that I have explained a little about the great and wonderful things about Boktai, here comes the negate view on it. And I am not atacking any Boktai fans out there because I myself am a Boktai fan.

Boktai the Sun is in Your Hand focuses mainly on stealth such as in the Metal Gear Solid series. You sneak around, sliding against walls and avoiding enemies. As you go along you try and take out enemies from behind or with a solar grenade. This becomes slightly repetitive as you always seem to be avoiding the creatures you need to kill, especially when you are low on health.

With that comes the "handy" sunlight feature. Boktai has a built-in solar panel that allows you to charge your Gun Del Sol and use it efectively when purifying Immortals and Undead. This really becomes annoying as depending on where you live could either mean life or death with the varying weather all across the world. But...even though it is repetetive, it still feels good to see your purification of an Immortal a success as you hold up you Game Boy Advance or whatever to the sun in a victorious fashion. =]


Overall, this is a must-have game for those who like fantasy and vampire hunting games. I have never regretted buying this game niether have I doubted the greatness of it. It has so many things for you to do that...Well you will be spending a lot of time (as I said before) outside and being active, which is a plus because we all need to get active these days...


Play video games, get a tan. How ingenious.

The good:

-Forces pale and pallid video game players to get outside every now and then.
-Mysterious elements with more of the puzzle revealed after every play.
-Pulls off solar panel as a decent game device, as opposed to a gimmick.

The bad:

-Some sound effects can get annoying.
-Dragging coffins through dungeons is annoying.


When I heard about this game, I was excited. I was thinking "what a brilliant concept!" But then I got to thinking about the fact that maybe it was some kind of gimmick and it really wasn't that well-made of a game. But I bought it anyways and I was all the more pleased.

Boktai is an incredible RPG that incorporates sunlight in order for you to charge weapons and defeat enemies, forcing gamers to actually get off their lazy butts, (myself included,) and go outside. (Sorry lazybones, household lamps don't work.)

The RPG element is definitely there. Your character has to save the world fro...


The Worst Game Since Need for Speed 3

The good:

Huh? (looks for "good" in this "game")
Well..OK graphics and sound

The bad:

What a joke.
Infuriating gameplay.
What a ripoff.
Solar sensor does not always work very well.
A hazard to your health.


I consider myself very picky when it comes to grading and reviewing games. I only have a few games that I consider perfect. I just can't help noticing a stray jagged edge, a gameplay bug here or there, or any other little, annoying thing in any other games. I decided to buy this game, due to the great reviews, but I came to one conclusion.

"This is the worst game ever."

The game starts off simple enough. A cheesy, but dark, voice that tells the story. You are this kid who must vanquish an evil menace.

OOOOOHHHHHHH! Scary.....well not really.

I couldn't help but noticing the plot is seriously st...

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