[edit] Background

Bleach makes its way to the Nintendo Wii in Bleach: Shattered Blade. Released along-side Bleach: Blade of Fate for the DS, both games feature 2D fighting-style battle systems as you play as one of twenty-eight Bleach characters. The storyline follows that of the anime and manga series, and the battlegrounds are also taken straight from the official story. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate soul reaper?

[edit] Gameplay

Bleach: Shattered Blade for the Wii enables players to wield the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as their weapons – slashing, jabbing, and lunging in furious battles like a real Soul Reaper. Bleach: Shattered Blade offers an exclusive storyline created specifically for the Wii with 32 characters to choose from. Once a new character is unlocked, players can replay the story episodes utilising the characters special moves and weapons adding a whole new perspective to the storyline.

On the Wii, players will be able to inflict enormous damage on opponents with powerful weapons and super power attacks taken straight from the TV series. Characters can summon supernatural allies such as a giant serpent, a samurai titan, or a tidal wave, for battle support. Players can also square-off against their friends in high-speed multiplayer combat in 3D arenas and environments based on settings from the series.

[edit] Features

  • Play as one of twenty-eight Bleach characters taken from the anime and manga series, such as Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Uryuu, and many more!
  • Numerous battle stages taken from the Bleach series that fit the storyline as you follow along.
  • A new unique battle system that allows players to build Spirit Card Decks to access abilities and aid themselves in battle.
  • A new gameplay mode that includes a split screen battle arena that enables players to chase after one another and fight long-distance.
  • An advanced add-on to the battle system that allows players to take advantage of the Wii Remote's awesome controls.

This game is also known as:

  • Bleach Wii: Hakujin Kirameku Rondo in Japan
  • Bleach Wii in North America

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  • North America: Oct 9, 2007
  • Japan: Dec 14, 2006
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