Boiling Point: Road To Hell


Boiling Point: Road To Hell review
Broken but great

The good:

Huge playing area 450km2, able to talk with nearly every NPC, great idea and story. It's South America and it's not linear.

The bad:

It's broken, it's not finished and you'll need a fairly high end PC to play it.


Boiling Point:Road to Hell is a fantastic game but it needs fixing. Lets get the bad points out of the way first - It was released unfinished and as such suffers from some pretty awful bugs, for example - floating briefcases, people falling through walls, some dialouge missing etc etc. the list goes on and on and it isn't just cosmetic things, i,ve had the game crash on me twice so far, but if you have the internet, Atari have just released the UK patch, a whopping 75mb!! and I think the US and Russian patch are out already. I haven't installed the patch yet but I'm sure it will make a difference. Well now for the good things, the game is massive and you can explore all or very nearly all of the 450km2, there is a fantastic range of weapons - pistol, shotguns, magnums,rocket launchers and grenades etc, even pots of jam to throw at people to attract killer bees!!! There are also numerous vehicles to drive on land, sea and air!! including all sorts of cars, boats, planes and helicopters, all with thier pros and cons. The story goes something like this - you are Saul Myers, a decorated Legionaire. Your daughter has dissapeared in the hostile south american jungle. You must fight for her life and your's. There are a number of factions who you can do jobs for but you risk falling out with another faction in the process and thus limiting work (think of Merceneries on xbox and you'll have some sort of idea) apparently every major decision has a consequence and thus altering the outcome of the game, the factions are made up of - Officials, Guerrillas, Mafia, Bandits, Indians, CIA and Cilivians, so there are hundreds of missions out there and all the while the main mission is to rescue your daughter which is a completely different tab in your mission menu. The car handling is a little tricky to get used to but after a while and turning the sensitivty down it becomes second nature and you do need some kind of a vehicle to get around because walking around 450km2 just isn't an option, it would take forever. The minimum system requirements are fairly high and are as follows;
Processor: 2 ghz
Operating System: Windows 2000/windows xp
Memory: 512mb
DVD Rom Drive: x6
Hard/disk space: 4gb
Video card: 128mb hardware T&L
Audio: Directx compatible
Direct x: 9.0c
As a whole this is a great game and would of scored higher if the bugs had been ironed out before release but I would reccomened it to anyone with a little bit of patience and an Internet connection to get the patch. A great game!!!!!!!
It's now 09/06/05 (just over a day since I wrote the review) and I have now installed the patch. I read somewhere that running a freeware program called Free Ram XP Pro v1.40 helps aswell, so I installed Free Ram and increased my virtual memory (instructions on Atari UK) and installed the patch and things do seem to have improved, with some of the bugs ironed out but not all. The increase in virtual memory and Free Ram XP Pro v1.40 have all but stopped the computer frezzing for a few seconds while it thinks about what to do next, but it still happens when I drive a car, so I have decided to upgrade to 1gb of Ram (I had 512mb before), so I hope that sorts things out (Atari UK actually suggests that you upgrade to 1gb Ram, even though the minimum system requirements say 512mb!!!) I still think this is a great game and it can only get better with upgrading but it still needs some fixing, here's hoping that Atari pull thier fingers out of where the sun doesn't shine and release some more patches to fix the game. So you have been warned, this game is flawed but it's still a fantastic concept and very ambitous.
10/06/05 - My memory upgrade arrived this morning so i've upgraded to 1gb and the game seems to be running alot better, with no frezzes at all, even with quite alot going on at once. So it seems that if you want to get the best from this game then you're going to need 1gb of Ram, this hasn't solved the bugs that are in this game (last night I was speaking to the jewler and he dissapeared in mid conversation, so I had to carry on talking to the chair!!)so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another patch.

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