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OK friends, my thoughts haven't changed much on Blade. I got home friday, and tried hard to play, got to the next level, got excited for about 5 min., then I quickly lost it. Not only was I swordless for the most part, but the friggin vamps had shotguns.I mean take Hunter for example, you move through hords of zombies and vamps, and you always have your stock weapon, now in Buffy, not as many weapons but the control over Buffy is very smooth, but the one thing that links the two is, you gain health or strength or whatever from killing the baddies. Now in Blade you get squat, your ammo is difficult to manage, you can only use your sword when you build up enough 'rave', and it always comes when you don't need it. Now the combat system is somewhat unique, yet pounding on the right joystick, when surrounded by 10 or more vamps is very difficult and it doesn't take much for your health to drop. And, since the lack of health is obvious, and the difficulty in punching and kick when you're surrounded, the gameplay suffers. Now the control,i.e. camera is not good, peering around corners doesn't work and it would have been nice to jump and attack at the same time, but you can't. So what else is there, the sound, there is no backround raunch, you need this with a theme like Blade, but why should they get that part right when they blew the whole damn thing. Sorry folks, even the finishing moves are dull and the graphics, nothing special. The game is so bad infact that the sub mission for example, was to destroy the motorcycles, or the limmos. Stationary objects that, if your not careful you'll bump into them. This game can hold hands with the Bruce Lee fiasco, and jump off a bridge, but they'll probably botch that too!!!

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