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In 1998, the world must face the deadly specter of terrorism head on. To combat this menace, your government has set up a secret black ops project to lash out at terrorists on their home turf. As an ace helicopter pilot, you've been recruited for Operation Black Dawn, with instructions to save any hostage you can and wipe the terrorists off the face of the planet.

Black Dawn is a helicopter simulator that focuses on search-and-destroy gameplay with a secondary rescue element. Players will pilot the Agile Warrior: F-IIIX attack copter, using its nimble movements and high-powered arsenal to thwart terrorist enemies. The helicopter has a main gun as its most accessible weapon but can also possess a host of missiles capable of locking on enemy targets.

The enemy is well armed too, with its own fleet of copters, tanks and planes, making this game a one-on-many affair. In addition to blowing up the bad guys, players will have to occasionally land and pick up hostages, trying to save as many as possible from getting blown away in the crossfire. Between levels, they can power up their craft with better weapons systems and more armor. Enemies will also leave behind temporary power-ups after they have been defeated.

Black Dawn takes place over 32 different missions, although players will only be able to save their game after completing several missions in a row. Difficulty can be adjusted, and players will be able to see the action in one of six different views available during gameplay.

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Oct 24, 1996 (PSX)
    • Jan 1, 1996 (SATURN)
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