BloodRayne review
Feeding Time

The good:

Character design, multiple sight modes, brutal fighting style, superhuman abilities.

The bad:

Blocky control, unemotive voice acting.


BloodRayne is an absolute guilty delight for any action/adventure platform gamer. Slaughtering every living (and non-living) thing in sight was never this much fun.
You play a half-vampire, who runs around fighting everything from zombies to nazis, all in the pursuit of the truth.

First, you've got superbly detailed character development, creating one of the most enjoyable playable action heroes in the history of the Playstation and Playstation 2.
Rayne is sexy, sassy, and scary all at the same time.

Second, you've got a large range of attack styles going from handguns and rocket launchers to acrobatic bladesmanship and a vicious feeding technique, where Rayne actually straddles her victim and sucks their blood, and while she's doing this she can also use their body to block bullets.

Third, the multiple sight modes make the game a lot more entertaining, especially Dilated Vision; which allows for slow motion bullet-dodging. The only fault I can see in this game is the dodgy control and motion which makes Rayne seem less realistic, and the completely apathetic monotone she carries throughout the cut scenes. Other than those tiny hang-ups, this game is sure to be enjoyable for most gamers.

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