Black Tips

Spetriniv Gulag - The Final Firefight
There might be a better way, but this is what I do:

  • Have full Magnum ammo (60) and full M249 ammo (600)

  • Do not exit the tunnel!

  • Stand at the edge of the tunnel and start taking out those pesky machine gunners with your Magnum or M249. Watch out for the ones on the balcony.

  • After the demise of machine gunners, few shotgun guys will approach you along with shielded magnum guys. Plus, there could be some regular soldiers. Take them out with your Magnum or M249.

  • Avoid getting shot by going back and forth into the tunnel.

  • Once all the enemies on the floor and on the first balcony are dead, the machine gun guys will appear in the corner bunkers. Plus there is a RPG guy on the second balcony.

  • Okay, this is where it gets a little rough. The RPG and machine gunners have zeroed-in on you, so you can't make a mistake. You have to find a sweet spot inside the tunnel where the enemy doesn't see you, but you can seem them (vaguely). Its a little tricky but if you walk back and forth few times, you'll get it.

  • As soon as you find that spot, use your Magnum/M249 and take them out one by one. There will be four machine gunners and four RPG guys.

  • After they are picked off, the whole building will explode.

  • Now you can exit the tunnel. There could be some leftover enemies, so advance carefully.

  • Cross the room and finish the level.
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