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Destructive Fun With Little Backlash


Blast Corps is a no nonsense game that lets you commit destruction on a tremendous scale and praises you for it. The only thing really considered out of bounds would be the missile carrier, but otherwise it's an experience of pure childlike glee as you get to level entire cities. In a pool of sequels, this fresh unique experience is one to treasure.

The whole plot revolve around nuclear missiles springing a leak and the carrier they are sat on has to drive through numerous evacuated cities to eventually be taken care of. There are a few problems with the scenario (not the least being that al...


blast corps

The good:

this is an amazing
one of the best n64 titles of played for ages.
this game will deliver hours of fun.
the graphics are surperp.
lots of levels.
the main part of the game is to smash anything that gets in your way except the red truck that you are protecting.

The bad:



i still play this game even now.
the game has great action sutiable for any age.
pretty tuff but you will get the hang to it.

just buy this classic game


Blast Corps

The good:

I remember this game when I went over to my friends house and played this and Turok on his N64. That was the only damn reason anybody went to his house. Well It's more of a clasic now. There are missions in which you do stuff, but mostly you can just run around as either a robot, a car or some other thing.

The bad:

Besides the fact that it is oldamundo it was really hard. There were timed missions and things. I hate timed missions.


This game remains a pretty good game- nothing compared to Halo and the like- but still pretty fun. All I can really remember about this game is that you got to destroy stuff by smashing it with the robot or crashing into it with a car. That was the real objective of the whole game-to destroy stuff. If you still have an N64 you should try this game. Could probably get it pretty cheap, too.

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