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Body Havest


I have spent countless hours on this game just driving around in all the different vehicles. If you are a fan of the popular PS2 title GTA3 then you might wanna give this game a try, this is something I like to call the GTA3 of the N64, sure you dont exactly steal cars from people or anything like that. Infact half the time people are not even around to drive their cars which leaves you open to a wide selection of vehicles. You can drive a numer of different vehicles such as cars, trucks, planes, tanks, boats, ships amoung others. The storyline of the game was pretty good in my opinion. The graphics are good considering when it was made. Really the game is basicly use your head to get around the world and blow the shit out of all the bugs you can get your hands on. When I say bugs I don't mean insects I mean 80 foot bugs that are out to take over our world. All in all I think this is yet another game you should try for the Nintendo 64.

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