The Black Mirror review
The Black Mirror

The good:

Story, atmosphere, riddles

The bad:

The End!


A very enjoyable game with fantastic atmosphere. I like the very nice and detailed graphics. However, the somewhat paranoid copy protection every time you start up the game, is imho unneccessary. The story is dark yet exciting, and your tasks (the riddles) make sense since they are all organic with the story and also solvable. Neither just put there to annoy you, nor almost impossible to solve (everyone who ever played "The 11th Hour" will know what I am talking about). And our hero, Samuel Gordon: is he handsome, or what?!? Wow ...!

There is, however, a good reason that only adults (above the age of 17) should play this game, because it can get somewhat creepy from time to time. Especially because the background music keeps the tension on a certain level, and because there are some strange clues you have to bear in mind, people with weaker nerves might be scared every now and then. However, it is not a bloodshedding nightmare-horror-story, but more like a hitchcock-movie - it's the suspense that keeps you on your toes ... !

The steering is a bit annoying since you can easily overlook hotspots. But since you usually have enough time to look around and examine everyting, you can find the hotspot the 2nd time around. Usually hotspots vanish after having clicked on them several times with the right and left mousebutton, some strangely enough do not, even though there is nothing else to do. Some hotspots only emerge after you have fulfilled a certain task, anyway. Several times during the game you have to wait for somebody else to do something for you. Then you do not really have anything else to do but to just wander around.

The only thing that keeps me from giving the game the full "5" points, is the ending. Every true romantic will certainly feel the same way as I did. I am not ashamed to admit that I wept after the end of the game.

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