Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge


Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge review
It's an ok game, but it feels like Pumpkinhead was thrown in at the last minute

The good:

Soundtrack is from the movie, so it works.
Game randomizes itself each time you play, making it try to be interesting with it's layout.

The bad:

Game almost has nothing to do with Pumpkinhead. The enemies, locations, and story all feel like Pumpkinhead was thrown in at the last minute.
Puzzles aren't based on any kind of logic, only mindless thinking.
Movie based game. And that's all I have to say to that.


Well let's get the obvious stuff out of the way: Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge is one of those games that you'll spend your entire life trying to figure out, and when you do, you'll be left unsatisfied. It's not a particularly horrible game, but it does nothing to amaze you or make you want to proceed further into the world of Pumpkinhead

As far as the story is concerned, you're the best that the souls of Ferren Woods have to fight against Pumpkinhead and quell his soul to stop his murderous rampage. You are made Keeper of the Spirits, which has to be the most confusing and stupidest job around considering the things you have to do.

Let's do a quick little recap of everything you're responsible for: Going into Portals of the movie Pumpkinhead II and grabbing objects to use for things you would use in everyday life, such as a Fire Hydrant to blow away Lava, or using a Swinging Hook to get in your way. After that you have to answer trivia questions based off of the movie to proceed to the next section. After that you need to watch Pumpkinhead kill people but only the people that he killed in the movie, or else you'll instantly die of slashies to the face. And even the final confrontation with Pumpkinhead results in nothing more than you giving him an item you saw in a poorly edited cutscene.

Still interested in playing? Well, that's just the premise. Now comes the actual gameplay.

The whole game is set up like you're playing a Doom clone. You move around corridors shooting up monsters (Save for those Mendregs. They have to be shot in the back), looking for items to progress to the next level, and so on. Where this falls short of being a Doom ripoff is the fact that the entire game is elusive about what does what. Your first time going through the game you would probably never figure out that the little silver section you randomly got from one of Pumpkinhead's dying victims was actually a piece to open his door, and of course if you got to Level 3 and didn't have them all, you're screwed.

Graphics wise, it's an ok looking game for its time, but when you get to the actually scenes taken from the movie (The game calls these Portals) They're very choppy, very grainy, and when you get to the ones in Purgatory and Lair (Levels 2 and 3) they are barely watchable with the awful grafting effect they used for the filter.

As for sound design it actually holds up pretty well. The music is all from the movie which is an alright soundtrack, the monsters all have distinct grunts and growls (although alot of them sound suspiciously like Pumpkinhead), and even though the Portals look horrible, the movie audio is in pretty nice condition.

Now the controls in the game really REALLY take some getting used to. Your character will slide around and get stuck in walls because of this, and it's really frustrating when you need to get away from an enemy. The game has a small fix for this by pushing the R key to switch to a different control scheme, but it's still pushy. You also have to use your mouse to interact with objects such as taking items, using Tatanik Crystals to activate Movie Portals, and so on.

While using the mouse and all isn't too much of a hassle, actually wanting to use an item before an enemy get's to you is another problem. If you need to use an item when an enemy is in front of you, just turn around and go the other way or dispatch of it quickly, because in the time it takes you to open the inventory, get to the item you want, taking it out, and either using it or placing it in your Active Items, the enemy will have taken a severe beaten to your health or killed you.

This game actually has a few rare bugs in it sometimes too, such as invisible walls just impeding your progress for no reason, and forcing you to reload to your last save to get passed it, and I also had another odd one where all the colors get buggy and the game crashed. Considering it's age it's understandable, but still a bit annoying when it happens.

So now you're wondering, mmntw27, you've been talking smack about the game the entire review. Why isn't this a lower score? Well, the reason for that is the undeniable camp value of the game. The game is amusing to play and actually fun to go through if you're in the right mindset. Yeah, nothing else makes sense in the game, but that's the fun in it. It's so stupidly random with it's logic that you HAVE to find out what items do what (And you're in luck if you're stuck, for I have a complete walkthrough for the game up on this site). I would actually recommend playing this with friends without a guide just to see how far you guys would get in it. Trust me, I had a boat load of fun with 2 other friend's playing it like that.

But the part that made me want to chuck this game in a bin and never look back was it's ending. If you've read my walkthrough or saw my Let's Play, you already know what I'm talking about. If not, I suggest doing one of the above. I've already put in enough words about it to choke a horse.

Overall, it's alright. It's not something you should ever play by yourself, but you'll actually have a blast with friends. This game was BAP's baby project, and it really shows with the confusing gameplay, crap movie quality, and overall just being a horrible game based off a horrible movie that was shot in 3 weeks. If you can get it for cheap (and trust me, after Spoony's review that's a pretty demanding task), I'd pick it up for the camp value. And of course to tell your friends, I have Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge, and they can say, You got what?

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