Blast Factor Cheats

Blast Factor cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Junior Researcher (Bronze)Complete Blast Factor Specimen 1
Graduate Researcher (Bronze)Complete Blast Factor Specimen 4
Advanced Junior Researcher (Bronze)Complete Blast Factor Advanced Research Specimen 1
Advanced Graduate Researcher (Bronze)Complete Blast Factor Advanced Research Specimen 4
Chain-Tastic (Bronze)Get x100 chain multiplier
Survivor (Bronze)Finish a Survival Cell without dying
Jackpot (Bronze)Complete a Specimen without dying
Mix It Up (Bronze)Complete Hybrid mode
Death Wish (Bronze)Complete a Boss Cell without using the Repulsor
Doing the Dishes (Bronze)Flip 10 Big Tip enemies with one tip
Chain Gang (Bronze)Destroy 5 Big Chains with one shot
The Cleaner (Bronze)Clear a Cell using the Super Repulsor
Matador (Bronze)Dodge 10 Repulsed Back AR's at the same time
Life is Good (Bronze)Get 10 lives
Head Researcher (Silver)Complete Blast Factor Specimen 7
Advanced Head Researcher (Silver)Complete Blast Factor Advanced Research Specimen 7
Ultimate Survivor (Silver)Finish all Survival Cells without dying
Immortal (Silver)Complete 3 consecutive Specimens without dying
Death Wish Part II (Silver)Complete a Survival Cell without using the Repulsor
Death Wish Part III (Silver)Complete a Boss Cell without destroying any enemies
Friends Forever (Silver)Complete last Specimen in Co-op for any mode
Tough Guy (Silver)Complete all hard Cells in any mode
Attention to Detail (Silver)Complete all Cells in any mode
Speed Master (Silver)Finish Blast Factor Basic Research in 2xAT mode
Advanced Speed Master (Silver)Finish Blast Factor Advanced Research in 2xAT mode


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Quick Level Beat
If you're trying to beat a level quickly to level up to a harder difficulty (to get more points, and beat those levels), then don't forget to use the tilt on the controler to shake the "cell" and cause a wave to push all the enemies to one side. Then shoot them all while their together to get rid of them faster and level up!