[edit] Background

Blood Bowl is the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game of the same name.

Humans, elves, trolls, orcs and many other fantasy creatures face each other as they play this sport of extreme - a Fantasy Football game inspired by American Football.

Blood Bowl is a game with solid rules and all the characteristics of a ball game (passes, tackling, fumbles, touchdowns...) that provides an opportunity for real on-field strategy and tactics. Blood Bowl players are strongly affected by elements exterior to the game such as 'dirty trick' special plays, corrupt referees, and the use of spells and weapons – all of which take everyone very far away from traditional sports simulation games – much to the absolute joy of the players!

Blood Bowl can be played in real time like many other strategy games, but it can also be played turn-by-turn, which will surely delight fans of the tabletop game. The real time game is spectacular - intense battles between blocking linemen, daring displays of agility, powerful spells unleashed across the pitch and bone-crunching brutal tackles create an action-packed atmosphere.

[edit] Gameplay

In the turn-by-turn version, the rules of the tabletop game are followed to the letter, so players who know the tabletop game will find themselves familiar with all the moves and possible strategies.

In solo play, Blood Bowl offers the player a solid campaign and a team to lead through a complete and intense Blood Bowl season – a team who will evolve according to their triumphs, their experience gained and the items won. In multiplayer, Blood Bowl coaches will be able to upgrade their best team in the white-hot online arenas and fight their way up to the top position in the official ranking.

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