Black & White (DC) Cheats

Black & White cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC.


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Easy Take Over
ok peeps listen up on land three or other levels where you can get close to enemy temples by influence e.g take land three when you take three villages to get close to his temple watch his worshipers and get fire ball mirical and throw it at all the worshippers and when the the other villagers take the dead peoples place light them to with the fire keep doing this until the villagers are all dead and you get the village.

by spider12
River of fire!
Sort of. Anyway, on the world five, go to where you find the fireball extreme miracle dispenser. Spend about ten to twenty seconds tapping the large rocks there, so they all collect in a lump near the middle of the slope. Then, take a fireball extreme from the dispenser, hold it above the rocks, which should now cover most of the slope, and release. Massive store of flaming white hot rocks created, which lasts for ages.


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U can type theese in
First press t. A message box should now appear on the top right hand side. I'm not compleatly sure that what I say happens but da cheats right.Don't put the dots in.

big creture: Big creature
real relm rocks: All I know is that this ones bloody good!
i kill: I think it gives you all miracles.

If U have any problems in the game, I'll try 2 answer them.
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