Blue Stinger Cheats

Blue Stinger cheats, and Codes for DC.

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Blue Stinger Cheats

Mad Mode
Complete the game three times or in under three hours and save the game. Start a new game from the saved file. The words "Mad Mode" will appear next to the health meter. This cheat gives 200 Hassys, unlimited ammo, and all weapons with rapid fire.

All Weapons
Complete the game twice or complete the game in under four hours and save the game. Then, start a new game from the saved game file to receive all weapons including some bonus weapons that were previously unavailable.

Lab Card Passcode
Obtain the Lab card from Rat's Place, and return to Janean. Eliot will give the Lab card to Janean and she will ask for the passcode. Tell her it is "0513".
submitted by Rocket Rob

Hidden Artwork:
To find more .BMP images from the game first place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and look in the omake directory. There are two short voice samples in .WAV format can be found in this directory also.


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all weapons!!!
If u beat the game in 5 hours or less, Elliot will begin the next game with all weapons that are availible to him in his inventory. Each weapon will also have unlimited ammo for your second trip. The ray gun will also be accessible too.
Big eyes mode!!!
Complete the game on hard mode.
Infinate remote bombs!!!
At the title screen, press the following:
x, y, a, r, start, l, start.
Staff only room in mid town area
At the door that says staff only the 4-Digit code is 1224