BioShock review
Bioshock is a stand alone game, a gem for games of it's time.

The good:

A shooter friendly game to begin with, a seasoned shooter will fit well into the game, as well as a beginner new to First Person Shooters.

Excellent graphics, a large arsenal weapons and useful plasmids, and a wide range of enemies waiting to bring you to your end. Couldn't ask for more in a game like this.

The bad:

Apart from the occasional glitch, and I do mean occasional, there isn't much you could take from this game. In fact there isn't any other qualms I have with Bioshock.


If you are looking for a game to get you hooked, and keep you hooked then this is the game for you. Bioshock takes you to Rapture, a city built on the bottom of the ocean. Like living in another world, Rapture has many secrets, many which the residents would rather keep secret. Andrew Ryan, the founder of Rapture, offers a surreal life under the oceans, away from the wars and oppressive leaders above.

Amongst his greatest creation, he also created ADAM, a type of plasma, able to give the user a profound ability to conjure elements to use at your disposal. Imagine setting fire to an oil spill to kill your enemies, or shooting flame at a frozen door in order to continue. You could do the opposite, unleash a blast of ice at your enemies, freeze turrets, the possibilities are endless.

You will come across a wide range of enemies, including Splicers, Security Bots, shamanistic enemies and Big Daddy's. The Big Daddy roams the halls of Rapture, armed with a Rivet Gun, and a giant drill attached to its hand. He also protects the little sister, who collects remaining ADAM from victims of a firefight. These gentle giants won't attack a bystander, but provoke him or his little sister, and you will find out the other side of the Big Daddy.

You will find yourself in huge firefights, armed with a pistol or machine gun. Or you may only find yourself with a Wrench, and a room full of enemies. The areas of Rapture can be accessed via bathyspheres, or elevators.

Rapture has a lot of history and many stories. Some incredible stories of incredible technological advances, other stories darker. In order to find out as much as you can, you will find recordings, audio files of major characters in the game, all of which will reveal more about the city, their struggles and abut the character themselves. You have a difficult road ahead of you, as you will find out the truth of Rapture, and fight to stay alive.

To anyone wanting something that offers gameplay outside of the box, a change from your average game, then this is something you can't go past. I recommend this to any gamer, no matter what taste you have in games, you will enjoy this!

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