Black review
BLACK - You'll never forget it

The good:

-Blowing pretty much everything up is highly satisfying
-Some of the PS2s best graphics
-Lots of ammo and non-stop action
-Brilliant integration of rag-doll physics
-Great AI
-More guns
-Loud guns
-Even louder guns

The bad:

-Lack of replay value


BLACK has been hyped for over the past year, and it doesn't disappoint. Everything we've seen from those first tantalising screenshots is right here and in glorious detail, even for an ageing console - the guns are loud, the explosions are big, the shooting is non-stop, and yes, your jaw is still hanging down.

Let's get straight to the point, here - the star of BLACK is not the lead character - it has more than one lead character. They go by the name of MP5, Uzi, AK-47, Glock and the rest of their friends. The guns in this game are more than impressive - they're the biggest, baddest and best set of guns ever seen in a game. Each bullet has an impact, and every impact has an effect - which is usually more than pleasing to the ears.

Forget what you've read in the Gamespot review - AI bad? Try again. The AI will take cover, flank you, work in groups. One example I found was a lone gun-man patrolling the top floor of the building - when he noticed me pointing a Spas-12 at him, he wasn't stupid enough to fight. No, instead, he ran all the way down to the bottom, with me wildly blasting (and missing) all the way, before calling on his partners for an ambush. But the beauty of this scenario was them over-looking all the glass that my aimer just so happened to be pointing at. Once again, it's what makes BLACK stand out as something really spectacular and different from any other FPS. It's balls-out, take-no-crap gun-play - and unfortunately for you, the AI know that as well. They'll not hesitate to remember that every bullet has an effect, and shoot the wooden floor from beneath of you. It's a real feeling of combat from the minute you pop in the disc.

Unfortunately, BLACKs biggest strength is also it's biggest weakness - this game is a no brainer. You give this game to a five year old, and tell him to keep R1 pushed down and twiddle the analogue sticks, and there's a chance of that five-year old getting through a level. However, that's only if he knows how to use cover - which most five year olds probably don't. The use of cover in the game adds that extra element to it, pushing it just past the no-brainer mark, and generally making it a more interesting game.

In conclusion, BLACK is everything you want from an FPS - blowing lots of stuff up, lots of big guns, and firing lots of bullets at lots of bad guys. It may be missing any real interesting storyline, multiplayer or strategic play - but who the hell cares when you've just levelled a skyscraper with an RPG?

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