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Pulls you right in.


After conquering the Racing genre with Burnout Criterion have ventured into the FPS genre. They've managed to achieve what many others have failed miserably.

Black is an all out action game. Right from the start you get thrown into the action given just enough time to reload your gun between battles before the action starts up again.

You play a Black Squad Member sent into battle to kill as many people and destroy as many objects as possible...actually no you're not. To be honest I've no idea what the story is about as it's not the best story in a game. I followed it for a while but after a few missions I got lost and just ignored about the story completely.
It's an action game with brilliant guns, environments and graphics. Is'nt that all that matters?

Yes, as mentioned above the graphics are top-notch. Crystal clear, beautiful and a joy to explore.

'Every Bullet Has A Target' is the games slogan and that's not an exaggeration. Use your shotgun to break down doors, blast through walls to get behind the enemy or destroy the table the enemy is crouched behind to leave him open for an attack. Unlike other games bullet holes and even shells stay exactly where they are. They don't disappear...well not anytime soon anyway.

Black however is not the longest game. With just 9 levels and an average of 1 hour per level, you could finish it within a day. However there is some replay value in terms of different difficulties.
Nope, there's no multiplayer either. It's you against 9 levels. That's it.

Enemy AI can also be a pain sometimes, but it's only minor so not that important.

Sound is where Black wins hands down. Every gun has it's own sound (duh) which sounds exactly right in the game.

All in all Black is a brilliant game and one of the best FPS I've played in a long time. It's better then Medal Of Honour but not better then TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.
If action is what you're into then make sure you get yourself a copy of Black. You won't be disappointed.

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