Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Cheats

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Collecting Sol
There is an easier way to collect Sol in this game.If you leave your GBA in a sunny spot (make sure sunlight strikes the solar sensor) and leaving it there for a setperiod of time,you can collect Sol faster depending on the intensity of the sun that day!However,do not stay out with it for a long period of time.It may cause sunburn and the frying of your GBA. NOTE-Be sure to take breaks during your Sol collecting sessions to quench your thirst and/or hunger and cool off.
Delusion Forest
Have you been wondering how to get out of the Delusion Forest to find the Solflower to get to Sol City. Well, when you enter the area where the sign that says "Adventurer's Journal", go to the direction RIGHT of the shadow. You will find the Solflower easily!
Faster Purification
When purifing someone, you can hit two piledrivers at one time. You must need a Sol III Solar Gun Lense and the Crusader Solar Gun Frame (Foun in the Forgotten Tower). With precise aiming, you can shoot two Piledrivers at once by standing in the middle between two Piledrivers.
Great Light in the Dark
Buy a ultra-violet light bulb to charge the solar pannel.


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Special Code
Since so many people ask...
When your in the Bloodrust Mansion there is a room that will ask turn over days and enter the time order go and step on number 7 then go to 9,10,1,3,5,and 8 thats what I did and i unlocked it.(the stairs).
New Game +: Beat the game
Hard Mode: Beat the game
Sound Test: Collect all 30 Silver Coins
Item Mini-Game: Can be played every two times the game is beat with the good ending
Information Room: Beat the game, then use the Magic Warp Square at the Solar Tree

Dark Gun Parts:
Dark Lens: Beat the game
Phantom Frame: Beat the game twice
Chaos Battery: Beat the game on Hard with the Pink Solar Tree

Frost, Earth, Flame, and Cloud Emblems: Randomly received when entering Azure Sky Tower. If not, you must trade for it with another person who owns the game.
Sol Emblem: Given by Lita when Solar Tree is fully grown (about 700 sols)
Dark Emblem: Recieved when you beat the game
Luna Emblem: Collect all the other Emblems, then enter the Azure Sky Tower

Pink Solar Tree & Astro Battery: Collect somewhere between 1300-1500 sols to get the Pink Solar Tree. Lita will then give you the Star Card. Then, at nighttime, go talk to the Solar Tree, to look up at it, and then you'll receive the Astro Battery

Infinite Battery: Collect all Emblems, built the Azure Tower up to 99 floors, then beat the Silvery White Knight
x? sols?
If yur runnin low on sols, use a magnifyin glass. If you line it up properly, you can fill the meter on a one part day!