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Body Harvest review
A Good Hard Game?

The good:

I think this was a good game because it was long enough to keep any player happy. Thats and it was a really cool game to just sit down and try your hand at.

The bad:

Very little save points... But this will go against what I said in my "Detailed Comments".


The game had a good story line... The end was bad. But the last level game all gamers a taste of the evil they were up against. If There was another game like this? I would buy it! I love how there was chapter like levels. After a while I found myself running back to a save point even if it took me 30 minutes since I didn't want to go through a hard part again. It might be a little too hard for some out there. It took me about 3 years to beat. Hey! I got stuck a lot! Now that I think about it, I'm gonna play it again right now. Other then that, its a game that should be played by all!

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