Blitz: The League (PS2) Cheats

Blitz: The League cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Obtain Bruno Battaglia
After you finish division 3 bruno battaglia will be signed to your team.
team captain strengths
Divison 3 teams
team:arizona outlaws
team captain:tito mass
plays onffense
strengths:his speed and catching

team:washington redhawks
team captain:jacob williams
plays onefense
strengthsass rushing

team:baltimore bearcats
team captain:bruno battaglia
plays onefense

team:cincinnati crusaders
team captain:kwazi mbutabe
plays onffense
strength:rushing (breaks tackles easily)

team:chicago marauders
team captain:shane spain
plays onffense
strength:hard to injure
Division 2 teams
team:minnesota reapers
team captain:tony forbes
plays onffense
strengths:hard to injure,breaks tackles easily

team:las vegas aces
team captain:kelvin diggs
plays onffense
strengths:breaks tackles, taunts a lot

carolina copperhead
team captain:Grant Tanner
plays onffense

team:san diego cyclones
team captain:ezekial freeman
plays onefense

team:kansas city crossfire
team captain:tyrell price
plays onefense
strengths: dirty hits
Divison 1 teams
team name:new york nightmare
team captain:quentin sands
plays onefense
strengths:blitzing,injuring,forced fumbles

team:new england regulars
team captain:Vonny treonday
plays onefense
strengths:intercepting,taunt cutscenes

teametroit devils
team captain: cookie wallace
plays onffense
strengths:kick returning

teamallas aztecs
team captain julius williams
plays onffense
strengths:speed,throw power/accuracy

team:seattle reign
team captain:chad longstreet
plays onefense
stregthsass rush,run stopping
championship teams

the teams you will play in each championship is listed below

divison 3:arizona outlaws

divison 2:minnesota reapers

divison 1: new york nightmare

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Play Now Cheats
Input the following cheats in the in-game menu:

CHUWAY ... Activate 2P Co-Op mode.
NOTTIRED ... Endurance expenditure disabled. Correction from prettycrazy.
PIPPED ... Unleash icons increased twice.
CLASHY ... Activate super clash mode.
BIGDOGS ... Activate super unleash clash mode.
ONFIRE ... Fiery ball tail always visible.
BOUNCY ... Decreases gravity on ball.