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Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder


[edit] Background

General Patton leads you through 18 tough missions of the grueling kind that take you all over the world. From the beaches of Normandy to charging through France, Blitzkrieg takes you through all sorts of historical encounters that you won't soon forget.

[edit] Gameplay

18 mission campaigns on the American tank general legend, George S. Patton, in historically correct settings. Campaigns in 7 countries ranging from the deserts of North Africa to the snowy forests of the Ardennes in Belgium o Landing in Casablanca, Battle for North Africa, Operation Husky (Landing on Sicily in 1943), Breaking out of the Bridgehead in Normandy (Operation Cobra), "The Falaise Pocket", the Race Through France, Battle of the Bulge, Battle for Echternach, Commando Mission Hammelburg (Patton tries to free his son-in-law from German captivity) and the occupation of a secret underground weapons factory in Pilsen.

[edit] Features

  • 8 single player missions
  • New theatres of war: Australia-Guinea, Siberia, Spain, the snowy forests of the Ardennes
  • Fight for resources: Occupation of train stations, ports, tank factories and airports ensures constant supplies for the player - or the enemy
  • New infantry units: Arab snipers, Norwegian infantry, Russian partisans
  • Advanced game play: Amplification of the role of infantry units by means of the "elite-camouflage" mode. Elite-infantry can hide from enemy troops and are only exposed after fire has been opened.
  • Tactical variations: Amphibian landings, tank pursuits, enemy commando missions (Battle of the Bulge), POWs pass on plans of minefields
  • Modern campaign system: Difficult mission targets are especially honored (fulfillment of duties in personnel file)
  • Fair play: Players can often freely determine reinforcements required, but there's "Fair play" for both sides: The AI also decides as to the type of reinforcements required according to the fighting situation. In decisive missions, the AI alters the position of its own units on the re-launch of the mission.
  • More realistic role played by sniper: The AI becomes active when too many gun crews "disappear" and searches for the sniper New buildings: Atlantic Wall, new bunkers, knight's castle, secret passages, minarets, winter textures for numerous Central European buildings, Mediterranean farmhouses
  • New and modified units: Winter textures for American troops, more power for the completion of heavy tasks: Sherman "Jumbo" and Sherman HVSS, increased air support: Grumman F6F Hellcat, P51 fighter planes. More diversity: Ju 87A "Legion Condor", Panzer BT5 and Bomber TB3 -
  • Republican Army, Churchill Mk. VII
  • Does NOT require Blitzkrieg version!
  • 29 vehicles and planes, 4 new infantry units
  • 5 new medals and awards including well-known medals such as the Purple Heart or Distinguished Service Cross

[edit] Hardware Requirements

CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz
Memory: 64 MB RAM
Video Card: 3D T&L capable graphics card with 16 MB RAM
Sound Card: 100% Direct Sound Compatible
CD-ROM: 12x or better

Recommended System Specs CPU: Pentium 4 1 GHz
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Video Card: 3D T&L capable graphics card with 32 MB RAM

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  • North America: Dec 3, 2004
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