Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light

  • Released on Jul 18, 2006
  • By Hitmaker for PSP

Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light Cheats

Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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In-game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
Up,Down,Left,Right,Up,Down,Left,RightGOD MODE


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Almost straight away in the game you can purchase "steel blades" (300g) + "hardbone hilts" (150g).

*NOTE: i was level 8 on lance.

Craft from ingredients use steel blade + hardbone hilt. Result is a saber. Sell saber for 1,000g. I repeated this for about 20mins result was 130,000g

Any in-game questions / help e-mail me.
Easy Boss Defeat with little damage taken
if you are to go on with a boss. you should have tess/ deliza qith the feeble II and the wilt II spell. this will help you very much in your battle. before you go on in a battle you have to have about 10 para potions and 10 poisons. when the battle begins the boss may damage you about 100+ or 120+ DEPENDING ON YOUR LEVEL. you have to use on the enemy first the para potion so that it will be stunned and cannot attack you. But if it doesn't work, you still have 3 more. then now it should be stunned. THERE IS A LITTLE PERCENT that the enemy will attack you again. then next you will have about 3 or 2 caharacters to act. use one of them to use on the enemy the poisoned. this way, the enemy should be damaged every tun with the script that it cant act because it is paralysed. the 2nd act of tess/ deliza should be the feeble II so that the enemy's attack would be lower. Gozen and Lance should be attacking by now or you should use Gozen to use Battlecry II so that your party's attack will be higher. Felis should be healing or attacking. on the 3rd use of Tess' or Deliza's Wilt II then you should have now about 300+ Luna on your Lunar gauge. after Tess Have used the wilt then that's the time u have to use Lance Luna( the one that has 300 Luna) then it should have about 700-1000 damage. do this repeatedly and then you should have finished the boss within 10-20 rounds. enjoy using this tactic^^.. email me is u want to have more strategies. i will try more strategies. hehehehe
Easy Levels
When you get to the forgotten prison (I suggest being Level 35+) try to get the skulls to fuse together 1 or 2 times. Then fight it and use wilt II(tess) and battle cry II(Gozen) and use Lance to use his best luna solo ability (costs 300 luna) and it will do about 1000-2000 depending on your level. After the battle you should get around 3500 exp.
easy money.
if you are ever short on cash go and attack bandits.yo dont get much exp but you'll get around 135 gold per group. quick and easy cash.
Every Quick Cash
After you Banish Ibrid the Demon Wolf and Claim the Forest Pass from Costner, Head straight to
Domerune Port City in Sepna Forest. There you can by a Dark Pole ($600) and a Metal Orb ($400) this recipe makes the Divine Staff worth $5,200, you pocket $4,200 Bucks. If you can make one, then you can just use the left over cash and create them to your heart's content. I created 20 staffs and about 7 failed, you can figure out the odds later.
quick level ups.
i figured out that if you stay in one area and kill all the monsters untill they aperar blue,you will level up very quickly! And the monsters in the next area will be weaker but you get the same EXP!!! plus thats pretty good money.