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[edit] Background

In this brand new storyline created exclusively for the Nintendo DS, the battle between Soul Reapers and soulless Hollows hits an all-time high when the evil Hollows finally find a way to infiltrate Soul Society.

It all started when artificial souls with super-powered arms and legs were created to fight Hollows in a top secret experiment. These "Mod Souls", like Kon, were never meant to exist beyond the project but when they found out they were to be exterminated, they hatched a plan to escape Soul Society. Together their collective energy unwittingly opened portals throughout Soul Society that provided easy access to the ever-vigilant Hollows and set off the most intense high-action sword battles the video game series has seen to-date.

[edit] Gameplay

The gameplay for Bleach: Dark Souls hasn't differed much from the first game on the DS titled Blade of Fate. You will still switch from fight to fight and in order to main yourself throughout the dreaded battle, you need to get together a group of spirit cards, with thirty new ones being added! There are also 44 different playable characters to choose from now, which gives you some variety.

In addition, this game comes at you with some very interesting mini-games, as well as a little tweak in the multi-player. The mini-games can range from testing your intellect about Bleach to seeing how fast you can move those limbs. Over on the multi-player side, you can now fight 2v2, which was left out of the first game.

[edit] Features

  • Exclusive Single-player Storyline. Bleach: Dark Souls features an exclusive storyline that takes place in between seasons 1 and 2 of the animated series. Fans of the anime will have to play Bleach: Dark Souls to uncover story plot points that are sure to shed new insight on Ichigo’s quest to save Rukia.
  • Exciting Multiplayer fighting action. Up to four players will enjoy the fighting action via Wi-Fi connection. This game supports the Download Play feature where one player has a cartridge and transmits the game to another player's Nintendo DS which allows them to play head-to-head.
  • Variety of multi-plane 2D fighting arenas. Players can switch between the foreground and the background battlelines to chase after or escape from opponents.
  • Large cast of popular characters. Players will select from 44 of their favorite characters who are all voiced by the actors from the anime series including the Hollows.
  • Special attacks to master. Players can inflict massive damage on opponents with special Combos and Super Power Attacks taken directly from the series.
  • Seven thrilling gameplay modes. Story, Arcade, Versus, Training and Challenge modes along with two unlockable modes which will provide hours of replayability and keep players coming back for more.
  • 30 New Power-up Cards and Power Crystals to Customize Spirit Card Deck. On the lower screen, players can customize and manage their deck of Power-up Cards for boosts to Health, Attack and Defense, and much more.
  • New Bleach Encyclopedia. Contains fun and interesting facts about the entire Bleach universe. Fans of the series are sure to use this as a reference for to expand their Bleach knowledge.

This game is also known as Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem in Japan.

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