Blade & Sword Cheats

Blade & Sword cheats, and Codes for PC.


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at the console, type this:
then press <Enter>
Cheats will automatically activate!
Press Ctrl + C = for level up
Press Ctrl + G = for instant killing of enemies
Press Ctrl + H = to scroll your map,then;
Press Ctrl + Y = to teleport to where you've scrolled
Press Shift + F8 = for changing of weather
Blocking and dodging
you can dodge by pressing the spacebar and block by pressing the Alt key.
Help or Burden???
To activate this cheat you need to press ENTER
then type `tianxiawudi. Now you can activate this
a)press Ctrl+T to get an extra character(the same
character which you use). They will help you
to fight your enemies.
b)press Alt+Ctrl+T to activate your enemy
characters. This guys wil not help you
but they will fight you. Enjoy it!!!